NTT Torture Log for 7/(1 thru 31)/2015

Directed Energy Burn received from non-ionizing radiation, Received Monday July 6th. I was looking at my computer while sitting on my bed. I began receiving burning sensations on my chest and my head felt like it was full of water and pressurized. This was a a very intense episode of what my handler does when he wants to see better what I am looking at. The damage was done to my chest only after the burning was over with and the redness and stinging happens mostly after the radiation stops. This is not what I would have expected. I think the radiation used was SCALAR or ELF. Since the damage was delayed like a sunburn, this could have been much worse. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

note: this is a log of torture scribbling s written under duress of torture.  don’t expect it to be grammatically correct because i am not concerned with that and just trying for accuracy.  I have associate degrees in each of Electronics engineering technology and Biology and a Bachelor degree in computer science plus significant work experience. It qualifies me to at least make commentary regarding my situation as a Targeted Individual (TI)

Wednesday july 1, 2015

There are several private government contractors next door.  Larry Hering is one of my next door neighbors and i have several.  My handlers look at a colorimetric image of me on his computer.  They usually sit down stairs to torture me because they have an agreement with the torturers.  They probably pay for close proximity access to me from next door.

The PMC MORON is beaming the pimple (boil)  on the back of my head and it hurts a lot.  WTFE???  What person does this to another man.  What kind of mentality or non mentality would do this to their fellow man.  I mean, I am a Human Test Subject.

Torturer moron next door is beaming me.  I hear snap crackle pop in my ears/head.  These are the strange happenings going on when you live right next door to Torturers.  They are proud of their torture and will fight anyone to maintain their right to torture. That’s right, these are tough sociopaths who are willing to stand up and be counted to maintain their right to TORTURE.  Don’t mess with them because they are dangerous.

11:15 The handler is hurting my pimple (boil) under scalp near left ear.  He uses a resonance weapon to keep it at a malignant temperature to actually grow bacteria.  What kind of experiments would this be for?  Even if there was a reason to sacrifice the people for human test subjects, why would a private contractor be hurting someones infection.  This is like probing an old injury with a stick.  What kind of person are we dealing with here.

apparently this pain/pimple area is used by the handler to control me.  That is right, the handlers have been given control over us human test subjects.  We need to jump if they say so.  However i don’t  have V2k so the handler needs to access me via pain centers.  I don’t know what he wants me to do but i ignore this miscreant sleazebag as much as I can.

7/2 4:42am  one of my neighbors is in his late 60’s and partially disabled.  Yet he has bought into the torture for hire scheme that the Government is sponsoring.  He is quite sadistic so please don’t think he doesn’t look the part.  This is one of the most vicious and most sadistic torturers as I can personally attest to.

5:50am there is 70 minutes left in the handlers shift.  He has. Worked all night 12 hours, too long for a psychopath who is torturing James Lico in his home.  My children will be interested in the neighbors aggressive torture style.  These perpetrators have tasted blood and they cannot go back to a normal life.  They are hurting the thumbs on both hands which is characteristic of what I had done to me when I was an unwitting human test subject.  The reason I mentioned the time left in the handlers shift is because I believe he is trying for some kind of bonus for increased torture.  I have seen this behavior many times before, where the torture increases towards the end of a shift.

4th of July, 2015
Today I think my handler is over in the house across the street, 94236 1st. street.
I guess the regular ones needed a break from torturing, I guess it must make a person weary.
Disorganized torturers try to fit all the torture they didn’t do into the last hour of their shift.

no matter where we go we are in the Ghetto and the Pogroms are on.  The make up of personality types is shifted over to the lower intelligence side.  Is it normal for dumb people to want to torture and kill smart people.  This person prepared for this fun day of torture and no one is going to interrupt his pleasure.
6:31pm  0.5 hr before shift change for the psychopaths I am getting increased aggressive torture.  This is brain entrainment, electrical overdose to heart, brain and metabolism.  What is my crime to rate being tortured in my own home.  My friend Lee told me of Archons which I know as sociopaths zapping the strength of decent people by narcissistic and sociopathic people emulators

10:00pm The PMC torturer is feeling a need to torture me now and is causing a chemical to be placed on my private parts.  This chemical is also placed on my scalp and into my eyes and my food.  I believe it both is a drug and makes me electrically more sensitive to remote control.  people should remain in control of themselves throughout torture.

