NTT Torture Log for December, 2016

Remember that this horrible program exists and it is about to come out so do not take away my rights to help contractors who will go to jail.  This whole thing will come down on your head and you will be held liable.  This is no joke, It is murder and eugenics.

NTT Torture Log for December, 2016

Dec. 2, 2016

Murder for hire and Torture Contractor has remotely accessed my laptop computer.  This person is changing the password in my profile for florida retirement bank account.  I change the password and it gets changed back also when i changed the username it was deleted.  I had to rush through it to change the value.  Morons do get board.   These things are user changable text and do not act like I am describing unless if is changed by the user logged on.  someone is changing the values.  I can feel interaction with this moron as i am typing this my eyelash felt like it was brushed.  I wonder if the moron enjoys this torture and killing work?

Dec 3, 2016

1:48pm  I am in the process of buying a gun from the sporting goods store on Ellensbug Ave.  I am supposed to wait but until when?  My murder for hire handler contractor is brutally hurting my brain with a resonance weapon.  This started immediately after I read to Donna that the money for the gun is forfeited.  This is downright mean.  Why is it okay to burn my brain?  I now think I have brain damage and the murder for hire contractors keep doing it.  I think this programn will end and then we will find out what their answer is.

Dec. 5, 2016

9:15am another day and the same thing goes on.  If everyone had a directional meter i think there would be more murders, and maybe even blood feuds because people dont have it in them to do the right thing.  I mean you cant go around hurting people because someone paid you to do it.  I mean just becaquse someone will commit murder for money.  There should be a mechanism in place so stop it.


6:38pm  i am being blasted by a beam weapon from the direction of the house across the street mainly.  These people who do this are criminals.  You see here that the motivation is greed  they have dollar signs in their eyes and they are distracted so that they are blind to the harm they are doing to the neighborhood.  This whole thing turns out to be a syops on the perpetrators to get them to attack people in their their own neighborhood in a way that forces the neighbors to be fearful and overtly put misplaced trust in the government removing the trust they shared among themselves.  This makes them vulnerable to a financial collapse for instance where it would be most healthy for neighbors to trust each other so they could best survive a disaster.  Trusting the government will get them killed.  This is a clusterfuck and the perpetrators know it.  they are hurting people for no outwardly discernible reason and this is readily apparent to all.   They thugs who perpetrate this crime in this neighborhood fear being outed as traitors and it is pitiful to see them scrambling like little girls.  radiation directed at me from the house across the street was up to 235Ut up from 30ut .. a 750% increase just to shut me up because they are scared!  actually they dont mind hurting people, but they dont want anyone to know.

So what really is happening.  Apparently we (James and Donna) are old people just trying to exist in spite of the energy directed at us.   Any one with Eyes to see and ears to hear will notice that we arei no threat indeed.  It is the perpetrators who are scoundrels , charlatans and thieves who would take advantage of a perverted situation perpetrated on the American public to bilk them out of thousands of dollars in the name of SAFETY and SECURITY.


SO is Directed Energy a dilusional concept or a new paradgim in the way energy is used.

Martin Marietta knows about DIRECTED ENERGY so why shouldn’t you … so just look

Directed energy is used in offensive or defensive weapons systems.

Just look at this example of types of courses which are readily available in the field of Electronics Engineering Technologiy>

Snowdens former employer, Booz Allen Hamilton knows about directed energy weapons

our arch nemesis, Russia, knows about directed energy weapons  so i guess we need to guard against external threats.


finally Raytheon Corporation knows about PHASORS ??? HUH ,, isnt that science fiction, well not anymore


The simple fact is that while you were not looking, it now seems that everyone knows about Directed Energy Weapons or can know about them.  Its not delusional at all.


