I am an Activist. I see it as my duty to tell the people the truth about Serious political corruption within our Government. This is the reason I am a Targeted Individual. Do you doubt that?. I have college degrees in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Science, which allow me to report about the war crimes which are perpetrated on me and Donna and YOUR FREEDOMS by representatives of Rogue Government intelligence agencies.

Listen here… If the intelligence agencies are willing to go to this trouble to get rid of two elderly citizens, what business is it of yours? Man, This is the crux of it. If your government can do this to innocent citizens, then it can do this to you. This government is rogue, the Intelligence agencies are rogue and DHS is rogue and they have their own profit agenda. If you cant stop watching your sports and entertainment long enough to find out what is happening in your own fucking neighborhood then I want to die and I will bid good luck to you because you will need it.
But dont worry, You have Steve Hatfield the torture man and the Valquery sisters to protect you!

What if people like me, a lowly activist (not famous, doing it in my spare time), is all that is standing between criminals and complete lawlessness. The Intel agencies thing so. Do you really think that I am a TERRORIST or do you think that this is the best way to get rid of the opposition? IT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE! Look at how easily Steve Hatfield and his Valquery Sisters (sister in law) can be bought off. They have a complete enclave of Torture and Mayhem walled off from society. This is what the rogue spy agencies put here as an answer to silencing an elderly retired man and his elderly spouse writing about corruption in our Government.


So, it turns out that the Steve Hatfields of the world are a big problem for YOU and ME.  This neighborhood Nazis are all over America.  They are in many neighborhoods and there is usually a hierarchy like there is here.  That is someone like Steve Hatiield at as neighborhood monitor and someone like John Klute as the assistant monitor.   In this case the TI is here such as Donna and I are   False Flag Operations, that is, we are here as a diversion which the contractors use to demonstrate that we must be ever vigilant to protect against terrorists.  You are supposed to be amazed that we now have:

Elderly Terrorists

Only one thing, we are not terrorists.  We are elderly and we have come here because we

1) like the area

2) we have been chased by weaponized morons.  These morons are Private Governement contractors.

The contractors will use us as a diversion if we are available but if not they will tell the other neighbors that there are Terrorists in many neighbors and we have to be ever vigilant to ward off terrorists.  Then they will set up a neighborhood watch groups and do drills (practice terrorist scenarios), pretending there are terrorists.

These contractors are affable and sociable and likeable sociopaths who are working for the government.  They are Mercenaries or MERCS.  The army sent front people into Vietnam before sending soldiers in to “win the hearts and minds” of the indigent peoples and prepare them for total devastation of their country as they knew it..  They did a lot of talking of hearts and minds during Iraq and Afghanistan remember and it was to molify the people as they were cleaning out anything they wanted in the name of America.  But not America is getting the same treatment.  Yes, it is because America’s emerging economy is getting older and less profitable and now the aim is to globalize governance while letting America sink to its own level of prosperity while it compets with China, Africa, India, etc.. They use the term “Full Spectrum Domminance” and “asymmetric warfare”  Here they say    will tell you that Donna and I have done something which the

The problem with weaponized morons aka useful idiots is, their bosses only need to do their part and they dont want them around after their usefulness has passed by. They dont realize that the Elite have poisoned and are in fact poisoning our skies and our food and everything really. If that isnt bad enough, The Georgia Guide stones say that 95% of the human race has to go. This is what many people need to wake up to!

Mass Geoengineering Occurring Now Worldwide

FLU Biological Warfare ATTACK!

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 3, 2018, #130 ( Dane Wigington )

This is a new development after my last installment of my no touch torture log.  I guess Steve Hatfield didn’t like it, so there is no accounting for taste.

There are many reasons for Targeted individuall $LAVERY.
Is it a coincidence that over half of the targeted individuals are elderly and on social security.

Feb. 2, 2018

The weaponized Morons are trying to keep me from telling the people the truth. This is anti American and this is by definition, Treason for the Weaponized Morons.

I am speaking specifically about Steve Hatfield and his Valquiry girl torturers who come to the mother in laws house to TORTURE Donna and I.

