No Touch Torture log for Monday 10-6-14

Sadly this so called human being who is my handler is beaming the tendons in my right foot right in back of the ball of my foot. this has been going on and off since 5:00am this morning. If you are reading this, yes it is really happening to many thousands of people. I have college degrees in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer science. Also, I have work experience in all three.

Being subjugated by psychopaths using this technology is designed to make the targeted individual look crazy. In addition there are infiltrators working to promote the delusional appearance by writing and promoting things that at first look accurate but then veer off into misleading and obfuscation areas to make the targeted community look crazy. It is hard to get to the heart of the issue because there is misleading information out there on purpose. NSA Whistleblower William Binney was technology director for the NSA and said there are over a million contractors in the U.S. I’m sure they are not all working on this targeting program, but i think the majority are due to the large number of targeted individuals. At some point soon, people have to wake up and take responsibility for getting rid of the psychopathic morons with weapons. Innocent people are being targeted and the problem is getting worse not better. It is going to get a whole lot worse until we take charge of this. It is not going away by itself. The NSA and other agencies in collusion with corporations have done a slow motion Coup of our government. Every citizen is now a terrorist until proven otherwise. Your government thinks you are the enemy and it is necessary now to overthrow the government in order to take back control.

I have inflammation and internal bruising to my tendons and or toe joint. This is a traumatic injury which will require some time to heal, if they will refrain from injuring it further. I will try taking some ibuprofen to see if that works. I did manage to go to yoga class at the YWCA and it happened there too. I cannot bend my foot due to inflammation of my tendons. I would not have thought there are so many Alfred E Newman type people who could torture and hurt others. The data is entered into the Moron log as a deliverable to the Directed Energy Bioeffects Research. DEBR Air Force human experimentation for weapons testing. Right now the Moron in 304 xyz Blvd is active. I can ignore the torture some times but I will never get used to it nor will I accept my fate. It is wrong to think that anyone can pay to have someone tortured and in essence murdered to test weapons of all things for effectiveness and radiation effects on the human body. I call these creatures Morons because they are too stupid to think for them selves. They are really to stupid to live amongst peaceful people. People who have to have laws to keep them from hurting others have proven to everyone that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing, which in this case is refraining from hurting others with weapons. It seems like we have regressed to a Grand Theft Auto video game like society where anything goes from the top level on down to goons and thugs at street level. These people are too stupid and too greedy to be allowed to be amongst the people and so they will need to be removed from society. Once a person has proven they will do absolutely anything for money or any other reason, then the only choice would be to remove them permanently from society.
I am reporting these details for documentation and activism purposes.

I am being tortured by a brutal psychopath, who is injuring my forearm repeatedly in a viscous and brutal manner.
he is a type of brutal cold blooded killer who could easily be a mass murder who likes his work. I have trauma injuries to my forearm and had to take ibuprofen for inflammation and pain. this is not the worst injury Ive had but it ranks up there.

this psychopath is giving me injuries that hurt like bullet wounds

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