No Touch Torture Log (NTT) for July, 2018

My Torture Log for the month of July.

July 1, 2018
9:16am I am laying in bed and was bothered by pain, since I was resting on my sciatic nerve. So I turned over and was surprised to find that the pain increased when I turned around and the weight was removed. Hmmmmm? The pain was much worse than when putting weight on the nerve. How can this be? Electronic sounds increased also, as though I were being monitored closely.

July 2, 2018

This sciatic nerve torture is a syops, since there is nothing wrong. It is my belief that since they have worked out the bugs with following someone with RADAR automatically, then this beam on my Sciatic nerve is automatic. If the beam were turned off, then there would be no sciatica.

There is a secondary syops, in that the muscles of my leg are being weakened by a beam to the knee and also there is the severe torture of my knee joint, which feels like a spike going into my knee joint.

July 3, 2018
sciatica torture psyop continuing relentlessly. There is no help from the unconstitutional Sheriff.  Asset Stripping still on. You cant just tell them and sit back. you have to drive it home and close up all the sticky little openings. It is as though they are ants and they can smell the sick sweetness of corruption. They wont do anything until you are right over the target, telling them

July 4, 2018

Holiday handler here for the holidays

July 5, 2018

July 6, 2018


The consensus is that the person doing this to you is right next door. Do not ignore this nor should you believe the people who say … this can come from anywhere in the world, so why would you think it is your neighbor? I answer that with a quote from Rauni Kilde who said it is the neighbors, always the neighbors. The neighbors are taking money for hurting you. Watch to see if they get new cars or motor cycles or start new construction around their house. I have traveled a lot due to this holocaust and stayed in motels for a while and there were suspicious people staying in the room next door or in the room directly above or below me. I have come to the conclusion these people are contractors and they, for what ever reason, must be withing small radius from the target. They even bought homes next to me. This is a covert murder for hire program, Dont forget. Also, dont forget, you can defend your life. You should research the Stanley Milgram experiment where it was found that two thirds of the people will kill another if told to by an authority figure. Stanley Milgram was a sociologist whos parents lived through the last holocaust in Germany. He wanted to find out why so many Germans helped the Nazis with their killing. It didnt make sense unless they were predisposed to do that. The people who were guilty all said they were just doing their job, as if it were a mantra. It has been determined that torture/killing people is not a job. Their money will be confiscated or made worthless in the soon to come currency reset. This will weed out those who try to exchange large amounts of illicit cash for the new money. It will all be worthless soon. it is almost as if the people paying the cash knew in advance the money would be worthless, because what else are they waiting for to switch the cash. Dont they want all the contractors to keep accepting the old money?

I have not made updates because I have been injured by my handler and others. new contractors came in to neighbors land to help my handlers next door. They were probably befuddled at the prospect of taking down a healthy adult male to be subjugated with a phony affliction such as Sciatica.. Then, They are trying to do a home run double by putting in a fall on command bit. If they think it will always be this way, then what future do they have? I plan on this killing onslaught to be over soon. If not, then I dont want to survive. But, for these killers, it is apparently a growth industry and they are in on the ground floor. I need to show the current administrators that they will all look like fools.  a contractor wants to asset strip my land and it will look like what it is, later as well as now. If I sell my property,  the contractor will reep one third of the value by withholding his driveway access. The police have apparently jettisoned their policy of avoiding getting involved in neighbor disputes.

senate report 93549 means emergency powers concerning food

fruit from a poisonous tree
melvin stamper

anatomy of a con job
john truman wolfe

primary water
primary water explained.

mad cowboy
doc by Howard Lyman

poverty inc

I was given no help
it would be chaos if the sheriff deputy or neighbor would go against established real estate law to asset strip me. What could possibly be going through these peoples minds as they conspire to asset strip that elderly couple. Why would someone do that to anyone? I have put all the money I have into this retirement home and this is how I am treated? This not only looks stupid, it is very stupid. It will look doubly stupid after I get done contesting this in my court appearance to contest this. Here is what I know as a logical and thoughtful man. I know that if someone listens to me and says i am crazy and that is what I get, then I automatically think I am speaking to the wrong people and I have to keep telling the story. {repeat for effect} Also, this is not a contest, I just need to keep going until my plan works. I will not get discouraged. once the right people hear me, they will take over. The people doing this to me are under the gun too. They need to in the worst way, PSYCHOLOGICALLY BREAK ME. in absence of that, they have really lost havent they. This is quantanamo bay torture and they got all the tips and trics to brake someone and yet i am not broken. maybe they should give Jesson more millions to get the after school lecture.

