No Touch Torture (ntt) Log For November, 2017

No Touch Torture Log For November, 2017

question? If you are not an activist you wonder why People would want to suppress what I am saying even to the point of telling others I am crazy and why contractors are chasing me and why are people like Mr. Steve Hatfield being paid to put his own reputation on the line to stop me. The reason is because I am an environmental activist. In fact that is it in a nutshell. If you look at my website you can see what I do even now that I am retired. I am an activist who is trying to wake people up to Government corruption. This seems ok to me, so how come contractors are slow killing me with directed energy weapons? It is because they dont want people people to know that there is so much environmental damage. So you can see that I cant be fired since I am retired, but I can be murdered. The governmetn doesnt want their corruption to get out and alert the public and they will stop at nothing, even murder to get what they want.

Most people are afraid and in fact they would lose their jobs.  But I am retired and the most that can happen to me is that I will be murdered with directed energy weapons.

[this letter is a parody of DHS by Karen Melton Stewart December, 2017 ]

 In order to expand the Police State and undermine democratic rule to trick simple-minded, gullible fools into replacing their American-style Democracy with a totalitarian, Fascist-style government, we need to put thousands upon thousands of completely innocent people upon the fake Terrorist Watch List, so we can bilk the government out of millions of dollars to “watch” them.  We do this by making up completely fraudulent accusations and files against them, like they are terrorists, traitors or child molesters, then use corrupt officials (Fusion Centers, FBI, law enforcement) to spread fabricated rumors in their neighborhoods about them, telling neighbors they can earn big bucks under-the-table for helping harass and assault them 24/7 with covert high tech weapons and even kill them.  Then we tell them, “don’t worry, it is a government program, so it is legal and you cannot get into any trouble, because, after all, government is a god not to be questioned by mere humans.”  We are asked sometimes if this no evidence, no due process, secret (false) accusation kill program is “legal” or “Constitutional”, well, it is if you are ignorant enough to help us trample everyone’s Constitutional Rights!Then you help us destroy the Constitution and we are free from worrying about everyone’s “rights” and those with the best weapons, “win”!
So even though, you have been called unremarkable your entire life, an army of depraved, greedy, easily led sociopaths like you, can do the unimaginable, like millions of termites, you can actually eat away at the very foundations of America by murdering the best and brightest who would challenge the take-down forever of America and with it, the world! So come help us usher in the New World Order of Satanic pedophiles and degenerates and become one of us!


I am having a problem with making and keeping my diary of assaults to Donna and James due to interference by contractors on Hatfields land. They are removing and changing my statements since they are always hacked directly into my computer. They seem to be stupid enough to think that I dont know they are there and perpetually try to fool me, so WOW.
If you people who read these comments can look at them and see no issues of concern, then you are all screwed and deserve what you get. Surely you cant imagine still that your government would not do this to us. This is also happening to you!!!. I am being tortured and I know it, but You are being manipulated covertly!!
The reason the Hatfields have been good citizens since 1994, is because they have only just now been bribed to ignore and assist in human experimentation, genocide and murder. The money is good so they will take it to murder the neighbors. They have proven themselves to be incapable of doing the right thing. Steve Hatfield had caused his whole family to not only be involved in doing the crimes, but they will be experiment subjects as well. Since the executive orders evoke the use of family members of the contractors to be candidates for experimentation as well. Think you can trust the Hatfields NOW?  He fouls his own nest.

Nov. 1, 2017
10:37 I was being torutred by the handler. Now at 7:00am I have to think that someone else is torturing me from 7:00 this morning because the torture is different.  I recognized the severity and the type of torture as that of Alissa Crook. I became angry that she would dare come to my new house to torture me as she had done for 2and a half years, with visible trauma injuries with images on website. There are now infection injuries on the back of my neck, head and inside my right ear crevice. Alissa used to make infections in a deep crevice where I couldnt get to it. I despise Alissa and the rest of that Crook family. They have no shame or self respect.

