First Targeted with Covert RADAR ON MY BRAIN in the early 1990's when I worked for Lockheed Martin Marietta in Piketon Ohio. Electronic beating and infection injury from Q1 of 2016, used in experiments by contractors. This injury is on my face to show the contractors (Crooks) contempt for me. This was done over several weeks with Infrasound energy (Less than 20Hz). Another point I want to make is that the contractors methodically need to drive the TI’s to act out so they appear crazy and are arrested and taken to a mental hospital. That way the police will write them off as crazy and no longer help them, which is the desired result. What they do is ramp up the torture and pain until the TI’s can no longer remain silent. Everyone has a breaking point and the contractors are searching for it. The pain keeps ramping up until they get the response they want. So this is all a psyop on YOU to make you notice the TI’s when the contractors want you to notice them. TI’s are in fact human trafficking slaves. They have used up their money replacing things that break and trying to protect themselves.
What do you think Homeland securities roll in all this is? What do you think they actually do? DHS helps the contractors with the PSYOP on the public. DHS cant admiit they actually know who or what the contractors are doing, because it is is secret. But why is it secret? It is secret because the contractors are breaking the law by over seeing slaves. DHS doesnt want to be directly involved in slavery. The second thing DHS does is to put on false flag operations. They actually schedule and do everything to do mass shootings and other terrorism So in the process of doing all of their training drills they do, a mass shooting or bombing will go live. It has happened that way for 911 which started out as a drill and it is like that for every supposed terrorist event there has been so far.
Continuing on though, What would you do if this torture was done to you or a loved one or friend. Allowing the Government to Traffic in Slaves and to kill citizens in secret, opens the door to Govt. non-accountability with Torture and Murder since I am as innocent as any of you are. Dont be fooled by Weaponized Contractors who lie about 100,000s of Human Test Subjects, saying they are pedophiles, to gain support from Neighbors. So I am saying that Government contractors are not acting like you expect and the Government is not acting like you expect. They are acting more like terrorists they purport to protect you against. In fact, they are saying that a TI is a terrorist and they are using the full force of the government against an innocent soul, to fool you into WHAT? YES, this is where that funny word PSYOPS comes up again. This TI thing is a PSYOPS to fool you into thinking of this as TERRORISM. This is the definition of FALSE FLAG EVENT. False Flag Operation is something you should know. Here the Boston Bombing is described as a false flag operation. It is being put on by the Department of Homeland Security. Look and learn what is going on please click on the link below.
So in the context of a false flag operation, the TI is considered a terrorist and you are supposed to think Homeland Security is doing their job by stopping them.  But what they are actually doing is putting on a Hollywood show for you to see.  People are starting to figure this out though, like the Las Vegas shooting was really a False Flag operation.  If you understood the Boston Bombing is a false flag then this follows the same story line.  The TI is a PATSY who is supposed to take the blame.   But once you know what to look for, you will be able to see through the smoke screen of lies.  The contractors waant to discredit TI’s so the tell them we are pedophiles.  No, I am not a pedophile, but oddly enough, the mercenaries are predators and torturers and possibly pedophiles and their bosses the elite bankers are actually the ones who are pedophiles, you have heard about.  So this false flag operation is wrong by any standards.  People are being literally tortured to death and used as Biomedical Slaves, while at the same time they are presented as TERRORISTS.  So the truth is that the contractors and DHS are really the terrorists
Illegal Secrecy takes away the victims rights. All citizens have the right to privacy, the right to face their accuser, the right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers, freedom of speech. To think that someone could say that someone is guilty in secret and that money could be paid anyone to help contractors spy on them is preposterous. Only a fool would believe that someone could be targeted in such a secret manor. It is stupid to think this would be a secret from the target anyway, because wouldnt you think the target would know what they had done? Its secret for the simple reason the target does not know what is happening and they are using the target to hook and TARGET YOU. They are hoping you wont ask questions like why is it a secret to the target? If the target is so bad, why not arrest them. The contractors know you wont cooperate if you think the target is innocent or if you dont get paid. You must use your own judgement and you are responsible for your actions. No one can give you the right to hurt anyone. You will be held responsible for war crimes and felonies. If the government cannot be sued, Citizens and contractors are liable for war crimes and damages done to citizens. In addition, I am a patriot and will probably be considered a hero for resisting these weaponized contractor traitors who beat me electronically. What will you be known for? Would a legitimate Government expect citizens to help Govt. officials subdue a dangerous criminal? I would rather be arrested and put on trial for any crime rather that be tortured until suicide. By helping contractors with illegal, immoral Torture/Murder, you are selling out your children. It is the children who will be responsible to re-gain their freedom after you sell out your country by taking everyone’s rights away. Think of this. These weaponized contractors dont need any assistance from you to restrain me with radar on my brain because I am trapped and cannot get away. What is really happening?: They are infiltrating YOUR neighborhood and need to win the so called hearts and minds of the inhabitants so they can illegally occupy your neiborhood. This is a military occupation of your neighborhood primarrily. Yes, the contractors are doing illegal human experimentation but they do not need your help for that. They do need your help to take electronic surveillance devices into your homes. They need you to be friendly and cooperate with them so they can ignore your human rights. This is so they can spy on the non targeted residents of your community. If you take one of those boxes then you are a traitor to your community and your country and its citizens. Dont get blinded by dollar $igns. The citizens are at war with the elite and these weaponized military contractors (mercenaries) are being used to enslave your. These mercenaries will be in place when the time comes to take military control and declare martial law. This will happen and you will see the danger of you do your own research. The pedophile bankers want to asset strip the middle class and take your pensions. Dont help them hurt people. The contractors lie to you because they are psychological operation contractors and it is their job to lie to you. If you help them I guarantee that you will be liable for the consequences. The contractors will use neighborhood watch groups in a ruse to gain your cooperation and use police and other local government to take away a targets rights. The police know what is going on but they cant do anything at this time to help.

