No Touch Torture Log For July 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017
Our washing machine was broken by my handler. Donna was doing a wash around 6:00pm and the wash stopped at where the rinse cycle would have started but the drainage pump was now broken. We had to return the washer to the store where we got it. The folks at the store were nice enough to give us a replacement. I have had things break before and I know they would break an electronic component like they did. It didn’t try to pump and fail, it just didn’t do anything indicating electronic component failure. The handler was angry, is why it happened.

2:42am my feet are vibrating from frequency. This person is trying to break up Donna and I. How disgusting this person is. Now I think these handlers are locals. If so, they’re probably friend of the crooks.

July 3, 2017
Ups delivery in am
Tortured to 8 out of 10

July 4, 2017
Torture increased probably due to holiday effect to try to induce suicide. It is malignant and it has to be mentioned. You have to think like a torture to understand what is happening.

July 5th, 2017
2:26pm legs vibrating,
brain crackling,
poking and prodding
Trying to induce MS symptoms in my back for 1.5 hours this morning
Interfered with sex
Right now and for last2 hrs . beam through brain hard right to left
It has been busy

Donna has poking and prodding
Eye pokes

July 6, Thu.
Talked to my neighbor in back, (John). It seemed to go well, but remains to be seen. He said he knew about corruption and govt. Lies. Lying, false flag Psyops contractors running murder for hire Phoenix program should be a logical next step for him. Donna and I are hoping it works. It could be at least minimally positive when we use our handouts and my website. The washer lost clips so we took it into Bookings.

July 7, Fri.
It seems like the Brookings handlers have stopped. I’m still waiting to find out what the impact of john presentation is.
We are still getting hit but very reduced or absent horizontal weapons. On our way to Brookings and more agressively on our way back from Brookings I was hit in the had with ELF radiation. This is from another handler who has much technique in common with the Brutal Crooks of 94261 1st Street in Gold Beach Oregon. Wow, I was hoping we had shed that garbage but here it is back again. Also, the Brookings handlers seemed very much like Crook spin offs like friends or other family. Now I was viscously attacked by at least two drones on the way back from Crescent City. The handler was purposefully and aggressively brutal in that intense pain, disorientation, clouding and discomfort to my brain was dished out. I was blocking from one source and another source would teeter totter back and forth from one source to the other. The Crooks have an aversion to doing the right thing apparently and so they will have to be exposed so that they can be dealt with. Donna and I are not cattle as treatment of us by them would suggest. The Crooks are heavy handed and devoid of humanity and self respect, sinking to humiliation of Donna and I and inhuman treatment. These are bad and sick people who should not be allowed to have any kind of responsibility over other humans. I would be very agressive in prossecuting and punnishing the Crooks. The ones I am familiar with is Alyssa with her poor unfortunate, abused child. Alyssa Crook has her child present while she brutally tortures. Jeff Crook is another and a third I have seen is TRU Crook. I have discovered their names from and believe them to be accurate. In addition there have been other people moving through the Crooks house, since we arrived at 94263 1st street in November of 2015. Donna was I believe and I was brutalized here. It was on December 24, Christmas Eve that I was noticeably injured with burns to the upper body. In addition I was given boil infection injuries which was a continuation from Dave Palmquists rental under the brutal man Ethan? who shot into me from Larry Herrings house in front of 94235 house on the cliff. Dave Palmquist put his hand in brutalizing me by doing first hand or having Ethan injure my back to keep me from going to his Wifes (Bojenna Palmquist)’s Tai Chi class over a two month period of time.

July 8, Sat.
This handler is making me sick to my stomach with nausia. This happens every day mostly. The clicks and cracks are going on at the top of my head and I am always sponge brained due to ELF. I have boils on the back of my neck and one in my left ear just like at the house across the street from the Crooks. It is extremely cruel to make someone sick and nausius every day. This person is just like the one I believe to be Elissa Crook. This makes sense because this person is female and good at making the boils either that or likes to make the boil infections on my face and neck and in my ears.

