NTT No Touch Torture Log for July, 2016

hello, my name is James F Lico and i live at 94263 first street in gold beach oregon.   I am a Targeted Individual.   I have degrees in biology computer science and electronics engineering technology.  this gives me the ability to comment professionally on what I am going through.  Please follow my efforts on my web site to document crimes against humanity.

Sunday, July3/16
there are a couple of things that are happening to me at the moment.  I am getting an agitated feeling that seems to be like a heart attach beginning like a tightness in the chest going up into my throat.  accompanied with this is what i would describe similar to what I imagine restless body and legs.  Its as though there is an electric tension and rigidity to my muscles which seems very abnormal.  I know this process well because it has been done many times to me, usually when the handler thinks the target may become hysterical as when a police or other official is in contact with the target and they may act out or make a fool of themselves and thereby discredit themselves.
handlers need to experience this every day all day to learn more about it.
i have two new boils on the back of my neck.  they are hard to feel and do not have the soft feel of a normal pimple, but they are raised about a quarter inch and come to a point as is usually the case with these ELF induced infections.  I believe the MERCS are experimenting with using the pimples to lock their radar onto because they feel like they are burning from within.  there may be other experiments too.  my consciousness is being overwhelmed and feels shrouded,./ by a something that separates if from reality.  the handlers will have to have this experience for days or weeks or months until they can no longer imagine what it is like to have a clear thought.  They will have only have thoughts shrouded by the fetid thoughts they have all day..
they think this torturing will go on forever but things like this always end because nothing bad lasts forever.  one thing i can always count on is the unbridled stupidity of the MERCS plus their total lack of self respect and self hatred
funny… i am all of a sudden having hard breathing.  I wonder why that would be especially since i feel ELF energy in my torso.  These MERCS are supposed to be professional.  But i find that the MERCS are not Okay.  they have no good self image.  they take my writing personally and probably dont care for it.  I am grateful that I have been given the chance to do my part for humanity by giving my experiences.  I have degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology. This qualifies me to comment on the harmft  I am noticing that the burning of boils occurs one at a time.  Facing south west  I feel the boil over my eye burning with a harmfull beam originating from the Crooks.  if I move to face north, the burning in that boil ceases and within a few more seconds, one of the boils on my neck begins aching.
July 5th
In case i pass on from this torture, i want to be clear that most of the torture radiation has come from the crooks house across the street.  The second problem on this street is the house where the white truck with the tool box sides parks.  These people seem to buy into anything and will do anything including kill people for money.  At this time there are two women who torture with DE coming from the Crooks house.  This is viscious torture.  They are creating boils with the weapons all over my chest and now have there are scars there they are doing it around the back of my neck and in my eyebrow to hide them from others..
July 8,2016
July 14, 2016
12:46pm I am on a conference call of a local city official from Richmond California, including Derrick Robinson, Amy ___, Rosanne ____ ,
Donna and I are tryng to leave but are hanpered by the torturers.
July 15
7:27am  another boil starting this morning on right side of face in front of and below right ear lobe.  it has come to surface in only one day because it was not there yesterday as evidenced by photos.
new boil started on right cheek at level with mouth
July 16, 2016
8:05am  I was with Donna, going over what happened last night where i had been stopped from completing
9:37am  I am being induced with heart attack symptoms by my handler.  I can feel the ELF energy being directed to me.  now there are pains in my jaw.  I am measuring this energy coming from the Crooks house.  I am awed by the stupidity of this moron.  I am also measuring energy coming from the direction of the Mckinney house on second street.  I am not suggesting it is him but it looks bad.   when I look with my meter the pain drops off and then when i put the meter down the pain picks up again.
sat nw at 60deg
 5:48pm this mercenary handler is using an ELF beam to grow boils on my face and neck.  This is as disgusting and gross and inhuman as it sounds.
4:37PM  ON CONF CALL WITH Derrick Robinson and David __ TI to talk of engineering solutions to mitigate TI issues
10:55pm  my Merc Handler likes hurting me more than before.  He is leading me into traps so that he can punnish me.  i am an old man that doesnt like torture and hates bullies and that is my crime.   I think that these people get board during their 12 hr shift from 7pm to 7am at the house across the street.
while i was in the bathroom downstairs he was burning the cartilage in my left knee joint.  Then after i came up stairs to be with Donna, he began radiating me to heat up my body so I would sweat profusely.  This is what I mean about his being aggressively sadistic.
its funny that when i get angry and say i am going to do something like write in my blog there is no let up in torture.  But when i do write in the blog the wifi signal gets shut off, I am made to have a sneezing attack, the muscles in my neck are injured.  If these morons dont want to get famous as torturers then why do they take jobs torturing people.

