No Touch Torture Log For October – 2017

No Touch Torture Log For October, 2017

Oct. 1, 2017
12:48pm  My hadler on Hatfields land is aiming infrasound (ELF) at my head.  This is like what happed to the dignitaries in Cuba.  There are two hard boils on the back of my head.  Whats with that?  These are not like boils you would find in a text book.  These are hard and feel like there is in a pea under the skin.
ask Hatfield if they told him they were testing weapons on me?
tell him they are putting boils on me.  Look in my website to verify.  I have had been given boils since I have been in this county.  they uses InfraSould aimed at my head.
Are they aiming Infrasound at you?  They are disgusting creatures.  Dont you expect the contractors to tell you the truth.
Hatfield did you agree to take money to allow the imbeciles to surveille me?
This means that you believe they can surveille you like this, doesnt it Hatfield
An investigation currently going on would only last a week.  What business have they got investigating me for 9 years.  This is for HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION YOU MORON.
They can surveille everything in your house and you and you would never know it.  They love to profile families for DNA.  Do the contractors lie to you Hatfield?  They are surveilling you too you idiot.
The contractors are doing research on DNA.  They typically use large families so that the research can continue if the subject dies.  I have a large family Hatfield.  Its lucky for you that you do not have a large family.  They would be very tempted to use you.  You see Hatfield, they want me for research and not for anything I have done.  If you think it is any more complicated than taking what they want you are even more dumb than I thought.  They will give you money for now.  Later they will just follow you around and tell people lies about you.  Look what happened to Palmquist.  He was a former golden boy you know. and now he is dead.  Just dont let them know you have a family Hatfield.
I remember when they were paying me the big money and I wish it lasted longer than that.  They need a payback.  we are coming for you stupid.
6:51pm imbeciles are watching us and hurting us with remote telemetry
10:47pm  The homes of targeted Individuals have become human cages where people are shot into with Energy weapons and the people have to hide in their homes to keep from being shot while out and about.
 Tuesday, Oct. 3
11:40pm  My handler and Donnas are kicking our buts.  Actually we are dying from directed energy fire being shot into us.  Donna is over 70 and I will be 66 next month.  What kind of Americans are you people.  Why are we being murdered in real time by IMBECILES.  They play 3 stooges slapstick on us.  These people have no respect for human beings.  They actually try to make our day just as hard as it possibly can be.  These people are actively trying to get Donna and I to commit suicide.  Why is that?  Can somebody help us.  We need someone with special skills to come here to help us.   Two of the people are men and are allowed to stay across the street from my house.  they are young and in their 20’s … one has black hare with side burns and is about 5’10”.  There are two women one 40’s with red hare.  kind of heavy and seems to have a mile stare.  It is said she has a drug problem.  The women are believed to torture Donna and the men are believed to torture me.  We really need to assist each other.  This police state will not begin to roll back until this imbecile secret police is mopped up.   This is your country too and the govt. is keeping slaves for human experimentation.  Since when do people not help each other.  There are Targeted Individuals all over the country and the world.  They all seem to be cowards here.  They dont want any trouble so if you confront them they fold.  Scare a few of them and the rest will run.  They actually think the police will protect them,  Show them that is a wrong assumption.  They have given Donna some kind of flu like symptoms.  She says she feels drugged and has radiation running through her all the time.  This is coming from multiple locations and also drones.  the women stay in the house and the men stay in a 20ft travel trailer.  I live at 92800 Mill Pond Rd, in Port Orford, Oregon.  turn on to madrona and then left on mill pond from port orford loop rd (dirt road).  My house is on the left.  the garage is adjacent to the road.  My Dodge caravan is in the drive.
Oct. 4, 2017
we went over to Steve Hatfields mother in laws house.  She said her daughter stays in the camper in back but was being weird about giving us her name.  I got the distinct feeling that she knew a lot more than she said.  Donna told her there would be an investigation.  I think I saw the daughter walking down the driveway outside my house.
Oct. 5, 2017
3:34pm sitting on my couch in my home, I am being attacked with ELF energy in a way that is subtle so that the perpetrator is just watching me get more and more uncomfortable so that now the pain is getting strong and the crackling sound is getting more intense.  I wonder why someone would do this to a person.  Is it just the money or do they get sexual gratification out of it.  Sam Vaknin say the torture of sadists always has deviant sex embedded in it.
3:56pm This person is still hitting me in my head on the left side now.  They can multiplex to different weapons located at various neighbors houses.
Oct. 6, 2017
Mercs are shooting my head with military directed energy weapons.  Only a moron would do that because a regular person would know that they would be killed or imprisoned for life.  Its just as simple as that.  It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  But retards cant do it.  They are too enthralled with their shiny badges.  Think about it.  If they had any self respect at all they would get a real job and not a torturer/murderer.  Just think about that for a second… Torturer/murderer.  That is exactly what they do.  I guess they think that its sooo exciting until the bill comes due, as it inevitably will.  After world war II there were hunting parties which consisted of angry citizens with guns.  There were thousands of murders after the war.  I think there were still hunting parties into the 1990’s, 40 years after the war.  I guess they were pissed.  There will be those who just couldnt live with themselves knowing their sons, daughters, sisters, fathers killer was running around free.  I think it will be the same as after wwII when people found a good hunting party that had a line on some ex torturers.  I think their torturer title will be quickly forgotten as people realize it is a death certain.  Yes people were traumatized and will become human again and growing to hate everything the torturers were.  As for the torturers, they will need to drop their ray guns and pick up real guns to protect them selves from the bounty hunters.
Now they will find the meaning of the term “blood feud”

