No Touch Torture Log for Mar. 24, 25, 26, 2015

73857_1728760659130_8266020_nTue. Mar. 24th,2015
My handler is irradiating me from 2 directions and a potential third.
apartment C next door and the House next to Drive way and
from a parked car in the park below.  Sounds crazy I know, its supposed to,  but keep reading.

The sociopathic handlers in the house next door to the left of my drive way and a second sociopath in apartment C of the building next door, seem to be working together to keep me irradiated all the time today. My left leg hurts and seems to be swelling due to edema above my left ankle. I am waiting for damage visible to a doctor before seeing my doctor again. the pain is a drilling type of aching pain in my left leg above my ankle. I am making time lapse comparison pictures for evidence.

These handlers are brazen to have taken jobs so obviously subject to blowback directly by the target and anyone who would oppose malignant narcissists who have no respect for human life and the suffering of others. These narcissists most definitely have inferior brains which are not susceptible to normal fear of obvious retaliation. Typically people in their position will be abandoned by their employers and turned on by the people when the tide of the psychopathic meme bubble influencing the country bursts as has every bubble like this in the past. The narcissists apparently have jobs working for private companies yet I have a directional meter which shows me (points out actually) these things in their hide outs. They are supposed to be hidden and covert, yet my directional meter shows me exactly where they are and they can no longer hide and attack from the shadows. People must recognize these malignant narcissistic predators for what they are and realize that it will be impossible for them to stay free within our society. at minimum they will have to be identified, separated, tracked and somehow controlled within our society. This will be done either by maintaining them in prisons or virtual prisons. If they are to remain on the outside, they will have to report to the local police when coming into a town so they can register their whereabouts and present themselves for monitoring by the sheriffs and police who will be responsible for keeping track of them.
Their jobs will be strictly monitored and job applications will have a TORTURER check box for them to utilize to identify themselves to employers for the protection of their fellow workers.

Wed. Mar. 25, 2015
my handler in apartment C next door is aiming a resonance weapon at my brain and is causing pain. I believe he rented that apartment with the sole purpose of irradiating me with energy weapons. This person is skilled at the use of these weapons. he/she is probably an veteran and has a security clearance. there are probably more than one of them using this apartment to torture me with these weapons. I am 63 years old and believe that people should feel secure in their own homes. However my government has designated me a test victim target. i have not done anything wrong but that doesnt matter. Since the goverenment can do this to innocent people, they could easily target mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and friends of friends. Any body can be tortured by these people who are willing to accept money to use people as test subjects (targets to them).

his license number is 606EYC Oregon plate. see picture.
i will eventually have a picture of all of the people who are using this apartment. I will need to be hanging around there around 7am and 7pm shift change time so I can begin targeting them.

My landlord is a good guy and will respond to a dvd about targeted individuals.
also I will need to buy a gun for protection.

Thur. Mar. 26, 2014
8:40pm My handler(‘s) are irradiating me from four directions at the same time. That is, I am measuring four torture signals maybe all not at the same time, but at least two of them are. One or two of these are bent on giving me fibromyalgia symptoms by hitting me with a resonance beam where my right shoulder meets my neck. This person is using a satellite to the west, one to the east and possibly apartment C next door is joining in. I am covering with magnet material and the beams keep readjusting in the three directions. Then it gets angry and hurts me worse in other ways. in addition, they hurt my back and around my waste in back with a resonance beam, my hands, arms and right side of my brain and left foot. This is not crazy because this is the work of psychopaths. If you deem me crazy, then you may have to fend them off yourselves since I am innocent, any body can be targeted under these circumstances. Just watch the Myron May videos to see what they do to make people brake and thus APPEAR crazy, when they really are being tortured (TO DEATH).

As of 10:45 PM they are using a resonance weapon on my upper eye tooth on the right showing that these weapons can be used by a surgeon.  They can make one tooth ache from the root heating up and leave the others untouched.  Now that is amazing.

A less than lethal weapon is lethal when always on mode is used. We already have three people who were killed while being tortured. Two were mass shooters and the third was Miriam Carry, the white house MOM driver.
Then there was the Aurora Colorado Shooting in which Dr James Holmes was finishing graduate program after already getting his doctorate in
neuro-science research, but chose to give up his graduate program up to dye his hair orange and shoot a bunch of people in a movie theater instead.

Myron May and Aaron Alexis got to declare that they were targeted individuals before their shooting sprees. Maybe The other victims would have done that too yet they were killed or drugged out of their minds first.
You may think that the US has a TERRORIST problem, but there is mounting evidence that the Government was involved in 9/11, Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook school shooting, etc, etc. Can you conclude from this that the Government and its hired psychopathic minions are the real terrorists. I dont know, but it is not me and I am being tortured to death by psychopathic private government contractors. You will never find out if you just call us all conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat people. After all, wasn’t it the CIA who was responsible for torturing thousands upon thousands in the MKULTRA human experimentation with radiation and torture extravaganza that President Clinton just apologized for.

Its not like they never experimented on and tortured people to make mind controlled assassins before. Yet the thought that they would do again what they lied about before in this climate of spying and lying by the spy agencies is totally out of the question. Well it is not out of the question, but it is covered up. Just look at my article on MKULTRA cover-up. There was no media coverage when the CIA was found guilty and the whole program went dark. Now thousands of people all with identical symptoms and complaints are saying they are being tortured to death by rogue private military contractors.

This is how illegal human experimentation is discovered yet after literally hundreds testify at Obamas Bioethics committee sessions open to the public about being tortured with electromagnetic weapons.

Bioethics committee chairman Amy Guttman wont hear any more testimony and wont report or investigate what look very much and uncannily similar even identical to illegal human experimentation and TORTURE.

All we wanted was a preliminary investigation, so why is that out of the question if hundreds at President Obama’s Bioethics Committee and thousands of people nation wide and even world wide have reported it.

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