Directed Enegy is to current weapons technology, what gunpowder was to Bows and Arrows.  it is a new Paradigm or a total and complete new concept.  Now wait until you find out that the reason this is under secret classification is to hide CRIMES perpetrated on the American people.  iTs for no other reason.  It is specifically because they dont want you to find out they are testing Directed Energy Weapons on People and worse.  The people they are testing them on have not done anything like they say, they are not criminals, they are innocent people.  The truth is that they just wanted to take and use human test subjects to test the weapons on.  Do a google search for Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research Project (DEBR)  But worse yet, the people who are operating the weapons are goons and thugs who are using them to torture people.  If they haven’t hidden it you will find the Air Force contract to test directed energy weapons on People.   You can read all about it but they wont tell you that they are testing on Non Consensual Human Research Subjets Remotely.   This is the crime i am speaking about and it is murder and it is right in your face and in plain site.  But its Top Secret becaue they dont want you to find out.  They have told the police to arrest anyone complaining they are being attacked with this technology and put them in a psychiatric ward.




private contractor handler is hurting my brain with a beam from the south east at 10 degrees incline.  this is from the direction of the house across the street and it has been going on since about 3:00pm yesterday afternoon 12/6/2016  .. Last year I was tortured severely during Christmas holidays too which is obvious if looking at my pictorial evidence on my website


6:19am I have been up all night and this handler is hurting my face by putting large boils on the right side of my face that faces the house across the street.   This person is a malignant and fiendish individual.  Remember that this program exists and it is about to come out so do not take away my rights.  This whole thing will come down on your head and you will be held liable.  This is no joke.


i went with Donna to see a play at the GB play house.  when intermssion happened I began to be irradiated heavily with ELF radiation.  The effort was to anger me because the contractor seemed to be choking me by restricting blood flow in the major artery in my neck.  I felt as though I was being strangled.  This happens when the objective is discomfort and pain with the apparent objective of murder.  This began a series of assaults aimed at me with one result being that Donna and I began arguing.  Chemicals were used on me to increase the power level.



10:50am  My brain is impaired with ELF energy as i sit on my couch in my bedroom.  I measure energy coming from the house across the street.  The ELF energy is what I am primarily hit with.  I have discovered that the boils on my head and face are probably there to allow the contractors to use the Maximum ELF energy without leaving ELF buns as evidence of their abuse.  This is a theory but it does make sense.  I believe that the boils may have the following characteristic.  The boils get inflamed in the preense of ELF energy, before the skin burns and allows the contractors to leave the boils to burn and be inflamed slightly to allow their using the maximum ELF power and yet avoid going over the point where the ELF power would actually burn the non inflamed skin.

Breaking news

If what I said is true, this would define what kind (ELF) and the power put into this type of radiation (ELF at maximum).



8:44pm   Today in the morning we plan to return the gun I bought and go to Brooking.  I have been blasted with ELF energy all day.  This was a work over for 3 hours.  It must be that they didnt like what I told the gun dealer.  So they kill me but I will not let moron dictate my life to me.  I have been so dizzy I had to throw up several times.  This contractor is possibly not the same as the one yesterday. I knocked them for a loop this morning by telling Jim at the gun store on Ellensburg ave about how the handlers are embedded into the neighborhood and are hurting people in the neighborhood.  They are not neighborhood watch… they are neighborwatch.  They are watching everyone and not just me.

Now I was trying to get the shutdown button to appear on the login screen and i was being put unconscious  when i tried to concentrate.  This happened several times in a row so I gave up.  These contractors have been causing arguments between Donna and I.  I think they are really mad so i may have them now.  I can feel their white hot anger when I say something they strongly disagree with.

This contractor reminds me of the three stooges.  It is all slapstick all the time, one malignant scenario after another.  what is happening is that this contractor is making me begin to be unconscious.  They are good at it and when I am like that i am not myself and i am angry and I cant remember two numbers or anything.  I was arguing with Donna about cursing at the contractors



My face is throbbing with ELF energy



8:59pm  Donna and I are arguing and I think it is because of the torture/mind control.  My brain is under attack all day by ELF energy.  I am being put to sleep or into unconsciousness by this beam and I dont notice the point where I am going unconscious.  The next thing I know is that my head pitches forward and I am YANKED back.  I am not tied to a chair, but I feel like someone who is tied in a chair and every time i fall asleep, a bucket of cold water yanks me back to a groggy reality.  This is so unreal that I am constantly made aware that most of the people are still asleep.  If you now were to think of the little princess that is torturing me, sitting at a computer watching my every move and directing her torture… just picture it.  She took this job knowing what it would be like and SHE MUST LOVE IT.  Do you see what I am saying?  No one takes a job hutting people if they dont LOVE THE HECK OUT OF IT.  Bear in mind that a non psycho wouldnt torture anyone.  They say Psychos love to control people and I say Y E S THEY DO and it is very obvious.  This one wants to be in charge and tortures me extra if I dont want to cooperate..  You must think of this torturer as a predator.  She is someone who loves and looks forward to the next controlling encounter.   Without too much trouble you can conjure up an image of this woman.  I can conjur up an image of a witch from the disneyland set.  It has to be a cartoon because it is

