NTT Torture Log For August, 2018

 Important update  

AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030 are coming into focus with the push to take back the wild lands by forcing people out of their homes by setting fire to them.  They need to get everyone out of the wilderness areas to further to fulfill their New World Order plans to depopulate the wild areas.
This is an ominous look at what will happen to Oregon in the weeks to come.  I hope it is not the case, but this is what they are doing to California.

Getting in on Disaster Capitalism is a group of financeres who want to build a freight railroad line up through the redwood forrest.

Fire Captain John Lord, talks about the fires in Santa Rosa from his perspective.

Thanks to you we have succeeded in burning out the entire state of California so far.  We needed you to keep telling people there are no Directed Energy Weapons mantra so that destruction of California and now Southern Oregon can be completed without anyone noticing.  Keeping the people fearful and misguided to think that James Lico and Donna is the real and most important threat is your main focus.   You must get the people to think that hundreds of small fires started separately over a large area of Southern Oregon near Port Orford and Gold Beach is really One Huge Wild Fire.  I know the FBI can count on you so they dont have to put you in prison for 5 years.  You must turn rat on your fellow countrymen because we must have a simple way to make money by using some poor souls as sacrificial lambs to give us something to do since our Military Industrial Complex must have an enemy to chase and KILL.  So unfortunately James and Donna have been chosen to give their lives so contractors and the gang can have new motorcycles and cars and boats.  There is billions of dollars in this for everyone folks.  But it is a growth industry, so many more lives will have to be $acrificed for the good of a few.  The only problem is that our country is finished.  We as a people are finished too and the only gainers are a few special people at the top who are orchestrating this fiasco.  Also the Private Contractor killers are making a lot of money as well.  These psychopathic contractors can be called traitors against their own countrymen.  I mean many Americans gave their lives in wars to keep America free and now these contractors are selling them out.  i have a question about this since it seems like Americans would rather disregard the carnage and destruction of property as they just go on with daily life.  The reality is they will not be able to go on since the wilderness areas in the west, Like around Port Orford will be cleared of humans and all properties destroyed as has been called for in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.  This is basically the New World Order.  Surely the contractors know this since they are feverishly working towards this.  In addition, the NWO is calling for population reduction of 95% of the people dead.  I did not make this up, but am just stating facts which the contractors should be aware of.  But then, they dont read anything so how would they know they are going to be killed along with most of the other people.  They will only need a few slaves and a bunch of robots.  This was short sighted thinking for them, to be all dead in such a short time, but they didnt know.
Several journalists make a case for disbanding the fbi
I agree, with this concept and I remember the cold blooded murder of Lavoy Finicum in Burns Oregon and also what they did to the Hammonds and the Bundies.  They did not order the assaults, but the fbi carried them out which is arguably worse.  The fbi is also partially responsible for the program to torture citizens on the Terrorist Watch List which is really a war on citizens, similar to the cia’s phoenix program.  People are being murdered by weaponized morons.  If we are to continue as a civilization these people have to be stopped and we now must have mass arrests.  What the hell is going on with our leaders?  I know the country was taken over in a coup.  We must take the country back along with the responsibility of running the country.  Right now the country is run by psychopaths.  The fbi has no right to go around telling people to attack citizens.  What the fuck is wrong with these people like the ones ordering it ans the ones who follow the orders.  They are both reprehensible an guilty of crimes against humanity and capital war crimes.  They do these crimes in the name of security and with high secrecy.  They are actually murdering people in secret sort of because everyone knows about it.  There exists a law that secrecy cannot be used to hide crimes and embarrassment which this certainly is.  People say they dont know about this but how could you not know you are killing someone?  People will have to go to jail for this.  As for responsibility for this disaster, prople who participate are fully responsible for the damage and crimes they commit.  People falsley believe the fbi when they said they are not responsible.  This is not the case since they had no right to say that.  The fbi is really a global corporation with offices all over the world.  it has been a global corporation for quite a while.  The fbi has offices in every major country now.  It is a safe bet to say that all intelligence agencies are the same now.  They are all global in scope and semi privatized and working for themselves and the new world order.   Certainly they do not represent the people any more.  This war the fbi and other intelligence agencies like cia and nsa are waging on people of the world is an undeclared world war III.

