NTT Torture Log for August 2016

I have the same rights as the rest of Americans or you could also say I have no rights and neither do you.  If the people are going to do anything then it had better be now.  You will not like the next couple of stages the totalitarian State will traverse.
I have three college degrees to support what i say.  one in Electronics Engineering Technology, one in Biology and the third in Computer Science.  The person doing this to us now seems to be deluded into thinking thay their right to torture us is due to our being on a Terrorist list or Kill list.  TI’s do not recognize that these people have any right to torture or use us as test subjects.
A Merc Handler is hurting Donna with extremely fine laser like narrow Directed Energy beams  which feel like a needle and can pierce and damage human tissue.  I am unable to stop the MERCS from hurting her.  They may be doing it in an attempt to keep me from doing activism.
The person who is in the house across the street basically torturing us, seems to be so stupid as to think that they have a right to do this to me and Donna, my fiancee.  Both Donna and I are elderly retired people who have worked all our lives, have income to support ourselves and do not want to bother anyone.   Yet the people doing this do not have sense enough to do the right thing according to natural law which says “DO NOT HURT ANYONE”.  I am perfectly sane and this is not a joke.  By now most Americans have heard of “Targeted Individuals” who are being hurt inside their homes with Directed Energy (DE).  They were picked at random for testing and have committed no crime.  Yet the people torturing them strictly obey orders and have no moral compass apparently.  They commit murder for hire basically.
6:22pm  i feel weak and my hands are shaking because my brain feels like it is captive to an energy weapon.  the beam is holding on my brain and as i type the beam is getting stronger and my brain feels like it is being squeezed.  i am an elderly man.  why is this happening to me.  I want to live and this thing and these  people are taking my body and brain overt.  Am i not allowed to live freely anymore?  These moron contractors are murdering me and my fiancee.  they are playing with us like we are a video game.  Please help us.  Save us from these morons…!
6:27pm my brain is now being squeezed so that I now have a head ache.
9:17pm  my head feels like a beam is inside raising my blood pressure.  This is so that i am suseptible to a stroke.  This is murder.  To these people i am less than a rat.  These people treat me like i am a pariah that needs to be disposed of because i am on a terrorist watch list! really.  who put us on the watch list without a trial.  we are Americans and we are much better than this.
the THUGS take jobs killing and hurting people
it is Murder for Hire is it not?
These are not men and women,
they are predators
they are facsimiles of human beings but they are shells of people.  They are nothing but a facade.  They are sociopaths.  They have been hurt themselves and it has made them sociopathic or psychopathic.
A corporate stooge has given them the right to kill people.  We are not criminals.  I have worked all my life and I am retired.
i have asked for what the NSA, CIA and FBI has on me and it is secret.  they say it is classified and they cant tell me.  I have to tell you that only a moron would do this to people for money.  They are like bounty hunters.
I have to tell you that  our country is in the process of turning into a police state after 911.  There is no terrorism, the PMC’s are the terrorists.
 We now have a fascistic totalitarian government.  This is where the government and corporations are the seat of power.  the war armor given to police came from our taxes.  our taxes pay for the police state.  our money goes to big surveillance and it is all to watch the citizens.  These people murdering us are private military contractors.  This is a war on the American people.
there are people in this town who have drank the cool aid that the corporations are selling.  They are taking big money to be private military contractors to hunt whoever the corporations tell them.  Enemies of the corporations are soft killed with Directed Energy DE.  This way they think NO ONE WILL NOTICE THEY ARE DYING.
we are at the same point where WWII Germany was when they started beating up and harassing the Jews.
10:27pm I was sitting on the sofa in my living-room.  I am facing the north west and i have a beam entering from the southeast and exiting my head to the northeast.  This usually happens for punitive reasons or when they have guests who they show off to.  the beam originated from the Crooks house.  It is Friday night and usually there is drinking because it gets more wild.  maybe they went out and got drunk and now comes the fun.
