No Touch Torture Log For November, 2018

James Lico is a patriot fighting for his freedom from illegal Remote Neural Monitoring and radar to brain tracking  of human test subjects, used for weapons testing and brain research.  This is all against my will and against the constitution of the United States Of America.  Am erica has been taken over by rogue elements of the CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, ETC..  All intelligence agencies in every country of the world have banded together to target enemies who would interfere with their organized criminal activities.  The Intelligence agencies are in the process of transfering  control over to the NWO one world government as envisioned by George Herbert Walker Bush.   The corpserations and monied interests have decided to abandon america and are in the process of moving their operations outside America.  They must reduce the population in America by 83% see prediction for the year 2025

Thursday November 15, 2018 @jafelco

1:22am My handler is DESPERATE to have me get arrested or put in psyche ward. I still have my rights and am entitled to a JURY TRIAL. Law Enforcement must stand behind john Clute and the Grave he put on my driveway. I WILL USE THE GRAVE! People will listen

My handler under the auspices of Steve Hatfield on Mill Pond Rd, is hurting my brain with strong arm energy weapons. This is supposed to cause me to act out and I am restraining myself. This is cruel and unusual punishemt. This is a capital war crime.

useful idiots are stopping me from reporting the truth to the people   

useful idiots are working for NWO.

Useful idiots are not on our side.Useful idiots have brought Trojan Horse Surveillance to Port OrfordWe are at war with a rogue section of the military.We are at war in case you didnt know and we must start defending ourselves by neutralizing the useful idiots.  They have no fucking sense and are working for the NWO>
Tuesday, 11/13/20182:58pm toxic brain ELF my whole body is twitching and shaking.  The useful idiots are doing this to Donna and me every day.  There is a lot going on around the country with the fires in CA and next Oregon and Idaho.  Next Idaho Fires? David Keith: Geoengineering May Kill Ten’s Of 1,000’s A Year; Look At Toxic Sky
secrecy always leads to criminality.  This is due to being taken over in deep capture by psychopaths.
Wednesday, 11/14/201812:23am  Taking a shower, my right arm was beamed causing a deep and hot pain in my right forearm as though it is blunt force trauma.  Like a hammer blow.One thing that is always prevalent is the appareent necessity to show the target that the nandler is always there with the TI>   They can never allow the TI (apparently) to have a moment alone where the handler is not interfering or imposing their presence.

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