July 9, 2017
1:41pm The handler is watching me and listening to a poor soul on Renatas conference call. This person is actually holding up my computer from finishing up boting. Wow… I know only because i have worked all my life in the computer field… wow this person wants me to think it has complete control over my live and I just do not think that at all.. Yes this person is controling things I am using but this is a psyops. it couldnt be more of a joke that this person wants me to CRASH as a human being and the more this person tries to do that I think it is causing its own deterioration because what the handler is doing is wrong on so many levels. This is Treason to the handlers own compatriots… this is big and it is so so so stupid for a weaponized moron to do so much to hurt someone. This person is watching me every second of every day. This handler is weird litterally. This handler has some soul searching to do. This handler and so many others (1000’s) are screwing up their OWN country. Think of that and if this person is a CROOK as I suspect, then it is screwing up itself more than me, just to fulfill its employers requirements. I think the money paid to these morons is tremendous. they can buy anything and corrupt anyone but they cant change the fact that the government is broke and on the verge of default. This means that our money will be worthless due to inflation. This program is more of a psyops on the handlers who will be as broke as I am. They should be paid in some kind of currency that wont be worthless. This moron has tried confusting my notes and I removed the not from the application and this handler is still trying to move the sidebar up and down…. WOW…. talk about devotion to the employers dick. I am just an unimportant person. I am nothing in the grand scheme of things. I am a failed experiment for the morons..

Wed. July 12, 2017
5:32am I tried to check the direction of a beam of energy hurting my legs and noticed that my cell phone was at 7% charge. I charged the phone before I went to bead and put it on the bed at around 4:30am and it is now 5:35am, so it went from full chaged down to 7% in 65 minutes
Now I am watching or typing onto my computer and the cursor is frozen. This happens when the handler is anrgy with me. I think it is angry with me right now, because I am bringing the focus down to local by disableing the internet and enabling process explorer (Procexp.exe). This shows me the running processes, specifically the one for Evernote which is the app that is frozen. Low and behold that as soon as I open process exp. the app unfreezes. I was just going to examine if the process was put on hold maybe, which would make it seem that the app only seemed temporarily frozen. Also, I discovered that the handler can do computer operations even though the internet has been cut off. The handler is teaching me that there is indeed an air gap where it has the capability of bidging the internet to control my computer even with the internet turned off. I think the handler hates when I do this because its reputation as a security professional is tarnished. You see the handler is supposed to be playing tricks and traps on me but is free to stealthfully play these tricks because it thinks it has covered its digital tracks with a stealthy maneuver. The problem comes in when I somehow preKnow can some how uncover the handlers stealthy maneuver like I did with procexp. In that case the handler now has to revert to childish maneuvers and does hurt my leg with a pain beam. I can tell you for sure that the handler hates when I use sarcasm to ridicule the handler. I have shown this on many occasions. Sarcasm is the reason for the Evernote freezing in the first place. I call this a realtime hack, of which the handler has access to many real time hacks to hack or interfere with a myriad of applications. But now the handler is holding back from further interference since I have uncovered its shenanigans. Oh, now my foot hurts, so this is a retaliation and pain campaign. I think that I have also previously proved to this handler that I will write in other notebooks what I need to write and evernote is just my default. In addition I have now proven that this handler is one which handled me when I lived on 94263 First street. in Gold Beach and the handler was then operating from 94261 Second Street in Gold Beach which is the house across the street from me and Donna. But now what do you know, this handler is again handling me here in 92800 Mill Pond Rd. in Port Orford Oregon. As we found out before, it is the Crooks house across the street on second street. What a small world it is and I was sure this was my Crooked handler and whadayouknow, there it is. You see, I further think this is my Crooked handler and probably one of the Female Crooks and further I think it is probably Alyssa Crook. I could be mistaken about the personality of which that is NULL. But you can see from my website, that I have had numerous boil infections. There was a progression of boil infections which began as very large to start with and then the size of the boils began to drop as the handlers technique improved. They went all the way down to pimple size or tiny in comparrison to the woppers that it started with. But this boil technique did not happen overnight. It took this handler approximately 30 months of trial and error. You see that all of the boil infections or mostly all, where done to me when living at 94263 First street. You see that this handler has done about everyone. I can feel the process of boil making because the handler uses a laser like beam which has a needle like tip. I can only imagine that since the outer skin is left unbroken, that this handler is setting the frequency at which the beam resonates to the skin tissue structures below the outer Dermis layer. In this way the tissue below the outer dermis layer is damaged slightly and this allows it to bleed under my skin causeing a blood blister which then rots and becomes infected. I think that this process can happen quite fast, over less than an half a day. I am noticing a new crop every day and they will be started as little boil seeds to use a sarcastic analogy and be gently raised to full bloom in a day or two or even the same day if needed. I have reason to think that the boils are used to track me and other TI’s with. The boils can be seen on a Thermal Image as red or white because they are hotter than any other visible structure. Therefore in the absense of an RFID implant, the boil can be used to positively identify a target. I have had at least 3 handlers who have been into this boil experimentation. One was named Nathan who was a big fat clutz who stayed at Larry Herrings house for big money and tortured me from there while I lived at 94235 First street which is my residence prior to the house across the street from the Crooks. I have found that RFID implants are used to positively identify a target victim. In the absence of an RFID identification I believe the handler is not allowed to torture even though it is probably sure that the target is his target. I have had RFID chips installed at My dentists office in Cape Coral by Dr. McClaren. I have had RFID chips installed at Auburn Hospital, in Washington State, probably after my kidney stone surgery and I have had an RFID chip installed by a physicians assistant at Dr Williams practice here in GB Oregon. I do know that I probably have had other implants and I think that one is in my TMJ on the right and maybe another in my foot. But I do believe that I have successfully broken some of the other recently installed chips by using strong neodymium magnets. Further, I am on the verge of trying to destroy chips with a technique I discovered by watching a James Shin video, where he used a TENS unit and also a stun gun to create a pulser to destroy chips. While living at the house at 94263 First street across from the crooks, I purchased a stun gun and separately a TENS unit on EBAY which I did not receive and which I was refunded my money. It is interesting to note that I have had good luchd ordering merchandise on EBAY and had received everything I ordered of which there were many, many orders (>100) and the only things I had a problem ordering were the TENS unit and STUN gun which I had planned to use to disable RFID chips!
I know that my handlers call people in businesses to subvert my actions to obtain goods or services because this is how they interfere with the TI every day. It would not be a problem for a security professional to call someone whith whom I placed an order on ebay to tell them to make the order go away in the name of security. I think that what I have written about boils and RFID chips and this Crook Handler can be used to prove my handler now is someone who handled me from the Crooks house in Gold Beach Oregon and who is handling me now in 92800 Mill Pond Rd., Port Orford Oregon. If so, this is the same person who tortured me relentlessly by zapping tendons in my hands and elsewhere. This person brutally raised boils on my face and upper chest area to get me to behave. You can see that two of the boils on my upper chest area are in a line above my nipples and I believe that the symetry was not by accident but on purpose as a private joke for the Crooks. I believe I can say that because the photo that shows this was erased by my handler from my computer but which photo I was able to retrieve from somewhere else to replace the one which was destroyed by making it over exposed to light. In addition I have shown previously and you can refer to that where i showed that My and Donna’s intimate moments were interfered with to weaponize my libido so that I am caused to become stressed or nervous because the sex act has been interrupted not once but every time and this handler is guilty of that monstrous behavior. Yes, the sex act can be interrupted by a frequency beam which they use and abuse and play with. Normal people would think why or what would cause someone to do such a thing not once but every single time and you can see that it is no normal person that would do this, but it is this handler. This handler was also involved in irradiating my colon to make it inflamed because it has the DNA specific resonant frequency. This frequency was obtained by Dave Palmquist who stole a stool sample from the sewer pipe in the house I was renting from him. He sent it in for DNA analysis and now it is in my dossier and is used by my handler.