I have been holding off putting the perpetrators locations but I have not made any headway so now I am going to change that.  I will now give names and addresses.  the house across the street from me.  94261 second street.  We need to be more vocal to get this crime to stop.  What is  going on here is SLAVERY.  I am being used as an experiment… this is Human Experimentation.  This is Human Trafficking and there are hundreds of thousands of people being monitored and experimented upon.  Imagine making money doing this.  It is exactly the opposite of what Jesus would have done.
Who would think they can use people as lab rats.  The cartilage in my jaw has been burned up and now my jaw is scraping the bone.  What are these people doing to me.  I am being murdered i can tell you that.  This is slow Murder.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen immediately because it is still murder.
I say let them sue me and I can do a counter suit to prove they are murdering me and my fiancee.  It sounds outrageous but I can prove it is true.  Now the neighbors down the street are doing this too.  it is the house with the fire plug in their yard.  The people doing this are associated with neighborhood watch groups or Terrorism Liaison officers or infrastructure
10:49pm now I am getting a beam through my left eye to the back of my head.  Now this is drunk related.  They get back home from their drunk and want to shoot someone with DEW.  Doesnt that sound like something kids would do?  They actually feel put out because I am complaining about weapon beams being shot into my head.  I think you will agree that the people doing this are morons and enough said to prove it.  I have three college degrees in Biology, Electronics Technology and Computer science.  In addition I am a retired old man living with my retired elderly fiancee.  I came to Gold Beach Oregon to retire because of its location and other things.  Well these horrendous people have come here to target me with energy weapons.  This affects you all in this town.  You have these morons here and now they attack your citizens and they will ruin your town.  These people are murderers and they will intermingle with normal people and hijack their morality
There are hundreds of thousands of elderly people who are being hurt with Directed Energy (DE).  Most of them probably dont know what is happening and are scared to death.  My guess is that it is to kill the elderly.  You should check this out because if the elderly are killed remotely and silently then Social Security and Medicare will be saved miraculously.  I think this is happening due to my age and the ages of many TI’s that I know.  There are mostly elderly people and I have seen the age range up to 93 years old.  There are young people but the elderly by far out weigh them.  How can these morons see these old people as terrorists?  Answer is they dont see them as terrorists.   They know the truth is that they are being targeted for a different reason.  Its not terrorism, but it is Human Experimentation and human trafficking.  Terrorism is a boggyman that has been set up to divert our attention after 911.  You see shootings yes, but they are targeted individual shootings lately.  This is because these people have been tortured until they broke out and killed people with a gun.   Dont you think that anyone can be tortured until they cant take it anymore?  Aaron Alexis, Myron May and Gavin Long were three such individuals who were tortured until they broke.  Yes i do literally mean they were tortured until they could not take it one more second.  I know this because I try to control myself when I am being struck with DE and if they want me to lose it then they can torture me some more extra.
The DE comes from the houses where I say it does and I know this because I have a directional meter which shows the direction of the DE source.  You can dispute this and i welcome that.  This is because all TI’s welcome a investigation into this crime of targeting and torturing citizens.
11:39pm its prime targeting time for the friday night drunk crowd of first street
3:11pm  i a being irradiated by strong signal coming from the southwest (crooks).       The person doing this is keeping it painfully uncomfortable so that I must concentrate to maintain my calmness.
3:32pm  the energy irradiated to my brain is being maintained so that my brain is uncomfortable.  how do they decide how much energy is enough or how much is dangerous.  Its seems to me that the energy sent to my brain is for the purpose of inciting me to break out.  This person has no reason to be sending radiation to my house and my person.
5:13pm I have been forcibly given an infection on the back of my head.  This is in addition to the many infections I have already been subjected to.  This is a boil created on the back of my head by a person within the crooks house across the street.
7:06pm It is just after shift change for the Torturers/handlers
My head is again being targeted with ELF energy.  This is while the joint targeting high five committee is having a picnic at the house of my torturer.   I am getting pictures of the attendees so we can get them processed for jail.