There is a beam coming from the white house down the hill with fire hydrant in front.  As i am sitting on my couch in my living room, I am  noticing that my anus hurts a lot more than it should and there is a vibration that shouldnt be there.  But then maybe its supposed to hurt and its just that the security professionals are just trying to keep the neighborhood  SAFE!  After all I am a TERRORIST am I not?   An Old man and and Old Woman Terrorists.  I am 64 and my fiancee is 71.  We are being hurt for FREEDOM.  I know its hard to believe but the CROOKS and the people down the street are SECURITY PROFESSIONALS.  They Should know what they are doing right?  I have heard that some of the people who hurt citizens in their homes are actually working for corporations who want to silence and neutralize people as a protection racket.      This would make them hired GOONS AND THUGS.

Im not saying the good neighbors of First and Second streets of Gold Beach Oregon would torture their neighbors.  But then who is torturing me?  It seems stupid that this would be going on in my quiet neighborhood.   So what is going on if that is not it?  Would the Crook family at 94261 second street do such a thing to make money to keep up their standard of living.  Would they literally take the lives of an elderly couple living across the street from them.  Would they disrespect people so much that they could hurt anyone and make fun of anyone for money?
Some unscrupulous people will protect the corporations from law suits and complaints by the public.   The point is that if you have a complaint about the corporation you better think twice about voicing it because you will be put on a list and your neighbors will hurt you.  That is not the same thing as terrorism.  But wait… its different after 911 and the corporations do hire people as contractors to assist them in certain ways.  ENFORCER is too strong a word.  But peiople need to obey and listen to some people who are BLOCK CAPTAINS AND TERRORISM LIAISON OFICERS AND INFRAGUARD AND NACOPS. CITIZENS ON PATROL.  This is because corporations want to decide who can complain and who will be prohibited from complaining.  It is up to the enforcers to decide who will be allowed to complain and who will be allowed to live actually.  Its no longer up to the people.  The enforcers make those decisions.    There are block captains or possibly terrorism Liaison Officers and who have the power to have people tortured and killed.
So  People today need to suck it up and forget that perceived problem because the corporations pay the neighbors for protection from any complaints.  The corporations can do NO wrong and people will pay dearly for trying to suggest otherwise.
Just One Big Happy Crime Family
Corporate intimidators enjoy privilege because they are free from prying eyes and there are no secrets now.  They get to have time alone with their spouses .  never mind that most do not have spouses and are really incapable of having any meaningful relationship at all.  There are those that do have a spouse and chiildren, but fear that their kids will grow up to hate them for being one who would play god.  The intimidators hope the kids wont grow up to think they are just doing the best they can for their family by scratching and clawing themselves a place in the world on the backs of other innocent people.  They think their children might say you could have gotten a regular job but you are a selfish narcissist who is too good to expect them not to hurt others.
 4:12pm  The Mercenary Handler is beaming me to the right temple.  This is punitive because i got angry at him earlier.  The handlers want to subjugate TI’s and make them afraid to fight back or say anything.  Because of my directional meter I know that this person is at the Crooks compound across the street.  There are only a few people who know where they are and I am one of them.  I have a directional meter on my cell phone  These MERCS are some kind of secret police and corporate intimidator.  I know there is a conflict of interest.
 Saturday 7/30/2016
2:04pm  Today I had a new handler.  actually there was three or four down in the house where the man with the 1 ton truck with the tool box sides.  The house has a fire plug outside in front.  You cant miss it.  tThey were all in there together, probably drunk and all left together when I was leaving.  It seems that one of them was training to be a murderer.  Now they will all be tried for murder.    One thing is for sure, when a corporate stooge says its ok to murder the public, they are all in.  These are real sociopaths, with no hesitation about attacking the elderly neighbors.  Only one problem, I caught them dead to rights and now they be brought to justice when this crime is over.  in the mean time i have names and addresses to show to the town leaders.  These criminals should have records and i am looking for you now.
Morons at Crooks House are beaming my brain with DE.  it always seems so stupid.
My mercenary handler is continuing the torture with a trauma injury to my eye under the brow.  You may not appreciate what trauma to a small area when the intent is to cause pain.  These Mercenary handlers are oftentimes sadistic or sadistic.
  • Mercenary Handlers pass around torture techniques like others pass around Christmas recopies.
  • I am talking about TORTURERS and this is no Sunday walk in the park.
  • I am talking about genuine agony causing Torturers
    • who have a repertoire of Torture Techniques
    • and proudly list and display them
    • in the hope of obtaining subsequent TORTURING Jobs in the future, TORTURING PEOPLE.
  •  Most people are not what they do for a living but These so called people are in fact SADISTIC TORTURERS.  They are that and that is what they likr to aside from making a living.  They have joined their avocation with their vocation
  • Should we accept live with the fact that there are people in this world who are
  • predators
  • Predators are people who HUNT for other people
    • in whole or in part
    • against their will
    • to use and abuse them as they see fit
    • and who they would then discard unceremoniously when they no longer suited.
    • Just like a Kleenex
  • I really am talking about so called people, who are more robot like,  that focus all their attention of the induction of pain and the prolonging of it as if it were a good thing.
If there ever was a person or peoples that needed to be removed permanently from society as a safety or humanitarian gesture, it is these sociopaths who will lower them selves do anything and I mean absolutely anything for money.  They do murder and torture this with so much enthusiasm that it makes you squirm to just be near them.   Have you ever watched a movie where a hit man is doing a job and nonchalantly kills someone and then merely walks away.  Yes, well these sociopaths salivated over that type of thing. For crying out loud, the sociopath MERCENARY HANDLERS have chosen the causing of murder and mayhem as their lifes work.  Do we really think this is a normal type of employment for a person to pursue.  My GOD it is Murder!  What ever happened to our Nation of laws that cared for the citizens.  These murders are taking away our rights so that all of us and I mean every citizen in the United States of America, including currrent and fututure children will be slaves to corporations with ZERO rights.  I am talking about
  • no right privacy
  • no right to a trial
  • presumed guilt before being proved innocent
  • no right to assemble
  • no right to petition the government
  • no right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt
pictures taken in real time and stamped with date and time of pictures taken.
perps are using an ELF beam to cause boils on my skin which are matured enough in just a few hours to drain and ooze pus and blood.  This has multiple uses to the PMC’s
cause infections in host and others
I am not willing to give up the benefits of  a lifetime because of a lawyers trick
right of a citizen to petition his government