bruce vanetta angels

I am tortured by some folk Who use electronic torture which is more psychologically damaging than physical torture. Water boarding is a scam on the public. They control my my left leg sciatic nerve and the torture is excruciating at 10 out of 10 pain #TARGETEDINDIVIDUALS

Do you think I dont know what I am talking about? I am an activist and also a Targeted Individual.
maybe not but no one has asked me any questions about it yet. I have college degree (associate degrees in each of) biology and electronics engineering technology. I also have a bachelor of technology in computer science. I must say that I could not have chosen more appropriate course material. The electronics shows me what is possible and biology shows me what it does to the human body. In a way I am surprised they are doing this to someone with the training I have. I can also believe they think I dont or didnt know what I am talking about and are just trying to crack me so they wont have to worry about it any more. I notice two facts from the research i did on the subject of torture today including Mitchel and Jesson, two members of the American Psychiatric Association APA, who were paid 87M by the CIA to work on the agencies torture techniques. I am sad that “Bloody Gina” aka Gina Haspel who was President Trumps pick for CIA chief. She will try to cover it up. But as for me with my apparent sciatica torture, these people want this to go away. They think that what they have done so far should have broken me down and yet I am still here. One thing is for sure, that these morons havent a clue what I am thinking about. They are traitors and cowards and a disgrace to America and the idea what America stands for.

CIA Report: “SWIGERT” & “DUNBAR” Paid Millions to Torture Some Folks

John Ward
Sheriff of Curry County

Mr. Ward, I am writing this letter because one of your deputies made an error in judgement when he forbade me to use my own driveway, in favor of the neighbors contention that I am trespassing when using my own driveway.

Yes, I did pay full price for my house as if it did have a driveway and my land is not land locked.
Established Real Estate Law says that have an apparent easement exists after 20 years, which allows me to use the driveway.
So why do you ignore established Real Estate Law? WTF?? Isnt your job to uphold the law, such as it is? Why would you adlib here?
I just need to ask you… Dont I have the law on my side after paying all the money to buy a retirement home in Port Orford only to be confronted by a neighbor who wants to take back his easement. I mean, if  this neighbor can put an easement into question by wishing it so, then there would be chaos in Curry County.

as sure as he is about his issues, I bet that he is not a judge nor a lawyer. That means that he must get a judge to make “A JUDGEMENT” in his favor. Isnt that the way its supposed to work?
I am just not able to comprehend your motivation for listening to someone who has a toilet butted up against his house and who has no legal claim on my property. Did you actually believe his story about how he loved to fuck with people legally. So just looking at this man who is telling you that it is his opinion that he can fence me out of my driveway​, why then would you take him seriously.
an unbiased observer would say that the mans motivations are suspect.​
my neighbor is taking value away from the retirement home of an elderly couple in order to do what, with that value Sheriff Ward? Do you think he might buy the house at a fire sale price, then add in a driveway easement and then sell it for a $50k profit.​
No Bias Sheriff Ward? There are a tone of contractors across the road. Im just saying. Those contractors are asset stripping Donna and I of our rights. You have not helped us one iota.


I did buy this house and I paid full price for it. I wonder what is my neighbors motivation for causing such a dispute with his neighbor? There is no apparent enjoyment benefit in taking away the drive way from an elderly couple. What does he gain from that?

An unbiased observer would say that the neighbors actions are suspect. Your Deputy Shannon would have had to necessarily gone against established real estate law, in preventing James lico from using his own driveway. I understood that the Sheriffs office does not want to inflict themselves on any one side of a dispute so that there is no bias or favoritism shown to any one party. If that is the case, then why are you choosing to provide this man with a biased and mean spirited resolution to his case. this neighbor has chosen the hard road in wanting to take back an easement. I am saying that because there is already an existing easement which provides for my access to my own driveway. You have put all of the financial burden on me and non on my neighbor. I want to get this streight, Am I supposed to prove that an easement which exists after 20 years of use as ingress and egress is in fact what I already have? That would be stupid?
I have already spent $500 on a lawyer and he estimated that it will cost around 10,000 to prove what you want me to prove. You see, usually it is the one in the neighbors position who has to prove his case. My case is already established LAW

