No Touch Torture Log for February, 2019

Do you have a high blood pressure which comes and goes? Is the hypertension due to frequencies and Do you have a handler?   If yes, your handler is probably right next door aiming ELF energy weapon at you. Your handler can be anywhere with this technology,  but if he/she is right next door, it makes it so much simpler.  The reason your handler is probably right next door because he/she has to be able to interact/change something in your environment as if you are a hamster in a cage.  For instance,  the handler has to put a new drug to be tested into your food for instance. 

The reason this targeting works is because they have your DNA and that means that the energy coming from the weapon is tuned to your specific DNA frequency and it is like a fingerprint. Oh, I should explain the targeting a tiny bit. You are targeted by this handler because someone has complained about you and because of that your name was most likely entered into a TERRORIST WATCH LIST database. You will have to do your own research about that part because its scope is too broad for this posting. You can also look on my website for information on targeting.   I believe the CIA developed this targeting but all of the intelligence agencies plus military intelligence use the technology.  It is called the DEEP STATE to give it a broad category under which the technology is used.  There are military contractors who are like a secret police, who are TORTURERS really and who are paid to torture you with this torture technology aka psychotronic weaponry.  You will find that law enforcement takes an active role which they should not take.  That is why many law enforcement officers are traitors to their own people since they take away peoples rights to do human Trafficking.

This is good testimony about the take down torture of a man by the FBI

This covers threat fusion centers  … this man has a doctorate in security systems training.

Most of Law enforcement is normal people who are just trying to honestly feed their family but there is a significant portion like those in FUSION CENTERS = TREASON CENTERS or ORGANIZED CRIME CENTERS, who are working for the NWO right now.  Maybe they know it or not, doesnt matter.  DHS and FUSION CENTERS are captured organizations in the control of psychopaths.  They are not departments of the USA, they are private entities who are pulling the wool over Americans eyes as they run their organized crime network scams.  Just look at what the result of their control is.. WHAT IS THE OUTPUT OF THEIR BEHAVIOR… JUST LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO.
You see,  it is Order Followers who keep this system of slavery in place.  So don’t follow unconstitutional, immoral orders.

There are 70 thousand sealed indictments in the US.

The real question is, how come the the terror watch lists are utterly filled to the brim… Really actual real-life terror watch lists are filled with  single moms, pensioners disabled people, US veterans who are being targeted with military weapons by the police by the military by INTEL  so every single government organization is targeting the innocents and those innocents on the terror watch lists.   So who the hell, if all these government organizations are involved, then which government organization precisely compiled nearly seventy thousand indictments because as far as i can tell they’re all a bunch of criminals run by criminals —– Dr. Katherine Horton  –  Criminal Investigator


But if you go to law enforcement you may be subjugated as a kook, since that is what they are told to do with you.  This goes down to the CITY COUNCIL who is responsible for police orders and it is the council on a county level for Sheriffs Deputies.  This is a basic corruption built into the system for Targeted Individuals.   You also should be able to go to your congressman both state and US government, but you will find that they will give you the dumb excuse too.  This is where it is at now and we need a break through to kick these people out of  office basically.

Statusts will kill anyone the Government tells them to, as long as they get paid for it

Statists Adherents are fixated on hate and will mock their prey without compassion.

How is this accomplished basically.  I have training and education in Biological Science and Electronics Engineering Technology which has equipped me to give you the industry definition of what is happening here with the hypertension attack that happens to me.   Since the deep state has TAKEN my DNA, they can tune the energy to the resonant frequency of the veins in my neck and the energy will resonate those veins or arteries so that they begin to heat up and they will partially occlude so that the blood flow is impeded you see.  Your handler can do this more or less by varying the power of the beam with the power knob they control.

The reason they do this is because they are supposed to control your behavior and to these handlers everything looks like a target.  Its the old hammer analogy.  The handlers are not too bright and so there are many variations including sadism.

