No Touch Torture Log for Mon. Sep. 22, 23 of 2014

Note: I make observations in my writings which are justified do to the fact that I have college degrees in Biology, Electronics and Computer Science plus field experience in all three. I deal with facts only.

It’s 3:25am
my handler is keeping me awake again all night again.
On Sunday I went to Frys computer store, with Susan and Pat. I found out that someone broke in when we were out. They put more chemical on the rug where I sit in the living room. They also doused around my bedroom and the bathroom. Actually the whole house is poisoned. This chemical I’d for acting as an electrolyte to increase conductivity on the skin.

4:35am my handler at central of 4th and xyz Blvd is torturing me all night so that I will have to sleep all day. He is burning my feet and causing a muscle to twitch in my left leg. He is doing this so that he makes me aware he has control over this. This Seems to be important to him to let me know. He doesn’t have to make me aware of this but he chooses to. The same thing with turning on my tablet computer when I walk by, the screen lights up. My handler wants me to know he has control of this. They can’t break into my computers to use them covertly, but I wonder what is the purpose of shooting me over and over, interminably. It seems like a childish need to be noticed. I’m not afraid and of course I thought that was it. But no, I think it is a desperate cry for attention.maybe he didn’t get the attention he needed from his father figure and he is transposing that need into me?

It’s 4:29am Tuesday morning and my handler is still beating me up. I have had time to wonder just how stupid these handlers are. This horse head moron who is torturing me knows what he is doing and what he is doing is
Torture. 》 even though the President say we don’t torture
Murder 》 This person is killing me
Treason 》 he has no problem betraying the country and his countrymen
Morally bankrupt 》 will do absolutely anything fot money. This is a particularly heinous crime, done in slow motion.

Did you know this handler is this type of malignant narcissist that molests children and is mentally still a child himself. It’s true, only psychopaths will molest children and they are perpetrators of most of the real hard crime in the country. Before 9/11, this handler was barely constrained from hurting people by threat of punishment. But now that he believes the government is his co-pilot and further, he thinks the gloves are off and he can torture and kill all he wants.

It may be obvious to you by now that the genie can’t go back in the bottle. When the country snaps back reversing direction, the malignant narcissists torturing people can never fit back into society, as before. They are predators and the coldest of killers. No one would want these people as neighbors. This is somewhat similar to why child molesters have to register with police every where they go and it will be the same for these miscreants. This torturer person cant even imagine what will happen after this criminal activity is over. He has no fear, no empathy, no shame. He is similar to a robot which seems human from a distance. He has learned basic responses to emotional situations, but it is always an act..a facade designed and put on as a syops, to blend in and maneuver into position to prey on the next victim.

Now its 5:08am and I am exhausted. I will go to get a shower to wash the chemical electrolyte off my body before trying to go to sleep again.

It looks like I was asleep for a little over an hour of sleep total for the entire night. My handler irradiated my feet with microwaves while I was sleeping to wake me up. Do you now realize what kind of abuse is going on in America, in the name of National Security? Full blown torture of the citizens is done for testing purposes, but if that is acceptable, then torture is OKAY to use on anyone for any purpose. It doesn’t even have to be for behavior correction. In my case, I am a human rights activist, guilty of filing an EEOC charge against my former employer. My lifetime sentence of being tortured to death, was rendered by my employer, to prevent me from continuing on with the law suit. IT WORKED SO FAR!



Note: I make observations in my writings which are justified do to the fact that I have college degrees in Biology, Electronics and Computer Science plus field experience in all three.

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