You have inflicted the office of Sheriff and the County and made a biased decision to effectively pre-adjudicate the case in favor of this neighbor.
If that is true, then You have used the office of Sheriff to subjugate a victim of that very organized criminal behavior.​

in addition, the bank which lent me money to buy the home is coming to inspect it, wondering why such a ridiculous thing is happening. The handlers are crippling me now. I can no longer get up and go out. I move slowly compared to last week of June, which was the last week I could walk. Today and yesterday I am allowed to walk all day but am crippled up at night before dawn which assures that I stay awake all night with cat naps here and there. I wake up with my left knee throbbing and feeling like the infrasound weapon is drilling into the joint. This is cruel and extremely painful. For 8 hours I was hurt in the knee which was 9 and 10 out of 10 pain. In addition, my sciatic nerve was hurt so that there is a dull ache up and down my leg. How is it possible that they would do something that is so tortuous to someone. My left knee is feeling numb and also like the nervs are being damaged in about a two foot by one foot amoeba shaped area running from above my left knee to below my knee. The skin is markedly numb to the touch and the feeling is as though there is a sharp object stuck into the knee below the knee cap.. The muscles are weakened so that I am made to fall down when walking and going up or down steps.. I dont believe the muscle weekness just goes along with this. Nothing goes like this. I have degrees in biology and Electronics and i can tell this is a major effort. Donna says this happened to her a number of years ago. This whole operation is a most horrific experience. The sciatic nerve torture and knee torture is done to keep me in line.  I feel that much of the time, the weapon is probably held in place automatically as though the radar is tracking and remains focused in the same spot. It used to be that I disagreed with capital punishment, but I am all for it with these morons.

Human Body Anatomy Diagram

This is done to me from about 200ft away. Most of the signals come from above from the house next door. I believe Donna is being tortured by the contractors across the road.
One of the cruelest things is that the pain threshold is kept to be slightly painful, like 7 of 10 and then the pain level is brought up so that if I am doing something unwanted by the handler. This is some of the worst torture and should receive the worst punishment. The contractors apply for a contact with DHS or the fusion center. it seems as thought the torture corresponds to disability of the TI.

TI’s are out done with this crap and I think it is the worst human rights violations in the history of the world.  The longer this goes on the closer we get to civil war.  I feel more like defending my self than turning the other cheek.  These people are salivating sociopaths and I think there are a lot of people who feel the same.  I am sure this has gone on for decades but no one knew about it then.  this is in no way to be considered a job.

Many of the women are terrified and stressed out.  I can see that cortisol is what is desired by the morons.  This is why they are always playing dumb three stooges slapstick tricks and traps.

You need to remember that most people would not take a job torturing people unless they like it a lot.  The torture inflicted


The attacks on Targeted Individuals TI’s is a “Public Execution”
7/13/2018 5:30am my handler just stated torturing my knee.  This pain is to control me and not for a disease.  I was allowed to sleep but that is it.  I was tortured all day
11:30pm My left leg aches and I can feel the energy going into it.  WHY???  This is coming from a drone down to me.