Every Target is vilified so the torturers and gangstalkers dont have to think, they just act.  Just like my doctor was weaponized against me, all of the towns people are slated to be visited when feasible and told about some horrific thing I have supposedly done.  The contractors will wait until I make a friend or gain some advantage and that is when they slink out like vermin to do their dirt.  Think of this:: These contractors are thinking negatively of me and of doing negative things too me.  It is their job and that is what is on their minds.  Their job is to harass me and torture me so that every day is as bad for me as they could possibly make it, so that hopefully for them I would commit suicide after which they would have a suicide party to dream of spending their suicide bonus!


I have to cough up thick mucous from my lungs and throat, what is that caused by?  Not only that, my mouth is dried out of saliva so that my teeth are dry and I will get gingivitis and my teeth will fall out and break up as surely as if I have the disease/affliction.  So if you suffer from dry mouth, you should know you may have a handler contractor useful idiot.  In fact, you may have any of dozens of afflictions which have been tested and will seem to a doctor like the real thing “fibromyalgia”, “flaccid paralysis”, “irritable bowel disease”, but they are not.  Here is a clue, instead of thinking that is amazing, think this will be done to my family, friends, work mates.  If I dont help to stop this then I am a traitor too.  America as we know it has ceased to exist.  Morons and their magic are in control of my town and my county and my state and my country is no more.

This is caused by a handler hitting you with an energy weapon which is tuned to very specifically to the DNA of your mucous.  Yes, your mucous was taken by contractors who broke into your house and took DNA from your tooth brush.  Wow, you didnt know they could do that and the short answer is yes they can.    You see, you have been identified as a TERRORIST and as such you may be a whistleblower or an activist trying to help the country, who the Deep State just cant allow to go out and use your first amendment rights to tell anyone the truth because that would be EXCESSIVE TRUTH.

So what is happening physiologically?  Your handler is aiming energy at you to target the mucous and mucous secretion ducts in your body and when it does i believe it somehow turns into a much thicker version of itself and your body has a hard time dealing with it.  The thing is that your handler knows what is going on but you dont.   your handler is controlling the weapon from behind a wall.


The basic problem is that THOUSANDS and most probably MILLIONS of people have been placed on a Terrorist Watch List.   But lets hear more about that, because it seems like the wrong people are in charge and they put the wrong people on the list, like a coward.

2/3/2019  My handler hits me in the brain every day with a directed energy weapon and entrains my brain to the point where my brain snap crackle and pops because it can take any more energy.  I believe they are doing this to make me age faster so that I will die sooner.

Those in the District Attorneys office who have me on trial and the judge too will be guilty of crimes against humanity along with the contractors if they merely know the truth of what is happening to Donna and Me.  I believe they do know the truth because they would have contacted the Fusion Center which is also an Organized Crime Center

2/3/2019  12:51PM  I am trying to make lunch today and am being hammered by energy to my brain so that I cannot think straight.  I wonder what the police will do when this comes to them and their families… how about the City councils.  I am being tested with flaccid paralysis and sciatica and fibromyalgia and IBS and all kinds of diseases and afflictions.  Do you think they want to see if this can be done to me only.  If you do then you must be crazy yourselves.  Why are the handlers trying to hide the cause like cowardly rats.  It is because you the citizens are not supposed to know it is frequencies causing their induced afflictions.  That is the crux of this.  Not only are contractors giving us all kinds of diseases which can cause death but it is done with frequencies.   Think of this because all of the cell phone towers are weaponized.  ALL or MOST OF THEM.  THIS IS A FACT AND THOSE CELL PHONE TOWERS CAN IRRADIATE ALL THE CITIZENS AT ONCE!  They call it mind control, but it is your brain on frequencies and they have perfected it since the 1960’s and they call it mind control.  It is more effective if they have your DNA.  So, do they have your DNA?