Several journalists make a case for disbanding the fbi.
8/1 to 8/6/2018
The moron handler drained my batteries and drained all 8 of the replacements
The moron handler is hurting my left leg in the front thigh and knee cap
I feel totally drained of energy and feel like i just need to sleep
The handler is shooting ELF energy at me
handler has put a boil infection next to the base of my penis and right above my scrotum.  Think about what this means for a man. I think this was done because the handler was angry because of some perceived slight as a punitive measure against me (WTF?).  I am a man and not someones paycheck.   This is a very dangerous and painful thing, to place a boil somewhere like that..  Then it is nurtured and coaxed along because these people use boils to track humans in the wild, as they call it.  This person must be a moron.  This is very painful and opens me up to secondary infections.   Why would someone do this to people if they were not a stupid moron?  This person has no empathy and no care for other people’s pain.   This is a psychopath who wants to get even with me and does not care anything about doing the right thing.  To a psychopath, anything that works is a solution to a problem.  Think about that.  People have to wake up to the dangers of being exposed to these monsters.  Psychopaths should not have any control over the public.  This is a disaster and these people are given full control and free reign over the person who has been determined by a fake law to be a non person.
You will notice at first that the perpetrators will tell you at I am crazy and also at first you will disregard what I say.   I do have related college degrees in Biology and also in Electronics Engineering Technology.   But after a while, I will die and you will probably notice that what I was saying was coming true at least for you.  When it is true for you, you will finally realize the importance of what I was saying.  You will probably read my articles again, this time more thoroughly.


