NTT Torture Log for 3-10 & 3-11 2014 and The Looming NSA ABYSMAL

3/10/14 monday
9:25pm moved weapon..In living room on right near BR door
9:26pm moved weapon to right BR near door
9:27pm moved weapon…in large BR near window next to LR wall
9:31pm moved weapon to…living room 2′ from left wall 2′ from window
I can tell where the person in the apt 405D above me has the weapon they are using to irradiate me.  If you want a chance to take legal action against them you need this information.  In addition, they don’t like that you know where they are, because then you also know who lives there.  This knowledge gives us all power. We must take and use this power to identify them so they have no place to hide.
I pushed to get TI’s to get meters so they could detect handler locations too and put a stop this horrific death program.  I cannot prove but I believe some handlers have quit because I knew where they were.

3:15pm there is purposeful pounding now and at times that the person in 405d deems I may be made afraid by it.  The noise has cut down since last week, however it is still going on.  Pounding noise is happening now ‘pound pound
pound pound’.  Its supposed to sound like she is walking but she is disabled due to morbid obesity and cant walk like that.  The noise is probably from her sitting at her desk by the window pounding with her fist on her desk.  This woman thinks that right now as I write this, that I may be more sensitive to noise than another time, so she pounds bump bump bump bump.  This person is lying to Manager Dave Bell, if he is asking her at all about this noise and he keeps believing her.  She is a domestic terrorist.  I am telling him the exact same thing and apparently I don’t count.

Driving Ever Onward Towards The Abyss    or
The Looming NSA Abysmal               
Noise and Electro-mag torture has been going on steadily day and night as long as I am awake.  As I have said, this Private Contractor Handler woman in 405D is trying to drive me to have a psychotic break.  This is what a terrorist would do and our government has hired her and is paying her and another man in her apartment to do this.  POUND Bump.  Oh, the pounding is a negative feedback B F Skinner type of Operant conditioning where I am supposed to become sick from associating noise with physical injury.  Am I the only one who wants to bring these handlers and the medical personnel who thought up this nightmare scenario to justice?

I question what my handler expects with this psychotic break she is driving me toward.  By torturing me physically and mentally in ever increasing manner, she is driving me to the edge, as surely as if a wild animal is scared and herded towards a cliff!  With torture there is always a breaking point!  The handlers drive TI’s to the brink with torture and psychological harassment daily.  She is like a mad scientist, so fixated on a goal that nothing else can be seen to matter.  She doesn’t ask herself what do I do when we get there, or if she does she is getting the wrong answer because psychotic break, here she comes.  Its the logic behind the Keystone Cops for gd’s sake.

People are surprised when TI’s commit suicide, enter mental institutions, loose their jobs, act out, and yes perform a mass shooting of innocent people as Aaron Alexis did.  People are surprised time and time again by the wrong thing.  They are surprised that there is another crazy person acting out or doing whatever.  Because our leadership has failed us in identifying the real threat as a rogue government program run by rogue psychopaths.  They gave electromagnetic weapons to psychopaths for gd’s sake and then put those psychopaths in charge of peoples lives, without oversight or supervision!  This is a psychopaths wet dream and didn’t they think there would be abuse of their authority (REALLY).  Psychopathy is a malignant personality disorder in which a stunning lack of empathy, never sorry for anything, ability to torture without psychological trauma are characteristics.    They say that the program is top secret and it is a matter of national security, but I disagree.  The REAL matter of national security is people being hurt, people being tortured and people are being killed in non consensual human experimentation, yet even the Presidents Bioethics Commission is covering up this crime.  The REAL matter of national security is a program where 400,000 people impacted in a slow kill, terminal experimentation program can send hundreds of Targeted Individuals to this Bioethics Commission to testify, outlining apparent and obviously egregious bioethics violations.  These targeted individuals are being attacked 24/7 with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).  Yet, the REAL matter of national security is that all of the testimony was summarily dismissed by Commission head, Dr. Amy Guttman and President Obama. The REAL matter of national security is that our spy agencies CIA and NSA are spying on our own US Congress and US Senate and the proliferation of a police state during the rush to security driven by fear.  This is an epidemic of critical proportion now, because the Government is being driven as if on auto pilot towards its own psychotic break, that of protecting itself by implementing a police state to protect and insulate itself from the American People.  The Government is doing this and our leaders can’t even see that it is happening because of security over reach that our Country is heading into a decline, the likes of which has not been seen since Germany’s decline into totalitarianism and WWII.

Now the same thing is happening to America.  People in other parts of the world can see it but not the American People.  They are too busy playing spy and shooting people with ray guns to notice that their very acts of their job are that of a terrorist group. My handlers are a good example of this runaway security state.  They are too stupid and will only blindly do exactly as they are told, so they continue to drive Americans to their deaths, even as our infrastructure is crumbling around them and the NSA and CIA are found to be conspiring now against their own congressional oversight which is to say that there is no oversight.  Indeed, Congress and the Senate are unaware of the secret interpretations of the Patriot Act and NDAA, which resulted in secret programs like the ones already uncovered and others which are in various stages of criminal discovery.  Rep. Justin Amash  made a farcical enactment of 20 questions with the NSA, because the programs are secret to the Senate and NSA wont answer a question or volunteer any unless the question is phrased and constructed exactly as it exists.  Senators get no more information in closed door security sessions than is reported in the news.

I have said it before, its time for the people to wake up and do something.  The corruption and lies are fairly obvious to see now.  But the run away train just keeps barreling towards certain catastrophe as a hair pin turn is ahead.  We don’t really want to let things deteriorate so far that only a revolution will fix it.  This is the point where it would be good if the American People reigned in our Government before it is too late.

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