Steve Hatfield has his psychopathic sister in law and her friend from Vermont over and probably others, to his Mother In laws house to Shoot the elderly neighbors and kill them because he gets money for it. This is anti American and it is TREASON for that very reason. Psychopaths like this dont mind hurting people and acting like GOD over them because they have no conscience and are devoid of empathy or empathyless. Look, hatfield was told he could not possibly get into trouble for killing his neighbors or anyone else. Think about that…. The Torture Trade attracts people of low morality and low empathy. So right away you have to wonder about such people as these women.
Hatfield has sicked his psychopathic friends on Donna and I to Torture us until suicide. This is a war crime, the punishment has historically been hanging.  I fully intend to hold Hatfield fully accountable which is really a no brainer..
There are a lot (1000’s) of Elderly Targeted Individuals who are sounding weaker these days. They will start dropping from the torture of the Weaponized Morons. These Idiots are also hacking into our computers as well. Have you ever wondered why the elderly are considered enemies of the state? It is because the Social Security Trust fund is broke because the trustees (Government) have spent all the money. So even though people have worked their entire life to fund their Medicare and Social Security, the Elite bankers want to portray them as FREELOADERS even though they paid for it? They really are not freeloaders but this is how the bankers demonize people whos property they want. They call us Targets Of Interest, if they want something from us.
they want morons like Hatfield and the grisley sisters to attack them. You see folks, the bankers think the elderly are USELESS EATERS. If the bankers can kill off elderly retirees, it can recoup some money that would go to waste on OLD PEOPLE. I bet you didnt know how much OLD PEOPLE are costing society and the bankers? Yes thanks to Hatfield the bankers will get more in tax breaks and corporate welfare. They are only touching the surface and they plan to kill off as many old people as they can. You see they do things right in plain sight since Hatfield is retired and yet he is so stupid that he doesnt realize he is helping the Pedophile bankers kill the OLD PEOPLE. These bankers also want the Activists disposed of as well as many others who are in the way.
Designating us as Terrorists was the easiest way to get the American Taxpayers to pay for disposing of unwanted people, by having them declared as an enemy!  Then once declared as an enemy, they can use the DOD (military) department of defense to Torture them to death and KILL THEM and nobody is supposed to notice.. The tax payers are paying to kill themselves. Yet no one questions it!  Since 911 was an inside job by Cheny, Bush and a whole Rogues Gallery of Charlestons and criminals and has nothing to do with ISLAM.  911 was just a good way to take away the peoples rights. They clamor for more protection and boy do they get it. Dont you feel protected by Hatfield. He is making thousands by HOSING THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.  He knows what he is doing since since he must interface with the criminal organization DHS Homeland Security.. This criminality extends all the way from 9/11 to now and you better believe it has taken over many people to the dark side along the way. It is brother against brother and mother against son. This is a war and it will kill you dead if you let it continue.

What is happening is not the usual gallant war. It is rather a war on Old Ladies and women and children.. Many women are targeted and since 80 percent of targets TI’s are women and 70% to 80% of the women targets are over 65. Then logically, elderly women are a majority of Targeted Individuals. The Men who designed this system, make sure they chose targets which they expect to see in the general population. Does that make sense because it should.? So you can see that there is no war, but it is an extermination by the Elites on unarmed and innocent women and children.
Also, I am looking at who benefits from this so called war. Social Security and Medicare is one group who benefits directly by having Social Security and Medicare recipients killed off to limit benefits.

I cannot defend Donna and myself in the normal way. I have to be clever and creative. I think if the combatants don’t like what I am writing then those combatants should


It doesn’t take a genius to identify Murder and Slavery.  However some people are trying their best to pretend they do not see it.  Greed has overcome their connection to natural law.  If you ask them, they will disclaim any knowledge of the brutal repression tactics.    They want to arise from the mire and proclaim that it was their job.  No one can claim that because it is obviously a crime and everyone knows it.  The people are not stupid and eyes are watching all the players now.   Former NSA Technical Director William Binney said he would start an investigation into the brutal repression of the TI’s.  My web site and others are out there as a real time resource and people are reading it.  Everyone is afraid right now and rightly so.    But when the danger is over and it will be,  The guilty will be tried and punished for their genocide and other war crimes.  Compare to Hitlers Germany in 1939.

I asked Hatfield about pulling off the thugs and he is playing stupid.  It was an admirable performance but when the Financial collapse comes people will need to stick together because we will need all neighbors assistance.  The elite know that and that is why they have made this false flag operation and that is to divide and conquer each neighborhood.   They want Hatfield fat dumb and relying on the Govt. to tell him when his next money engorgement is.  They want the other neighbors dependent on people like Hatfield.  You will need to depend on real people with skills, who can help you.

