No Touch Torture Log For May, 2019

Sat May 4, 2019

My head and neck are being hammered by directed energy and my neck feels like it  is broken.


Wed. May 8, 2019
I am trying out windows 10 on a memory stick which I bought on ebay.  It may not allow the morons to enter my computer.  If it ends each session unchanged then each session is going to resist interferance or each new session will be new as if never run before.   This will be a boon to the targeted community if the security morons cant get into their sessions.

The mucous in my lungs and throat is getting thicker and thicker and it is increasingly more difficult to cough it up.  I recognize that directed energy is causing this and I wonder how others will feel if their friends, relatives, mothers fathers are afflicted with these weaponized morons experimenting on them.  They are military contractors so it makes sense to me that the experiments are military in purpose.  So why are the morons practicing?  It makes sense that they will do this to others clandestinely, because after all, they are always trying to make it seem as if it is naturally happening.

Wed. May 9, 2019
10:35am I was woken up with a pain in my inner right ear which goes all the way to my throat and I recognize this as an energy weapon.  My head snaps and crackles now all the time which I recognize as ELF extremely low frequency energy.

I can see now that the contractor moron can get inside my computer session, but I still think that there is more to discover from these live sessions run from a memory stick.  Maybe linux will be more successful in keeping the morons at bay.

Windows has I believe left a back door for the Intelligence community to remotely connect to anyone’s windows session. It isnt hard to notice that someone is connected as a live session running concurrently with mine, so that the moron sees and can interact with my windows session as if sitting at the keyboard.  So it may be that I cant keep them out since the windows Kernel OS is probably compromised to allow someone from the Intel Community in..  Linux should not have that problem and I need to research that avenue.

Tue. May 21, 2019
11:21pm I haven’t been updating my torture log lately because both Donna and I are getting hammered by contractors. This is getting serious and I dont know how much more either of us can take. Donna is getting desperate and wants to give talking to try to get through to them but I fear it is no use.

Friday, May 24, 2019
6:12am I decided to stay up all night due to my brain being hammered and feeling like there is a weight on my brain pushing down from the top of my head.  I have been writing in my website about electrically conductive chemicals deposited on the body and also about the loss of sexual including erectile dysfunction which may be another experiment, but the result is the same as if it were not.  the radar on brain process seems to find it necessary to have current flow down through the body trunk, which probably resulted in erectile dysfunction and nerve damage.

As I have mentioned before, if this happens to you, you should notice a marked itching in the groin area when showering.   This is only one of the horrific things that happen when you have radar on your brain.  Unfortunately the government contractors think it is a job to shoot the targets with directed energy weapons.  BUT, I am only seeing innocent targeted Individuals, which means that the people on the Terrorist watch list are mostly innocent and not Terrorists at all.  In fact I was given an aggressive test where two thugs tried to give me an injection by holding me down.  I believe they wanted to see how aggressively I would fight to get free.  Therefore, It is my opinion that all Targets are not aggressive to meed a test standard.  Also, since 80% of the targeted individuals are women, they would not normally be aggressive to worry about.  Now COMPARE that to private military contractors are mostly SOCIOPATHS who find it OKAY TO TORTURE A PERSON for 8 to 12 hours of a shift.   IT LOOKS LIKE THE CONTRACTORS ARE THE TERRORISTS AND THE TARGETS ARE INNOCENTS.

Now, think of what this targeting and torture does to a society.  The way this is designed, where the targets are terrorized with torture until they break, then non targeted citizens will inevitably see it and fail to understand what and why this is going on.  Citizens will, over time, become afraid and sensitized to this violence against the citizens.  What I have described is the destabilization of a civilized society similar to what the CIA has done in many third world countries except now it is done in and to America and is called the CIA PHOENIX GENOCIDE PROGRAM which was first used in VIETNAM and then perfected through use in third world countries.   The people targeted are called Targeted Individuals who are in actuality a FALSE FLAG OPERATION, because they are innocents.  Military contractors track them down and will tell their jeighbors they are dangerous or drug abusers, pedophiles, etc.  which is a lie but it gets people to fear and stay away from them, which is the objective.  This tears families and neighborhoods apart.

