No Touch Torture Log For January, 2019

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Find out how the Elite and all the way down to the useful idiots will sacrifice their own families. The useful idiots think their leaders will not sacrifice them and they will do anything and kill anyone they are directed to kill. The fusion centers are the role model for Law Enforcement to emulate and you can see that they do emulate their lead. I call them Genocide fusion centers because the employees there are weaponized against the people.

Thursday 1/3/2019 7:45pm my handler has just decided that I would have a painful beam stuck into the left central hemisphere of my brain . this is usually the result of a punishment meeting

Thursday 1/3/2019 7:45pm my handler has just decided that I would have a painful beam stuck into the left central hemisphere of my brain . this is usually the result of a punishment meeting
7:48pm now there is a painful beam going into the right side om my face right below my brain

I was kept awake all night (sleep deprivation). I was trying to sleep at 11:30am and was tortured with direceed energy which was burning my eye inside and the skin outside both eyes. This is causing an infection in my right eye which I am not able to help or stop. I used an antibiotic ointment and switched to vaseline due to it seeming to allow the energy to burn me more. I took a picture of my eyes as evidence. both eyes are affected but the right eye is infected as if it were in my tear duct. My electronics and also biological science training allows me to discern and verify my observations.

Can you tell that I have been beaten up electronically with energy weapons? Its true, the contractor handlers are Traitors and they give money to steve Hatfield and Gifford Barnes. I live in a rural area and have only three neighbors in close proximity and they are all involved with the torture. My right eye is infected by the torturer. Yes, they do infections to TI’s and they like to give TI’s infections just because they can and because they dont like you. In 2015, Elissa Crook gave me boil infections on upper part of my chest right above my own nipples, so it looked like I had four nipples! This is where the immature ones shine, when giving extra torture to the throw away humans. That young tramp was bearly grown up and she already had brought a poor child into the world and her job in the world was torturing an elderly couple across the street. So this is what America has come to.
ex gangstalking operative explains tactics

Now that I have bought a property in Port Orford Oregon, sinking my entire savings into it so that I can enjoy the days I have left. I run across the small minds of Steve Hatfield, Gifford Barnes and John Clute, who believe its okay to take money in exchange for putting an elderly couple under the most excruciating and debilitating mind control operation which puts harmful and painful radar on our brains to subjugate us and make us docile. WTF? Judge These men by what they do, because they are brutal thugs who have been recruited by fbi or dhs to kill the neighbors and betray their own countrymen. TRAITORS IN AMERICA, They think they are secret agents and I can see the glint in their eye because they know the secret and they are receiving expensive gifts and cash prizes. We do have hundreds of thousands of useful idiots who would betray our country and work for the NAZI WORLD ORDER. So the fbi came to these men and told them I will give you expensive gifts like boats and cars and motorcycles if you will host Contractor Torturers on your land so they can TORTURE YOUR NEIGHBORS TO DEATH. I hope you will join in the torture so that we can call the sheriff to be like a handi wipe to clean up when they cant take the torture a single minute longer because it is relentless and non stop insanity. Do these idiots know they are stupid? The answer is no because it takes a modicum of intelligence to be able to grasp stupid as a concept.

Paradise Lost # 63 ~ Case Closed!!!…Proof Postive of DEW Attacks..MUST SEE and Share

If you look at the California fires, one could actually deduct that we as a people are actually under attack. I mean we here in Oregon, are only 300 miles north of Paradise CA. I hope Oregonians do not lack the imagination that this BURNING PHENOMENA could not close that distance to begin burning Oregonians out of their homes too. To date, the perpetrators of these “Wild Fires” has kept the number of deaths remain in the realm of the believable so people in other states would not watch so closely so as to understand that Oregon is directly threatened. Now the reason I believe Oregon and Washington are next is exactly that they are next because they have not been touched yet and because Agenda 21 says Oregonians are supposed to get out of their homes.. Maybe Oregoneons will be flooded out of their homes due to the flooding which WILL be experienced by coastal communities. Yes, this is going to happen and if you dont avail yourselves of this information then you will loose your home and maybe your life too. You need to listen to Deborah Tavares who has become an expert in knowing what is in store via Agenda 21.