Dec. 1, 2017
2:16pm On Wed. Nov29, When Donna and I went to Gold Beach, I was struck in the jaw with a beam that came from a drone over head. The beam went through my head and resonated with my jaw. It was 7 of 10 pain and I was stuck because it would not release until i jerked my head to the side and down. This pain is still with me and maybe it has been renewed. This was vindictive injury I feel. This is the kind of electronic beating injury that these handlers give which shows their contempt for me. They just strike out when they have a strong signal. They are not supposed to hurt me or cause injuries but they cant help it. My handlers are women on the Hatfields land. Mr Steve Hatfield gets residual payments from these contractors. I believe Donnas contractor is now joined in on his land since she was probably kicked out of Barnes land since the Deputy was related to Barnes. Hatfield thinks this is an acceptable job, however it is a war crime and a fellony which he will be responsible for. There is no one who has the right to dispense my body to anyone else for use and abuse. I am a sovereigh citizen. Mr. Hatfield would balk if I started using his body as a weapon test bag and yet he thinks his stooge contractor morons can do this to me.
I am holding Mr. Steve Hatfield totally responsible for anything that happens to Donna or me. There will be a currency reset and a probable recession in America. There is a likely chance of power disruptions, food disruptions and the need may come where you will need to rely on your neighbors. Mr Hatfield has played into the governments divide and conquer agenda.. This divide and conquer strategy has been placing these contractors in many neighborhoods in the US and globally as well. Also, the goverment uses these neighborhood occupations to spy on neighborhoods with the surveilance equipment that was put in by the contractors. I believe that govt. agents outside the neighborhood uses the electronic weapons remotely to surveil every community member and visitor to the neighborhood.  If you do have greedy neighbors who took bribes to allow these MERCS into your neighborhood, find out who is doing and try like hell to kick them out anyway you can.

Dec. 2, 2017

4:11am All the time I am getting ELF energy to my face and head.  The Hatfield contractors are desperate to get me subjugated in the mental hospital or jail.  These are ruthless people who simply do not want to loose their income from blood money.  Their punishment is coming with the inevitable end of the deep state.