  1.   To hideous to think about
  2.   someone like that you would think should be in jail or prison to serve out the rest of her days.
  3.   after you get past number 2, you think but this one is real.  She is a real person and W O W.  It hits you that there are people this hidious and cruel who are around you, coming across your path every day of your life.  I have heard that their aura is dark and may have a particularly bad odor about it.  If you can detect these things you want to stay far, far away.  This is a foreboding and vicious animal indeed and you will give it a wide berth.


Today I went to the sporting goods gun shop and Jim gave me my money back for the gun I was neither DENIED or APPROVED to take possession of.  I had already waited 3 weeks and I they told me it would take until January 2nd 2017, a full six weeks to make a decision.   Usually my contractor handler calls while i am at a store and sabotages what I went there for.  I believe I was sabotaged by the contractor who told the gunshop person that I was a bad person, did something terrible and even though I was not denied, for the handlers safety I should have to wait SIX WEEKS to take possession of my rifle and maybe something will come up before then.  Well something did come up almost because I was tortured extra hard, I guess to push me over the edge so I could get my rights taken away.  This is the way it is done folks.  Just look at my web site.  Go see the the video of Myron May’s last words.and see for yourself.  Also look up Aaron Alexis and   The handler makes you have a psychotic beak.    Well I will let you research that.  Now back to my story.  Today I went to Brookings with Donna to do some shopping.

Right after we got in range of the big cell phone towers standing like armed entries before the gateway to Brookings i began to get pains that were worse that any pains I had before.  So now for the next three to four hours I WAS BEATEN UP ELECTRONICALLY so that I was prostrate on the ground with dry heaves.   Yes, this was for telling Jim, the owner of the sporting goods store that Donna and I are being murdered by contractors who dont like me to give the truth.  I did say the contractors are spying on everyone in the neighborhood and that i am only a false flag operation to make the neighbors think I am dangerous.  Some think this may cost me my life, what do you think.  Only time will tell

My handlers are right across the street from my house


3:22pm I have women contractor/handlers who think that a corporation can give them the right to take my life and my body to experiment on.  It is because a corporation told them to do it.  The corporation doesn’t have the right to take my life either.  All of us have the same rights.  But they are disregarded if a corporations says to.  I have news for you… These contractor handlers are in a neighbor watch program.  It provides cover for their lethal and spying activities.  Torturing me is only one thing they do.  The other thing they do is watch all the neighbors.  YES YOU!  The NSA wants to find out if anyone is waking up to the corruption.  They want to see what you are talking about n the privacy of your homes and target you if they think you are catching on to what they are doing.  you better be listening because I may be killed for what i say to you.

7:10pm today i have 3 new boils. 1 on the left side of my neck the size of a dime, one on the right side of my neck size of a dime and one at the base of my skull on the right side the size of a BB. These boils were made today. The Merc/Handler uses a beam and I can feel this. I can feel the blood blister grow until it is the size they want. after that it gets infected I believe because of the dead tissue and i think the size is determined by the depth I have boils growing and in various stages all around the hair line on the back of my head and several up further on the back of my head. Some times they are punitive but normally this handler creates them to let them know that the power is up as high as it can go without causing burns to my skin. This is disgusting and I am thoroughly disgusted with these miscreants. How they could do this to someone is a mystery.

7:20pm Today is the day the holiday handler comes to torture me. You see every holiday the big shots in the torture game give the local contractors a break from the torture. I guess they dont want them to get burned out on torture. This is because they might get psychologically damaged if they are to spend too much time torturing.
The torture during the day was choking me or that is what it felt like. I think what they are doing is using a sonic weapon like infrasound to resonate with my blood vessels. I think this causes high blood pressure. These people are obviously trying to impress me. Christmas is always a time that the TI’s are worked up to act out.. Unless of course they know what is happening and sit tight. These morons are right across the street. I know this because i have a directional meter. I have a technical degree in electronics engineering technology and another in biology.

