NTT Torture Log For 3-22 To 3-24-2014 and Air Force DEBR

Saturday March 22

4:59am i have been tortured with ELF radiation and my vision is failing.  I am having dificulty thinking because of HPDE. 

8:40am microwave radiation started, sourcing from 405D
handler is trying to keep me under control by burning the knuckle of little finger on right hand.  This is the theme for today.
9:38am microwave radiation now coming from the direction of 319D
10:30am Left to go to DS house
3:50pm back home.  Am getting beamed in my brain and chest.  Breathing is labored and putting a load on my heart.
Sunday March 23
5:00am Tortured all day with ELF radiation

I was trying to go to sleep tonight at 11:00pm, but I am being bombarded with microwave radiation from APTs. 405D and 205D.  when I was sitting in the living room, the weapons were under my couch from APT 205D and near the center of the big room by the kitchen island.  aiming down.  I have made two videos so far showing this.  When I went in to sleep, they brought the weapons into the bedroom above and below me.  Please see attached videos I made in the bedroom as well.

It is now 12:50am and the radiation coming from 405D has stopped, but the radiation coming from 205D is still in progress.  It is very intense and my knee joints are hurting from thermal expansion and inflammation.  There is a disabled man living in 205D and there is another man who comes in from elsewhere to torture me.  This is a base of operations and they arrange their hours so there is 24/7 coverage.  Usually shift change is 7:00am, which I have heard and can notice from my apartment.  I have sensitive recording equipment and a directional meter which allows em to locate the source of radiation.
I have recently found evidence that this targeting program is very much the same as the SOCOM Special Operations Force procedure called Clandestine Continuous Tagging and Tracking and Locating.

These handlers like to keep the stress level and cortosol levels up long term, so that morbidity effects can take their toll.  The psychopaths who designed this program want morbidity effects associated with high power microwaves and ELF to occur quickly.  They are under government contract to the Air Force $49M contract for (DEBR) Directed Energy Bioeffects Research on Human Subjects and Animals.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before about how the people who enforce the human trafficking of this program are forever harassing the Targeted Individuals (TI) to maintain morbidly high stress and anxiety levels in the TI’s.  I believe this is because the psychopaths who designed this program want to wait as little time as possible for morbidity effects from exposure to High Power Directed Energy (DE) to show up in the TI’s.  I just checked to make sure about long term high cortisone levels and was right about it hastening the onset of any bio-effects in the TI’s.  
It is a wonder how such despicable creatures as these handlers would think it a good idea to take these so called jobs, irradiating unwilling human test subjects with high power DE and ELF radiation.  Some would say it is evil I suppose.  However, I know the symptoms of psychopathy or sociopathy to be incredible lack of empathy and also lack of remorse.  This job pays well I suppose and to the psychopath this is icing on the cake.  He also sees this work as a psychopaths wet dream come true.  He will get paid for torturing and controlling his very own human.  Sam Vaknin talks about psychopathic torture and how they are artists of pain.  Normally I would have no way of knowing if these people are Sociopaths, but in this case they are giving their personality disorder away by inflicting torture on the human trafficking TI victims in the course of their so called jobs.  They could not inflict torture on innocent people like this if they were not sociopathic or psychopathic.  They also are exhibiting mobbing behavior by ganging up on me, in an effort to scare and do me great harm.  In addition, according to Mr. Vaknin, there may well be a sexual component enticing these people to torture.  
These private contractor handlers and the people who designed and run this program are guilty of SLOW KILL murder and should be put on trial for war crimes.  It is incredibly criminal that psychopaths could be given Directed Energy Weapons to use on and put in charge of human beings.  What could go wrong.  I may have to call the police now because my legs are going numb.
The following video talks about psychopathy in society.  I Am Fishead: Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths?It is a well-known fact that our society is structured like a pyramid. The very few people at the top create conditions for the majority below. Who are these people? Can we blame them for the problems our society faces today? 
Air Force DEBR $49M contract
I am Fishhead movie