11:30pm My left leg aches and I can feel the energy going into it.  WHY???  This is coming from a drone down to me.
9:00am As I am working on my computer, there is a dull ache in my hip.  Is this an extension of the sciatic nerve torture?  I think it is.
10:02am I am looking at my computer while my handler hurts my left sciatic nerve and it aches.  I see that this can be learned to ignore it rather than act on it.  These handlers use pain for everything and its no wonder why people would learn to ignore it.
11:51am my leg aches and the pain is unbearable.  These patriot torturers are killing the elderly and the morons watch with glee.  They look like the have a smile on their faces..  They get about 100/hour.  the contractor money troughs are full and killing the elderly is in full swing.  what would wipe that fucking smile off their faces.?
In addition, the torturer has made my knee weak so that it gives out on queue.  Who would think of something like that, let alone do it to anyone.  What cowards they are sitting back while chipping away at the elderly people.
Make no mistake that the contractors and neighbors who go along with this slow murder are cowards and traitors.
02:08am  my sciatic nerve is tortured now, making my leg ache.  The handler is doing this to me since I do not have an injury that can be detected.  there is something that this handler does not want me to interfere with or alternatively, this handler wants me to be punished for some perceived slight.  My handler is in the mother in laws house next door.  I believe the handlers have a 12 hour shift but am not sure.
5:10pm I was kept awake with torture pain all night and feel sleep deprived.  I finished the title insurance and easement copies to give to Linda.
7/17/18 I woke up at 4:00am with a sore mouth due to biting my left cheek while I was a sleep.  This is the second time I have discovered this phenomenon.   How this occurs is that my handler does this while I am asleep.  I guess they are challenged or bored.  It seems like my handler is doing this with assistance from a second person, possibly someone on the neighbors land.  This works by shooting my cheek with a sonic bullet so that my cheek gets pushed into the way of my teeth.  Then the second person shoots my jaw with a second sonic bullet so that my teeth bite down.  Do you see the synchronicity here.  My handler must get my cheek pushed in just before my teeth bite down.    I am thinking there is no regard for human life and human suffering.
When I awoke, my legs began hurting from being hit with frequencies like sonic and what ever else so that I wake up with the ever present pain.
write a letter to the Sheriff
Tell why I will have to sell my house for a loss on a short sale
show how there is conflict of interest on Sheriffs dept and Port Orford Police Dept. with relatives in law enforcement.
Call elderly services within a 100 mile radius around Port Orford.
Accuse Sheriff of conspiracy to commit fraud and murder.  Give only skimpy clues about targeting which they definitely know about and give them links to my website and other proof so they can look it up.  Dont waste time telling anything about it.
Sheriff helps criminals steal property from elderly couple
Fix up the story on my website so that there is no question what is happening and who is doing it.
start making new videos on youtube and Facebook.  let others know that Periscope is corrupt.   Tell how periscope allows others to edit a users videos.  Give periscope a chance to show how to stop the pesky editing.  Be prepared to abandon periscope.  Make multiple videos and always keep a copy to re-post after damage.  Dont give them a chance to squirm.
10:17pm I am being punch hit with infrasound which is drilled into my left knee.  I recognize that this is being done to weaken the muscles around my knee.  I am being struck over and over with the painful sonic beam and i believe the reason is to weaken it so that it will give way when I take a step.  This handler is a ferule monster who will stop at nothing to hurt someone.  She is a psychopath and must be neutralized and taken out of the neighborhood.  I believe they are desperate to slow me down from being healthy.    I can tell thaat my knee is becoming weaker so that on occasion my leg will give out so that the leg will pitch forward.  I believe they are trying to do this on an electrical signal.  I think it is possible and so I am blocking it with magnets.
For investigations, i will make myself available to assist you in hunting down perpetrators no  matter where they are.  I may be able to place transducers and sensors for you and will be happy to do so If I am able and near enough.
5:59am The picture above shows where in my hip, the pain from directed energy is hurting my left hip.  I think its actually the sciatic nerve which is being hurt by ELF energy.  The nerve has a resonant frequency and my handler is projecting that frequency to actually heat up my sciatic nerve in one place, causing swelling and inflammation to occur at once resulting in now 10 outt of 10 pain.   I was laying in my bed on my left side when I started to feel  my left hip start to ache.  There was nothing wrong and now as I sit here and turn onto my right side, i feel that my hip went from 5 out of 10 pain up to 9, 10 out of 10 pain sitting here for.  Wow, that is  a hell of a lot of pain and what a coincidence that the pain would continue when I removed …weight on it and it still hurts just as bad with the weight off of it.    I described this to a nurse at my doctors office and she immediately said SCIATICA, which is irritation/inflammation of the Sciatic nerve, which is usually caused by a problem with one of the lower two disks.  But I really do not believe I have disk problem with my back.  I believe I have a handler problem and the sciatic nerve is attacked directly.    This is a syops on the citizens, since it is not a real back problem, but a simulated one.  It has all of the pain and discomfort, but none of the actual real irritation.  I am merely made to feel discomfort and pain.  I now will go take some ibuprophen t o see if it will relieve the pain.
