NTT No Touch Torture Log For Sept. 2017

 and it exhibits the classical sysmptoms of sonic brain entrainment which is clicking aned crackling
Sat 9/2/17
3:33pm I have been irradiated all day by a weaponized moron contractor.  I was entrained in my brain by ELF energy also.  This person always turns the power up so the pressure on my brain is the most I could stand.
Donna and i got into another argument.  I had just turned the video I was watching about Ramolad’s targeting, to play again.  she went in the bedroom and then came out in about 5 min.  she now wanted me to stop the video and not talk about targeting any more even though she, a few minutest earlier said she wanted to hear it.  now she is angry because she hears it at all.  She was obviously mind controlled because this was not like her.  The targeting is markedly more harsh than it had been.
Sunday 9/3/17
my heart is being screwed with.  ELF energy is being used go make my heart fibrillate or skip beats.  The handler seems to short the electrical signals in my heart until it falters and then they back off and let it  resume beating.  I think this will cause a heart attack in someone with a weak heart.  For instance elderly people have many more more fatal heart attacks than younger people.  They seem to play with my heart, skipping beats every 20 seconds or so.  The handlers are very immature.  Also, I have heard that the handlers get a bonus for killing a TI.
Thur. Sept 7, 2017
My face is being irradiated from the west and I know this because I have a directional meter on my android cell phone.  My face is numb now and my brain is impaired with the energy.  The energy is ELF energy which is extremely low frequency and my brain is entrained
I saw two men 5’10” dark hair and 20’s drove over to Steve Hatfields house driving in at a quarter to 7:00pm shift change.  The liscense on tthe white Dodge Ram was 805-HBD.  Donna says tht she is doing poorly.  When pushed she had to admit she is dying.  I am holding Steve Hatfield responsible and we are going to talk it out tomorrow.  I need a witness when I go over there.  I have an ELF beam in my left temple now.  This is detected in the west sky at 75degrees.  (its a drone).  Can you imagine a young man holding a beam to the head of an elderly man who is sitting on his own couch in his own home.  This young man is sitting in his little torture chair behind a wall of his trailer on the neighbors land.  This man is making $1200 for his 12h shift.  These weaponized morons think its a job to murder the elderly couple in slow motion. They think no one will notice that the elderly couple died since they are old.  I wonder if they will notice if we publish all of the assassins names and addresses.   I wonder if Hatfield knows he targeted himself and his whole family.  I should ask him if he realizes that.  Imagine how stupid these people must be to torture someone to death.  What kind of malignant brains these people have.  They must be incredibly stupid.  They may be up on a hill to the west of me.  I think people are ready to hear about this.  For instance, I no longer have to explain the weapons to them.  I do show a couple of pictuers of the burn injuries and large boil infections I received.  one in particular I show how the boils resemble tits which are above my own nipples.  I show this to demonstrate the malignant and cavalier intent.  These people are often drunk and high five each other I hear from people with v2k.  I happen to know that these people are desperate to get Donna and I to act out in-order in-order to get ourselves arrested or locked in a psych ward.  Until we get subjugated the weaponizd morons think they need to have us picked for mental issues to take our rights away so no one else will help us.
11:19pm The two donkeys who are doing this to me are resonating a beam with my thumb tendon I am guessing and they must have the functionality to tack that member and it is near resonance so it hurts if I try to put a load of work onto it.  Wow what kind of malignant retarded moron would do that? .
  You almost have to think that they are not like regular Americans.
Sat. Sept. 9 2017
12:5am  The boy torturerrs are gettiI am watching a video.  This boy is putting me to sleep repeatedly.  The boy allows me to wake for a few seconds before repeating.  The boy is taking away my humanity and treating me without respect.  My head feels full and  bloated like a football.
This boy is keeping me from writing in my torture log.
1:30am The torturers are on Steve Hatfields land in a 20′ camper trailer between two houses.  It is set forward so that it would have line of sight access to shoot my house with energy weapons.  There is a second camper on Gifford Barnes Property to the right of the house.  This is where two women operate to torture Donna and I.   These people are irradiating us and disintegrating our personalities.
Mon. Sept. 11, 2017
my handler is controling how long it takes to release characters so that after I type them , they echo back on my screen.  He also finally got the mouse clicl program to be corrupt after corrupting it several weeks ago.  now it generates two right mouse clicks for one right click.  I thwarted this moron several weeks ago and he must have thought his mouse corruption didnt work.  what an idiot.
Sept. 12th 2017