By the way, when I first moved to Port Orford, I did have a handler who lived here. There are always a pair of them to cover two 12 hour shifts. These people moved in to a camper parked in my neighbor John’s house behind me. I believe that I sufficiently convinced john that I was being tortured and not surveilled which the handlers tell neighbors. The handlers pay neighbors to put psychotronic surveillance boxes in their houses. I am positive that the handlers and others use the psychotronic boxes for surveillance of the other neighbors. It is my contention that they would not let all of those psychotronics boxes sit idly by when they could be using them for surveillance. If we have learned anything from mass surveillance, then we know those psychotronics boxes were used for collect it all surveillance. For one specific instance I think the government wants to build a GPS database of guns in America. They also want to spy on people when they dont think anyone is looking which leaves a lot of area. I think the Government is afraid of Americans and wants to know who is waking up and who can lead and who is smart and other paranoid research.

Sat. July 15, 2017
5:57pm I am getting an electronic beating as I try to put up draperies in my house. my hands are getting a tendon lashing.

8:49pm my brain is clamped with ELF. my tendons are being clamped. The wars are for asset stripping. Subverting the constitution is a death sentense for the contractors. I wonder if they think they are going to be allowed to use Americans like cattle? do you think they will just turn the other cheek? If they know where you are they will probably take their gun and pass you by? are you nuts? if i go wild i am going to your house and no were else. the country is gone. they are paying you in dollars that are going away. you will have nothing. America is gone. We will hunt you down dont you know? you are living a dream if you think this is normal. everyone knows you people have names and addresses. your days are numbered.

