NTT No Touch Torture Log for September 2019

Every morning when I am asleep, my mouth is dried out vie DEW.  This causes dental decay and ruins health.  This will be used as evidence in court against the weapon operator.  This is above and beyond the usual torture and goes into crimes against humanity.


Setp. 5, 2019  11:00am My mouth was dried out with DEWs and I awakened because of it.


The Govt. Contractor Overpowering me with Directed Energy Weapons to force my lips to be pushed into my biting teeth as I eat and chew my food .. This is done as a way of electronically poking and prodding in order to stave off boredom  It is childish and immature showing disregard for the suffering of human beings who have been extra judicially sentenced to death.  This is a war crime which must be punished to the fullest extent of the law as it is cruel and unusual punishment.

Donna was getting tortured so badly that she called the Sheriff Office and vented about the contractors.

Setp. 6, 2019  6:01am My mouth was dried out with DEWs and I awakened because of it.
Setp. 7, 2019  1:51am  I am having pains in my abdomen from directed energy weapons probing there for something or maybe it is just looking for pain.
Also there is a feeling like I am on the verge of passing out.  This is the contractors doing just that with DEW.  The concept is just like I said, they can tell the extent of my passing from conscious to unconsciousness and they stop the energy just shy of that.   This to me is to stave off boredom and is egreguous torture and must be punished.   I have to talk about it in case I die so that people will know the Horrors of what has been done in the name of national security surveillance.  Both Donna and I are getting hammered every night.
Sept. 8, 2019 2:10am  as one who has a degree in biology and one in Electronics Engineeering Technology, I need to be concerned with the salivary ducts under my tongue.  This is because my salivary glands are under attack by directed energy weapons.  I know this because every morning mouth is dried out, seemingly for the purpose of causing dental decay and gum problems due to lack of moisture.  I believe my salivary glands may have been attacked to injure the sub mandibular or Parotid gland to limit their output.  I have this concern now because all day i have had sharp pains on the sides of my mouth under and towards rear of my tongue on both the right and left sides.
These contractors are causing afflictions (like fibromyalgia) with directed energy and this affliction may be an injured salivary gland.  I feel that if I check on this early and get guidance about it then maybe I can head off anticipated damage.  I know that others have similar symptoms and they could take precautions.
Your mouth should be well bathed in saliva and if not then you should take note of this.

Concerning the above Tweet, the contractor handler is interfering with sexual intimacy and by that I mean there is a directed energy frequency at which bio resonance with sexual structures which will either cause sexual arousal or the total loss of sexual arousal.  Again, I must remind readers that the apparent objective of the contractors is to drive targets to suicide.  Contractors often childishly have fun at the targets expense where they have lack of respect for the human condition of a target who has apparently to them, have been sentenced extra judicially do death only to be played with as if they are a fictional character in a video game.

I am sitting in my living room and I began noticing that my head is hard to hold up. Its not that hard usually so as you may have guessed it is play time for the Government contractor who is most likely getting bored.

11:14am a Contractor is drying out my eyeballs with directed energy as I sit in my living room and I can feel the crust forming. They are doing this as a test and will do this to others.


1:37AM a Govt contractor started hurting me just now with a beam into my left temple.

Question: What makes them all of a sudden decide it is time for torture?

2:34am the contractor is hurting me with a strobeing pain in my right shoulder which is unusual and very indicative of directed energy weapons.



7:20pm Muscles in my neck are being weakened and I have fibromyalgia symptoms from directed energy, probably from a drone.

my right leg is being weakened with directed energy