I was cooking super and this merc has been hurting my cartilage in my hands. They usually heat my cartilage up until my tendons click as I flex my hand. This Moron continued to hurt me as I ate my supper. This thing continued hurting me to the point it took the added step of putting an ELF beam to my brain so that I had to eat in pain and discomfort. Can you imagine hurting someones brain as they eat a supper with their partner. Of all the disgusting people to actually discount humanity and prevent someone who is being held against his will in a veritable cage. That man must be hurt in the brain during a meal. How absolutely awful. This contractor person is not really a human being and is just a shell of a person. This person is in probably sitting in a trailer which is located on the adjacent property. This is also happening to my fiancee Donna who lives here too and she is being tortured and traumatized by another contractor. These contractors are actually trying to break up Donna and I. I swear this is true and it happens every day. This is inhumane treatment and Donna and I demand to be set free from this torture. We are both elderly and feel weakened due to electronic torture.
I believe that the severe disabling torture I suffered in Brookings Oregon which rendered me physically and mentally disabled due to High ELF energy exposure. I believe the reason they did that is because and in retaliation for going to a sporting good store in GB where I purchased a gun and also gave literature on the torture to the storekeeper, yesterday. I also forgot to mention that I am receiving a trauma injury beam to my throat, before and during my meal.
I would like to appeal to people of empathy to assist Donna and I to assist us to be free of these weaponized morons without empathy. These mercs see what they are doing to us as a job and believe they are secret agents who are just following orders.
These weaponized morons are a secret police and they are members of the Deep State security structure. I think it is plain for all to see that they are not doing any kind of security, even though they are taking large monetary payments. Homeland security is a useless organization, only interested in false flag operations and torturing TI’s. This is a high profit organized crime, make work type program which is very similar to the phoenix program inflicted on the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war. This program is designed to traumatize the citizens like the Vietnam phoenix program. One way the citizens are traumatized is to prevent police from helping Targeted Individual’s (TI’s) who are being murdered. When the torture gets intense they are aware they will call the police who will put them in a mental institution. This is effectively GENOCIDE and TORTURE/MURDER. Yes, this is a throw back to the holocaust. The Torturers are so stupid and imbecilic that they continue doing this to us and even laugh and drink and party while they do their dastardly deeds. They have no respect for human life and will continually do stupid slapstick tricks and traps as they go about torturing TI’s. It is the police who in denying help for TI’s are in addition to traumatizing TI’s are also Traumatizing the public who see them committing genocide on the TI’s as a group. The reason to traumatize the public is to prevent the public from blowing the whistle on corruption. Citizens see others going to jail for long sentences and will look the other way about corruption even to the point of system failure. The citizens see the TI’s as a people who have been secretly and unconstitutionally designated by the government as people without standing who are to be executed by torture to death. These stupid people have in doing and taking these illegal orders made the people traumatized so that the American society no longer has faith in their governemnt. The economy is set to fail and the society is set to disintegrate. As the American society disintegrates, these dumb order followers will just continue to do their jobs their by fouling their own nests.. I wish they had a brain. If they had a working brain they would see that our children are going to inherit this horrible mess and they will have to have a war because these current police and torturers were greedy and wanted to make a lot of money. They dont see that they have started a fascist police state the likes of which no one has seen since world war II. The killing has already begun and I expect it to continue and get worse. This supports my theory that sociopaths who have tasted blood cannot be brought back and are beyond help. They must be physically separated from society due to their insanity.
I think you can see that militia will have to take out the weaponized morons to the point of their surrender to authorities

Nov. 3, 12:30am I had gone to bed at 9:30pm due to weakness from being irradiated in the brain with an ELF beam by a wacky handler. I had just woken up and was sitting on my couch in my house and eating a snack. First as earlier, I was assaulted in my brain with a trauma inducing Infrasound weapon which was being held in place as I moved around. That was very painfully trauma inducing which is what weakened me and tired me so that i had to go to sleep earlier. In addition, I was assaulted with an INFRASOUND weapon which shoved or pushed my right upper lip into the way of chewing my mouth chewing food (snack) resulting in a painful trauma which bled, to my lip. This is the same type of assault as done to the diplomatic people in Cuba. Infrasound is used on me all of the time really. I am continuously hit with a Infrasound beam to the back of my head where the boil infections are. its interesting that I can feel it on my face as if it is as if water were flowing over my skin.