8/7/16 12:39
I went to church at 11:00 and was attacked where i sat.  My head is being attacked with ELF.  Also the boil the perps are making on the back of my head is RE-attacked after I slept on a magnet.  It was better but now it is being reaccessed.+
12:44pm I was trying to make a breakfast shake and am being ELECTRIFIED by my handler today.  My fiancée and I are feeling Ill.  They are hurting her in every way.  They kept her up all night and she was too ill to go to church this morning.  she feels nauseous, sore and accessed.  This is a crime against humanity.  See  this is no joke.  we are elderly people living on first street in Gold Beach Oregon.  I believe the Electronic energy which is projected to us is being sent from direction of 94240 first street.  The house with the fire plug in the front lawn.
I am hearing my bowels gurgle with air and my brain is buzzing with electricity.  My legs and feet are vibrating with pulsating electricity and my blood pressure is up. Also the boil on the back of my head is buzzing and hurting.
Yesterday the torturers came to 94240 first street down the street from us to celebrate the Elderly couple with $$dollar signs dancing on their heads.  They celebrate death and the running of the old people on their march on the trail of tears toward their deaths.  These people are truely contemptible BLACKGUARDS.
WOW…. how hot it got in here in the last 30 seconds.  I was eating my supper and then all of a sudden there was a hot wind from down under.  I was inundated with heat and began jetisoning my supper, glass of liquid downed all the way.   HEWWEEEE!  I dont want to think it could be anythinng but a hot wind from down under or maybe my health took a sudden turn for whaaaaaat
Heated up with DE?  our governmennt would never do that to me!!!
oh yes they would says a still small voice.  they would and they did and there is a dirty moron afoot.
11:42am merc is continuing with the boil on back of my head.  this was also worked on during the night.  ear bumps when looking at and deciding about something.
11P50am the handler is burning my boil on the back of my head.  why is this happening? did i do somethign wrong?  I found out my handler is the blond girfriend of mr natural the sociopath.
4:15pm handler is hurting my boil that it gave me.  It gave me an infection and is now heating up the infection to cause great pain.
6:22pm the boil on the back of my head is getting bigger and more sore than before..The university must be calling for an extra big infection.  but maybe it is punitive.  I am bullied by this merc all day today.  this merc must enjoy inducing pain a great deal.
8:02pm wow, This handler is beating the crap out of me.  This is torture over the entire day.  are they trained to administer torture throughout the day.  what is the purpose for the pain?  I say it is to teach me a lesson and that is to stop my complaints and do as you are shown and do not resist.  This is brutal and it leads to death so it is murder.  the definition of torture murder is prolonged torture leading to death.  that is it and this is it.  many in the TI community are dying now and many are committing suicide.

I will not submit to what the handlers want me to do and that is to submit myself to be okay with human experimentation.  I will not submit myself to human experimentation.  It is better to die on my feet than to live on my knees.

I missed writing this in the am and evening and am going back to it because the handler mercenary for yesterday was remarkably cruel.  I can tell it is a female or an incredibly effeminate male.  The person used and increased the size of a boil on the back of my head to burn and keep me in excruciating pain.  This went on while we did our shopping at several stores in Brookings.  there were many stalkers and at least a half dozen mobile people with weapons in their cars.  she kept the torture up to the maximum she could attain.  This person in the day time is remarkable.  her address and name is to be noted and kept for when this program is over.  It will be handed over to law enforcement and or anyone associated with retribution.  For her sake this program should never end because I will see to it that she gets punishment to the fullest extent.  I will even pay to have this increased.
She certainly acts like she is in charge forever.  She acts like there will be no payback and that i could never afford to hire a mercenary of my own.  This person is truly a moron.  I will make payback with this one a priority.  my children are in their 20’s and i will make a point of having them see this woman and if she has anything of value they should take it and more.  this is not just youth, it is incredible stupidity and recklessness.
  1. she shows off to narcissist magnates
  2. hates her father or other male
  3. hates men
  4. how is hurting me going to fix personal problems
  5. if she enjoys hurting me than she has more severe problems which should be an alert to the general population and an indication of a serial hurter.