I figure that If I can see that assets have been taken instead of cash then others can see that also.
I just want to let you all know that we are attending the wake of a Targeted Individual Friend today and we are feeling weak and we will probably die soon.  The contractor women who torture us from Hatfields Mother in Laws house toy with us by poking us like caged animals and a myriad of other disgusting tricks.  They disrespect us on purpose as we can tell from the way they treat us.   One of the experiments they do to me was started by David Palmquist in Gold Beach when I rented a house he owned.  He managed to get a stool sample from me by playing a psyops involving a plumbing problem.  I knew he was one of those contractor morons and should have threw him the hell out.  Any way, from that sample they got resonant frequency of DNA in my colon.  Then Elissa Crook and her blond friend who I have seen in a Chirstmas play had a sleep over at the Crook compound and tortured me all night by resonating with my colon.  I couldn’t get off the toilet for many hours.  How is that for dealing with the elderly.  Since I am elderly I think of myself as being an unwilling recruit for the Experimental program to kill off Social Security recipients.  Does anyone doubt that the Government, when financially strapped would kill off thousands of social security recipients.  Here is what I am noticing.  My genetics has dictated that me and my family historically do not get fat.  Now that these weaponized morons have been electrifying my colon, I am now getting fat.  Its just an observation which may help others pursue these weaponized morons to the ends of the earth.  The symptoms I get when they energize my colon are bloated, uncomfortable and I suspect they are symptoms of irritable bowel disease.  There are many afflictions like IBD which a doctor would diagnose in there favor.  Symptoms like those of fibromyalgia, Parkinson, arthritis and many more.  For brevity I will just say there are many more disgusting experiments which you can read about in my website.

Afflictions like those will also be used to kill off many people including elderly social security recipients.  I believe that this research was and is being used to find pathological things which can be used to shorten the lives of the elderly in any way possible.  If there are any elderly people reading this who are half way normal should take heed of this and get together with others to call your US representatives and senators to order them to reign in the Contractor murders like Steve Hatfield and his Sister in law and others who are torturing people.  You can get information from my website: Https://JamesLico.com

if you would like to listen in on live Targeted Individual conference calls you can see the times and days on the following website link: https://www.freedomfortargetedindividuals.org/information

This shows what Homeland Security is doing

Difustion Tensor Imaging is a type of MRI

Feb. 5 Monday

we stayed in all day.  Donnas foot looks swollen and she is concerned

I rewrote torture log

Tuesday, Feb 6

12:59am  we are listening to osi. brain lock all day yesterday

skin on my face is discolored brownish on the cheeks.. there is a new boil on the left side of my neck

from left is perp Steven Hatfield and then Perp John Clute.  These men colluded to build tall fences on their property.  Hatfields fence is 7ft+ high and it has about  a 2ft gap on the bottom.  This fence is too tall for any normal use, but my handlers are in the house behind the fence and they are getting into drones Im guessing.  You see the fence is just in front of my house… on the right it ends where you see the boat trailer.  on the left it ends in his hedges.  I am not allowed on his land but if I were,  I could walk around the fence.  Hey, wait a minute… They say the fence is for protection from me but they leave the end open.  That fence isnt to keep anyone out, it is to prevent anyone from seeing inside.  HMMM.. I wonder what they have to hide?  OH, they are back today because the fence was leaning over too far and they had to shore it up.

6:43pm I finished taking a shower to reduce the punishment from the torturer morons. I was in Gold Beach with Donna and had just the usual torture as we ate our supper over at Wangs chinese restaurant. Then on the way back to port Orford I was attacked with beams locked onto my head. They were from drones apparently. This was punitive and I figure the criminals I wrote about are angry that they were served up to whatever fate awaits them for their crimes. You have to pay for your crimes.  I will be showing these degenerates in the days and weeks ahead.  Stay tuned and we will start ridding America of this garbage.
The idea from this in case you dont know, they want to torture and drive me to break out. they try to torture the person until they cant take it anymore and then do it worse in a place where the target TI will make a spectacle of himself. This is a dirty scumbag moron. It may even be satanic pedophile.  Because who would actually do this to anyone?  In my case the torturer is angry I didnt want to be tortured and turned the idiot in.  Thats it, I dont want to be murdered and I turn them in from my website and they try to kill me.  Believe me when I say that nobody could take a beam in your brain because they turn it up until they get the desired result. If you dont yell, then they turn it up more. For people who dont believe it, You will probably get your chance to experience it yourself..

one major point of this is that nothing can be done about my writing since I a writing the truth.  If I had smeared Hatfield like the contractors did with me, then he could sue me and make me stop.  But you see that he is really doing what I say he is doing.

