No Touch Torture Log for Wed. Oct. 8, 9, 2014

I have degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology so I am qualified to make these observations.   I am being careful to keep my statements factual.  Keep in mind that there is a lot of false information on this subject, pu there purposfulley to discredit the people who suffer  this experimentation.  They have factual information mixed with enough false information to discredit all targeted individuals.
I am receiving the following torture:
ultrasonic bean entering left/front side of neck causing sticking feeling in my throat just below my adams apple.
i am trying to resolve a problem with internet explorer (will not scroll IE 11 vertically with vert bar visible)
also chrome mouse click has changed functionality. left click on tab to select it actually closes tab. I must use ctrl tab to switch tabs or it will close.  the mouse left click wont open windows or close or minimize already open windows.
 other things about mouse click are changing like select programs from bottom bar and select running programs.  functionality changes in real time.  it can go from normal to dis functional as i described.  now it is staying dysfunctional.  i am trying to fix IE11 but cant find a fix for the problem i have.
the dysfunctional mouse problem is one that i have had on other computers with windows 7.  it seems to be malware which is not caught with norton av.  i am hacked constantly by TAO? orTAO like attacks.  It looks like iam going through a proxy server because of high latency and attacks which nortons does not detect.  Because the effect is variable and dependent on my reactions, it seems like someone is doing this interactively with me in real time as experimentation to note my reactions.  I am waiting an inordinate amount of time.  As an IT expert, I notice that the amount of time i wait for say a command to be executed is abnormal.  Infact, the time I wait seems to be less if i make it obvious I am not paying attention any more.
My handler has been irradiating me with microwave radiation to my hands and feet as I lay in bed trying to sleep.  I am very tired and in fact exhausted, but the pain and discomfort is keeping me awake.  The handler seems to be able to gage my level of pain.  I am guessing that he is looking at a thermal image of me where inflammation associated with pain shows more red in color.  As I write this he is irradiating my hands as i type.


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