8/9/2018 11:02pm  My handler is again killing batteries for my flash light.  It just doesnt make sense to keep killing the high capacity 18650 Lithium Ion batteries which I have chosen to use.  You see, I went through one dozen batteries in the last 3 days.  I went through eight of them on Tuesday, 8/7/2018 alone, when in the evening I wanted to go outside and half way to the garage, my flashlight went dead.  Okay, it happens so I keep about three dozen extra batteries on hand to replace them in just such an occurance.  I replaced them and the fresh batteries, immediately failed.  Bear in mind that I have a college degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and if its one thing I know how to do is troubleshoot a flashlight and get it working again.  But, I am also a Targeted Individual who knows how at least some of the tecchnology works.  I am especially familiar with how the handlers can use ELF energy to drain a battery in a matter of seconds.  I just had a handler change and the one who left knew I had a hole lot of fresh batteries in reserve, so after draining a set of batteries,  it would not drain more of them because I would do the following,  I would put the batteries that were drained on a counter and photograph them with the device which contained them.  You see, it looks funny when there are ten batteries dead, sitting next to a flash light which uses only one battery.  When I have to go through ten batteries before the handler gets the clue that this is going to look funny when I wright about it in my website which gets about 1000 hits per week.  This means that TI’s and Non TI’s can read about how odd it is to go through ten batteries before my handler stops playing fun and games.  This is typical of people with juvinile personalities.  I want to use my flash light and my handler wants very much to show me that I cant use it because it will keep draining the batteries every time I change to a fresh battery.  The problem for me it this handler is not very smart or it would realize that what it is doing is exposing TOP SECRET technology to everyone in the world as it keeps draining battery after battery, because I am an engineer and I photograph the evidence and this is not hard to prove if it keeps happening again and again and again.  You see.  Here we have a handler who wants to impress me, scare me, dominate me, get one over me, match witts with me, but as an engineer with thirty six spare batteries, I am capable of fixing the flashlight 36 times which will make the handler laugh with abandon i am sure.  But and here is a big but, this handler is really not supposed to show this TOP SECRET technology to a large group of people.  Yes, they love to show it to me and ov course, I am always impressed, but when I can prove it and demonstrate that I can and expecially show willingness to prove it, then the handler really must back off with the fun and games.  I mean, I have a directional meter and I have a spectrum analyzer and an evidentiary camera, etc, etc.  I am happy to put these things to work demonstrating this technology to everyone in the world since I know that once everyone knows about the tech, then the secret is out and the bosses of this miscreant handler must throw in the towl and admit to a congressional committee, that they irradiated some folka and they murdered some folks.  I will be dammned if I will sit by and let a retarded, immature sociopath to use ELF energy repeatedly to drain my flashlight and do nothing about exposing the tech so others can see.  ELF stands for extremely low frequency.  I never learned about ELF energy in school, but I can observe that it has the effect of draining car batteries, flashlight batteries, cell phone batteries and in fact any type or size of battery I have in a matter of seconds.  But I dont have to be a genius (and am in fact not a genius), to notice the effect that ELF has on batteries.  I also, do not need to be a genius to know that the this handlers boss does not want her shoing the world how TOP SECRET technology works.  I mean if this handler drains my battery, then it is a deniable operation, which if I told people how it works, it can be denied, since it cant readily be proven.  However that is not what happened, I had a dozen fresh flashlight batteries be drained completely in the last three days, plus a cell phone battery, plus a nikon camera battery in that same time frame.  This is highly unlikely and is therefore not deniable, due to its being such a remote coincidence that it is true because of circumstantial evidence afirming it repeatedly and conclusively.  So for this handler, once is funny, but after that it shows that someone has childish personality disorder if she must stop me from using my flashlight at any cost, so that anyone reading my website can see and be convinced how ELF energy can drain batteries.  An unconvinced observer can see the dead batteries lined up like soldiers and say to themself, that they never would have believed it, but yes, there is the proof positive and when it happens to them, then they will absolutely know what happened.  Somehow I dont think the employer of this handler had this in mind as a positive outcome. Thanks for checking out this story.:) I just notice another crazy handler dirty trick.  My handler installs real time hacks of word press and other things.  I have named computer installable code which can be done in moments on someones computer.  In this case the object is wordpress, since this is who I write the truth which my handler hates.  I notice that my spell checker doesnt work and I beileve this is a hack.  I turned off the mouse pad specifically when a mouse is installed.  The hack is that the handler is remotely connected to my computer and so as I type, the handler clicks the mouse button somewhere else in my text, causing the focus to be changed from where I think it is to a random spot where text begins to appear.  Another hack is when editing in wordpress or Twitter and the cursor doesnt respond to the arrow keys correctly anymore but is substituted possibly for “page down”,  so I then have to find and replace the cursor and then remember not to use the cursor arrow keys.  Do you have a fix for this?  let me know.  This it great fun for someone who enjoys three stooges slap stick tricks and traps.  The problem comes where, because of my education, I can describe how the trick works and why the trick works and what is expected of the trick.  Mostly this trick is meant for those who even thought they have turned off the mouse pad, the cursor keeps getting redirected and they cant figure out what is happening, since touching the mouse pad is the only way this can happen.  But now that I have explained it, others can see that maybe they have a handler remotely connected to their computer too..  In fact they have a NATIONAL SECURITY TAP connected to their internet line within the switch room which allows this handler to remote take control of your internet connection at all times.  As a matter of fact I believe there is a proxy server somewhere, which has your internet connection set up as a MAN IN THE MIDDLE OR MAN ON THE SIDE situation where every key stroke can be monitored and actually stopped or actually substitute your key strokes for new ones.   I also have a college degree in computer science and have worked as a system administrator, programmer, systems analyst, automation implementer, etc.  So figuring out how software can be embeded and how a hardware trick works, is usually not a problem.  I like telling others about this in my website.  I also have training in biology too and the three degrees I have make an interestingly useful combination to figure out some of the low hanging tech fruit of this technology.  Yes it is interesting technology and it gives me something to do.  Most of it is over my head but a lot of the dirty tricks with computers are at my level as well as some of the tech itself while being unknown to me at first, I can still make some sense of it from a physically, empiracle level.  Just ask me and I will try to help if I can. The moron handler drained my batteries and drained all 8 of the replacements The moron handler is hurting my left leg in the front thigh and knee cap I feel totally drained of energy and feel like i just need to sleep The handler is shooting ELF energy at me handler has put a boil infection next to the base of my penis and right above my scrotum. Think about what this means for a man. This is a very dangerous and painful thing. This is very painful and opens me up to secondary infections. Why would someone do this to people. This person has no empathy and no care for other peoples pain. This is a psychopath who wants to get even with me and does not care anything about doing the right thing. People have to wake up to the dangers of being exposed to these monsters. Psychopaths should not have any control over the public. This is a disaster and these people are given full control and free reign over the person who has been determined by a fake law to be a non person. You will notice at first that the perpetrators will tell you at I am crazy and also at first you will disregard what I say. I do have related college degrees in Biology and also in Electronics Engineering Technology. But after a while, I will die and you will probably notice that what I was saying was coming true at least for you. When it is true for you, you will finally realize the importance of what I was saying. You will probably read my articles again, this time more thoroughly. 8/6/2018 1:56pm I am being irradiated with ELF hitting me in the legs to the “Rectus Femerous” see image above. Also I feel shaky which means that I have gotten somewhat weak due to the ELF frequencies hitting me. Usually its only the left leg that gets beat up lately but today it is both legs. Hitting my legs the way they did makes it feel like the muscles are tired without having walked anywhere to tire them out. This is my handler showing me I am shaky and tired before doing anything. I feel weak and my hands and body are shaking a little so I say I am shaky. This may be noticeable to others so I am remarking here to specify the weakness is not normal, but it is due to ELF radiation. Today, both my legs feel weak as though I could not climb stairs with out assistance from a cain or a hand rail. I have been taking Naproxin 500mg 2x/day for pain I have noticed this handler is trying to get an act out reaction since the DEW attacks are more vicious than normal. I have notice that my colleagues are being attacked more viciously than usual also.