Go ahead and check out the Corrupt Dept. Of Homeland Security on youtube there are many videos showing evidence of the false flag operations, like the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook Shooting, and others.   The most recent was the Las Vegas shooting.  Dr. James Fetzer wrote a book about the false flag operations.  He has videos about all of them.


Feb. 7, 2018

2:59am I have been tortured with a beam to my brain which is meant to cause a dull to sharp pain of about 7of 10 pain.  In other words, this is a resonance beam that goes into the top left side of my brain and heats it up to cause pain.  This is what tortures are good for..  Do we need these people Folks?  Think of why the brought back torture!! Isnt it to get people to do what these morons want them to do.  So what do you think of your neighbors now..  They actuall have jobs torturring people to make them do  what they want them to do.  There is nothing about this that has any resemblance to the America we know.  These people are NAZIS arent they and they are contributing to the making of a TOTALITARIAN STATE, where the individual is or will be told what to do and when to do it.  In other words if you want a country like Hitlers Germany 1939, we are getting there fast.  Also, dont forget the trees are dying and if the trees die then we die.  Look at the trees outside folks.  They are faltering.  They are losing pine needles here in Oregon.  No live trees not Oxygen from CO2 folks.  Just drive on 101 and look up.  Do the trees look healthy to you.  Cant you remember a day when the trees looked green and healthy?  This is from UV radiation no longer being effectively filtered by the OZONE layer.

Isnt Hatfield wonderful.  This is the cut of the man … he is a useless torturing jerk.  He gets some power and I mean torturing the neighbor is his power and he uses it to try to force the neighbor to comply and not write about him anymore.  That folks is litterally what Hatfield is doing, since he is no doubt unhappy that I am telling the truth.  I didnt think at first that he was such a punk.  I will win because I have the people on my side and Hatfield has the evil pedo Bankers.  Hatfield is literally betting everything on the bankers winning and there being a 95% population reduction.  Whadaya tink?  So if Hatfield is right then most everyone will be killed off and Hatfield will be sitting pretty as a KING or Land Barron and then he can take all your stuff because you will all be dead.   Yes, that is what these people are planning, whether Hatfield knows the plan or not.  He is helping the pedo bankers implement the plan.  You need to see what I am telling you.  I am talking about the new world order coming into power God forbid.  I am talking about agenda 21 which is the agenda for the 21st century.  Agenda 21 says that the wilderness areas will have the humans resettled into the larger cities.  This is happening now in California and the fires are burning out the people so they will resettle where?  anywhere but where their land was taken.  This is for agenda 21…  Santa Rosa is only 280 miles south of Port Orford.  They havent asked you to get off of your land yet folks, but when they do, will they burn you out like they did in Sanoma and Ventura CALIF?   Those fires were not forrest fires, they were done with Directed Energy Weapons.  I am sorry to lay this on you but it is the way it is and Hatfield is working against you folks and he is making big money and has no reason to stop his treacherous and treasonous actions.  I am telling you this is a war and that Hatfield is the enemy.  The tactic is for Hatfield to use the Targeted Individuals (Donna and James) as TERRORISTS with Hatfield as the supreme neighborhood Savior with his directed energy RAY GUNS BLAZING!!.  But now you know the truth folks.

4:11am I am being tortured all night by these monsters on Hatfields land.  The pain in my brain is up to 9 out of 10 pain now and there is no let up.  How could you cope with this folks?  you need to ask yourselves because it can be you at any time.  These morons can be sicked on you and they would take the money.  There are over a million contractors folks.  They all take the money to torture.  This is what we are up against.  I am just one man telling the truth… I am an activist and as such I am an enemy of the state.    Look for others  because you need to find out what is going on and stop listening to people like Hatfield.  He is a bully and I think I have showed you that.

Do your own research folks.  You need to prove this to yourselves.

3:30pm I went to pay my ticket and court is tomorrow, Thursday at 4:00pm and I need to plead not guilty.  The handler is hurting my brain with a resonance beam.

