No Touch Torture Log for June, 2019

June 5, 2019 Wednesday… I was arrested today by sheriff deputies for violation of probation at around 5pm.  Which specifically was due to uploaded files to my web server and to my website.  I was taken to the jail in Gold Beach and I made bale because I still had the $700 I had withdrawn to pay my probation supervisory fee and so I used that money to pay the 10% of $5000 bale, which was $500.   I guess I wont get that back.   It looks like the sheriff is in the bale bonding business.

June 6, 2019
5:27am  I have been up all night due to sleep deprivation since I sleep all day and go do bed around now.  My brain is being en-trained with directed energy weapons and i can hear and feel the crackling as i move my head.  This person is bringing me to the brink of passing out before backing off.  This is torture and a war crime.

June 7, 2019
as a subject of military contractor Human Animal handler, I am a non-consensual human experiment victim in NIH brain research and other research. Ask yourself, why would a healthy man all of a sudden have pain in the bones of my right thumb when grasping something? ANSWER::: JUST TESTING CANCER SIMULATION

5:47am I called and spoke with a technician who said there was interferance which sounded like wind.  I called back and spoke with Jackson H. who told me how to install security auditing software which would help with monitoring changes to my website after to tighten security after my website was hacked by government contractors to upload data which would violate my probation.  I asked Jackson H. if he had ever heard of contractors hacking websites before and he said he had heard others tell stories just like mine.

The following is testimony about harassment I receive while editing my website, like right now

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