  6. either abuse from childhood or longer term and ongoing abuse.
  7. inability to maintain long term relationships due to personality defect.
  8. narcissists do not have real personality,  but only facade of personality.  Not real woman, but presents mask for others to see.
  9. Real person only appears when mask falls and she shows her true colors.  its not a pretty sight.
  10. men be warned that this is what your mother told you to avoid.
Mercs are continuing with the boil infection on back of my head.   Whats with that?  Are they conducting experiments with weaponing MRSA or STAPH.  PMC bounty hunters follow me around using a beam on the boil infection all day.  They heat it up to cause pain and in addition have a repertoire of tricks, trips and traps to use on their victims.
  The Government wants to kill the elderly in order to balance the budget.  They spent already the social security trust fund which was not to be spent.  Thats why they call it a TRUST fund.  So to avoid paying it back they need to kill off the retired people.  It is as thought the PMC’s have no stake in this.  Its like they will not grow old or have parents.  There are many of these morons who are elderly and on social security.   You see they are in fact MORONS. You must realize that they are morons and that they must be neutralized in order for the population to be cleansed. People who think that laws do not apply to them are sociopaths or anti society.
They actually hate themselves more often than not.  That is they have no self respect.
this Merc handler keeps my brain impaired, reducing the quality of my life and my time to do things.  This is cruel and inhuman.  The torture energy is coming from the direction of the Crooks house across the street.  This is a fact ascertained via my directional meter on my android phone.  I am not guessing or speculating because it is a fact.  I have college degrees in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and computer science.  I know what I am talking about.  You will have to stop them from targeting you and hold them until the state will own up to their responsibility.
10:52pm my handler has been irradiating me with ELF energy especially my head.  my head is crackling.   My boil infection is also growing and my hair is matted with PUS.  I wonder why its so important to grow boils on my head so quickly with the pus oozing out all over the place.  I will have to go over to the crooks house to find out what gives and how come all the PUS in the hair and everything.  When i was at my last house it helped to wipe pus all over the handlers car and door knobs so i guess that is what I will have to do.  where there is a will there is a way.  i know its disgusting but its the only thing that works and the only thing they are afraid of.  THEY ARE AFRAID OF PUS.
5:50am  energy is being emitted from the bedroom on the left side of the house in the back.  this is a fact, it is where the energy is coming from.  I am not accusing the crooks.  I am just saying the energy is being emitted from the left back bedroom of their house.  whomever is doing this is a Terrorist.  Do you see that.  I am not a terrorist yet they pay these morons to do this to me.  The reason is because it is a two way signal and they get data from me to send back to their home base.  Its deliverable data to be used for the brain initiative.  There is no terrorism but there is human experimentation.   if you think its anything else then you have been deceived.
energy is being emitted from the bedroom on the left side of the house in the back. this is a fact, it is where the energy is coming from. I am not accusing the crooks. I am just saying the energy is being emitted from the left back bedroom of their house. whomever is doing this is a Terrorist. Do you see that. I am not a terrorist yet they pay these morons to do this to me. The reason is because it is a two way signal and they get data from me to send back to their home base. Its deliverable data to be used for the brain initiative. There is no terrorism but there is human experimentation. if you think its anything else then you have been deceived.
The two women operating out of the crooks house are desperate to scare me and they have done some pretty horiffic torture on me to get that fear. Otherwise they are scared to death because i am not afraid for my life. You see this is what they need to ensure that I will not effectively communicate anything about their horriffic TORTURE program which is really human subject experiments even though they say it is me who is a terrorist and I NEED TO BE WATCHED. Watched REALLY YOU MORONS? i am an old man who is being used like all of you people who are being deceived into helping these con artist women. Security and neighborhood watch is a cover story. Yes you are all dupes. There is a ton of money in human subject experiments. Just ask the two women con artists. They make $100/hour or $1200 per shift or $2400/day. Now that is TERRORISM. Am I really that big of a threat. Is there ever a reason to leave such a dangerous terrorist in their home unless there is aq stake out to catch the ciriminal? It never happened before. If i am dangerous then arrest me if not then i am a free man. There is no men in this program. No man or real woman would do this to anyone. These are cowards and if you are helping them then you have been deceived. My fiancee and i are worth $4800/day to watch. Does that sound reasonable to you? Only if we are an experiment like i said. Otherwise you are a fool to believe whet they say.