11:44am I have a holiday handler because the regular criminals are on vacation! WOW, I hope they are enjoying themselves. Only a moron would do crimes on the innocent public, in effect murder and then go on vacation. What I have noticed is that my heart is being jammed or interrupted with ELF energy. This makes it incompatible with life. It is the morons down the street on First street who are subbing for the normal criminals. It seems like they are testing the heart interrupter so that they can stop my heart over the holidays.

The names Palmquist, McKinney and the 94235 apartment criminals. Palmquist was seen outfitting his offenses yesterday.

11:58am i got a chemical shower blast when i was in the kitchen and now i have tinnitus. this is done as punitive measure since i was critical of the intelligence of this handler contractor. They are so vindictive and actually have the maturity of an INFANT. These people are narcissists who have to have their own way and think they are the epitome of genius. This is how such stupid people can think they are smart.

2:03pm my handler is putting heavy ELF energy into my brain. WOW. it sure is hard to concentrate because of these traitors killing me. I am watching videos and writing comments. We are only looking at the truth and writing the truth and these contractors are big time traitors. it is a hanging offense from my standpoint.

Dec, 28, 2016 
Donna and I drove to Brookings Oregon about 25 miles away to go to the redwood theater to see ROGUE One star wars movie and we were hit with painful energy in our seats. Donna said she was raped in her seat. Then we went to Panchos Mexican restaurant which we enjoy, to have a nice supper. We noticed a ultra bright star in the western sky and acknowledged that it was one of the 30,000 drones that Senator Ron Wyden voted for because we are dangerous ELDERLY terrorists. We have to be watched very closely indeed… Dont we? But get this, the Handlers can hear and see everything I say and do. So whet if I were going to do a terrorist act, what do you thing the Handler would do in that case. Would they stop me? No they would simply watch and sit the whole thing out. Look what the handlers of other targeted individual MASS SHOOTERS did. The handlers of Aaron Alexis, Myron May and Gavin Long did absolutely nothing at all to stop them or alert anyone. Can you believe it? Oh I am forgetting the most important thing and that is that they never stopped torturing them, trying to drive them crazy!  Isnt that interesting?  . Oh but how could torturing someone drive them to act out in any way? Then we saw the thing when we left the restaurant and wouldnt you think it followed us home. Drones are not cheap and especially one that has weapons and can keep up with a car going highway speeds. I have no doubt that the people across from me in 94261 second street are involved in this. I found out that the people who live there are named Crook. I dont know, but that is what I read on and I read a directional meter to locate that house. We are peaceful people who dont want any trouble and yet we are forced into being our own detectives to stop our own murders. So what else can we do. The energy always comes from that house and when we leave, they are able to track us and torture us remotely we believe, wherever we are. These people are not patriots although they may think they are. Shooting two elderly people with weapons is not patriotic and its not smart to think they are terrorists. Isn’t it stupid and psychopathic to think two senior citizens who are life long citizens are terrorists and wouldn’t you say these handlers are stupid people to think they are fighting terrorism? There has never been any terrorism and our rap sheet says we are clean of any crimes at all. HUH, no record at all and yet these morons are following us around like bounty hunters. There must be some mistake mustn’t there be. But not these morons are adamant about hurting us, actually torturing us to death. That must speak for volumes of stupidity for these morons. We never had any terrorism before and what are the chances that elderly people would turn to terrorism? Really. These morons are hurting us and torturing us so who are the real terrorists? My guess is that the big money is in human experimentation and not so much in terrorism. These people are making big money aren’t they? Isnt it about $100 per hour that they make which is $1200 per shift for each of the handler contractors. WOW, I never made that kind of money. Doesnt it seem like there is a lot of money spent on two elderly people. Dont forget to double that amount so its $2400 for both of us per 12 hour shift or $4800 per day. Oh yea, what about the drone cost for that which i ma guessing would be 10,000 for the flight to Brookings and back. But it doesnt stop there, that drone or one like it is flying all the time I believe now since Ron Wyden voted to give them 30,000 drones to play with. I have a serious question for you. Do you think they believe we are terrorists or do you believe they know we are not terrorists and know we are not dangerous but they are in fact greedy bastards and so its all about the money. They are either terrorist fighters or fucking morons for $1200 each per day. Most folks would and do say they are greedy morons. Think …. would you expect reasonable government officials would let elderly people go free if they thought we were going to commit some terrorist act. NOOOOOOOO they would not. They would put us in jail wouldn’t they? You cant get it both ways, so either we are just that dangerous or we are not dangerous. Now they can pick you or anyone up without any reason cant they, due to the NDAA.
Do you realize there are thousands of people who are targeted just the same as we are? They all have identical symptoms and complaints. It turns out that 70% of the Targeted Individuals (TI’s) are women. I found out that a large amount of women like that means that this program was designed by men for themselves. It is so that Men can attack and disintegrate women and not men. It is designed by psychopathic men for their enjoyment! What is it for? Isnt it supposed to be so that Americas enemies cant get away with anything and they have no where to hide and will be hunted down and systematically killed by stupid retarded morons who actually enjoy shooting at Women mostly and 30% men. But in reality, the people they are shooting at are innocent I have noticed. I havent met one person who I thought was a criminal or dangerous. Could they have picked innocent people who they chose for their calm and non sociopathic personality whom they believed would not fight back. Dont you think that it was that they were easy to get and not that they are criminals? So it is because the people they got for this program were easy to get and easy to break down so the public would not be inconvenienced. They chose innocent people would would only try to complain while everyone would look at them like they are crazy because that is what they are driving them to appear as… “crazy”. That is exactly what it looks like to me. After all, if they were going to choose people to experiment on wouldn’t they have chosen 50% MEN AND 50% WOMEN? Hell yes they would. It is painfully obvious to the researchers that these morons have chosen too many women.  It is also obvious that they are using this as a murder for hire scheme. Cant a well connected man put his girlfriend or wife in this meat grinder to shut her up and get rid of her without a trial or splitting of assets? Of course and many of them have exactly that story. But these contractors say nothing of that because they are criminals and willing to overlook such details as long as the contractors money troughs are kept full. BUT THIS IS MURDER! That is the TOP SECRET and not the weaponry. MURDER is the big secret that if it gets out the gallows will be busy for years to come. A new Nuremburg trial would take years. But it would be labor intensive to track down all the criminals and operate the gallows and special jails. This will be an honest buck thought and not killing people for pay. You can see that they are fully aware of what they are doing so shouldn’t we do something about it. A corporation can hire contractors to do this after all. It doesn’t have to be the government that saves us does it?