There will be a planned retreat from coastal areas of the US. Dont be surprised by it.

Please dont think you can just continue to subjugate people by just continuing to follow illegal orders which hurt people, then you are knowingly committing crimes against humanity. Activists are the canaries in the coal mine and they are merely relaying this information to you. What Activists dont expect, is for you to kill the messenger. But if the order followers are hell bent on killing the messenger then I for one will gladly give my life for my country rather than live in the Totalitarian Police State which you are with your ignorance, helping to build. I know what is going on and you need to be smart enough to understand what is going on and what is going to happen if you want to remain ignorant up until the last moment. I must tell you that the law that I have broken so far was done to wake up the people around me. My website features videos which have all the information you need to make yourself aware of the existential threats which we face. If you continue on your path to impale me on the pillar of false justice then you will be guilty of genocide and crimes agaist humanity. In addition, you will be responsible for squandering your time in a responsible position, while you waste valuable time going down a dead end rabbit hole to punish someone who is trying to help you. Still think I am crazy? then I submit that you are too would be crazy to squander the good advice and heads up notice you are being given here. Please do yourself a favor and learn what hazards you and the people who depend on your guidance face.

Please Wake Up Plants and Trees Dying Everywhere, ALL OVER THE WORLD
What you need to do is talk to an expert about this and you will hear the same thing. We must wake up and do what it takes to stop the GeoEngineering Chemtrail sprayingof poison over everything.. Do you think this guy in Virginia is crazy, then how about this other guy on the west coast.
All of the trees are dying everywhere and not just in America, its all over the world. Need I remind you that if the trees die, we die.

The trees are dying faster now and it is painfully obvious to all now. All you have to do is look and talk amongst yourselves look on youtube for more videos by looking for trees are dying. People will show you, so do your own research. Maybe we can head this off by putting a stop to the Chemtrail spraying. I am talking about the DEEP STATE who is responsible for the spraying. Let me tell you that people who are watching the deep state are watching

Why are some citizens targeted by contractors? answer: After 911, Intelligence agencies and military intelligence budgets doubled and manpower increased three fold.

this is a new paragraph. will it stay or will it go and that is what I am trying to see .. what is the new line state.

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2 thoughts on “No Touch Torture Log For January, 2019”

  1. I’m being hit hard here in Seattle, especially sexually tortured, all day and night. I’m at a Christian long term recovery program for women, and am totured 24/7. This is done by employees, as well as so called Christian women. They have a shelter in Kent, Washington, that allows felons/narcs to come in and remove the homeless women’s info. The women are totally unware of this, and when I brought it to the staffs attention, they ignored me.

    • I know this is happening dear and I am so sorry this is happening to you and millions of others by murder for the greater good morons or useful idiots, who take money for murder.. It is a global holocaust where people are being silently killed all over the world. I will be on trial for crying out in pain, disturbing my neighbors, pleading for my life and yet my tormentors wont stop and the law is listening to them. The police are starting to understand, but now I face a district attorney who will try to use me to embellish his career by making an example of me. Try to put as much distance between you and those weapons as you can. The administrators think they will get in trouble if they help you and many of them are TRAITORS who are doing it for extra money. All I can say is dont give up. I know something is happening because i hear that people want the traitors arrested and I think George W Bush gave states evidence to turn in all the 911 traitors. The morons are screwing with me as I type now. Robert D Steele thinks we are close to revolution when the people will be in the streets with pitchforks to stop the traitors. Try to stress to the administrators that they are responsible to maintain justice and order and not for using the law to help kill people. Tell them they will be judged by the people and not by the deep state. An electronic vibrating back massager on the bed gives me some relief. Use a step down transformer to slow the vibrator down so it works better and lasts longer. I will pray for you. There are administrators who will stand up for justice. You need to find those people. i have heard that in some neighborhoods the neighbors will no longer carry out the atrocities. Small towns are better than cities like Seattle. Good luck to you.

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