its saturday, Dec 2, 2017
My handler is hurting my back around the base of my spine.  This started when I went out to put a tarp on my roof to prevent more water from getting through.  I didnt fall or hurt anything but it feels like i did.  maybe this contractor is preparing for a fall by hurting my back because wont it be hurt worse if I do fall?
8:04pm This handler is raising my blood pressure by resonating with my blood vessels so that when I bend down my blood pressure goes up.  This person has the resonance adjusted just to the point where the blood just flows barely with resistance and upon bending down the pressure goes up and I can feel it in my brain.  This is supposed to shorten the life of a person a great deal and in fact it will kill by causing a brain hemorrhage or stroke..
Sunday Dec. 4, 2017
9:28pm The hatfields are building a fence to block the view of the torturers house (Mother-inlaw) from my house.  I think he is making too much money and wants to keep up production.  He has probably figured out how much he will earn way into next year if he can keep torturing at the same rate.   Hatfield doesnt look that stupid but he really is.  he has contractors killing his neighbors and he is asked repeatedly to stop because as I said “you are killing us” and he just ignores us as if we are insects.  This is a cruel and traitorous man.  He has some psychopathic women in their who are running a little cottage industry in there and he just wants to keep it going.  He doesnt care if he is killing a n elderly couple in their own home which they bought with their own money and he cant be concerned with obstructing them from enjoying their own home which is their right.  He just wants to take orders to torture and disintegrate the couple because a moron from Homeland Securtiy says so and they pay him for it.  People should be concerned with what I write in here.  Since I am a free man and Donna is a free woman, we have a right to talk about the Hatfields and ask for help in stopping the torture.  We know what directed energy weapons are because we can see the videos from Santa Rosa CA in which 7000 homes were destroyed.  You can see that on my website along with injuries I have sustained from these people torturing me.
Homeland Security is an Organized Crime outfit.  All they do all day is organized crime.  They over see TI Torture and False Flag operations.
some of the injuries I sustain during the day and night are
my thumbs are hurt in my basal thumb hoints so they feel like they are dislocated and arthritic.
Mr Hatfield,  do you realize you are killing a man and his family.  I would like to know from you,  what you would do if someone like you were killing you and your family?  Its really not that complicated Mr. Hatfield.  I suppose you think you are some kind of 007 spy working for the criminal outfit DHS.  Just answer the question.  I know Hatfield, it seems like a job to kill your elderly neighbors.  But it really isnt hard to understand.  What you and your psychopathic family are doing is violating my constitutional right to privacy, right to a trial by jury of my peers,  right to free speech, the right to be secure in ones own home,  and ones person and papers, etc etc.
The constitution is the law of the land.  If anyone makes a law that goes against it, then that law is VOID.  It cannot exist and it cannot be the law no matter how much you want to believe it.  Killing people slowley is just as bad as killing people fast.  We have thug rule right now and if neighbors take money for it then they are ass holes.  Im sorry but there is no good way to put this.  In Steve Hatfields mind, I wonder what if anything he thinks is the downside to murdering your neighbors.  I expect Donna and I will die early from the many injuries we have sustained.  My kids and other family members and friends will be authorized to sue Steve Hatfield on my behalf when the Deep State is defeated.  If it is not defeated then sociopaths like Steve hatfield and his associates can have this country.  But dont think it is a free trip Mr Hatfield.  Even though I tried to tell Steve Hatfield of Donna and my plight as being tortured by Miscreant Mercenary contractors, he said to me that he wasnt buying it.  I have also heard from my neighbor John who also says he doesnt believe me.  Obviously we might come off as a bit unusual, but couldnt that be due to 24/7 torture?   You can see the burns and bruises and infections on my webpage at .  You may not have heard that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay of which there still are some there.  The reason they are still there is because they have been tortured with Directed Energy Weapons and they dont want it getting out so they will stay there forever.  In fact the whole purpose for Guantanamo Bay was to use it as a torture training camp.  It was right off the coast of Florida and there was an airfield where the willing torture trainees would come in to learn the new TORTURE TRADE!  So what do you think torture would be good for, since as many have said that torture doesnt work?  Well, it may not work for retrieving accurate information but is sure does work to INDUCE TRAUMA’s.  Inducing Trauma is indeed what the torture is used for.  You see, to find out why and what the purpose of inducing trauma is for you would have to research MKultra and Trauma Based Mind control.  You will find that the pedophiles, who are bosses of the Torturers, use Trauma Based Mind Control on children to induce split personalities, which they use to program them as sex slaves, couriers, spies, assassins, etc;  These techniques also work on adults too.  You will find that many mass shooting perpetrators were actually manchurian candidates.  They would be programmed to perform an assassination like Sirhan Sirhan and then forget about what they had done after.  Sirhan is still in prison and says he cant remember any part of the traumatic shooting of RFK.  In the following video featuring Daren Brown, an expert hypnotist, he hypnotizes someone to shoot a famous person in a theater.  If you didnt thing this was possible, you should after this video.  it is very convincing.