4:00pm I am getting a beam in my brain at the same place, left top of my head. This is all the time and it resonates with my brain to heat it up. this is 3 out of 10 pain. This program is always forcing the TI to do something always.  They want a resopnce to everything they do and they are always torturing.  If The TI doesnt respond, then the torture is increased.  Ignoring the handler is not an option.  Doing nothing and getting on with life IS NOT AN OPTION. The handler apparently must cause every moment of the TI’s life to be a living hell which is why TI’s think the objective is to make the TI commit suicide.   I was going to charge the battery in Donnas car and the power stepped up to 5 of 10 and I yelled for the woman contractor Hatfields Sister in law to stop hurting me. There is no chance of getting back to a normal life with these weaponized morons around.

5:32pm This happened when I went to PO City hall too, as I call Pay Pal, my headache went up from 3 of 10 pain to 6 of 10 pain and i have to negotiate my account issue with that pain. Why would someone do that to someone. It is to drive me over the edge to make a mistake, to act out, etc. What the fuck is wrong with these people. They want to use the police to subjugate me. I hope the police/sheriff knows that they are co-opted by these moron weaponized contractors who try to portray TI’s as crazy in an attempt to remove my rights. They are desperate because I am writing about the attacks Donna and I go through now. As I am writing the pain in my brain just went up to 7 of 10 pain and my neck and head is crackling and the pain is still going up. The morons are reading what I write in real time. This is so horrible and I think the police should do something or resign and get some new police in there who will do something.  Maybe the city council needs to educate themselves and do something locally to get rid of the garbage infesting the town.   Here in my neighborhood, Gifford Barnes may be unaware of this crime, he says he is, but his grand daughter is staying with him and she has something to do with Donna’s torture.

5:32pm  A strange headache happened to me when I went to Port Orford City hall and now here it is today.  But I know what it is instead of having to wonder about it.   Here it is again as I called Pay Pal because of a banking error, my headache went up from 3 of 10 pain to 6 of 10 pain and i have to negotiate my account issue with that pain.  Why would someone do that to someone or anyone for money.  It is to drive me over the edge to make a mistake, to act out, etc.  What the fuck is wrong with these people.  They want to use the police to subjugate me.  I hope the police/sheriff knows that they are co-opted by these moron weaponized contractors who try to portray TI’s as crazy in an attempt to remove my rights.  They are desperate because I am writing about the attacks Donna and I go through now.  As I am writing the pain in my brain just went up to 7 of 10 pain and my neck and head is crackling and the pain is still going up.   The morons are reading what I write in real time.  This is so horrible and I think the police should do something or resign and get some new police in there who will do the peoples work.  Saying you dont know and have never heard of Energy weapons is a lie.  You are guilty and you chose your side.  I have encountered bad cops and also good cops in a bad situation.  The good cops will try to help, they will offer plausible suggestions.    Here in my neighborhood, Gifford Barnes may be in on this crime, but I think he is being deceived.  His grand daughter is staying with him and she has something to do with Donna’s torture.  But Gifford is not doing well.  He is much more feeble since last summer.  I am surprised at the gound he has lost in only a few months.  Donna and I went over to talk to him and his grand daughter was all over him and she was rude to Donna and I.  She refused to go in the house as was requested about two dozen times, so Gifford could talk to us.  In my opinion this woman has do empathy.  The women who are torturing us are lethal narcissistic predators, which I can surmise because their actions tell a story.  They think nothing of torture/killing  someone to death.  I have heard a lot of people taking advantage of others to take their stuff and then kill them afterwards.   There are many people who are in this targeting program just because someone wants their stuff when they die.  I will stop here because I dont know what Gifford Barnes has but I would worry about him right now if I was family.  The plausible deniability built into this targeting crime is that the perpetrators cause the victims body to fail slowly over time and then die way sooner than they otherwise would.  The elderly can be made feeble,  made to look older quickly, suffer break downs of joints, suffer aches and pains and then die.  They could kill people in a heart beat, but it would look suspicious.  The perpetrators want to break people down slowly while they walk among us.  But it hard to present the suffering that the Targeted Individual goes through of which the perpetrators care not.  But that is not all, The perpetrators torturing Donna and I want us to know they are doing it.   They attack us while we are doing what we need to do during the day.  They will cause that time to be miserable so the target is grateful later in the day when the day is finally over.  This is typically the case that every thing we do, the perpetrators try to destroy or make a miserable time of.  These people even interfere with SEX so that it ends miserably.   Why would they do this you might ask.  In my opinion, they are doing this so that sooner or later, the victim will commit suicide.  That is why they call it NSA suicide and that is considered a success.  There are government programs like the semicolon ; on a business card feigning concern.  But this is disingenuous because they suicide people  commit  is FORCED SUICIDE aka Murder.
So to restate how unbelievable it is to think that many thousands of people are telling of the exact same and Identical symptoms and complaints, since this is the exact definition of human experimentation?  Consider Donna and I, that we are telling the exact same story and have the same symptoms and yet people dont believe us, is inconceivable to me.  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING.  Your Government is murdering Whistle-blowers who report corruption and crime and activists who tell of corruption and crime.   Dont we want people who are brave enough and care enough to risk their lives to report this corruption to continue to report it?  Well how can you expect more people to come forward when we tell you representatives or your government are murdering activists and whistleblowers?  This is a testimony to the LAST DAYS OF ROME, you idiots.
Maybe Donna and I are the lucky ones who are getting  out.  You people have to live on with DYING TREES and BIOIMPLOSION.  None of it will be found in time to save you and you will all go down in a toilet flush.  Remember that if the trees die we die, if the bees die we die.  Thousands of species are all dying every day.  It is the opinion of many people now that 21 veterans who die every day, is real and it is very strange because it is statistically this level of suicides would not normally happen.  What could it be due to?  Well let me tell you that it is Probably and most likely due to mind control guiding them towards their suicide deaths.  In other words many of them are NSA suicides.  Think about it as plausible deniability.