Oct. 6, 2017
8:38am a new boil started yesterday, at my left sideburn and just inside the hair line and nest to my ear lobe. These boils are started by using a thin beam to go under the skin and then cause some tiny blood blister. The blister then gets infected to start the process. This is a signature piece for this handler. This handler has worked her technique to a fine art with this boil making. Just look at the boils in my website
This handler started out making large boils 3 to 4 inches wide like all the other morons. But she kept with it to be called old pus face. she has done so many pussy boils that she could go into the boil hall of fame… Actually is probably does take some skill and she can now be recognized for that skill. I know now that she is guilty of war crimes on me in particular for at least 3 years now, going back to 2015. She has spent many days at the Crooks house in Gold Beach. I could snap her neck without hesitation and she should be very affraid.
This afternoon about 4:00pm I was beamed with ELF energy and this contractor increased the ELF energy until I was rendered disabled to the point i could not walk or talk normally. This is extreme torture for those who are not targeted and it is a human rights abuse. This is a war crime and is normally a hanging offense. Only someone who is mentally challenged would do something like this to anyone. You should challenge this Imbecile and know that this THING cannot be among normal people because it cannot be trusted. This thing would take money to harm people or to do anything really. This thing is not to be treated as a normal person.


Oct. 7, 2017
I was cooking super and this merc has been hurting my hands like cartilege. They usually heat my cartilage up until my tendons click as I flex my hand. This Moron continued to hurt me as I ate my supper. This thing continued hurting me to the point it took the added step of putting an ELF beam to my brain so that I had to eat in pain and discomfort. Can you imagine hurting someones brain as they eat a supper with their partner. Of all the disgusting people to actually discount humanity and prevent someone who is being held against his will in a veritable cage. That man must be hurt in the brain during a meal. How absolutely awful. This contractor person is not really a human being and is just a shell of a person. This person is in probably sitting in a trailer which is located on the adacent property. This is also happening to my fiancée Donna who lives here too and she is being tortured and traumatized by another contractor. These contractors are actually trying to break up Donna and I. I swear this is true and it happens every day. This is inhumane treatment and Donna and I demand to be set free from this torture. We are both elderly and feel weakened due to electronic torture.
I believe that the severe disabling torture I suffered in Brookings Oregon which rendered me physically and mentally disabled due to High ELF energy exposure. I believe the reason they did that is because and in retaliation for going to a sporting good store in GB where I purchased a gun and also gave literature on the torture to the storekeeper, yesterday. I also forgot to mention that I am receiving a trauma injury beam to my throat, before and during my meal.
I would like to appeal to people of empathy to assist Donna and I to assist us to be free of these weaponized morons without empathy. These mercs see what they are doing to us as a job and believe they are secret agents who are just following orders.
These weaponized morons are a secret police and they are members of the Deep State security structure. I think it is plain for all to see that they are not doing any kind of security, even though they are taking large monetary payments. Homeland security is a useless organization, only interested in false flag operations and torturing TI’s. This is a high profit organized crime, make work type program which is very similar to the phoenix program inflicted on the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war. This program is designed to traumatize the citizens like the vietnam phoenix program. One way the citizens are traumatized is to prevent police from helping Targeted Individual’s (TI’s) who are being murdered. When the torture gets intense they are aware they will call the police who will put them in a mental institution. This is effectively GENOCIDE and TORTURE/MURDER. Yes, this is a throw back to the holocaust. The Torturers are so stupid and imbecilic that they continue doing this to us and even laugh and drink and party while they do their dastardly deeds. They have no respect for human life and will continually do stupid slapstick tricks and traps as they go about torturing TI’s. It is the police who in denying help for TI’s are in addition to traumatizing TI’s are also Traumatizing the public who see them committing genocide on the TI’s as a group. The reason to traumatize the public is to prevent the public from blowing the whistle on corruption. Citizens see others going to jail for long sentences and will look the other way about corruption even to the point of system failure. The citizens see the TI’s as a people who have been secretly and unconstitutionally designated by the government as people without standing who are to be executed by torture to death. These stupid people have in doing and taking these illegal orders made the people traumatized so that the American society no longer has faith in their governemnt. The economy is set to fail and the society is set to disintegrate. As the American society disintegrates, these dumb order followers will just continue to do their jobs their by fouling their own nests.. I wish they had a brain. If they had a working brain they would see that our children are going to inherit this horrible mess and they will have to have a war because these current police and torturers were greedy and wanted to make a lot of money. They dont see that they have started a fascist police state the likes of which no one has seen since world war II. The killing has already begun and I expect it to continue and get worse. This supports my theory that sociopaths who have tasted blood cannot be brought back and are beyond help. They must be physically separated from society due to their insanity.
I think you can see that militia will have to take out the weaponized morons to the point of their surrender to authorities

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  1. I scratched a bump on my right ear lobe. Scab. Scratched more, took scab off and removed small sliver of wire. Young man walking down street all of a sudden complained of losing connection.
    I am hoping Green Bank, WV will prove of my transmitting and receiving. Low on finances, but? , I gotta try something. 1995 scar on left hip. Thinking patent 5762678 initiators got me in 1995. Noticed in 1996.

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