6:51am I have had this sciatic nerve pain for over an hour  and one thing I notice is that it started before 7:00am and this means that the night handler wanted to get in on inducing pain before she got off at 7am.   Inducing pain for these lesbians seems like fun since they have no empathy and I believe they even use it as torture porn to enhance their sexual experiences.  The C4ISR battle management system, provides a video feed of this torture sesson.  I wish to point out that before this pain started I was sleeping and there was no pain at all.  There was 19 of 19 pain almost from the start, so this is what was desired by the handlers.  Both of the handlers are there now and the pain’/discomfort is now at maximum.
7:08am the pain is now throbbing in my hip.  Did the ladies decide to have sex and wanted me in excrutiating pain?  possibly..  They are angry with me for mocking them and want pay back.  I wonder if they will get payback also, what do you think?  My leg below my knee was also throbbing and so I put a shield in that spot and the pain stopped immediately and stayed that way for half a minute before returning.  I can see now after testing a piece of magnetic strip over the length of the sciatic nerve, that it can be controlled that way.  I will try using magnetic strip down the length of my pants next.
I am finding many exercises to strengthen muscles but I see no muscle exercises to weaken muscles.   Yet this is what is happening to o me.  My lesbian handlers are hitting my left knee vastus medialis muscle repeatedly,  with what seems like infrasound energy, causing blunt force trauma, a little at a time.  This is causing the vastus medialis to weaken after hundreds of assaults  and that is the objective. This is a PSYOPS to convince me and medical staff of sciatic nerve pain and vastus medialis muscle weakness.   Can you imagine such a thing.  These handlers Do This and many other PSYOPS afflictions all the time.  They convince doctors and medical staff that a patient has whatever affliction they want them to have.   They actually learn how to mimic an affliction.  I am getting traumatic infrasound energy to the vastus medialis at frequent, regular intervals.  This causes great pain to the muscle in question.  It seems much like dialing in a level of muscle weakness and until these mal empaths get the level of weakness right, the way they are told.  They keep pummeling away until it is the way they are told, or a hole shows up in their foreheads.   Look , I had good musculature and muscle tone and they. are turning that into an aging muscle aching mess.  What this lesbian team does is a War Crime In Progress.   It is CAPITAL OFFENSE  crimes against humanity.   The death penalty is in order here.  There can be no rehabilitation here.
Now, when I am ascending stairs the left leg is markedly weaker. It is weak enough so that I feel I have to assist in hoisting myself up a stair, to the next step.   At this point I don’t know what the long term prognosis is.
I am waking up in the afternoon now  almost exclusively.
My sciatic nerve is being attacked at a low level and now that I am remarking in my log about it, the pain is getting worse.
These handlers are dispensing energy to hurt my sciatic nerve on a low level to keep me at a predetermined level of pain.  WTF!?  This is torture and I would like you to think of why these morons would torture an old man in his own home??  WTF!?  This is Homeland Security bullshit behind this, because that is where the money is coming from.
7:00pm today my doctor cut off my medication for narcolepsy.  Someone got to him from the big money corruption are of Curry County.  Now I know I am right over the target.  If these morons think I will quit, they are sadly mistaken.  Is it the Sheriff’s that is doing this.  It is corruption that reaches down into the depths of corruption
7/23/2018 Sunday
Do you realize these torturers get people to fight with each other.  The cause the break up of couples ..  This is murder most definitely and why are the police going along with this.
Sunday 12;34AM  i was a healthy man but now I can no longer stand up from a sitting position.  Now I have to push my self up to a 3/4 up position before using my leg muscles.  I can barely pull my weight up the stairs unaided by something and only last month I was fine.   My legs were pretty strong but now they are all of a sudden weak.  This is after the so-called Sciatic nerve torture.  Yep, this is what the  torturers do.  They need to have a pain handle and the sciatic nerve torture is my pain handle which they pull at every turn.    I think these puppet women were having a problem keeping me under control and now they can ring my sciatic nerve torture bell to get me screaming in pain.  Imagine that!  one of these hags can connect to your sciatic nerve and have you screaming on the floor.   The the people torturing me are gay and I think they are sadistic torture porn addicts.  The Lockheed Martin battle management software they use, provides a live battle feed of Donna and also I that some of these old farts just love, whether its naked men or naked women, there is something for all of the dirty old men and women.  You can see it in their faces.  The sad thing is that probably hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are suffering pains from afflictions like this at the hands of torturers and they dont even know what is causing it.  Let me tell you something, if we dont get this under control and neutralize these torturers then we are done as a species.  Here is how ridiculous this is:  These morons are the vanguard of death on the human race.  They are supposed to keep the activists busy until the main method of killing gets here, what ever that is.  The elite also want the current torturers dead but SSSSHHHH dont tell them because they think they are special.  The plan is to kill 95% of the people and some of the moron torturers think they will be in the 5%…  LOL LOL LOL.  There will be a grid down situation and 50% of the people will be dead in a month.  The moron torturers are not even prepared for it.