 I do know from experience that there are always someone locally doing the torturing.  Greed is used to coopt people in all walks of life.  Then they use secrecy to hide what is going on.  We need to shred their secrecy since it is used to hide crimes.  The law states that secret classification may not be used to hide crimes.  Let me tell you how the country is hurt because the police will not help some of the citizens.  People watching while police will not help citizens dont know what is going on.  They dont know that the Government told police to stand down when Targeted individuals ask for help.  They see the police will not help and they are FRIGHTENED and AFRAID and maybe a little TERRIFIED.  You see they might naturally think this could happen to them now and the societal social fabric is ripped and torn.  The CIA is responsible for this DESTABALIZATION of other countries.  But now they are doing it to their own country.  Maybe they are not feeling too responsible for America any more.

6:13pm This handler is trying desperately to increase the level of torture to get me to comply with her.  I just am not afraid to die and I will not comply.  Torture is no way to get someone to comply with anything.  I am a soverign citizen and I am a patriot and I am a FREE MAN.  Hatfield is barking up the wrong tree with his heavy handed tactics.  I have a feeling of intense pain in my head  and I have a feeling of being choked and my blood pressure is going through the roof.  This is murder and these morons need to be sentenced to be hung.  Again, if I call police they will say they cant do anything.  I have had police at least who were curious to help in any way they could .  They would talk to the morons at least.  Someone should talk to these morons who are 200 feet east south east of me.  This is barbaric torture and again, the psychopathic women want me to act out so they can call the police.  This can only end badly on this track they are on.

6:34pm  I want to write about the boil infections i must endure at the hands of the woman psychopathic sister in law of Steve Hatfield.  As can be seen on my website, I have boil infection injuries and this is an ongoing torture that is done to me by these monsters.  There are three new boil infections on my head and one that is healing on my cheek.  THere are two on the back part of the top of my head which feel like large bumps or contusions.  there is a boil on the back of my head and a very painful and exposed one on the left side of my neck.  This seems punitive since there are so many and it is by design made to be very uncomfortable and ugly to look at.  I will post pictures soon.


Feb/ 7, 2018
Feb. 10, 2018
My head was hurt all day with a resonance beam.  In addition Donna and I are jabbed with resonance beams in arms, legs, feet.  My arms and legs are hurt with a beam that does a traumatic injury as though being hit with something.  My left lung is being hit with a trauma inducing weapon over and over as though there is a test over a long period of time with repeated injuries.  I have 3 college degrees and I know what I am talking about.  Both Donna and I are being hurt more than usual.
Donna is being electrified all over and has to wrap herself with shielding.  She is also poked with a resonance beam.
This will explain what is going on now, how we got that way and how to get our country back.

Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 47: Ideas on Surveillance Abuse           https://youtu.be/uE3FPaQEfg8

Feb. 11, 2018
I slept okay after 4am when I was able to get to sleep.
5:37pm I am getting beamed in my brain to keep me from talking on Renatas talkshoe call.  This is from Hatifelds Mother in laws house .
I want to ask Hatfield a question.  The Georga Guidestones (look it up) put a cap on the population of the WORLD at 500 Mil.  They are calling for a 90% population reduction.  I dont think you have fully thoiught this out.   Your family will have to be reduced by 90% or 95 of every 100 people.  In other words only 5 out of 100 will live.  Are you getting this ??  95 out of 100 must die.  Are you thinking you will live with that ?? Doesnt Treason mean anything to you.  When you look at me and appear superior, You are a liar and a coward.  You know you are a traitor.  You took the money and sold your soul.  Do you want to be a big shot?
This is an article in Wired mag. on the Georgia Guidestones
American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse
Thanks to Ted Turner for making it clear what the globalists truly desire.
Ninety percent depopulation is the goal.
The Georgia Guidestones declares that humanity will be reduced by 90%. To do that, a devastating world war will be needed and the world’s march toward depopulation will begin right here in the United States. The means for this devastating destruction will be the result of losing World War III. Following America’s devastating defeat, what is left of American society will be garrisoned and divided into 11 mega cities in a style befitting of the Hunger Games movie trilogy. Documents have emerged which clearly supports these assertions.

America to Lose 90% of Its Population In World War III

The California fires gave us a look at how we are going to lose our homes and then we will be culled by 90% and shuffeled off to the stack and pack mega cities.
What you were told about me is wrong.  I am an activist.  I tell people the truth to wake them up.  I am telling you the truth.  The corporations are in power and make up the Deep state.  The corporations put me on the watch list because I tell the truth.  They dont want people to know the truth.  You dont know the truth.  The Government is not your friend and DHS is Organized Criminal Corporation.  DHS has their own agenda, FBI, CIA all have their own agenda.  But the spy agencies help each other out.  They are all profit based and do the bidding of the Elite bankers.
You will not live through 90% population reduction.  This is to happen by 2025.  See Deagle.com   That is just 7 years away!  You will lose everything and theyn you will die.  The Government fears you.  They fear you will wake up and they want to kill you before that happens

United States of America Projected Changes from 2014-2025

Year:  2013

Population:  316 million

Gross Domestic Product: $17 trillion
GDP per capita: $52,838
Budget: $5.8 trillion
Military Budget: $726 billion

Forecast 2025

Population: 69 million

Gross Domestic Product: $921 billion
GDP per capita: $13,328
Military Budget:  $8.0 billion

Feb. 16th Friday
6;30 Donna and I went to Gold beach to see the pastor Rory I began getting attacked while there 3:30p to 6:30p. On the way back to Port Orford, the attack continued and was getting worse. There cars shining their brights at us purposefully. Here and for the next three hours I was beaten electronically. These type of electronic beatings usually involve brain entrainment. It as a painful beating which these people like to give.  It feels to me like my brain is in a vice and turning up the power turns the crank tighter.  As for me and Donna, we both feel as if we are dying now from the torture.  The energy zaps our strengths and stamina.  We both feel like we dont have a lot of time left.  We both know that when we fall sick, its over because the weaponized morons will kill us in the hospital like thousands of others.  The morons think torture will make me stop resisting.  I know that if I give in to torture, then we are done for, since once you let them take away your dignity with torture then all is lost.  Whoever said “it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees” was absolutely right.  I will just continue to obey the law and do my best to resist and educate people.   We can only keep trying and hoping that this war ends before we die.

As for the weaponized morons, they are in a militarized trance, just going though the motions of their military take over of America.  They are so stupid and brainwashed that they actually believe they are doing the right thing.  We think they must also be under mind control too.  Also, the money they are getting helps to show them that crime pays, since i think they must know that they are murdering people.  Its a lot like the time of Hitler and WWII now isnt it.