Nov. 4, 2017
My handler started a new boil for my birthday. Its my birthday boil. PUS face is back. is it Alyssa Crook? I will find out and name that pus face.

11:39am I was talking to Donna in the kitchen when I noticed that my arms were discolored redish as if burned and my skin had taken on an uncharicteristic change in appearance to that of crepy skin. Then I went to get my camera and as Donna and I looked again when I was ready to photograph the anomaly of my skin, it was changed back. I reasoned that it was radiation that was being done to me in real time and that they turned it off to prevent me from photographing the evidence. This redish skin was very similar to something that happened to me before when I lived on first street in Gold Beach. I was burned with this radiation I called infrasound and it left burns which I did photograph and which are on my website: . Please look at those pictures to get a better idea of what I am referring to.
At first glance at the burn pictures it may appear that I have a sunburn. But on closer inspection you can see the characteristic change in my skin to a loose, crepey, inelastic feel and appearance with many little bumps and with a bright redish hue. (see burns on chest pictures 2015-2016). Are these contractors trying to use Infrasound or Ultrasound as a vector for transmitting disease or what?
I think the weaponized morons are doing the same experiments in the same sloppy way, done to me before which caused the burns, except now they are going a little slower to avoid burning me, to prevent photographic evidence. I hope someone who is knowlegable of the different frequencies in the low frequency range can advise on what is causing these burns. I know that I can read evidense of these frequencies on my android meter which is rated to read RF. It is thought that the ELF is heterodyned onto an hf frequency. When hitting the TI, the original frequency is brought up against a second frequency 180 degrees out of phase with the first, thus canceling it out and leaving the ELF frequency. It is surmised that this can be done with various other frequencies and therefore it is the vector of entry into the body.

Nov. 8, 7:30pm
My handler is making me pass out with ELF energy. There is no excuse for this because it is mean spirited and a sign of a sadistic nature. This person enjoys torturing and hurting others. This handler has a different torture technique than the daughterinlaw. This is also the handler who tortured me when Donna and I went to Coos Bay on 11/7 to see a movie since we put it off from my birthday. Donna and I were tortured all the way to Coos Bay I had a beam in my head, and almost the entire way there and all the way back I had a beam in my head. I sense the cretins feel that I am not cooperating and I am not a team player. But I am a patriot, so I dont accept this weaponized moron to have any authority over me.

Nov. 9, 2017
9:19pm I am electronically beaten almost every day and today is no exception.. The people on the Hatfield land think they have a special dick Tracy badge that entitles them to abuse people now. They treat me like a prisoner who has been sentenced to death for the most dastardly crime ever. I am not a prisoner, I am a patriot who is doing nothing but telling the truth. look at my website the constitution says that I am supposed to resist tyranny and that is what I am doing. f The Government has made my neighbors tyrants for thee state by virtue of bribing them. They took the money.

now they are harassing me through my computer.

do you have computer problems?
does your applications seize up and then if you try to access the interface, it turns whitish as if it is no longer working
then there is a notification saying the the application is unresponsive and do you want to kill it?
You are hacked by a government weaponized moron. They may treat you like you are a prisoner. Dont be afraid, they are morons but because they are stupid, they are dangerous.

