notes to myself

My name is James Francis Lico and I am a targeted Individual living in Gold Beach Oregon.  94263 first street.
12:24am My brain is being overcome by ELF energy from the handler across the street from my house.  I understand these people doing this to thousands if not millions of Americans are thought of as private contractor soldiers for some security purpose.  I contend that security does not even count as an afterthought with these people.  I was not going to use any derogatory language about this but certainly this is an assault on the American People and therefore an Assault on America.  I am an American Citizen and an Elderly man living on Social Security.  I live with woman who is also elderly and also living on social security.   I have a question for Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon.  Why am I an my fiancée being attacked with directed energy weapons.  The time for saying we are insane is over.  This program, attacking people in their homes is crazy.  I have college degrees in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering Technology and Biology.  I have been writing to you via Twitter, every day for over two months now and I have yet to get a response.  You made an impassioned speech in the senate about how angry Americans would be when they find out about what the intelligence agencies are doing in the name of security.  Dont you think its about time to come clean with some of that information.  This is a matter of life and death because American Citizens are being tortured to death with electromagnetic weapons.
Is this some misguided way to reduce the budget by killing people covertly in their homes.  Apparently no one is supposed to notice this!?  You think that SOFT KILL TECHNOLOGY is the way to go in AMERICA to kill those who speak out against authority.    My neighbor is doing this to me.  I have a directional meter and I noticed.   Are we supposed to be good little sheep and die quietly?  The moron handler has been putting me to sleep with ELF energy.  It is as though I am in a COMA!  This is done to me by private military contractors? I say military because this is NAZI , albeit Military technology.  The NAZIs treated people like this.  the two presidents BUSH had a NAZI’s in their family since at least WWII with Prescot Bush trying to take over the country by Coup by trying to hire General Smedley Butler to amass an army of veterans.  It didnt work and now it is being attempted again using covert morons.
One thing I know is that when Americans begin speaking out pashionately with fire then people listen and there will be so many that people will start listening and start noticing that they are not alone.
1:08pm my head is being hurt by ELF energy.  Most of the attacks now are brain based to disrupt my thinking processes.  I believe they have the torture transmitters in several houses around me and the main house is the one at 94261 second street which is directly across the street.  I have met michael Mckinsey who lives on 2nd street at a volunteer event put on by the fish and wildlife service.  he gave me a ride home.  As it turns out, the contractors want to meet the targeted individuals because they want to size up their prey.  It makes sense from a psychopaths position because it gives them an indication of what their job will be like.  They are going to be hurting me all the time an they want an indication of what it will be like and what I will do about it.  They want to know how strong or weak i am and how big or small and how brave or cowardly.  They really hate my writing everything down so honestly and especially giving their names and addresses.  Everyone wants to be a mercenary these days because they make the big money.  I wonder still how they feel about treason against the American people.  I mean sure, they are working for the government, but its not representing the interests of the people.  The govt represents the one percent now.  Its only a few bankers and billionairs.  I also wonder if their employer is one of the big security companies like blackwater.  the brain pain is coming in strong now and my hands are shaking as i try to type.  The mercs know this is happening because their instruments tell them so and they want me to stop writing, which I will but just a little more.  I just want everyone to know what is happening to their country and what they need to do to get it back.  You need to overcome the cowardice in the people and get rid of the greedy ones who will fight against anyone.  they have no loyalty and they are your enemy.  They are in every town and city.  if there are none in a smaller town they will come there for the money.
11:29pm My names was hurt with ELF energy all day and I was so disoriented at the end of the day I could hardly function.  My hands were trembling and I was shaking due to weakness all over.  I am 64 years old and live on my retirement income which is 3000 per month. The people who are doing this to me are living as if their lives depend on the next meal and they are sociopaths.  They enjoy hurting people and letting me know that I am NOTHING and will continue to be NOTHING and I am worthless.  They treat me like I am a hamster in a cage.  I am in fact like a virtual prisoner in a prison made by residents of this town, in my neighborhood.  The reason I know about these people is because I have a directional meter which points out the source of electromagnetic energy.  I have made a number of short videos of the meter pointing to the source of the radiation which hits my body.  I will be glad to show this to you.
  • request to get directed energy weapon contractors out of the park and downtown areas
  • did you know that DEW Contractor (Mercs) operate with impunity around town.  They direct energy to their target and there are dozens of them.  Hurting people like this is a cottage industry now.  Sociopaths take these jobs because they need the money.
  • sociopaths all know of the targeting.  it is only non sociopaths that do not know about citizens being targeted with directed energy.  This is the best kept secret because only sociopaths are informed of it and the major media never mentions it.  TI’s try to report this to the major media and other and no one listens.  Yet they are hunted down like dogs ruthlessly by Mercenaries who act like bounty hunters.
  • as i write about who in this city to go meet I am receiving extra radiation which is being administered to discourage me from foolishly thinking anyone will help me and to show the operators disgust at having to give me a corrective electronic beating
  • I am here in this position because someone decided I needed to be on a TERRORIST WATCH LIST.  Now the sociopaths who are the front line security against terrorists are there to keep me busy so that there is no terrorist funny business.  They are supposed to watch me under second by second surveillance (YES ITS TRUE) every second.  This is to ostensibly to make sure I do not commit or conspire to start any terrorist acts.  But that is a joke because there are and have been no terrorists in the US.  NO, the real reason for this ridiculous surveillance is HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.  Think of how ridiculously inefficient that would be to hire someone to watch someone every second!  It doesnt make sense does it?  on the one hand if I am a criminal and need to be watched every second, then arrest me and put me in jail.  But on the other hand if I am not dangerous why do I need to be watched at all.  Just look at my FOIA request to the NSA for information about me about what the NSA knows about me during this period in time covering the last 10 years.  They say that my request for information is denied due to the fact that it would hurt military security.  So here i am not guilty of any crime so they cant put me in jail, yet they have a contractor assigned to watch me second by second. you might say i a crazy but what about the horrific burn and infection pictures on my web site?  you must admit that something made those burns and also I dont appear to be crazy.  that is I speak in whole sentences and can talk on subject about anything you want.
  • These handlers (contractors or Mercs) are hired everyday to watch me.  They follow and track me everywhere.

12:31am right now I am getting hit with ELF energy which makes it impossible to think and I can only sit and stair as if i have terminal dementia.  This is terribly depressing and makes me want to die. There is always an experiment to do and there is no concern about me.  its all about the handler and his money.  There is always a handler or merc.

I just had an argument with my girlfriend due to the sociopaths hurting me.  Now i have a beam hurting the top of my head.  It is a resonance weapon and it is a military type weapon which is a secret.  This weapon is in the hands of a sociopath who lives on my street in Gold Beach Oregon.  there are over a million of these private contractors (Mercs) operating in the US on citizens.

to find out what it is like being a Targeted individual, just look at my website.  If you search my website just remember that there will be an error if you go back more than one page.  I can retrieve those.  The error is due to

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