 I was taking photographs and my camera battery was exhausted after only 2 days since I changed it last, with little use. It should have lasted another week or more. I tried the flashlight to see if the battery worked since I changed it yesterday. Actually I went through eight batteries before the handler would stop draining them as soon as I installed them. This is a new handler and i dont think it knows that I record problems like this so that it will show exactly what happened with picture images for evidence. In addtion, I was going to take a photo with my smart phone camera and notice the battery was depleted down to only 2% remaining so I had to put that on the change and include it in this episode of ELF depleting batteries. I find that if I replace the battery immediately and photograph the event then there is less chance of in kind retaliation due to embarrassment or showing off capabilities. To sum up, I had three devices batteries depleted in one occurrence today. the handler is burning me as I try to sleep so that I cant get to sleep. It is sleep deprivation. The psychopath waits until I am getting close to sleep and then burns my leg so that I cant ignore it. This woman should be horse whipped and maybe she will be. I hear everyone has a shinny badge. Is that right? The NWO is still collecting the TROJAN psychotronic weapon surveillance data which you brought into the neighborhood. Think of it like a big eyeball that can see into all of the neighbors houses. It even sees into houses where people were premised they would be left alone. EVERYONE …. and now the NWO knows what they do and say in the privacy of their own home. They especially dont like those who are smart and can lead others. They are actually afraid of those people and have labeled them Terrorists! They plan to kill those people. You see this is an intelligence action which has also been done before each great war. The NWO actually doesnt like it when people are alive who can show people how to mount a defense or how to grow crops or how to fish or how to fend for them self. In WWII, they marched those people out into the street and shot them in the head. The NWO will be killing 95% of the world population. Right now they are just keeping you and the neighbors busy with all the security bull shit. There are no terrorists, it was a scam to keep you chasing your tail. The fbi are actually traitors who are making money for themselves. They are going to kill you afterward and take your money back. To the neighbors. You will look at my writings like i am crazy at first. You will read some and say ohhhh heeees crazy.. But then you will somehow find out that hey that guy was right about that thing. Then hey, that guy was right about such and such.

my leg around the knee has what is meant to seem like nerve damage. I think I am supposed to have some kind of leg nerve damage. they do the same thing everyday and there is an agenda to this. What I mean is, these people are actually trying to mimic a disease or an affliction. Yes, they found a way to mimic nerve damage and they found a way to mimic sciatica. They have learned enough anatomy to do this to people. THEY ARE PRACTICING so they can do this on you. If you dont think so then tell me what they are doing. This person again needs to be horse whipped. So what kind of silly fucking job is this for this DUMB woman to have. She is taking her job very seriously! Her task here is to get me so depressed and despondent that I would commit suicide. So lets talk to her maybe and ask her WTF. 3:27am I think I have been given the correct amount of simulated nerve damage now in my left leg. But they have to keep me awake all night so i am getting a fiery hot pain beam to my left inside ankle. It feels like a hot hair dryer on it actually. Pretty soon this farce will be over and we can guide these people to prison.