nov. 19, 2017
11:37am I have been kept awake since last night and hand sleep not worth mentioning. Right now as i try to type, I can feel my tendon getting stuck like in carpal tunnel. You see i had a similar thing done to me in 2008 and 2009 which caused my basal thumb joints to wear out and have to be replaced surgically. This is important because it occurred before i was targeted for torture. What this means is that all citizens are targeted in this way. as someone with a biology degree and also an electronics degree, I can make observations of the purpose and torture procedure. These contractors are trying to cause injuries and aflictions which may then put the person on a downward trajectory heading toward their deaths. These people are trying to find ways to kill people. there is just no good way to say it. I had to have both my basal thumb joints replaced and another issue was excessive day time sleepiness which was called narcolepsy. However, in about 2002, I went in to doctors to get help with the fact I was falling asleep while driving. I could not pass the tests to prove I needed medicine to stay awake. I went to a neurologist who was a sleep doctor and I could not fall asleep all night and even last year I went twice and could not fall asleep in the sleep lab because I was tortured all night each time. Now look at the time this happened in 2002, this was 8 years before i was targeted with torture. I was not targeted as far as I knew and i thought this was merely bad luck. not being able to fall asleep meant that there would be problems obtaining medicine through out the rest of my life. They do this to people who are not targeted is the point I am trying to make. They probably had a hand in putting me to sleep or knocking me out and then they would not allow me to go to sleep in the sleep study. What this is, is MURDER. These contractors are killing americans. I think there are many things they do to make money. Human experimentation is one thing and maybe killing old people by shortening their lives through this murderous interference is another probably to fix the social security budget of which the money is already spent from the social security trust fund. SOFT KILL MURDER is what these people do. Now people are waking up and we are soon to be free from these morons.

11:55am My handler right this minute is sitting in the hatfields mother in law quarters. This house is not the steak out platform for the people who are killing me in my home. There is a new vehicle parked there now (a white ford van with Vermont plates). I have a directional meter which shows me the direction of energy coming from that house. The mother inlaw I thought was too old but apparently not. I think she needed some help though and that is why the new torturer. the other is the daughter in law. These people each make 100/hr or 1200/shift by my estimate. I found a mercenaries salary on line similar to what they are doing. Most of the time these women hit my brain with ELF energy. Also my joint, my lungs are hit with elf so that i have to cough up phlegm constantly until I wrap magnet material around and then it stops, which tells me that is the problem. If we can find shielding to stop the radiation or slow it down, thus screwing up their experiments then they may stop. I think though that they get angry and do things like interfere with sex. This is strange because they shoot a particular frequency over here and the feeling goes away immediately. You would think that sex is something they would not touch, but it is quite the opposite. They seem to relish interfering with sex and will devise little games to play so that the feeling goes away at a time where they can get the best high five. I think when others figure out this is happening they will help me teach them a lesson. For now I know where they are and I will have to give it my best shot. They are murdering Donna and I so I believe we can defend ourselves the best way we know how.

nov. 21, 2017
its 11:19am I am still in my bed under metal panels, but my neck and arms are burning and stinging from ELF. Im not sure if it is infrasound or ultrasound. This energy has a sting to it and it is the exact same energy that burned me in the pictures on my web site. This person is burning me and I have seen some burns on occasion. They try things to see if they can scare me or terrorize me. I have been the recipient of many electronic beatings like this. This one is a sadist. She is angry at me also or maybe she thinks I am too comfortable laying in my bed typing. Im sure she is not happy about what I am typing either.

4:00am like me right now and for the last 2 hours since I awoke, My handler has been disrupting my heart. That is my heart is beamed with ELF probably until it stops beating normally after which, it is released. This goes on repeatedly at intervals of about 30 seconds to one minute. The effect is to weaken neuro impulses so this can happen normally resulting in death. It causes worry and despair. I was having this done to me as a non targeted citizen. ARE YOU COVERTLY TARGETED ALSO? This is but one job of the corporate sociopath bag of dirty tricks.
Now (maybe out of retaliation for my disliking to be murdered) my handler has placed a beam to my left temple. Do you realize this handler person is sitting at a computer terminal from 7pm until 7am for a total of 12 hours of constant and sustained torture. What would you think is going on in this persons brain? could you be freinds with this person?
This person has taken a job torture/killing people who are telling the truth, such as activists. This person espouses lies and corporate values, such as more lies.

5:30am Donna is being beamed with energy and she is very distraught about being disintegrated. The neighbors around me are so incredibly stupid. They take money to torture/kill and think they are patriots… no they dont think they are patriots.

today i noticed something that said it was okay to shoot up to one neighbor for terrorizing or terrorism.

