No Touch Torture Log for Dec. 8 – 9, 2014

12/8/14 evening
MY handler is injuring a left shoulder injury repeatedly, day after torturous day to give me and others the impression I have fibromyalgia. One thing is clear to me however, is that this handler is a MORON and is delusional. It thinks that there will be no retribution for the torture it has meted out so far. Just like after WWII, there will be HANDLER HUNTERS going out on missions day after day until they are all brought to justice.
12/9/14 10:06pm
My handler is working on my back injury with what I think is an ultrasonic beam weapon. He has a variety of other energy weapons to use, all of which are military weapons. The torture report came out today. I am sure that the lawmakers all know about the extra-judicial torture that TI’s are subjected to and yet they remain silent. I can feel the burning beam on my back at intervals. This cretin is working at aggravating the injury he created the other day, remains fresh and does not heal..  In addition, he is hurting my head with a beam and what feels like my inner ear is being burned hurt with this weapon.  At intervals, i feel my inner right ear aches and have had times when the ear canal closed off and interrupted my hearing from my right ear.

There is no longer any reason for people to be taken anywhere to torture them, so long as the people and police remain so ignorant and blind to what is going on. The SPY Agencies have taken over the government in a COUP. We are now existing for the corporations pleasure. We are now officially Objects, to be used by the corporations.  The public doesn’t know and it doesn’t know that it doesn’t know.  This torture is acknowledged and approved by the government because it would not be allowed to exist otherwise.  There must be more handler/torturers than TI’s because they work in shifts and there must be at least twice the number of TI’s to maintain a minimum of 2x 12 hour shifts.  How could the CIA or whoever is responsible, disrespect the people so much as to inflict these barbarian handlers on citizens in their very own homes.   These people doing this crime must be of lower intelligence to have considered taking a job actually torturing citizens in their homes.

Technology has taken human experimentation out of the lab and into the home.  This is really happening and an investigation is needed.   If you know about this torture then you have a duty to act.  Waiting, will only cause more people to have to undergo this torture.  You will be affected sooner or later by this as they are preparing for mass mind control.  As of now there are only an estimated 400,000 people affected.


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