8:38pm  the weaponized moron (wm) is holding up my computer so that I have to wait after typing some characters, for the characters to show up.  It really bugs me that these wm’s could think I am so harmless.  I feel like I am getting less harmless.  I am getting to the point that I am feeling emboldened to stand my ground and stand up to the neighbors.  Donna and I went over to hatfields house to talk to the morons and he was there so we walked up.  his name is steve and he was acting dumb and said he wasnt on board.  you say you are not on board with being a friendly neighbor instead of taking bribes from wm’s who are trying to kill us.  that would have been interesting to say.  I need to have some quip repllies for these people.  They dont know what they are doing.  hatfield told me not to put things in his mailbox .. I would do it again.  Hatfield is a dumb person who thinks he is smart.  there are so many dumb people.  I am going to write hatfield a letter and tell him what its like.
The wm has been entraining my brain with ELF.
Sept. 13 to
I am being irradiated with ELF which is sound waves (Infrasound).  This is what happened to the diplomats in Cuba.  The diplomats have brain damage, and hearing loss.  The infrasound I am being hit with is the strongest power level they could use without burning my skin.  Note that I have been burned before and that seemed to be a mistake, since it looked like injuries and i was willing to tell people about it.  It is as though they expected me to be too embarrassed to show the injuries.  Now I have a therory about the infections.  That is, they try to keep the infections inflamed  which  in turn inflames the tissue under the skin at the site of the boil.  I believe they are inflaming my blood vessels in that way.  The skin itches and gets inflamed too.
A second effect of the ELF is what feels to me like motion sickness.  It is worst when I am riding in a car,  When not riding in a car it is lo grade sickness and nausia and vertigo.  Some times I feel like throwing up.  write to the neighbors, telling them to stick to the script and dont hurt anyone.  I feel the low grade motion sickness all the time and there is the crackling in my head.  The objective is I believe, to target people diseases and afflictions which result in death.
does anyone know about the experiments with Marjuana laced with a supposed drug to cause frightening hallucinations?  I live in Oregon and marijuana is legalized.  on at least two occasions in Gold Beach I have had mariuana contaminated with a drug I just told you about.  I am serious about this.  I bought the marijuana from a marijuana dispensary and so it was not contaminated when I bought it.
obamas dead list
dead corps list
***friday Sept. 15th, 2017
Today this mercenary contractor put a very tight grip on my brain.  This was not necessary, it was above and beyond and it was painful and mentally all consuming.
Take the challenge moron
10:33pm I heard the mercenaries are imbeciles and right now there is an ELF beam going through my temple starting on the right side.
the handler is angry with me becdause I sent this email to an engineering group to see if I can hire an engineer in this area.
here is the email
I found your website and would like to know if there is an engineer in the Port Orford area who would like to do some data logging.  I am a private individual and would like to hire someone who could come to my home and set up a data logger to log emf’s coming into my home.  My wife and I are both targeted individuals.  My website is  this is the same as my name concatenated.  we are both elderly and are targeted by the Government.  We have written to congressmen, Senators and many many others who have to this date, ignored us.  This is a Government corruption issue and is related to the shadow government being in control of America now.  You probably know what I am talking about.  But in case you are not up to speed, watch this video.  Your government is gone until we take it back.
I will need to sue some people in the Gold Beach and Port Orford areas.  Please contact me if you would like to work with me on this.
I live at
92800 Mill Pond Rd.
Port Orford Oregon 97465
You see this person is a torturer and he is not professional, but he is a sadisticly sexual addict.  It is the sex addiction that keeps him coming back for more.  most of TI’s are women (70-80% are women).  But this man has hunted me down because he must fancy me.
getting neighbor A to kill neighbor B for Government  is priceless.  Especially when it is going on all oover the country and the world.
Do you really believe that a legitimate government would hire contractors to track down an elderly man and an elderly woman like they were vermin.  and then get you to conspire about their death?  If they were really dangerous or bad, wouldnt they be haulled off to jail.  This is like shootout in the OKAY Corall for criminy sakes!!   What if I told you the government wanted to see if you will commit treason for them?  for money?  Yes you are a good traitor.  But even so, they do not give a shit about you!   getting you to commit treason is something but they actually got a whole country of you imbecils to commit treason.
Sept 16, Sat. 2017
4:57am this handler is hitting me in the upper body with ELF energy.  It is angry because I guessed correctly that it is fooled into betraying its own country and it doesnt like others to know about it because it is a secret deal between it and its country representative who is also betraying its country..
2:01pm the weaponized imbecils have me pressurized.  They put a beam inside my torso and pressurize my blood pressure.  This will make me die soon I guess.   Morons know best, dont they?  They sure have the fire power and apparently might makes right when dealing with SLAVES.
maybe it is because