8:06am The military slave trafficker handler is burning my brain so that it feels like there is a lot of pressure and there is a lot of pain in my frontal lobe.  I have not been to sleep yet and this is a bad situation.  This contractor has precised over a fight my fiancee had and she says she will now leave.  These contractors MO In My Opinion, is to make every second of our lives to be so bad that we in effect will want to commit suicide.  It is my opinion that I would rather go through this pain now rather than trying to gain a little more comfort with less pain by what I would call getting on my knees to try to beg better treatment.  yes, I know I am dying this way and I would rather do it this way in hopes that the people would see that this atrocity has to stop..  So far it has not worked at all but once people start to find out the true agenda is depopulation and death for 95% of the population, hopefully they will see that its in everyone best interest to take our country back.

I am sitting on my couch while I research

Enlarged Colon  :: Because my colon is enlarged due to bioResonance with directed energy weapon radiation

my enlarged colon problem began in 2016 when Dave Palmquist invaded the sewer of a house I rented from him on first street. he made a pretense (PSYOP) of saying the sewer pipe was clogged with paper. He had the gall to feigh anger because the pipe has too much paper in it. he did absolutely nothing and left caring a plastic bag with a few squares of toilet paper in it which had fecal matter sample on it. IMO this was to get DNA data so that my colon could be BIORESONATED to cause swelling for a swollen colon experiment.

Note my brain is being swollen as I write this to cause pain so I will stop writing and I will not stop. It is time to learn the bad and ugly Contractor handlers using slaves for the purpose of human experimentations.

  1. The handler works with a researcher at a college or university
  2. The researcher tells the handler how or what to do to facilitate the experiment
  3. During Brain research, It is my belief that the researcher will tell the handler where to cause pain so that the researcher can know where the pain originates and then can trace down where in the brain is affected. Targets are continually tortured as TI’s say and I now believe this torture is for the purpose of tracing from pain source to brain.
  4. The handlers will terrorize and cause pain in the targets which accidentally works better in the 80% women targets since they can get the cortisol to run all the time. I believe this is a desired state because it is easier to study a human system running and in distress rather than a system that is comfortable and resting.
  5. The stupid three stooges slap stick tricks played on Targets makes sense now and this is why SOCIOPATHS are used in these contractor handler jobs. Who can give someone the right to torture someone for use in an experiment. What is our country doing pandering to the CIA who says to put targets in a mental hospital. Any one who does this is a traitor to America.
  6. When someone says they are being hit with directed energy weapons, then take it seriously .. The targets are people and not some Fing experiment that you must help along
  7.  Do you realize that the object of all of this is to crash the economy so that the morons can start killing people.  The number of people to kill is estimated at 80%  ARE YOU KIDDING ME AND YOU ARE KILLING ONE OFFS.  THEY NEED TO KILL 200,000 THAT IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE NEED TO DIE.
  8. Question: were do you and your family and friends fit in here, because when you kill 200,000,000,  you would need to kill 548,000 people per day in order to be done within one year!
  9. Do you really want to go to one world government?
  10. For one thing the inteligence community is now working for the new world order and not the people, so who to kill is in their hands and not the contractors.  The contractors I feel will be killed because they are mostly people living at home and are really not mass killers.  But maybe I am wrong and they should get their resumee’s in along with estimates on how many they could kill in one day.


Salivary Glands   :: Because my mouth is completely dried out each and every morning three or more times by drying out the saliva with bioResonance from didrected energy weapon radiation, completely drying the saliva in the mouth and in the salivary gland.  Due to my associate degree in Biological Science, I know that the mouth opens as the jaw drops and juts forward as a person falls asleep and it is at this time that the saliva is dried out.   I am experimenting with nasal forms to retain the shape of the nostrils or nasal passages.  This is because my nasal passages get restricted and close off due to irradiation with directed energy radiation.  The energy is able to mimic allergic rhinitis where the turbinates become swolen and cut off my airway.  with the nostril passage forms, at least one of the nostrils remains open so I can continue breating.  I have come to realize that a targets airway is manipulated with directed energy so that the airway is able to be restricted ON DEMAND.

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