No Touch Torture Log for Friday 7-25-14 In Virtual Prison WHY?

It’s 12:10pm on Friday, 7/25/14. The Government has made it possible for the psychopathic people to torture people in their homes from the comfort of their own homes in line of sight to the neighbor they want to torture.  they can focus the beam on one spot to cause inflammation, swelling and pain.  They are private contractors working for a company under government contracts to do human experimentation with psychotronic weapons.  They can target anyone and most will never know it because they can be stealthy and not cause direct pain but make it seem like normal pains that people get like fibromyalgia, joint pain, muscle strains.  Some pains are sharp and others are dull pains, depending on their choice of Less Than Lethal (LTL)
Electromagnetic Weapons.  They can modify the power so that the pain they cause is at whatever level the psychopaths desire.  These psychopathic handlers are of low intelligence because no one in their right mind would do torture people with electromagnetic weapons. 
They will follow orders given by their bosses no matter what happens.  Research shows that they pass off responsibility to their boss so they are not annoyed by those annoying pangs of guilt.  Then too is the “It’s for the greater good” mantra they keep chanting.  It is really for Human Experimentation.

The psychopathic network in this town, I call the Algona boys are mobbing me again with Less than Lethal weapons. This is a Friday and they could be joining in for a round of torturing the neighbors, to get an early start on the weekend.  It will take a few rounds of this to assess whether they are all participating or if they have the use of weapons in each others homes.  I am being beamed to the left top of my head.  They do it from multiple directions so that the torture signal can’t be blocked easily.  they like to cause pain so that the victim tries to get away but just cant.  There is no escape and I know that so it is pointless to move.  They get bored after awhile and will stop.  The weapon seems to be ultrasonic in that aiming it at my brain causes inflammation and swelling in a small area.   Some of the people in Algona are participating.  Psychopaths have a way to find other psychopaths in an area and build their psychopathic network to draw on when needed.  These are the same people who have been trouble makers when children and never grew out of it.  So now when they have the chance to torture a neighbor with impunity, they jump at the chance.  They would do it for free if they could, but the Government pays them.  They are hurting my head to much now so I will have to stop.

How you can tell if you are being accessed remotely:
a) you can hear and snap, crackle, pop in your neck. It is tiny air bubbles due to microwave thermal expansion.    
b) You may have transient Tinnitus or ringing in your ears for no reason.
c) unexplainable headache
d) pressure in your head like you have a bad cold, but there is no cold.
after connecting they may do the following:
a) make your heart skip a beat every few seconds
b) simulate fibromyalgia
c) headache or ear ache
d) joint pain
e) tendon pain when walking or otherwise moving
f) muscle aches
g) cause gas in your colon, which makes a gurgling sound (women complain of this mostly)
h) facial pain
This contract was awarded by the Air Force in May of 2013 for testing weapons on Human Test subjects.  Dont be fooled into thinking it is legitimate because the weapons are very painful and cause cancer, inflammation and nerve damage.  They can get away with this because the testing program is TOP SECRET and shrouded in secrecy.

The US House of Represantatives created a Human Trafficking committee and this is ironic because all of the people they designated as Targeted Individuals for the program to test these weapons are Human Trafficking victims.

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