There is a trauma injury to my neck which must be from infrasound. The trauma to my neck is deep in the muscle on the left side. The contractors must be doing this for weapons testing. I have seen a lot of this. They pick one spot and stick with it. The beam is a trauma beam which heats up the tissue and has a dull pain associated with it.
The effect is an injury to the muscles of the neck and they seem to be inflamed which eases with ibuprofen. This pain remains and is increased by the hanndler accessing and adding to the inflamation all day. The pain turns unbearable after a day and feels like a stiff neck somewhat. But i am compairing it to what I have experienced before. Also, this seems similar to what people refer to as fibromyalgia, which is another affliction induced by DEW.
I remember experiencing the Fibromyalgia and stiff neck back when I was a younster which means that I have been targeted with this weaponry all of my life. Yes, I do think that what I experienced as a boy was the same torture as I receive today. It is also the same as I received from 1990 to 1995 when I worked at Lockheed Martin Marietta in Piketon Ohio.

You need to ask yourself why torture?  The answer is it is used for Mkultra trauma based mind control.  They brought torture into the mix after 911 in Iraq.  But Iraq was not a war, it was an invasion for profit.  Sadam didnt attack us and neither did any other Arab country.  It was an inside job of criminals in the Bush administration and the Israelis.

Feb. 17th, Saturday
The torture is heavier in general. There is now lots of brain entrainment and neck bruising with ELF. Also Donna is being hurt quite a lot too.

Feb. 18th Sunday
The women on Hatfields land are proving brutal. They deserve to be in prison for a long time. I recomend never to let them out because they are predators and psychopaths. I have brain crackling and neck bruising and prods and pokes.

Mon. Feb 19, 2018
There is a trend to increase the torture to unbearable around supper time. This handler likes to keep me awake at night. This is a new person which I can tell by the way she tortures me. She has a technique which is different than the other last one. Also she is going through torture routines that have been abandoned by the last one. I am getting boil infections which I believe are used to track me.
You need to keep asking yourself why is this necessary.
I think they are planning to use these techniques on many many people like millions. they are automating this torture and tracking.

you need to have an imagination with this. I happen to know that these people like to have their programs do many things at once to make money. It is somewhat satanic and they like to feel superior by having the effect of their program to be far reaching. I believe that many of the TI’s are elderly and most (80%) are women. I know the social security trust fund is broke. They want to cut social security and are held from doing so. An alternative is to cut the need for social security by limiting the pay out period by killing off the recipients The program is designed to slow kill the people and old people are considered useless since they collect benefits and are retired. The signal will be given to kill us sometime soon I believe. Every day I get the neck trauma and brain entrainment crackling.

Tue. Feb 20, 2018
More brain crackling and neck trauma.

Feb. 21, wed, 2018
my stomach

Thur. Feb 22, 2018
Today,My handler continued the experiment that Dave Palmquist started and Alyssa Crook continued. The Hatfield girls made my colon extend out of my ass hole. This is because they have the DNA of my colon and can irradiate my colon at its resonant frequency. They are unlocking the secrets of how my colon and your colon does what it does. So what are these geniuses doing with this? They are using it to make me sick.. They are heating up my colon using its resonant frequency. Apparently this makes my colon swell up, causing me to get sick by feeling my stomach receiving juices back up from my colon. What i am trying to impart to you is that these people are playing GOD. They are sick and they are taking money from Satanists to find out how to KILL PEOPLE for the ELITE pedophiles .They have no shame as psychopaths and they need to be exposed and tried in a court of law and then HUNG .. That is the penalty for TREASON

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hatfields fence across the street and John Clute’s fence in front of our house. This was done out of an evil mean spiritedness. This is how targeted individuals are treated by perpetrators. But we are elderly and now blocked from fire, ambulance, any delivery service. Is that right? Wait a minute.. Who would do that to an elderly couple? Is this guy for real? This is torture in itself isnt it?  They are angry because I am excercising my rights by telling the truth to all.  They expect you not to notice or ask questions. I tell everything and they look like Low Life Cretins because they are and not just because I say so. Check in out for yourself. Once you get the facts, then you can see what is happening. This targeting of individuals is a scourge on society to destableize it. They want America to fail. They take the bribes for murder. Now you can see why the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment lasted 40 years! The Military is behind thisl and they gave you chemtrails to ruin the environment and POISON YOU!
This pic gives an idea just how restrictive this fence would be. I certainly would sue this John CLUTE to the hilt and would have no merce on him since he is such complete jerk as to lock two elderly people into their yard. The dumb bastard has no resaon other than he says he wants to control his land. I bet he hopes like hell that America goes down the tubes due to corruption. This man has no redeeming value. He is a useless fool with no empathy. Surely he must be doing this to be mean and that means he is in on the Targeting of Donna and I.

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