Monday July 6th


I was looking at my computer while sitting on my bed. I began receiving burning sensations on my chest and my head felt like it was full of water and pressurized. This was a very intense episode of what my handler does when he wants to see better what I am looking at. The damage was done to my chest only after the radiation ended..  The redness and stinging happened mostly after the radiation stopped.  This is not what I would have expected. I think the radiation used was SCALAR or ELF.

6:50pm  My handler today has been harassing me however he operated on my sexual organs today around 1:00pm  This was done remotely and removes all sexual feeling.  This is a way to break the TI to injure him permanently.  Other men should be advised that the handlers have this capability to resonate with the sexual organs and to numb them.  Nerves deteriorate over timee.  The handlers seem to be drawn to the sex organs like flies to honey.

7/7/15 Tue
2:19am I am continually amazed at how the sociopathic narcissists behave.  They look like fully formed adults, yet they are devoid of the feelings of people, empathy, caring, feeling of wonder, imagination, etc. That’s it   they are as small and devoid of conscience as anyone could be.  They are so mean that they would watch to see when my back is turned so they could steal my stuff.  It’s like this job is them.  They are in their element and they are GODS.  It’s so amazing and still we have to deal with this now.  Knowing what I know these morons can never be allowed to live among good people.

Currently my left leg is being radiated and buzzing with microwaves.  These people actually do kill for their bosses.  Amazing yet true.  The Stanley Milgram experiment was right on.  A full 67%of people would kill for an authority figure.  A person who has empathy and mortality is doomed among them.  They Will take anything and everything.  There is no self control because they are predators.  I guess that one thing the Milgram experiment held back on out of pity was that the 62% Were morons and the intelligence quotient had a curve from low to lower.  It so disheartening to think that the human race is doomed to extinction due to stupidity.  We Let it happen again.  We Let predators lose on innocent people, right in the middle and full view of all.    This is the POGROMS, the murdering psychopaths and sociopaths released like dog’s to tear apart the people who are thrown to them as if it were a Roman Colosseum sport.  The Colosseum was given to the Roman people to keep them entertained towards the last days of the Roman empire.  They can’t even see it coming.
The corporations have designated innocent people as human test subjects.  Do you realize that this means death and not a mercy killing but a torture festival of horrors with no oversight.  Are we supposed to be civilized.   or are we barbarians who rape and pillage whomever the bosses tell us to murder?.

The boss seems to be a corporate father who is now a God whom the sociopaths pray to and ask for guidance.  Now they are back to offering human sacrifices to the corporate God in exchange for what.  Ruthless psychopathy which will begin devouring itself as it runs out of disposable people to sacrifice.  Haven’t we learned anything from all of f the despotic regime’s who have committed genocide as if it were a real solution for rational people.

It seems like now a presentation can be developed which will show a smart person manager/administrator Exactly what is happening in America. But it has to represented with all the gore, holding nothing back.

Are we going to show the POGROMS of history with all their savagery and gore… You bet we are.

The psychopaths and sociopathic narcissists are all aware that there is a POGROM going on.  The psychopaths have programmed the people to automatically ignore the very people who are trying to tell the truth.  The sociopaths are grabbing everything that isn’t tied down on their way out the door.  The thing to notice is that when everyone is corrupt then the society cannot survive.  There has to be some people who are working for nothing so the ever increasing ranks of the sociopathic hordes can feed off of.  Even MAD MAX’s  thunder-dome had some rules.

Thursday 7/9/2015
11:30pm  my handler for the nex1 2 hours in the house next door.  He has in mind a psychotic break tonight.  He plans to get me so angry due to short quick stabs with a focused ultrasonic beam weapon.   The way this works is, the TI is supposed to get all agitated and scared because he thinks he is getting murdered.  However the plan is to get the TI as agitated as possible and then drug him so that he seems super agitated in front of the authorities and gets arrested and put in jail.  This plan didn’t go so well for a Targeted Individual in Poinciana Florida a couple of months ago.  The TI, Steven Bradley (34) broke into his neighbors house to look for a “mind control box”.   He didn’t get far and shot up the house before killing himself when trapped in the bedroom.

This is what the handlers want to happen.  This has happened before and it will happen again.  The TI was agitated and on any of the other nights he was there in the last year, he would have done nothing.  But that night he decided he had had enough TORTURE and so he had a psychotic break with a gun.  You see, the handlers dont take any notice of guns or people or any details.  Why are these people experimenting on people in their homes and Torturing them with TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.  You see Bradley knew what to look for and that this neighbor was a handler.  Just look at the renters talk and you can see that they are morons.