9:29pm my brain is being hurt with ELF radiation. to my left temple. This is coming from behind my house. There are people on the ground that follow the drones. This is now a problem for us. we need to start showing them what their bosses are really doing. They will be so surprised. They are so stupid that they think its a job.

im testing a trauma hit to my right hip. I know it must be coming from horizontal and since it is protected from above 3 feet, then it is coming from below there at ground level. Then it stops as if it was not there at all. poof


12:07pm handler tickling my face and scalp. WHY? this tickling is so intense it cant be ignored. This tickling is like handler in GB used to do. They never stop and so it is torture. if I try to ignore, then it feels like it is drilling into my skin and yet it is still itching. Then there is the stupid computer tricks. Also the translation server which will probably try replacing text. There is some app running in the background.

1:04pm hurting my thumb basal joints. This feels blunt force trauma and it is barbaric. This is done by the handler to slow me down and get me to do the procedure of getting around a task without finishing it.


5:00pm I am receiving ELF to the brain and an ELF beam to my right leg which is like blunt force trauma.

July 22, 2017
I was hurt all day in my brain. I was made to feel sick as though motion sick. I believe this is ELF. Donna and I went shopping and to Crescent City CA

July 23, 2017 Sun.
12:16pm My brain and face feels numb due to attacks with ELF energy.  Skin on my face is crawling with electric current as though bugs are crawling across my face.  This is the most egregious torture.  I believe the handler is sitting at his little torture chair and causing ELF energy to be directed to my face.  This energy is being over amped to cause great discomfort and pain and psychological disturbance.   WOW, what a job.
I began receiving extreme ELF trauma to my brain from the top of my head.  This weaponized moron is shown to be west of me up the hill and the energy is so strong that i have to do something.  I say out loud that this is the case and I go to my car to go up there.  This guy comes down the hill right away as if running away.  I think maybe he is buying the place up there.  He is a disgusting looking man driving a light blue Jeep SUV.  I looked right at him into his eyes.  This man is not only ugly but he is a psychopath with pock marked face, blond hair, 40’s average build.  This is the kind of malignant moron I would expect.  I had to go back up there and found him back again.  This time i got his license number and left.  He was trying to get me to act out but that can never happen and will never happen.
July 24, Mon.
The increased trauma and aggressiveness of the weaponized morons is staying with us.  They are trying to kill us maybe because their bosses know the end of their phoenix program is coming soon.  Donna and I went to Brookings.  More flooring in crescent city.  I am receiving deep pain to the left front quadrant of my brain.  I cant tell if this punishment or play for the WM.   The extra trauma to the left front of my brain is still there.  This WM is keeping a beam on there because why I dont know?  Maybe it is some perceived slight.
The printer was delivered to California and not to me.

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1 thought on “No Touch Torture Log For July 2017”

  1. Is there any advice or tools that you have to find the perpetrators using (voice to skull, dew, EMF) weapons against me in my city locally.

    I’m finding more and more information that the handlers or perpetrators are not all around the world as I once thought, but probably local or some distance away.

    I live in San Jose CA and the only person I can claim that has equipment for sure is my mothers husband Javier Garcia (661 Glenburry Way San Jose CA) but I was never able to see the equipment because he hid it under my room through his man-made enterance to the basement in his closet, that was covered by carpet and boxes when he wasn’t spending a ridiculous amount of time down there, building, installing equipment and speakers in the walls, spying, plotting and hiding . He is a trailer driver so he also got delivery of toxic and hazerdous substances, delivered to my home and place in the basement contaminate the family and myself when he was away. I also want to add he is an illegal immigrant and hides under the basement from police and immigration. Only in the home did I hear 3D audio hidden in the walls or under the floor. No where else. I also found it strange my mothers husband would at times have conversations with those same voices coming from the walls.

    So my question is, what can I do to trace, track, locate, contact, report the perpetrators or handlers using this equipment on me nearby?

    I’m starting to get stalked by people because the perpetrators are upset I posted my blog and want me to take it down, give all of my savings and my vehicle to my mothers husband and tell me I am ordered to check into a mental hospital to appear to be mentally ill so I’m discredited by the public that reads my blog?

    Any advice you can give. Im willing to invest in something or whatever it takes to find my local handlers starting with my mothers husband.

    Email if you like

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