Friday, Dec 8, 2017
3:27pm I just got through taking a shower due to being drugged at 3:00pm. This drugging was probably to get a high five for interupting us when it is getting near the deadline of 4:30pm when the flooring guy goes home. My hands are shaking and my body and nerves are shaking. I think they got the high five. Now I would like to add one year to this persons prison sentence.
It took me until now to realize that both John and Steve Hatfield first understood and then thought about our predicament of being tortured to death. Now “Im not buying it” said Steve Hatifeld and John said “It looks like it could be something else” . This is the transition they have gone through to get to this point where they can hear that an elderly couple is being tortured to death in their own home, until they get to their final decision to ignore us. I dont know why they would ignore two people and Yet they both chose to not give the murder victims the benefit of the doubt and assume they are telling the truth. Its a mile too long to bridge the gap on our side from fake yelling out and fake torture as john and Steve Hatfield would have it. The reason cannot be understated that they are getting significant payments of cash and or consumer items of value. So now I think John is involved too. in summing up the neighbors feelings about this is that murder pays more and so they are going with that because they think we cannot prove it. It is a pretty cold and cruel decision because it means our deaths, but apparently money is more important to Steve Hatfield and John then the neighbors lives so they both have listened to me and then listened to the Contractors and then decided to Kill their elderly neighbors to get maximum cash. This is why we have to make arrangement to have our children at the trial along with others we designate to be at the trial to sue these people in the event of our deaths due to torture.
4:01pm This person torturing me has opted to drug me again, since I washed it off before. Now I find that I have to wash it off again. This proves that I would like to request that the court add an additional year making it two years onto the handlers sentence. as a biology major, I deem that this drug was given to me via chemical vapor deposition, to the capillaries, close to the surface of the skin. this is equivalent to an intavenous injection since it is a little goes a long way..
I had to take another shower since I had been drugged again with the speed like drug which causes severe agitation.
2:34am I am sitting in my bed and Donna in on the couch. We go where the torturers will allow us to sleep. Sadley these MERCS do not want Donna and I to be together and they constantly strive to break us up. The torture can run the gamut from uncomfortable to extremely painful. The torturers are adept at causing pain because after all they are torturers and this is what they do. They cause simulated injuries for all kinds of aflictions and maladies, like fibromyalgia, arthritis, simulated narcolepsy, I had arthritis of my basal thumb joints to the extent that the cartilage was completely gone to give a specific case. It was necessary to have my basal thumb joints replaced. One was replaced in 25009 and the other in 2010. The doctor could not tell the difference in me that my basal thumb joint cartilage was destroyed by Directed Energy Weapons and not arthritis. I did not know during that whole basal thumb joint deterioration and replacement process that I was targeted. You see, the torturers must want a person to know they are tortured. Otherwise, they could hide it and you would never suspect. In addition, I realized in the hindsight of being a TI, that my targeting with radar on my brain goes back to at least when I was employed at Lockheed Martin Marietta. Yes, as an employee, I was used for human experimentation, which I realized after I have been targeted with torture. There are many possible reasons for targeting me, not the least of which was to get rid of someone who could uncover what had been done to me. In addition, I may have been targeted all of my life. We now know that the Government has had this weaponry as far back as the 1970’s. I do remember that after I graduated from high school, I began having intensely painful sinus headaches almost every day of my life. The headaches then abruptly stopped in 1983 at which time I developed panic attacks which was also called agoraphobia. The agoraphobia ceased as suddenly as it began in 2002 at which point I developed a full blown case of narcolepsy which I suffer from to this day. There was a sticky point which caused me a great deal of anguish and that was the fact that even thought I was falling asleep at inopportune times, I was never allowed to actually sleep in the sleep study. I realized in retrospect of torture targeting and after I had another sleep study to show the doctor I had narcolepsy, that I was unable to go to sleep in the sleep study. The problem is that stimulants are needed to keep me awake and yet even though I needed them every day, I could not sleep in the sleep study and that was the cause of some distrust by medical professionals. So the reason i could not sleep in the sleep study after I knew I was targeted was torture to wakefulness. Before I was targeted, it was minor electronic stimulation which kept one awake but still under the radar. I still think it is funny that sleep study personnel could not tell I was being tortured. it is unbelievable to me. From my standpoint it is likely that I was targeted at least since high school graduation in 1970. It is equally likely that I was targeted back to my childhood. That scenario would make me an innocent child who was used for human experimentation. Now the object of torture targeting is to get rid of the evidence. Wouldn’t that be a fair statement? But the torturers think nothing of that. The /torturers are only interested in $$$ dollar signs and the fact that a corporate person has paid them to torture me to death or until suicide. So you see, people who are targeted will probably not know or realize they had been targeted from before and that it they were transitioned into torture to death when their usefulness had passed. So that is that and too bad so sad. But hey, this targeting thing is a psychopathic organized crime job. The people doing it have to be pedophiles and I say that because they take these jobs for money and no questions asked. These people will do absolutely anything for money. They kill innocent people and they kill guilty people. They torture children of any age and they are in fact predators. So you are a pedophile if you do what they say. In addition, this targeting is the new phoenix program. It is a take down of America. It pits people against people and for many it brings out the dark side and they will find they can never turn back. Young and old turn to crime irrevocably. They kill for money and they like it because it turns out they are Sadistic and they like torturing and they dont mind or maybe even like killing people. Once they try this torture/murder then they never turn back because they have gone a little insane. You have to realize that no one would actually take a torture/murder job if they didnt actually like it. They have been closet sadistic predators all of their life and many even obeyed the rules up until they found their torture/kill job. Think of that because it is true. If this society ever turns back to an honest society then the torturers will have to be put away because they have tasted blood and must be removed from society. Another aspect is that this torture/killing job is actually a cult. This is because the members talk torture only to their fellow predators and otherwise they dont talk of it they lie about it.