2/4/2019 11:47am  I am being drowned in my own phlegm because my handler is causing an excess of phlegm and at the same time irraciating me to cause my phlegm to thicken exponentially because the broke into my home to get my DNA off my tooth brush.   I am a test subject though so the people who have to worry about dying from this are the elderly who go to hospital.  They will be thw ones who drown.   So it will be your parents who drown in their own phlegm.   I have sheriffs calling me a mental patient for calling to say someone is torturing me to death.   Believe me that this killer contractor issue will come back to hurt everyone.  Yes you could say I am being killed because the Government doesn’t like activists, but you could also say that others are being killed because testing showed that it is possible to drown the elderly in their own phlegm if their DNA is obtained first.  SHHHHHH its a secret!  Don’t tell anyone or you will go to jail.  The government says so.  Can you imagine who many people this could be used to exterminate, especially if there is a flu pandemic.  They needed an insurance policy in case the flu was not strong enough to kill on its own.  For that matter neither is the phlegm drowning but together it will be devastating.  They wont need a handler in that case, they will just radiate it from the cell phone towers to all the population of an entire town or larger area.  If they had the DNA, then its a killer.  Just think of that for a minute.  I have college degrees in Biological Science and Electronics Engineering Technology.  Go ahead and ask someone who should know about this.  These contractors are traitors and they should be extracted from society.   Helping them is also helping to kill yourself and others.

2/6/19 @4:46pm my handler is entraining my brain with EMFs and this is putting me to sleep repeatedly.  This means that I cannot read, eat lunch, talk to a friend, etc. because I will fall asleep repeatedly.  My handler over rides my brain to make me do what it wants for the most part.

2/7/2019 9:07am The torture has increased in frequency and intensity.  I can see that my handler is desperate to torture me until I act out, since there is only 4 days left until my trial.  This will be a big defeat for them because they have put a lot of work into it.  All of Law Enforcement knows it is a scam by now.  Because I have been calling 911 for a long time now, the deputies sheriffs know the case  against me is a scam to subjugate me.  The people prosecuting the case know it is a scam and they are traitors.  Also, the whole crime of this targeting is coming to a head and it will be exposed soon.

I can see that I have been drugged to increase the torture because this particular drug is like speed but is a torture drug to increase the intensity and severity of electronic torture on my body.  This will all be coming out so the people doing this crime can be prosecuted properly..

9:44am  The torturer is going all out to get me to act out.  My brain feels like it is going to explode due to the loud cracks when I turn my head.  Also, I am still being drugged.  For the sceptics, you will have to wait until it happens to you to understand what torture is.  So if you dont believe it and you are unwilling to do your own research, then just go back to sleep.

10:22am I am getting the shit kicked out of me with directed energy.  This is because the case against me is weak and they need more evidence.  I will make it to the trial without any more crying out in pain since it did no good anyway.  The people doing the torture have no empathy so why would telling them I am in pain work to stop them?


10:52am  There is a drone flying directly over my house shooting into my brain with an energy weapon.  This moron realizes that I will be resistant and needs to soften me up with torture.  Do you folks doubt that?   Apparently someone is remotely controlling my computer since the screen is jumping and the text is jumping.  It looks like i am not supposed to be writing this.  I still stubbornly think, despite being tortured, that I am a man and not someones paycheck.  Think of that!



6:38pm  my head is being beamed with a painful beam to my right frontal lobe.  This is to keep me silent and to keep the traitors salivating.  You peopl should be able to figure this out.  If not then you deserve what you will most surely get.  We as Americans cant be that dull as to keep looking at Targeted Individuals some of whom are saying here is the evidence and we continue to call the crazy card while the country is under attack.  Why not use your brain and read the evidence which has been so carefully laid out for you.  Have a little curiosity.   Some of you have positions of responsibility and I guarantee to you that if you dont know about this crime and you continue to bury your head in the sand, someone will be selected who can see what is going on.

7:57pm my shoulder is having deep pains just like a directed energy beam would cause.  When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

2/9/2019 @8:05pm  I am on Derrick Robinsons Saturday program and am being attackde by Patricia Clark or the POemployee so that my brain feels like it is being squashed and my skin feels electrified while I am waiting to speak on the conference call.

