NTT – Torture Log for 03-17-2014

The real terrorists are state sponsored killers… WHO KNEW!

8:20am There is a man that comes over to 205D who is irradiating me from below my apartment.  I will not talk about this issue now but will keep it for after i am done with Arrowhead management.

10:13pm handler has been hurting my arms and other places all day.  noise campaign is on.
3:20am Tonight there are at least three handlers torturing me.  205D and 405D and maybe next door in 306D.  I am in 305D.  Its comical how psychopaths think. They are doing what is called “mobbing” which is ganging up on one person with all the wrath that a gang psychopaths can muster.  Maybe I cant do anything directly to them, but I am no longer holding things in and just telling what happens.  I can picture them high fiveing each other.  But maybe by telling the world about this human trafficking and human rights abuse, then something might get done. They don’t realize it now but they have signed their own death warrants for murdering an innocent old man in his own home.  The world will know what they did and where they are.  I am publishing this information for the world to read, but these psychopaths think there is some kind of invisible firewall barrier that will protect them from any harm that might come from their actions of death.  They will learn why covert does not ever mean overt and what seems like a secret, is really an open book for all to see.  I truly do wonder on and off what makes these people tick.  I know they are doing it for money, but why would they act so stupidly.  Why would they do something that everyone with half a brain was aware of or will be aware of.  That question will have to be asked when they are brought to justice.  I think that even if I pass away before they get caught, I cant imagine any scenario where these miscreants will not be caught by someone, its just a matter of who will it be.  They are acting like bad boys on the playground and the directed energy weapons were left there for them like a bowl full of chocolate.  They went and made pigs of themselves, not caring what the future may bring.  Cold blooded wanton murders have been carried out since time memorial.  But this one has the fingerprints of the NSA and CIA all over it.  For people wanting to be separated from a crime by justifiable deniability, they sure are picking a bunch of morons calling attention to themselves like drunken monkeys.  I mean here is a guy writing in his blog, telling the world exactly what is happening, while these psychopaths are torturing and murdering him.  What could go wrong for them!  When will people start distancing themselves from these oafs.  Any way, if I do die from this abuse, at least I will have died like a man and a patriot.  I am a human rights advocate and soldier in a war to take back America from the psychopaths who have commandeered it.   
After watching these fellows torture me, to say they enjoy the torture and the killing.  They sure do it with gusto and seem to be enjoying themselves.  I wonder if there is a sexual component to what they are doing.  After all functional torture is done for a reason, methodically.  These people call in a pig pile just about every day.  They like it just too much fun.  I am sure their employer did not expect blood crazed idiots to pile on one man just for the fun.  But then, the employer did hire psychopaths so what can you expect. I wonder if the employer checks their time logs to see if what I say is true.  Surely such greed wont go unnoticed.
Monday, March 17
5:30am I was being attacked with ELF radiation intensely so I decided to leave my apartment and drive for a while.
8:30am upon arriving back at my apartment the person in 205D is again attacking me with ELF radiation.  My legs are aching and I am feeling sick and also falling asleep due to the radiation. 
9:30am ELF attack still going on.  I’m having a tough time staying awake.  I am receiving harsher injuries.  my right hip, left leg nr hip and right foot are being beamed with what seems like an ultrasonic beam.  It seems like it is passing through my body to hit whatever they have set the harmonic frequency set to resonate.  This makes the part that resonates burn and seems to the victim as torture.  
2:00pm someone from Arrowhead Gardens knocked at my door and handed me a lawsuit from them suing me for eviction.  It is over noise, but I have complained about noise from the same tenant who complained about me and they did nothing about it.  I think this bad press that bloggers are giving them is biting them.  As I am writing this, my handler is hurting me more than usual all of a sudden and the noise starts.  They are letting me know that yes, we are watching you.  Can it be that this woman in 405d is PAID to watch an old man in his home and the answer is YES.  It seems like just in the last few months, people have been talking out and speaking loud about this harassment.  I could tell the police were asking their own investigative questions and they were shocked.

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