No Touch Torture log for Sunday, 7/28/2013

No Touch Torture log for Sunday, 7/28/2013

I am being irradiated with sonic beam type weapons this morning at 7:30am.  This is a war crime and genocide of the American public.  I am an American citizen who is a targeted individual.  I am 62 years old and I live at 817 Fir Lane in Big Bear City CA 92314.

Directed Energy radiation is being beamed at me from the following directions:
821 Fir Lane, Big Bear City CA   The house next door to me is owned by Twila.  She told me that her nephew comes over several times a week.  When talking to her I brought up the fact that I am a TI and her response was that some people need to be watched.  The energy coming from her direction, can only be coming from someone inside her house.  There are no cars at the house next door to hers and I can hear music coming from Twilas house at 6:30am.  
These people team up like jackals to attack me so that I can’t tell where the weapon energy is coming from.  However the meter in my smartphone is directional and I can discern the direction of signals by peak energy.  In addition, attempts are made to overwhelm my meter with energy so that the sensors are swamped out.  This does not work and yet they keep trying to do it over and over again.

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  1. The people doing this to me are aware that what they are doing is murder for hire. They may think they are doing human experimentation or doing some kind of surveillance for the government. Yet they are aware that what they are doing is assassination plain and simple. They cannot merely say they are just doing their job. The Nuremberg principal applies here as it did for Nazi prison guards in the death camps, who claimed they were ordered to do what they did.

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