No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

Note: I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology and years of field work experience. This allows me to make educated observations about what is happening to me and other Targeted Individuals (TI). The information in this log is supposed to be made reported in my blog on a daily basis.

My handler is keeping me up all night again as usual now for the past two weeks. This is sleep deprivation in addition to the torture with electromagnetic weapons. at this time the handler is hitting me in the left side of my neck with a beam type weapon. As a punitive measure they are now hitting me in the back of my head with this weapon.

Its escalating because now the computer windows are opening and closing and the cursor is moving away from where i am typing. So i turned on the video recorder and they wont let their crimes be recorded. They can see what I am doing and let me know if they don’t like it.

This weapon could be used by a skilled surgeon for saving lives, but is instead being used by a psychopath to torture people in their own homes. You see, our government has made it possible for PMC contractors to work with private companies who hire these handlers to follow me around 24/7 and basically handle me as if i am a lab animal. This is human experimentation so the PMC is working with a researcher who is based somewhere else. They are doing some experiment which only a psychopath could devise. Their main deliverable is the weapon radiation exposure values which they record in a database for the Air Force. Surely they must have other deliverables on different contracts and i’m sure Obama’s brain research is in there too.

Its now 2:43am and due to protecting myself, it has taken me 24 minutes to write two paragraphs.

now I am being attacked from the direction of 324 next door. they may have a weapon that may be used by the handler from somewhere else. however the home owner is guilty because he allowed the weapon to be placed in the home. there is another weapon source coming from the ENE. I just finished making a video of weapon direction readings.

12:00pm aprox. I have been trying to get support for a wordpress plugin
its called nice youtube and it allows some short code commands to be used to give more functionality
all i needed was the shortcode command list so i tried to download it and received two error codes i had never seen before
the developers website is
Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL
I also could not connect to the root domain so i became suspicious.
there were no complaints and the dev had a good rep
i finally found that TOR browser could go to the website and this is telling.
i sent the developer an email from TOR and I tried the site one more time to be sure
low and behold it worked after i contacted the developer.
this is what usually happens when i call the perps bluff.
during the trouble shooting process they usually give up before they are proven to be fools and frauds, but not this time.
I think my ip address may be going through a proxy server like FOXACID with TAO or similar. they are screwing with me and i have to fix issues as they come. usually release before i contact the management. i have screen-shots.

Saturday 10/11/14 and Sunday 10/12/14 I stayed in my room feeling ill from constant directed energy attacks. They have started beaming my brain with ELF energy. This causes immediate headache and brain fog, the intensity of which is in direct proportion to the intensity of the energy directed at me. Someone is watching me 24/7 and making the decisions about radiating energy at me on an ad hoc basis to neutralize me.

I believe the Private Military Contractors who do this work, have multiple objectives. Their first objective is to neutralize me by preventing me from talking about what is going on. They do this by psychopathically keeping me off balance both physically and mentally, with the use of directed energy weapons (DEW) which they have access to. Secondary objectives are to provide data on brain research and other deliverables for contracts which they are responsible, as handlers of the human test subjects under their control.

I believe I can hear what is a secondary lower pulse frequency hum in the energy they are beaming at me. I can hear it rise and fall from higher to lower pitch and back again. Some times they put it on automatic so that it oscillates up and down methodically at a predefined rate. I suspect that I am hearing it in my head due to the microwave hearing effect because it can’t be heard by anyone else nor can I record it. I believe the microwave energy has to be pulsed and not continuous wave, so that the target (TI) is not cooked.

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