I can hear the crackling on my brain as though crackers are being crumbled up.  I take this as the handler is tuning into my eyesight.  This fucking moron is too stupid to know better


Februrary 20, 2019 11:59am
My handler is hammering my brain with entrainment energy where by their directed energy is high and seemingly as high as it can be so that my brain is at maximum entrainment.  Entrainment happens because the resonant frequency of my DNA is used to irradiate my brain and the brain swells due to the fact that the frequency stays that way with the brain heating up and swelling due to that just like a pot roast heats up in a microwave oven.  That is, it is on the verge of cracking free of entrainment, which happens when the energy goes too high or when something happens to change the resonant frequency slightly so the energy to entrain is off frequency and my brain cracks free.  The longer it remains at resonance and entrained, that means they can leave it longer and longer over time, that is until what happens?  I dont know.  Look at these people who are doing this to me and see if you can discover a common trait among them.  They are order followers for sure but they are or have developed psychopathy so that hurting me doesnt bother them.

i have noticed that gay women have gravitated towards taking the job of torturing me.   The reason I mention this is because there are 80% women in this torture program.  Most of the torture contractors are men and most of those men torturers gravitate to women victims and you can see why obviously.  This program is a bounty hunter program also and it is also a sexual gratification program.  In other words the torture contractors go for the gratification that they want, namely, men go for women and homosexuals go for men.  The depravity becomes more apparent when the victims are young and attractive, at which time they will fight to be first in line.


February 19, 2018 8:14am my handler is being very intrusive today. The pain in my head is excruciating. I can see there are multiple contractors shooting at me because i have a directional meter.  Ask me to demonstrate if you want to.  They do this as a show of overwhelming force but will reduce back to one. This is a standard trick to get me to cooperate. It works if I give up , but they will never get cooperation while I have breath. I am losing strength and stamina and I can see this means I am dying.
These contractors are MORONS and bounty hunters. They must be arrested in belly chains and leg irons. I am a free man and not their paycheck. Go to my website

Thursday, Februrary 21, 2019 today starting out bad with my brain entrained fully and hurting plus brain fog. Donna and I have decided to get away from here to get some cognizance back. We drive to Brookings but are followed by weaponized drones shooting into my brain the whole drive to brookings. We stop at goodwill and am hammered the whole time there. We noticed new weapon/cell phone tower additions. They demonstrate these weapon capabilities on us in Brookings as they usually do. Brookings is very well weaponized.

Donna and I arrived home at around 10:00pm and as soon as I got into the house, I began feeling sick and then the heart pains started.  This is the same pains exactly as if I had a heart attack.  I called 911 and reported that I have heart attack symptoms.  This has also been done to me numerous times to punish and torture me into compliance.  I have college degrees in Biology and Electronics Engineering Technology and BY GOD< I CAN TELL THAT I AM BEING SHOT WITH A DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON.  So, when I say that the people torturing me want desperately for me to yell at my neighbors,  I think it is apparent to all.

Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 3:28am My brain is besieged with ELF radiation and I cant think and the pain is incessant. This is slavery folks and I am a biomedical human trafficking slave which the FBI and Homeland Security apparently keep freshly farm-able by making sure that the contractors money troughs are full.
I see now that Everett Dial, The District Attorney and anyone working with him are traitors who do the bidding of the Deep State. Everett, I am not one of your delinquent sociopaths. I was a productive member of the middle class who was a computer engineer, application specialist and customer support rep. for all of my working life and was illegally fired 3 years before retirement like so many are. my assets were stripped by the sociopathic contractors. Just listen to the plethora of sad stories Everett. I will keep fighting until I no longer can. You are furloughing under an innocent man you fool. You are asset stripping and taking yourselves down too. The deep state with the incessant chemtrail/geoengineering spraying, has killed the trees and the insects and the oceans to name only a few MAJOR problems. If it keeps beefing up the police state into a totalitarian regime, then I dont want to survive… how about you? You are making the totalitarian slave state happen. Do you have any unfortunate children Everett? You are taking them down too by making sure they grow up into a slave police state. There will be a civil war because how could there not be and it will be your doing. It is the order followers and control mechanisms (YOU) of the the deep state are responsible for keeping the system of slavery in place. Also, it is a dying empire dragon which is eating its own tail. The state is killing activists and whistle-blowers. How is that working for you Everett? I am an activist and a PATRIOT and you are helping to take me down for the DEEP STATE. You are destroying the people who are trying to help,  for the Threat fusion center arent you? I am one of the threats the fusion center is taking out….. A PEACE ACTIVIST… Really Everett? Is this what you want to do ? You are working for the New World Order arent you, because you can see it coming. The intel agencies, military intel and many corporations are working for and toward a new world order. Will that be better for the people of America, to surrender their land to the NWO… You are supposed to be smarter than law enforcement yet you are building the same slave state together with them. This is the same CIA PHOENIX genocide program that was run in Vietnam and then perfected on in many third world countries until now it has come home to America. It is asset stripping the middle class in America Everett, I am or was middle class. Your government and the fusion center is using characteristically stupid people known as weaponized morons or useful idiots, to take people down and they get cash and prizes for this. You know it is true and if America comes back from the brink of totalitarianism, you know that the people will not look favorably on what you are doing and yet you continue to break the constitutional law by doing the wrong thing which you in fact know is wrong. That would be criminal.


Sat. Feb. 23, 2019 12:55pm I am cycling through being short of breath to normal again in about 2 to 3 minutes per cycle. I recognize this as directed energy effects which are subtle so I would guess this is some kind of psyops to make me think I am really getting short of breath. It will probably be linked to something else to come later. My brain is fully entrained with ELF energy as usual and I feel spaced to some extent.   I hope Everett Dial knows what he is doing by bringing the organs of state violence to bear on me, because this is human trafficking to genocide.  They always think they will get off or noting will happen since it is the government, but that wont happen this time, since you cant say you were just doing your job..

Wed. Feb. 27, 2019  I am feeling dissociated as a person and I cant think to have a strategy and cannot carry out a strategy.  The person doing this to me is killing me.  My head is crackling with energy and I can feel where the beam goes into the top of my head.  I am also still coughing from the damage done to my lungs, yesterday.  The energy beam actually follows me around where ever I go since it is locked onto my brain.  Remember I have the training in electronics to make this determination.  The contractors are also trying to break up Donna and I by causing problems between us since they can see and hear what each of us is doing.  This is a diabolic  take down.

The police need to understand that if they cannot help the people then the police must be fired and then they can reapply for their jobs.

Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019

8:43pm  My brain is being disintegrated with an ELF energy weapon and is coming from a drone to the north over my house at 45 degrees.  This is done to keep me from being able to think and to cause depression

I have been asleep half the time I am sitting hear since my last post.  The reason is because my handler is keeping me right at the edge of unconscious.  It is flashing the power of the energy every few seconds, so that my brain is skirting into and out of unconsciousness.  This is a torture so cruel that I cannot read or do anything I want to do, but sleep at the whim of this contractor.  This is for the contractor like a sexual fetish, to torture someone like this, because certainly the torturer would have to like torturing or hurting someone over a long period of time.  The torturer would necessarily not have any empathy for human beings, since this would be psychologically debilitating.  No empathy is the trait of a psychopathic serial killer and also the train of a predatory child rapist, so use your imagination.

Bullying as Art, Abuse as Craftsmanship

Why People Torture and Abuse

I can see that the probation board will get an education about the targeting of human beings by the government.

There is a “Space Fence” grid around us in real time and it interacts with us in a diabolical way to control us electronically, remotely as if it were normal which it definitely is not (IMAGINE THAT!). Oregonians especially are interfered with because Lithium has been sprayed over the Rogue and Umpqua Valley’s to numb the citizens! Do you feel spacey with flashes of loss of consciousness? It is not surprising based on what is happening to us electronically.  If this is not what you want then you need to speak out along with others to make your desires known.  Afraid of being targeted? YOU ALREADY ARE SO GET USED TO IT!


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