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2 thoughts on “NTT No Touch Torture Log for July, 2016

  1. Hi, James, I am sorry to hear that you are also a TI. They are underdogs and got no respect for themselves and the bigger syndicats behind them are hiding cowardly. My husband and I also are being targeted via beams and radiation microwaves? and I guess they are working with different frequencies same time from all the parked cars , vans , motorcycles, bycicles, even old people, and kids included in their crime program. They are getting payed obviously they do not all know what they are doing to others?
    They think they were hunting terrorists or what? Innocent tax payers, always loyally sticking to our country, which is not our country any more. germany has become a second Auschwitz obviously. they can burn and hypertherm us and we do not even know why?
    Times have changed. I am a Grandma and maybe my only “fault” in their eyes was to click on different web sites in internet. So freedom of speech has disappeared for long time, also in Europe.
    I can assure that I am so tired of these coward bastards and perps. They are pretending leading a normal life, they are collecting their pearls and cars and they think they can eat locomotives of money and shit rail road tracks of gold or what?

    They are such poor characters, because they are hiding and the lowest of society get an extra money to pay their drugs or new cars. Ah, besides, here in Heidelberg-Germany, where US army once had their headquarters – unemployed citizens suddenly get brand new little cars!! What about that – not bad. So I am asking myself, why my husband is working like a dog and paying taxes and these underdogs sit in their cars days and nights. I can watch them leaving our appartment house and the neighbourhood at certain times wearing their backpacks and giving light signs etc.
    I took hundreds of photos of killer mafia men, wearing white skirts and dark jeans, riding the Mercedes Benz with Munich number. They do not even look human, they look like monsters in their eyes, like killer machines.
    They think they can play God, but do not believe at all in anything.
    Believe me, they cannot kill our SOALS. And that is what remains in the end.
    How miserable they must feel during life time looking themselves into the mirror?
    How miserable they must feel when their soals will be taken by sheitan and their bloody satanic brain is misleading them all life long.
    shame on the neighbours participating in that horror program. Shame on them.
    May God bless the vicitims and give them strenghts Amen.

    • hello Hadia, I am 65 and my Fiancee is a Grandmother too. I agree with you about the targeting. Have you seen the article about Former naval Officer David Voigts who got himself targeted to raise awareness for military experiments. It may raise your spirits about peoples intentions and feelings. David is a real hero and i can tell you now that with people like this on our side this targeting cannot stand The people doing this will be targeted for removal from society.

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