Dec 30, 2016

11:00pm I am being irradiated with ELF energy to my head and body so that i feel my mind is very impaired.  I feel that the radiation comes from across the street from a large house that spans the entire block. reports that a family named Crook lives there.  I need to collect more evidence about this radiation.  My life has been ruined since I lost my job after 12 years of employment .  I tried to sue my former employer “School District of Lee County”.  There is a lot of underhanded stuff that goes on with neighbors who have a huge incentive to make things up.   In addition what they are doing to me is TORTURE with dieted energy weapons.  I am also harassed by many drones which I can see as a half dozen very bright stars in the sky.  The profit motive drives this harassment program for Donna and I.  These contractors who torture me make $100/hour or $1200 per day for 12 hours work.  A minimum of two contractors are paid over $2400 per day to torture and harass me.  Why is a good question?  This is due to the large amount of money in this program.   The Contractors are murdering us in real time as they are all of the other TI’s.  At the same time they arewatching the neighbors of this town and every town with technology so advanced that unless you listen to us and do something about it now then you will never be able to do anything at all.   You should talk to the contractors MERCS, just like the Mercs in Burns Oregon who killed Lavoy Finicum in cold blood.  These Mercs are killers.  They work for a bunch of rich folks who took over the Government and its the shadow government.

on Derrick Robinson’s conference call we all heard about the means of having a class action lawsuit that would take down the shadow government.  Yea, I will believe it when I see it.  On into the radiation of 2017 🙂


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