NTT No Touch Torture Log for February, 2020

February 3, 2020

10:30am My neck feels like i have an injury on the left side or could it be a sprain.

4:41pm I am hid in the face with radiation which makes me begin to breathe hard, but which stops when I hold up a piece of magnet material with neodymium magnets affixed to it, in front of my face blocking the radiation beam.  This proves that the beam is there and then the beam is blocked and the symptoms disappear.

February 5, 2020
Today Donna and I drove to Springfield Oregon so I could go to Oregon Lung Associates in order for me to attend a sleep study.  The FBI contractor was trying to intimidate Martha who was the Physicians assistant, with whom was meeting.  She put a stethiscope up to my heart and the FBI contractor began disrupting my heart with directed energy.  I felt that I had to mention it since it would be disconcerting to her.  She seemed not to be affected by it and took my explanation and told me she would look at my website.

Donna and I were attacked brutally the whole way to the doctor and the whole way back home from the doctor.

I have come to the realization that the much of Directed Energy attacks on targets is a PSYOP on the public, which is designed to intimidate them into a state of fear which will usually cause them to back off from and avoid interacting with a target.
The tendency is for the public to recoil in fear of targets and to only do what is absolutely necessary when dealing with a target. But the problem is that the corrupt government is destabilizing our society through fear and intimidation.
As a country, being afraid to face our problems is what got us into the situation and we now need to face and deal head on with this corruption in order to avoid being taken over and destroyed as a society. Only then can we can regain control of our our own country.
The innocent targets are not the problem with our country.  Our Government is the problem with our country.  We need to begin by wresting control out of the hands of corrupt officials by voting them out of office and electing people who will do the peoples business.

The problem is here now
we can see that our the skies are sprayed with chemicals and nano particles through Geoengineering
Weather warfare has caused wild fires to ravage our forest
storms and flooding to ravage our homes and destroy our crops
Locust swarms destroy crops in Africa

February 13, 2020
6:30pm  I began getting a Directed Energy back ache which started out as intense pain. 9of 10
I have experienced this before on numerous occasions.. Apparently it is DEW going through the body and down into my lower back muscles to cause inflammation.  The reason I think it can go down through the body is because I have blocked it at the shoulder, but obviously it goes through the body anywhere and only resonates with the lower back muscles.

February 14, 2020
woke up in am with back ache.

this is carrying into the second day


Tuesday Feb 18m 2020  I was woken up early this am with a stomach ache.  I discovered it to be an eneergy beam to cause pain so that I would go to the hospital.


Feb. 23, Sunday 2020

This am at 6:52  I cannot use the arrow keys to edit my text nor can I place the cursor anywhere on the page.  I am receiving pain in my chest area which I believe is a psyop to make me want to go to the hospital.  I believe the reason is to subjugate me in some oway.  This is a military operation by local FBI conttactors.   People looking at this should be surprisded that their government namely FBI would put and pay people to do this to patriots.