8:59pm the handler must have some narcissist magnets watching her torture me.  She has a beam in my but cracki and she is trying to get me to scratch it.  then they high five each other and laugh  .. ha ha. ha
I entered this time but I got distracted and didnt write any details.  I was getting irradiated from the SouthEast at a slight 5 degree elevation which points at the crooks house as the source.
2:50am  I was down in the bed downstairs with Donna and was getting sick due to a beam in my stomach which is a common harassment tactic.  The operator will put a particular body part partially at the resonant frequency
10:37pm  Donna and I drove to Brookings for shopping.  We were both attacked all the while we were there. My handler beamed my left leg at about 10 seconsd intervals.  The beam seemed to come from overhead down through my left leg to the back of my knee and right below it into the muscle.
i am powering on my computer now and had 17 hundred+ registry updates.  This merc turned off and blue screened my computer before the updates were finished (it was counting to 100%).  Then it was blue screened two more times after that.  She must have used the ELF weapon.  I think she was angry because i taped a Neodymium magnet in back of my knee to block the pain from the from the trauma injuries she was dosing out.  the beaming was probably a deliverable she had signed up for extra pin money from using my body.  She must be dosing my knee over a period of time with a known amount of energy trauma hits.
My handler blue screened my computer three times yesterday too.  The reason yesterday was to prevent me from publishing my torture log in my website the last time it was published yesterday.  I write in my notebook and transfer to my website.   I do it that way because the computer tends to shut off if i type directly into the website editor.
03:28am  im upstairsin the loft of the three story house that I rent with my fiancee.  we are both elderly and retired.  I pay 1200/month rent and we moved out of our last house to here up the hill to what we thought would be a safer house to live in.  but no it isnt safer due to neighbor participatipn.  even now this neighbor detected by my directional RF meter as being inside the house across the street  belonging to the some people named crook.  this lady is beaming my rear end with a laser like beam to let me know she is still there.   I have a woman torturer today and every day now for a while.  the reaaon i can tellis because they torture like woman.  i believe the come to work every day as if they are going to a job.  But their work is torturing me. i am 65 and my fiancee is 71,   I have to say my arm is being hurt and so i have to go for now  my arm is falling asleep, but not on its own.  my PMC handler is doing it and its just one of the many engineered injury trips and traps in their repertoir.  Now its 3:52am and ive not been to sleep yet so i will make another attempt.
6:55am Their ELF weapons are putting me in Heaven.  This is now lethal with ELF energy.  I am being bombarded with ELF energy to the point where it is ridiculous.  What the hell is going on.
My head is crackling and i have boils standing out on my head that are drawing energy.  I am a victim for over 5 years and this is MURDER.  I cannot survive this BUTCHERY.  They will murder the Elderly after testing on me.  The elderly citizens need to rise up.  I know what I am talking about.  If you wait it will be too late.  These Mercenaries are lethal and they dont care about anyone.  They are making for one person taking two shifts 12+12 for two persons … they make 100 per hour or about 2400.  my fiancee is here too so 24 +24 is 4800 for the two of us over a 24 hour period.  So then your government is paying 4800 a day in tax free income to MORONS.  If you ask yourself why then you will get the answer.  I am not crazy and this is really happening.  I have degrees in Biology and Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology.  It is a perfect combination to determine what is happinging with this crime.  Human Machine Interfacing should not be happening but it is.  I believe they want to murder citizens.  One group of citizens to murder is the elderly.  This is to save money on Social Security.  Another group to Murder is Activists.  Another group to murder is the disabled.  I have done my part so now you do yours

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