4:55pm my neighbor is running his driveway block psyops on me and wasting his time.
I called the clerk of court in GB and found that sheriff was incorrect in telling me that I can simply show my evidence to a judge who would review it and give me a judgement.  She said I would have to get an attorney.
11:26am I feel electronic tingling on my face.  It feels like something is crawling on my face.  I am detecting 4 drones at least.  Two drones are behind me over each shoulder and two in front.
This morning, Donna and I noticed that my neighbor has put up a new barrier and he also posted no trespassing signs in front of my driveway.
your govt is doing illegal weapons testing with directed energy weapons and drones.
3:01am i have been given infections on the back of my head.  This is not something that can be learned in a day, it takes practice.  There is only one puss girl that I know of and that woman lives in Gold Beach on 2nd street.  Yes, I have infections all over the back of my head and a few on the side of my face.   I mean These range in sice from pimples to boil infections and the way they are done, they ooze pus after 3 days or so.   This person knew what she was doing when she did this to me.  This is no accident.   The contractors think I am a Terrorist, but there will be a time when all Terrorists will become all of a sudden non terrorists and the ones who are captors will realize they are terrorists now and will have to jump and flop around on the hook.  The FBI are terrorists, the DHS are terrorists and    A real government would not torture its people.  How come this investigation has gone on for years.  You are under investigation now and my investigation is over.   I have a question for you.  How come you think you can torture humans.  Someone wants to pay you to shoot your self, so will you take the job?
1:28pm  I have an ache on top of my head and face because my handler is hitting my brain with ELF extremely low frequency energy.  What is the purpose of that you ask ?? it is to slow me down of course.  It feels painful and makes my brain extremely foggy.  I cant think because this moron is doing this to me.  My throat feels like I am being choked.  These contractors are  choking me WTF!!??  THEY ARE TORTURING US TO DEATH.  There is always directed energy barreling through Donna and my bodies!   EXACTLY WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE REAL TERRORISTS?    They are all collecting high income from the corporation or company who pays their salary.  These people are subcontractors for the prime contractor under government contracts to traffick citizens for use in human experimentation.  We are being murdered and there is no question about whether we will die.  We are dying from what they are doing.  The contractors procedures guarantee that we will die.  LOOK>> These contractors are supposed to keep us stressed and in fear for our lives, ensuring cortisol flows freely.  This  is because the neuroscience cant study our brains and see what is happening to our nervous systems unless we are CONSTANTLY STRESSED AND IN DISTRESS.  These people are donkeys or are doing a good job of hiding their stupidity.  Anyone who takes a job as a TORTURER to use electromagnetic weapons on an elderly man and elderly women, every second of every day and think it is benign would necessarily have to be a fucking moron.
Donna and I are being chipped away at every hour of every day.
Would you think we would be fine after being shot with directed energy weapons.  Make no mistake about it, the people doing this TORTURE to us are without a doubt MURDERERS.  They call us the TERRORISTS, really?  Let me tell you something.  These people brought these multi purpose PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS INTO THIS NEIGHBORHOOD.  These weapons can also be used for surveillance and monitoring what other neighbors say and do in the privacy of their own homes.  Thats right, the psychotronic instruments are a TROJAN HORSE, to do extreme surveillance on the neighbors who think they are not involved.  These psychotronic instrument can be controlled remotely and they can surveille your home with RADAR and you will never know it.  They can also follow you around with RADAR on your brain and unless you knew before hand, you could hardly tell the difference.  The ones who are taking money are not getting away with anything either, since they are also being monitored.  In addition, they have opened themselves and their families up to human experimentation, according to the so called illegal laws which supposedly allow them to human traffick Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  You see, the TI’s are essentially a false flag operation to DIVIDE the neighborhood and deliver it to the military since they are under FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE.   The fact is that all citizens are enemies of the state on by the intel agencies and the military.  The New World Order will take over and these contractor are helping them and they are traitors.  The fact is that the contractors are useful idiots who are committing TREASON which is a capital offence.  The fbi and homeland security are rogue agencies who are doing organized crime and making huge amounts of money from human trafficking.  This same Terrorism is going on in thousands of neighborhoods throughout the country and the world, since this is considered a global holocaust.   The torture contractors dont realize that there will be a currency reset, since the US dollar is no longer being propped as the petro dollar.  That is it has to stand on its own and it will drop in value when the reset happens.  There will be a new currency issued and the current money will have to be exchanged for the new money.  They will not give an exchange for the tax free money the contractors have.  Donnald Trump signed an executive order which prevents that.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

