No Touch Torture Log for Sept. 2, 2014

1531618_519331704842467_195048159_n1:37am Tuesday My handler is working me over tonight . It started out with bruising of my arms. Its somewhat like a beating in that all of the pain is there, ncluding the pain of each strike however instead of impacts, there is energy jolts, 545168_468170333210595_2090925556_n.jpgwhich cause inflammation and bruising of tissues. I am thinking this handler ma not be from here, because he seems so have full repotoir of torture techniques, that keep changing. At this time, it has turned more a conductor of an electric light orchestra, where the show has turns my nerves into conductors of the energy which this handler has gotten my body to absorb. The handler cleverly gets the target to ingest chemical electrolyte by poisoning the food and transdermally as well.after the electrolyte poisoning, it takes only a minimum of power to do a full imposition of torture. The handler tried to stop me from writing, but has now elected to put the torture on autopilot while he takes a break. 11:33am Monday the Handler worked me over again. This time I was installing a toilet and there was exertion. The handler gave me some kind of upper (drug) which made my heart beat very fast. I was all dirty and didn’t get to use my blood pressure meter. My blood pressure was very elevated again and my heart rate seemed like it was 150BPM. The handler usually does drills where he does this so I believe he is using the sonic beam weapon to somewhat match the resonant frequency of my aorta maybe to partially occlude (block) it. I am not sure about that part, but I am sure that my chest feels tight and I am sure that the handler is doing this with his weapon. Again the handler wants me to know and when someone is trying to kill you will take notice of what is happening. If you are thinking of discounting what I say, first know that I have separate degrees in Biology, Electronics and Computer science, with extensive work experience. I know about the chemicals they use first hand. The chemical i was given today is put on the wall as a DEPOT. Then when needed and I am in range it is dosed to me via Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD with the microwave weapon. Use the following link to see my article on the chemical Electrolyte I am talking about. I am very sure of what I am talking about and may only be off in minor inconsequential details. All is explained in the article. After what I said above, I can conclude that the handler is trying to kill me via a heart attack. So to protect yourself, stop when your heart starts to race for no reason. What I do is take a shower to wash off the crap they put on me so my respiration can return to normal. The chemical they use will Fluoresce Bright Orange under a UV light with the room light off. This is the one that makes your heart race and feels like an upper. Remember the electrolyte chemical glows Florescent Yellow. You can clean both of these off with soap and water. There is nothing more I can say to prove what I say so good luck with whatever you decide to do from here. The Drills I told you about above, are done not every day, but often enough so the handler is well practiced with the procedure. I believe the purpose of these drills is to cause a heart attack or stroke when the target is under mild to major exertion. Again, this is done putting the heart under load via the electromagnetic weapon, whether or not the chemical is administered.  The handler is always watching the target to see when is the right time for one who is not supposed to make it.  Remember that this is terminal human experimentation and these handlers are Murderers.  I don’t believe any of us are supposed to survive.

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