Poinciana is a small town so this didn’t make much of a story.  It should have been Another Targeted Individual shoots up a house etc etc..  See the sheriff is nervous and knows this man is a targeted individual.  He is covering and is afraid it will start getting bloody now.  He is trapped by his statements.  Now the sheriff is hoping that others continue to lie so he is not caught.  But maybe to himself he is hoping that someone will break and talk saying that these handlers are torturing Targeted Individuals in their own homes.  And so it goes on.

Back to my psychotic break which he can induce me to frantically call the cops or threaten the neighbors with a gun.  Actually he doesn’t care what happens.    Did you know that psychopaths are gamblers. Sometimes they like to gamble on the outcome of some event and they take a chance just to see what happens.  Anyway my handler has been torturing my thumbs and fore arms.  They hurt and I am having difficulty doing anything with my hands and arms feel like lead weights.

I have the right to protect myself.   Actually these handlers make good money, about $98 per hour which would make his shift tonight worth almost $1200.  Not a bad haul for a little torture and chasing a 63 year old man and his female room mate around their own house.   All of that paid for by your tax dollars.  There are other handlers and other expenses which could bring this night to cost the Government close to ten Grand to chase the old man and lady around to torture them.  Why would anyone do that you may ask.  Why would anyone want this done in America is a great question.  Especially considering both have done nothing to deserve this and actually no one deserves this treatment.  This is actually an illegal continuation of the CIA’s MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs which were supposed to have been shut down in the early 1970’s.  Instead they went dark and surfaced into this targeting program to target American Citizens.  In addition the program is targeting people globally.  There is no place to go where a person would be free from this targeting. They are targeted on a kill list and will die from this.

Fri. 7/10/15

2:30am I am still up due to being tortured by my handler.  he is burning my right thumb which is the one they focus on the most.  I have seen this type of torture many times.  Sometimes it is a thumb joint and other times it is a finger tip and other times it may be a muscle in your waist but always it is about control.  They actually want to have the TI do as they are instructed or told.  We are given demonstrations of this power when they don’t want us doing some particular thing.  Then we are punished for going against the handler.  I disregard all of that and wont consider it.  Aren’t we human beings.  These retards forgot what humanity is.  They need to be shown, but never actually trusted in a position of power over any human ever again.


3:10am My handler is torturing my hands so they hurt down to the palms because the thumb runs down there,  Would you ever in your life think that someone would hurt someone and think it was a job to have in their life.  It is actually amazing that someone would be so stupid to have done this.  Will someone tell them that it was all a high five joke.  Most of the attraction to this is due to their control over people which they are drawn to.  Now if you get into it further, you find that these people are supposed to torture the TI’s with Directed Energy Weapons.  This is because they say, it opens up split personalities in the TI’s which the Bosses can go in and program.  Isn’t that outrageous.  The want to program Human Beings to do their bidding and these morons helped them do it.  This is the same thug class that Hitler had to go kill all the upper level ones because they felt Hitler thought they would want more than he wanted to give them or too uppity.  That was night of the long knives.  Aren’t the handlers like the upper level brown shirts because all of the gangstalkers are under them.  Yes i think they are.  Maybe they should find out why Hitler wanted them dead.  wasn’t it because he didn’t want a bunch of nerdowells who knew how sausage was made.  Hitler may have been tired of looking at them.




Saturday 7/16/15

my handler has been beaming my head and face with ELF energy all day.  These people seem so stupid to me and i will never see why a sane person would do that to somebody.
you should imagine the three stooges to get a clue to what they are like.  Always high five ready.


2:57am Friday 7/17
My handler woke me up with torture by hurting my thumbs with a focused energy beam.    The do this every time I move my hands to do something like move a glass, open the refrigerator, scratch an itch etc.  It feels like blunt force trauma done remotely.   I know they feel this is a job and don’t hate me.  What happens when they do this to you.  will you just take it and say nothing day after day because no one cares.  I write on the Internet and have thousands of followers and thousands of Facebook friend/followers since I network as a human rights activist.  No one who sees what I write can do anything because the Government is in collusion with these criminals, just like the Jewish POGROMS of WWII in Hitlers Germany.  This is actually Genocide and Hitler didn’t expect nor would he let the German people do anything to help the Jews and others he tortured and killed. The American Government has been taken over by the corporations after 9/11 and now the corporations write the laws via the American Legislative Exchange Council and the corporations who are writing negotiating the TPP.  They are even so bold to make the negotiations and the actual Trans Pacific Partnership all classified secret.  This means that by law it is classified and any one who violates that will be jailed.  Now it is surely like a run away train, in that America is headed toward the same fate as Germany in the 1940’s.  It is going quite quickly and everyone is expecting Jade Helm military exercises to go-live and start marshal law.  The talk show hosts and activists are saying they and other activists will be rounded up in the first round on the red list.  The handlers are morons and don’t know anything is wrong.  So here we are just waiting for the hammer to fall.