This is a no brainer since the law is there and the currency reset is coming.  Go ahead and read it yourselves.
5:46pm my handler is hurting my brain with a beam through my right temple across to the opposite temple.  
there is a tendon in my right hand that is resonated for pain a level just outside of pain if I do not use my hand.  But if and when I use my hand the pain increases proportionately with strain of the tendon.  Can you see that this is a psychological ploy to keep me from using my hand and the muscles in my arm and hand.  This is mind boggling abuse because it is so complicated.  Do you really want your neighbor to have this kind of control over you.
I have had this problem with my hands since yesterday.  I will never modify my behavior to molify this dumb person who is doing this to me.
This is new: resonating a tendon going through my carpal tunnel in my right hand.  It hurts when I pick somthing up or move something and the heavier it is the more it hurts.  This will make me put back down somthing if it is too heavy and hurts too much.  In this way you may have to limit what you can do.  There are symptoms which plague TI’s, a lot of symptoms.  This is because there are a lot of aflictions and diseases which can be mimicked.   I have noticed there are a lot of people targeted which I come in contact with.  The ones at the church will listen for weeks or months before telling about their situation in which they HAA! are targeted.  They may have initially found my story distastful and yet now they are targeted too.  Imagine that.   So this is why I will put up a symptoms list.  I think i already have one on my website.
Last night I noticed that the PUS girls (Torturers) have given me a boil on my face again.  I call them now the pus girls because this is the specialty of A Crook specifically and I know her torture and she could not resist going for what she knows.  She has practiced the pimples and boils on me all over and has gotten quite adept at putting the size of boil or pimple she wants anywhere.  I had one on my penis with this person.  She tries to impress/amaze me and I just recognize her work.  I also say that she will not impress or amaze me and she knows it.  She once put boil shaped tits above my real tits.  IMAGINE THAT and I still have a picture of it.  She tried to delete the picture once as my handler usually does and I keep back ups of my pictures.  This pimple and boil stuff is gross and disgusting so I try to gross the morons out too.  I cant stop what these weaponized morons are doing to me, so I ignore it.  You might think its strange but what else is there to do.    I wonder how I can defend myself and I usually only come up with the same scenarios.  I say that some day soon the day will come where no one will blame anyo

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3 thoughts on “NTT Torture Log For August, 2018”

  1. Fri. Sept. 21, 2018

    I would like to add to my last comment. There were three periods of the assault torture, which I have mentioned. Each period lasted for two weeks. The last period took place in the summer of 2012. These were terrifying and painful experiences. However, it is probably not entirely accurate to say that they were the worst experiences which have been inflicted upon me. There were many, many other events, of similar or greater intensity.

    As well, the puzzling experience of having big doors being swung open for me, by the regime, only to be smashed shut in my face– sabotaged, by mobsters who pretended to work for the regime– robbed me of hope and meaning. Because I have not yet ended my life, there must be a vestige remaining.

  2. Mon. Sept. 17, 2018

    As I have mentioned, my email has been shut down. I am never able to open a new one, because I am locked out of it, remotely, before I have used a new password. My communications are disrupted, constantly.

    I had a swastika cut into my arm, in a medical facility, in Toronto, when I was two years old. When I was approximately 7 years old, my teeth were in perfect condition, with no cavities at all, straight and healthy. I was suddenly given an orthodontist. He told me that I needed to have three baby teeth removed. I was taken, by my mother, to a hospital and given general anaesthetic, for the procedure. I remember the bad odour of the gas. I do not know why they would have done this procedure, unless they wished to obtain stem cells, or to do other procedures on me.

    The worst torture that I was subjected to took place for a period of two weeks, in 2012. There were round the clock assaults everywhere, every five minutes, which caused copious bleeding. I used six rolls of paper towel, daily, to mop up the blood. At that time, I was more alone than any refugee. I was being chased from my home to the streets, to cafes, to every public location, with no respite. I had been a law-abiding, peaceable person my entire life. I had never engaged in any form of activism. I was more alone and in worse peril than any refugee, although a Canadian citizen, by birth and from Toronto, where the attacks took place.

    It is possible that a proxy with the licence REC ERS knows the details of this hunt of a human being.