7:05am beams are shot into my head in different places. It seems like the object is to terrorize.

10:47pm today I was harassed with ELF all day. At lunch there were half dozen attempts at causing me to bite my lips. this is sadistic toying with human cattle, aka poking animals with a stick

12:46am Now I find that i bought a house in a community with a predator as a next door neighbor. The Sheriff said he was a good person since 1994, I guess that is when he moved in. But now he was offered expensive gifts and residual cash payments if he would help to murder Donna Wilkinson and James Lico. We are sovereign citizens and we have rights under the constitution. We also have the right to defend ourselves. Mr Hatfield is a coward, a traitor, a defiler of the constitution, a renegade. he has show himself to be a predator who will accept payments to do absolutely anything at all. I intend to expose this man in the public court of opinion. He befouls his own next and takes what he wants to enrich himself at the expense of others. mr Hatfield is a bad citizen and he needs to be brought to justice.

2:10am IF you’ve ever bitten your iip or cheek then you know how painful it is. What would you think if I told you that Contractors are doing this type of trick to or on people? They do the lip biting thing to me daily just about. In the last hour they have done it a half dozen times. The people who are not targeted just think they bit their lip or cheek which is really uncommon because your mouth is situated out of the way of your teeth. These contractors use infrasound waves to push your mouth in the way of your teeth.. REALLY. If you are biting your mouth with some frequency, then you have contractors playing tricks on you remotely. This is also true about literally hundreds of other what I call tricks and traps. The contractors will play actually slap stick tricks and traps and also aflictions, diseases, and other maladies of old age and many more which they practice and hone their skills to perfect.

2:34am hitting me with ELF energy now from a drone. Sick fucks. their stupidit is amazing.

Jay Gould, “I can hire half of the working class to kill the other half”
and that is only the start

divide and conquer

the elite have also hired soldiers to use the morons spy gear to spy on them and the rest of the neighbors. it is a psyops to get them to target someone in the community and place in the spy gear which is then used against them and the entire neighborhood. If the morons only knew!

drone in west at aprox 50deg from horizontal. I am detecting at least one half dozen drones in the sky at this minute. These are also used to spy on the neighborhood. KING HATFIELD is an idiot. He is killing himself and his family and and and the neighbors in the neighborhood.

The collect it all attitude of the spy agencies would not leave sophisticated gear on the ground unused. The can and do use all the psychotronics remotely and do so. Just wait until the rest of the neighbors find out that a few idiots opened them all up to experimentation.

The emperor has no clothes, The emperor is a baffoon
make a presentation for the sheriff

in AM call Frontier to tell supervisor about Betty in equip turn on turn off

William Binney and Robert David Steele have showed the Trump administration including Jeff Sessions how to leverage unprocessed NSA spy data to reveal Every TRAITOR, Every Pedophile and Every white collar criminal in the United States right now.

history of the court of ages.

artificial intelligence is not a match for natural stupidity


Its time to stop the abuse of citizens with neuro weapons.

after 911 the intelligence agency budgets basically doubled. This allowed them to build a huge imbecile army. The contractors are oddly enough, imbeciles too. The contractors are all the Pedophiles, child rapists, serial killers and voyeurs. You cant imagine that they would have hired such a rogues gallery of misfits and the mentally ill.

To the real police, The sick morons who present themselves as homeland security are making you look like baffoons and Charletons. They are hurting people with energy weapons and forcing the police to clean up after they cause chaos and force good people to frantically call the police for help. Please, I urge the police to stop helping the weaponized moron contractors who use weapons on Citizens.

the weaponized moron contractors who use weapons on Citizens are litterally stupid people who are also sociopaths and psychopaths with zero empathy. These are also pedophiles, child rapists, voyeurs, serial killers and predators whom are now given the taste of blood by turning their fiendish lust onto the citizens.


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  1. dido with happy birthday.And I’m video taping the frequencies with theemf meter you suggested to down load.I cant believe people are debating wether they are using satllites or not.they most certainly are.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lico!! Thank you for your blog and your YouTube videos which led me to find the conference calls! I appreciate it.

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