I am paying the price for this tweet because my handler is beaming my brain with ELF. its very uncomfortable.

10:40pm my handler is showing me how they get someone to scratch or touch their left or right eye brow, left or right ear anything on queue. Its like they are still practicing on me even though I think i got it down and learned.  I wonder if they know that I know what they are doing here.  The way they do this is to put a tiny bit of an electrolyte chemical on the skin and use their EM beam to force it into the skin of the target.  This usually causes itching (may be severe).  So the target will probably scratch or touch the area of their focus immediately.  That is unless they are just being difficult.  Some people don’t like to be Simon-Says dolls.

12:19am I’m laying in bed and using my smartphone.  My Handler is burning my right hand  which I am using to press the keys.  This is no joke, my handler is burning as I type.  It’s burning even more now that I am typing in this log.  I think the handler must have a focused beam pointed at my hand. Why would anyone want this done to another person and also why would someone do it.  I found out that this handler is a sequestered cult member and an order follower.


12:03pm its noon and i had to leave my own house because the moron contractor was hurting me so badly.  I was getting hit with ELF to my head and trauma shots to my thumbs and wrists.  Its a shame to see what America has become.. The meme has turned from love to hate now.  These immature morons stalk me like bounty hunters from place to place.  The even have their cars equipped with DC to AC converters so they can run those death transmitters when they are mobile.  They are in effect cult members who are effectively sequestered because they eat, sleep and breath the hate they spew forth.  Can you imagine the type of mind that would be required to sit at a computer terminal all day watching a thermal image of me.  What the hell is going on in these peoples minds must be some kind of horror show in the depths of depravity.  Can you imagine that I am 63 years old and my female room mate and we are dogged like animals in our own home.  My landlord Dave is even involved.  He caled me stupid the last three times as if he is trying it out.  THAT IS TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL DAVE.  What the hell is a smart man doing trying to traumatize an elderly man in the home he is renting him.  How many morons are there.  The Milgram experiment said there were two thirds of the people would obey an authority figure to kill someone and he sure was right.  I can no longer be bothered being nice to these morons because they don’t deserve the least kindness.  you have to smack sociopaths to get them to even listen because they are so into the world of self.  Such a nice woman he is married to and he doesn’t even deserve her.  I never could have guessed how screwed up and depraved these people can be.  Who could actually think it would be okay to hurt somebody at the request of a sociopathic moron.  Now I supposed we have to have a bad relationship because he calls me stupid and it deteriorates from there?

I am sitting here in the corner book store/cafe and the moron contractor handler is beaming my brain with ELF energy.  This is so fracked up that a man cant even sit quietly.  These morons are military contractors who treat me like I am part of some military exercise.  I am an American Citizen for Gods sake.  Don’t I have human rights and the answer is NO.  Thanks  to congress for taking them away in one of their secret giveaways.

Well its coming to get everyone  including the order taker morons.  The government is staging fake vaccination and other efforts to steal your DNA to fill a global DNA database.  Do you realize that everyone can be accessed just like they are a lab animal then and addressed like a cell phone and controlled like a puppet.  The corporations write our laws now which means we are ruled by the corporations in a FASCIST Totalitarian State.

I can just imagine that the pin headed prick moron who is watching everything i do is sitting there like a Gollum trying to figure out what I will do next as if i am some kind of video game puzzle!  Don’t you realize that the object of all this surveillance is to enslave us and attack us when not if they think we are a threat.  These moron handlers dehumanize me by poking me like he is poking an animal with a stick for Christs sake.  Surely the psychopaths who developed this war crime program realized they were handing people over to depraved and salivating sociopaths to use as play toys in a COLOSSEUM like video game where they are the armor clad warrior and I am the naked slave.  I just got back from the bathroom where I had to wipe their frigging electrolyte chemicals off my neck to keep from getting burnt or entrained and its not even working.

