NTT blog for Sunday, April 1st, 2012

 The last two days have been hell on earth for Sandra and I.  We painted the walls with paint I bought from Home Depot and apparently it has poison in it.  A man at Home Depot rental department laughed at me and then brought another man in who also laughed.  I believe they knew there was poison in the paint.  I called Behr paints about it telling them that I found that the paint I bought fluoresced purple under a UV light.  They would not say anything but gave me a material safety data sheet for the paint.  There is not supposed to be any florescence under a UV light.

Today started out as a repeat of the hell on earth of the last two days.  Sandy had been up all night for the past two days as I had and she fell asleep around 11:00am   I then went out to do some shopping, but ended up only getting cigarettes for Sandy. There were many perps out today.  These people are a problem in close spaces but no problem when I am in the car.  I knew about where I would be accosted by the perps and let the handler think I was going to several places and then abandoning them after the expected perps arrived.  I now know about how much they get paid and so I wanted to see how many I could get the handler to call up.  He obviously wanted to make a show and have a lot of perps to stalk me so my task was very easy.  I believe I got him to call up over a hundred stalkers.  I didn’t stop to buy cigarettes until around Pacific Ave in downtown Everette.  The attendant told me the credit machine went down just as i got there and would need cash.  I had the cash and so was out quick.  I guess they expected me not to have cash.  she must have received a call just as i got there.  As i was leaving, I asked a perp standing outside if he was getting through OK.  He was on his cell phone typing some info about me.  As I drove around Everette, I saw perps being called up from houses I drove by.  This was not a good day.  I will wait until the handler is in a more thrifty mood.  I figure it cost the government thousands to pay the perps of today who were called up to stalk me.  I figure that all the database entries all over my route will look funny to someone and cause dissension among the perp ranks due to the many false starts and non connect.  
I finished by heading towards costco but then decided to take a turn off to go home.  Why go out into unfriendly areas while waiting another day is no problem.

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