Note no touch torture log for Jul 30 thru Aug. 10, 2014

6:34pm 304/ 60747
320/ 50464
Sat s 45d
Sat ne 80d
Cell twr e 20deg safeway lot
7:16 Handler can multiplex quickly between weapons in 302, 320, 329, sat so 45deg, sat se 80deg. Sats stay on when I measure. I took some pics.  Handler multiplexing between weapons at will, I believe only one handler with 3 or 4 accomplices in houses listed
304 50s man 5’10” gry hr  gry brd
320 5′ 9″ Frank 50s gr hr gry brd is gay has partner
7:38p stomac gurgling loudly from beam to colon
Handler got on duty at 7:00p

10:09pm im really baffled how the people around me can let psychopaths put weapons in there houses. I detect the signal comming from several of the houses around me.  They must be getting payments from the handler.
320, 329, 304

I’ve gone to bed,  but my handler is irradiating my left foot with microwave radiation, so that my foot is vibrating and is very painful.  I am at the mercy of the psychopath, who hss decided to have a torture session

2:04am I just finished with a shock and awe run in which I was severely and painfully irradiated with microwave energy to the point where a reasonable person would think that they were going to die from the experience. The primary radiation source was a 2 story house due west of my bedroom, coming from the second story.  A second source was a satellite due west at 45deg

August 1, 2014
Don’t think because I hold off posting, that nothing is going on.   There is plenty of tortur going on for a Country that doesn’t torture.  The xyz blvd handlers are hard at it again.  They just don’t think the people would think too ill of them for talking jobs torture/killing their neighbors. After all they aren’t taking money for torture/killing all the neighbors so count your blessings.
I am getting hit in right gut feeling like punches one tight after the other landing in the same spot.  Also there is a pain between right shoulder and neck. This is supposed to mimic fibromyalgia.  This is is extremely painful and I would go to a doctor for this, if I didn’t know it was due to my psychopathic neighbors.  They can be so sneaky and so subtle, you would never know you were given a fake injury.   This happens daily,  many times per day.   But you have to wonder why give injuries that mimic real injuries and why so much stealth if they want me to know.  Its like they are practiceing for something.  Hey, could they be preparing for an assault on an unwitting public?
There have been a lot of chemicals put on me today.  I am an activist and they definitely don’t like me helping others or posting on twitter or Facebook.  I still feel good about what I am doing. They are trying hard for a psychotic break lately.
My blood pressure was 167 over 98  bpm92. Induced hypertension is always a worry,  but can be mitigated through meds and meditation.  The handle reset my automatic bp instrument and deleted all the recorded values.  I did post most of it on Facebook though.

Tue. Aug 5 2014
4:50pm. At 4:0 today I was smoking a cigarette out front and noticed a small cobalt blue car pull into the driveway next doot at 320 xyz blvd.  It pulled in slowly and stopped. I was immediately suspicious and kept looking to see the car start backing up again slowly until it backed behind the house out of view.  I went inside the house to get ready to go out.  As I walked out into the street, the blue car backed out and drove away. I had the video camera going and recorded him as he drove away.  They saw that I was coming and decided to get out of there.  Tomorrow I will be looking. He may have parked elsewhere and walked down the tracks to get to 320 via the back yard.  This man is a PMC paying Frank to use his house as a base.  4:00pm is shiftbchange and if there are three shifts then there a total of three PMC’s.  I saw one and there should be two more at appropriate times. These men must be the ones who operate the sat weapons in addition to the one in Franks house.

Sunday, Aug. 10 2014
9:34 My handler has been hurting me all day with a beam weapon and microwaves.  He has been using ELF brain entrainment off and on, but is using it exclusively now.  I am convinced that ELF waves are tuned to resonate with DNA in my brain.  I listened to some of Konstantin Meyl’s lectures and the one on DNA was very interesting with respect to what is going on now.
I contacted Glenn Greenwald and Jesselyn Radack when they were tweeting about using encryption to contact them.  I told them about the perps ability to see through my eyes.  I didn’t know if they would listen or merely block me, but I took a chance.  this may have caused a problem for the handler and like infants, they don’t take it well.  I was not allowed to sleep last night and have been up all day.  I was feeling tired and took a 2MG Xanax to tire me out so i could sleep.  I do not feel tired, quite the opposite, I feel speedy like I have taken one of the chemicals they give me for that purpose.  Now I am getting beam weapon to my shoulder.  There were injuring a tendon in my right to earlier.  They burn the tendon so that it is inflamed and it causes sharp pain I was limping on it, but it did go back to normal.
As usual, this log is documentation and also to be there in case something might happen.
Here are some meter values taken at various times and the house at which they were taken
69539 304 xyz Blvd 7-14-14 @405pm
69671  7/25/14 12:06pm
69877  8-10-14 @12:47pm

    131 kwh

72185 311 8-10-14  @ 12:47pm

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