Dec. 9, 2017
7:54pm Im getting phlegm into my lungs where I must keep clearing them. This i believe is done with ELF energy to my lungs and can happen for hours. I can block this with magstrips. This is done to me frequently (daily).

8:12pm there is energy coming from Barnes land to the east north east. It sometimes stops when i look but the are pushing it.

9:35pm my handler is very interested in the kitchen floor. Every time I try to figure the flooring specs the moron has to see a lot better- WTF (crackle crackle).

Dec. 10, 2017
7:29sm In the spirit of being able to know my fellow man better, I have a question I would like answered. What is it about the contractor that allows them to willfully, knowingly and continually undignify, hurt and inflict pain and suffering on and kill men, women and children without regret, remorse or emotional concern. Nothing removes the dignity of another human being like poking them while they are naked! Toying with their sexual organs is additively traumatic.
Now in addition, I would also like to find out what motivates someone to sell out their neighbor and fellow countryman to a torture contractor. In their own mind they would have to justify it, that this is the best outcome for this individual and society. Are they playing god? The reason I ask is that to do the act of accepting money for allowing another human being to be tortured to death or until suicide, would mean that you are playing god and you are incapable emotional expression. Also, do they think this is an inherently bad and evil person and in addition to that, do they also believe society is doomed anyway wouldn’t you. But maybe it is simpler than that. Do they care only about the money they receive and care nothing for the fate of a fellow human being as long as they are held blameless and affected by another person pain, suffering and death? Is this why the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment lasted continuing the pain and suffering for over 60 years?
For myself, I cant imagine that someone would care so little for human life and suffering that they would take money to allow a fellow human to be tortured to death. This is a new concept for me. How about you?

I mean that is a statement and gut feeling that a particular person deserves to be TORTURED until they commit suicide. They must be cognizant that you are taking money for inflicting pain on another human being until that person dies or ends their own life. WOW, its kinda like playing GOD. Is that what was wanted all of our lives and now it is here and we dont know how to control it or if we even have to or even want to anyway. This brings up an interesting point. Cindy Kay Currier said that a person who is traumatized goes through the following scenario. They are immediately put into a place where they receive this traumatic injury which places them into a state of having to try to make sense of their life in the context of the traumatic injury they received. She said that the trauma which they received may even have the effect of waking them up and bringing them out of the trauma and back to reality. Traumas may even consist of making that persons life a living hell by making things they do very difficult or impossible.

Dec. 11, 2017
1:24pm the hatfield handlers put on a psyops or steet theater presentation yesterday and tried again today. The theme is try to get the neighbors to act out and be unruly, so they can have us arrested.  But we have been heart breakers for them.  The acting is atrocious and the dialog is stupid.  The object is to offer or answer statements telling of DEWs with statements that TI’s make about dews.  So what I hear is that metal burns and glass melts in regular forest fires with no dews, so what is the problem.  Hatfield and John have been briefed about the need to do street theater and they must be getting paid.  WOW, they pull everyone but me and Donna into the production.

That quote by Jay Gould 1800’s- “I Can Hire One Half of the Working Class to Kill the Other Half” That was as true in his day as it is now apparently.  Lets break the cycle and do the right thing to help and not hurt our fellow man. History is watching what we do now.

3:39pm sitting on my sofa, my left leg is being beamed with infrasound to cause painon the left side of my leg, near the knee joint.  It is slowly ramping up and then slowly backing off.  it is coming from the west but the technique is the same person as when it comes from anyplace and so it is the handler at Hatfileds m-inlaws house.


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