    There is an SUV, at the COSTA building, next door to me. It has a parking tag, marked crew and Marta Borowski. Of course, my relatives have connections to T.V. and film. Mark Winemaker is my first cousin and he is employed as a T.V. producer. His latest work includes: Warehouse 13, Defiance and Mind Hunter. My aunt, by marriage, Mary Blum Devor has links to Hollywood. Marta Borowski is a Polish-born filmmaker.

    What would bring any person with filming skills next door?

    Late in the afternoon, as I was going up the street, an SUV pulled up, just behind me and picked up a male from the Costa house. He was holding what appeared to be a filming device. The vehicle was CFBD 067.

  3. There is considerable evidence that I was trafficked to the MKULTRA program, from my birth. My uncle, my father’s brother, Jules Winemaker, was an anesthesiologist. His medical education was funded by the Canadian military. My father was named Manning Bruce Winemaker, but my mother had him change his name to Manning Williams. My uncle Sam Winemaker changed his name to Sam Warner. His daughter is my first cousin, Dr. Ellen Warner, an oncologist at Sunnybrook hospital, in Toronto.

    When I was two years old, my mother, (birth name Rhina Rose Devor) took me to a medical facility. A medical professional made a number of cuts into the skin of my upper left arm. When I had just turned five, I was looking at the scar and realized that it was a perfect swastika. I was terrified. I knew that the Nazis had performed gruesome experiments during the war. A number of thoughts flashed through my mind. One was a suicide plan, so that I could protect myself. I had a strong will to live and did not carry it out. Instead, I deliberately buried all thoughts of the swastika. I knew that I would not be able to live with hope, ambition, goodness, generosity and other virtues, if I felt doomed. I did not realize that a very large, powerful extended family can actually use certain people as “breeders,” and covertly utilize their children for medical experimentation, from birth. I was raised in near isolation, in the west end of Toronto, until age 12. At this time, I think that the regime realized that I needed glasses and suddenly moved my family to an affluent, upper middle class community and sent me to good public schools. I did not know that my extended family was attempting to sabotage me and my siblings, while the regime was clearly attempting to provide me with opportunities and prospects. There is much circumstantial evidence. To prove my case, I would need to find a proper reputable legal team. However, I am being isolated, so that I cannot do so. Organized criminals use slander, libel and other methods. A victim of medical trafficking can be subjected to COINTELPRO type “policing” operations or Zerzetzen. My mother is personal friends with a woman named Gloria Evans. A Jennifer Evans is the head of the Peel police and an Evans is the head of the Toronto police. There is no auditing oversight of the Toronto policing budget. Also, it seems likely that “safety notifications” are misused, so that a law-abiding and peaceable person can be subjected to OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, isolation and much worse, through a multitude of means.

    There is much circumstantial evidence: People, places, events, circumstances, patterns over decades support my views. There is evidence that my two brothers were utilized covertly for medical research. My younger brother, Robert Darryl Williams was subjected to major surgery, at birth. He studied aerospace engineering at the University of Toronto and went to live and work in Santa Barbara, California. He had a sudden highly suspicious death at age 37. My mother had open casket and had his remains cremated. My older brother had experiences which suggest that he was trafficked for medical research and falsely diagnosed. He had a sudden highly suspicious death, one week after my father’s suspicious death in 2001.

    I have only very recently discovered videos online. These videos are called “transvestigations.” The more professional ones have been taken down. There were some put up by a police detective, with accurate anatomical information as to the differences between male and female skeletal structure. It is possible that I was mutilated at birth, implanted with a uterus, as part of an experiment. I have reason to believe that the Dutch military may have involvement. Other military which may be involved are the U.S., Canadian, English, French and Israeli.

    My communications have been very seriously blocked. I have been deprived of email, for several years. My phone has been shut down. My internet has been shut down numerous times. Mail often does not reach me. My extended family will have dismissive stories about my siblings and myself. Naturally, if I can prove that they have had a hand in medical trafficking and homocides, they will go to lengths to discredit my statement here.

    I am renting a flat from a Portuguese male, named Orlando Goncalves. He owns a construction business in Mississauga, by the name of Pro Con.

    By covert means, most of my professional earnings have been sabotaged. My most recent purchase of a camera was working perfectly in the morning. That same afternoon, it had been vandalized. It was the second new camera, in a row, which had been vandalized in my home. I have high security locks. The only person to whom I have given a key is Orlando Goncalves. Any evidence which I may have gathered is accessible to him and to any other parties to whom he provides access into my home.

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