Humans Are No Longer Needed due to robots and AI.  

But what if we decide robots and AI is not needed.  We could do that.  It would be pushy and a little weird though.  Who is this ELON Musk to dictate plans and expect to have them carried out.  He is not king of the world.  who will buy his mass produced junk?
Sept. 18, 2017
8:33pm Okay then, My handler this evening has showed his true colors.  He has irradiated my colon so that it is swolen and extends outside of my anus.  isnt that nice.  This person is not a real person.  Imagine sitting at his little torture chair and first he has to think of doing that.  It sounds appealing to him and he muls it over in his mind thinking how he is going to get even with me for daring to not like him murdering me  You know, this person actually likes and enjoys his job.  You might say how do you know that.  I would say that no self respecting person in their right mind would take a job torture murdering people.  if you didnt get a chance to listen to Bullying as Art, Abuse as Craftsmanship, you really should.
Vaknin says that the torture inflicted by sadists almost always in involves perverted sex, like homosexual rape and pedophelia.  I knew he likes his job because for one thing becait is very easy and he likes that.  But mainly he likes this torture job because he gets to torture and hurt people.  They say hurting people love  to hurt other people and I can vouch for that.  This gives him a feeling that he has cleansed himself of all his childhood pain for a minute.  He gets the chance to forget for a minute.
Tues. Sept 19, 2017
6:28am  My head feels like it is full of ELF because I cannot think … dissolution of memory?  These handlers just amaze me.  It is as though this one got an inspiration to torture me all of a sudden.  I am nodding out over and over again.  I am not mistaken about this.  This handler still feels wronged because I disliked being murdered.
This weaponized imbecile has made multiple duplicates of this particular note.  It is a pass time for when the moron is bored.  But I bet its not the kind of thing his boss would like because it is obvious to all.  This moron must want me to entertain him the same way I entertained the night crawler partner.
I am typing into a separate instance of this note and this moron was creating dupications of this note in the mane application.My colon was irradiated and i hae a beam stomach ache
Thur. Sept 21, 2017
11:45am I notice as I sit down that my hemoroids are back.  The contractors are irradiating my colon, I suppose to find out how to disrupt my digestion.  Think about it.  Why and what experiments would weaponizded morons do to a persons colon with energy weapons.  They want to kill others so they will see what will hurt them or me.  I can feel my colon squish back into my anus as I sit down.  What else can I say because the truth is disgusting or more like these psychopathic contractors are disgusting.  So you can see why these things cannot be allowed to be among other good people since they have tasted blood.  These things are psychopathic predatory narcissists and they will be that until they die.
Anyway, it is Dave Palmquist who first stole my dna sample by robbing my stool sample from my bathroom efluent sewer pipe like the snake he is.
  I am sure he did this for pay of some kind from homeland security.  They get your DNA from the sample which is from your colon in this case.  This is outrageous.  Why wouldnt the people believe it.  I have a biology degree and electronics and computer science.  This is what one would do if they wanted to steel a DNA sample.  But why are they so stupid that they would think this is okay, is all I am asking.  It is not okay.  It is unconstitutional and it is a war crime.  He will be charged with a felony like anyone else
Sept 24, 2017
10:15pm  This handler is holding ELF energy on my brain all day.  This puts me to sleep and is very frustrating and depressing.  I get up often and this person stalks me around the room with the thing.  How could this thing be so mean as to keep putting me to sleep over and over again.  This brain clamp is a drone.  Ron Wyden voted for drones over head about 2 years ago.  Wyden is a dual citizen with us/israel and he is a traitor.
11:11pm the moron is disrupting my heart beat with ELF energy
Sept. 29th, 2017
12:38pm I am beset by boils on the back of myn neck. Puss filled boils like heard about in the bible.  This is from the PUS girl however.  She loves to cause pus filled boils but doesnt like to be around them.  They call her the littlest pus girl because her brain is as pus (disgusting).   Donna and I are dying now and we cant move because all of our money is tied up in this house.  we will have to begin having home health aids come in to serve us.  I think the pus girl is serving the mother in law so this will be the pus filled boil and elderly going to die area.  I wonder what will become of the Hatfield family.  they just had their last reunion ever.
Look what is happening
actually people are becoming more dumb over time.  People are more dumb today than last year.  This is a trend.  A year from now people will be more dumb than people are today
extrapolation :  children are becoming dumber over time
the Hatfields are becoming Dumber or Smarter year to year?
Dumber most definitely!!  Correct!
next year the Hatfield’s in general will be more dumb than this year. If you can imagine that?  They do dumb things like taking money to kill their neighbors   In turn they are making the people more dumb and that will in turn make them more and more dumb.  in geneal they are killing people who are smarter than them.
It is known that only smarter people try to expose corruption.  The price for which is death.
what this level of correction unto death, causes people to ignore problem and barrel on no matter what happens.  This is dumb and is exhibited in the children’s tests causing them to demonstrate that they are dumb

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  1. Thank you for continuing to share. You cannot know what it means to me. I need so desperately another TI to talk to. I do not go looking though, I know what I’d find. I am not sure my emails may not be getting through to you, but it is possible you are too busy. I could use some help with chemical issues. Stay strong Mr. James Lico.

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