you hear people saying that it is not your neighbors doing this, but it is your neighbors I have to say loudly.  They get their jobs by close proximity to the target.  it seems like the closest one wins.  They are all around me now.  It seems like they have all drank the cool-aid.  I don’t know what they have been told but since I have had the visible injury in pic below i am going to take that baby for a spin.  I want to see the neighbors jaws drop when they see that picture.  They need a good dose of reality and I want to give it to them.  They need to get their heads out of the clouds of junior G-man badges and back to the reality of hurting flesh and blood human beings who could not possibly be under investigation for years and years like they say i am.  I can hardly wait for my website to get passed around the neighborhood and the fever dream of stark murder reality shakes them by the shoulders.  I may as well publish this since I am over due for the next installment.

added from the rest of July log

See My neighbor to find the thugs who acted as armed vigilantes.  get the names of anyone in the same dwelling plus anyone he knows or anyone his friends know.
You must realize that the people doing this thuggery are out only for themselves.  They are devoid of personal self respect.  No one could torture someone and retain even an ounce of self respect.  These people not only dislike themselves, they hate themselves.  They are out only for financial gain and would do anything and I mean absolutely anything at all to further their own ends.  These corporate stooges are on board with their corporate culture and have whatever perverted values espoused by a corporate culture you would never know or never want to know.
12:53pm  I am getting brainentraining radiation from more than one direction.  neighbors who havepreviously not participated in human experimentation are now involved.

I have had to write a letter to my landlord Dave Nalmquist for stopping or curtailing services to me related to my house rental.  I changed it to a phone call.  He must have conspired with thesociopaths next door since they seem to know what I think of what is happening.  Also he is insinuating I am stupid the last three timesi have talked to him.  He is using passive aggressive style of conversation

my brain is becoming more entrained and uncomfortable.  this energy is coming from the apt next door2C upstairs.  I have also seen dave conversing with the man in the downstairs apt.

1:42pm  I am noticing that radiation from houses has stopped and radiation from satellites is whati am getting. Its not a coincidence because the handler thinksi am going out so he wants me to have the same experience away from my house because it is psychologically more un-nerving.  you get to learn theirsyops tricks after a while.

July 23, 2015
9:39pm  The Order Following private government contractors next door are causing directed energyto be emanated at me in my home.  I just want to give you a picture of what these people are doing at this moment.  the energy beamaimed at my buttocks creaseis focused there at a resonant frequency, with the expectation that it will cause my buttocks crease to itch such that Iwill be compelled to scratch it.  This will cause the eruption of laughter and much ROFLMAO  LOL’s from the residents of the house next door.  They do this procedure often enough.  Usually it is on a Friday or Saturday night though.   Is this the best we can expect of our government representatives and how they treat our senior citizens in the privacy of their own homes?

2:29am I am up still because of torture.  The handlers are punishing me for some perceived slight it seems like.  they must have had a meeting and decided to make yet another attempt before killing me?  I’m not sure but can you see that thoughts can go wild!.  my index and middle finger tips on my right hand are being burned and I have a stomach ache due to a beam weapon.  Also my lower back and right knee muscles where injured.  in addition they were irradiating my feet.

5:50am  My feetare being radiated from the east and slightly south of my house.  it is always  surprising to see who is a sociopath. I am telling the world by putting this in writing..

6:15am the person irradiating me now seems to be having sex.  I am feeling my feet being irradiated from the east and south.  my internal body is being upset via that direction and my head is facing away from that direction.  it feels like an entity is disrupting my body.  it is approximately  40 minutes until shift change now.  This is mobbing from different directions.  i think this mobbing can be orchestrated from one point.  Surely the handlers will have to donate their families.

2:11pm I’m sitting in the waiting room at curry General hospital and am being tortured with ELF radiation to my brain.  My head feels pressurized.  I’m waiting to get a biopsy on my right Brest.

after getting out of the biopsy at the hospital— I was told by the doctor that there was no cancer.


8:15pm  i went back to Dr Williams and found that i still have MRSA.  This means that i probably had it since last Christmas.  I am now wondering if Williams was in on this just giving me antibiotics over and over as part of this hideous torture program.  i originally got the infection back in Washington State as i was moving down.


9:11pm  Oh its 911.  I can see it is essential that this old man has a mega gas attack right NOW.  Anyone who is familiar with the agenda of these people could see that gas is called for.  Hell its 911 as you can plainly see so its time for gas!!  This is not just a little gas, it is a whole lot of gas.  the way this works is that a resonance beam heats up the contents of the colon to a temperature which is only slightly above body temperature i would assume.  We have all seen the pictures of battle field scene where corpses laying in the sun will blow up with gas for the same reason i stated above.  Whatever you think about this you must know this is a scientific experiment.



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