The afflictions the torturers love are fibromyalgia, heart palpitations, edema anywhere, and now sciatic nerve torture is a big one.
9:01am I am made to be uncomfortable every day.  my head and brain are entrained so that every time I move my head and neck I feel it is constricted and I hear cracking in my head.  This is due to microwave heating I have been told.  This often runs into another type of discomfort and that is making the veins in my neck inflamed to begin to choke off normal blood pressure by constricting.  You have to remember that these torturers are there to kill you primarily.  Do not let them chip away at you.
Also its not hard to meet them, just go up to the door and ring their bell.  They will sheepishly talk to you.  They are lazy and this is an easy job torturing and killing people.  It may not be what you would do, but for someone with no empathy, this is an low demands job for an automaton.  But think of the fact that most of the people doing this are sadistic in nature..  The torture invoked by sadists always involves perverted sex, voyeurism, homosexual rape, rape, pedophilia and many many other paraphilias.  The bosses of these people are pedophiles.  This is a multi billion dollar human trafficking industry and it is being run by corporations to exploit innocent citizens.  Lets face it, the Government, if legitimate has no enemies within its citizenry.  Do not be fooled by attempts by the torturers to play dumb and say they didnt know it was exploitative murder.  They are dumb, but they are not that dumb.
3:09pm my hips and lower abdomen are throbbing and on fire and I wonder what this moron is thinking.  Should I hurt this old man or what, became after all, I am the torturer.  WTF??  I live at 92800 mill pond road 97465   this is the town of Port Orford and i am just off of Port orford loop road.  If you want to get into the concept of torturing Americans for fun and profit or if you just want to watch torture port and meet people there is a laugh a minute so come on down.   The torturer lives a stones throw from me, its the house in back of the 7ft high fence.
The absurdness of this torture program is apparent when you consider for what purpose is my left knee being hurt.  Yes, right below the knee cap.  It is as thought it is a reminder to be good and do what we say.  It is a dull ache which is just under the threshold of serious pain and just over the threshold of uncomfortable.  To me this is the torturers saying, look you have screwed up and printed things you should not have.  So this is what you get to remind you not to print anything about us and if you remain good then we will give you some more freedom.  This is BS, because no American citizen needs to allow anyone to inflict this upon themselves so I just ignore them and carry on as usual.  Bear in mind that I have gone through Sciatica where I was screaming with pain for just shifting my weight in bed.
When going out to the garage, I realized that I still have to think about falling on my face due to my knee muscles giving out which can be done remotely.  Yes, my knee can be made to buckle as though the muscles are just too weak.  In case you dont know, this is why people use a cane to walk, so they can support themselves in case the knee gives out.  Its sad to think that our tax dollars pay for contractors like this to keep someone subjugated with things like this.  You might also remember that it isnt just me, it is hundreds of thousands and probably millions of people who dont know they are targeted.  TI’s see that afflictions like sciatica and a weak knee as being done covertly so that the person doesnt realize their disability is really an engineered injury rather than sciatica, or fibromyalgia, or a stiff neck or heart palpitations, etc.  There are literally hundreds of things a handler can do to you in that way, which tax dollars pay for in addition to harassment to prevent social media access.  As I write this my stomach is gurgling due to being heated up with a resonance beam.  You see the fact is that digested food can make gas rather quickly if heated slightly.  I dont want to get into it but this is true.  Heating up shit at its resonant frequency, produces gas.
I am getting heart attack pain which is 8 of 10 pain .  This is real death threat torture., real heart attack pain.  You can give it to me and I will take it and i will be at your fucking trial ass hole.  You will get a hanging for your trouble.  I will not back down.  Do you understand me?  I know this goes all the way up.  I got the picture when my doctor canceled my medication.  You have nothing on me except my death and I will take that too.  This torture program aka phoenix program is going to end no matter what you think.  Was it coming from across the road.  I dont think the elderly neighbor is responsible but there are a number of contractors on his land staying on a temporary basis, who are probably guilty.
investigations do not go on forever

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