No Touch Torture Log For August, 2017

9:47pm My handler is showing intelligence levels again that are in the double digits maybe. Infrasound is hurting my leg.

This reminds me of this person and other handlers who are into butting in and disrupting other peoples intimate moments. More specifically they interupt or disrupt sex. Yes, they disrupt sex with electronic signals, possibly infrasound which they transmit to the targets. With the technology they have they are able to quickly or slowley take away a persons sexual feeling so that it goes away like an errection that fades. I say like, that because i dont exactly know how it works but from what I know of sociopaths, they get right into bull dozing their way into someone else’s private moments. I would like to tell anyone who wants to know about this because both men and women have been and are being harmed by this anti sex weapon. In addition to TI’s, I am sure they do the same to non targeted people. I think many men who have erectile dysfunction may want to talk to these people. In addition to what I said, these people who do this are TORTURERS because they surely enjoy what they are doing because they like controlling other people. Also they can hurt people for money since hurting people doesnt bother them, can you see that. By the way, I am wondering why some real men who think we shouldnt be torturing people may also want to come talk to them and find out what would make them take money for torturing people.

10:22pm my brain has been hit with ELF all day. It feels like it is going into the left temple now. I can hear and feel the tic tic tics of tiny micro chemical pieces hitting my skin.

wed. 12:28am My handler is hitting me in the face left jaw area with infrasound i think. He is making my skin itch terribly and I am trying not to scratch and he is trying trying trying. This person has the emotional maturity of an infant. He is sitting in his torture room behind a wall because he is a coward. There is nothing good or redeemable about this person. This is a malignant sociopath.

2:47pm I am shot in the left side of my face at various times throughout the day and night. This is partly to age my face I think also to make my face itch and for guidance.
yes for guidance. The morons have to verify who it is that they are torturing. I mean they have to verify the identity of the person they are torturing. I think my particular handler is doing a test to see if putting boil infections on a person and then trying to locate the person via the heat signature of the boil infection. REALY. wow are these people dumb.

sw seems to be flat
e at 60deg
w at 75deg
sw at 30deg

I am measuring multiple radiation sources from drones? drones and satellites? can they keep that up? trying to scare me?
this sure is dumb and very scattered and complicated. this is not organized so that they could keep it up. no respect for these people.

w at 60deg
wnw at 65deg
n at 0-5 deg seems like john
nw at 0deg 37uT
ne at 5deg points at fish woman
wow so many sources. I have got to worki on reducing this. This is outrageious..

went to brookings to shop for groceries. the morons are slowing my charicters down to once a second.

sat. Aug 11, 2017
11:19am every day there is a ritual my handlers go through which is to drain the battery in my phone. I came up with an alternative response, bringing a portable battey pack and they would drain those too. usually I film them but my camera is broken. I am looking into cheap replacments. I want to get a few cheap video cameras. maybe used or maybe new.

aug. 12, 2017
3:25pm drone beam to left side top ofhead.
3:26pm drone now too right side top of head. did they move the drone or have a second drone?

insert into letter to be given to neighbors
the contractors who are torturing Donna and James are brutal thugs who you are not credible. They have no empathy nor respect for people and they treat us literally like animals. They play childish schoolboy pranks on us. Donna is being tortured mercilessly. Her thyroid is being accessed

August 13, 2017
8:31am The handler is beaming my face with ELF energy from almost a vertically above me. I know this because i am using my android directional meter. Its almost automatic for me to find the direction of DEW weapons. This handler is flashing it in my face to taunt me. Can you imagine that? This is a game of life and death. This handler would like nothing better than for me to fly into a rage and order him to stop. You know… this handler could be a woman. It is either a woman or an effeminate man which I can tell by the type of torture. Anyway, If I flew into a rage then I would be helping him kill me, so do you see that. I need to remain calm and unaffected. That is a hard thing to do, but luckily I think I can come as close as I can and call it good enough. The handler doesnt think I can find his hide out. What do you all think. There is an investigation of this program by the former chief technical director of the NSA on this program dont you know? We cant cut that short. I am saying this to remind everyone about it. We are being surveilled and some of our respective situations are being watched, maybe closely. These handlers are aware of it but remain unconcerned. Why do you think they are unconcerned at the prospect of death or being imprisoned for life? I will give you a hint, its not because they are smart. I think this game is getting long in the tooth and the winners will take their winnings and go. But the losers on the other hand will be playing with their pants down right up until the final bell.

nevada trials of ranchers going awry.
john lamb

7:35pm around 6:00pm my handler started deleting my evernote pdf files. I was doing something and looked at the screen and noticed files dissapearing. These handlers think they are doing their pedophole bosses a favor. The pedophiles pay them to murder people.
make sure the neighbors know the boses they work for are pedophile bosses.

8/17/2017 thu. 12:25am my handler today is an exceptionally cruel person, he seems to be also an effeminate . he is depersonalizing me by grossly taking away my thought processes with a beam weapon. I keep going to sleep at least once per minute. This handler has taken an uncharacteristically personal hatred for me and is murdering me because he can. you cant punish this handler too much. he is a very bad and evil man.

I am being forced asleep over and over again. This handler hits me with a ELF energy beam until i pass out and then he removes it. Also my heart is beamed the same way until it fails and then restarted over and over. What the hell is going on. This person is mentally ill. This could be a game show to see just how stupid these people could be by giving them more and more weird things to try on people. These morons are almost too stupid to spit. Where do you draw the line.. Obviously there is no line to draw. Contractors who work on Government contracts can kill, maim, rape and massacre American Citizens and the stupid useless congress and Senate do and say nothing

Aughust 18, 2017

  • the contractors are making money
  • the neighbors are making money
  • I am dying and Donna is Dying
  • What is wrong with this picture
  • Are you people out of your minds
  • I think we need to keep getting in your faces every day
  • we need to ask you why you are allowing PSYOPS contractors to hurt your neighbors.
  • Are you taking money to allow contractors to SHOOT YOUR NEIGHBORS From Your property
  • How long do you think you can get away with murder?

1:38pm my heart is being attacked with beam weapon, down through he top of my head. The top of my head hurts also. There may also be two beams …one to top of my head with intense dull pain and the other beam o my heart causing intense dull heart pain. I was sitting on the toilet. I need to know why this mentally deranged moron is attacking me in such a severe way as I am on the toilet. I am an American Citizen. This handler is assaulting me with two beams at once. Why are Americans put under extreme surveillance? I am 65 yrs old and certainly not a threat. There is certainly o perceived threat, but as a TI, I am a human trafficking victim for bio medical experimentation.

I wrote the following as a blog post but am putting it here for now.
it seems to be legal. After all the morons have pre fabricated evidence. They have tin badges and they have shiney ID cards with golden flat puzzle piece chips embedded in them. What they are doing if you go along with it is to take away your rights and imprison you too. You gave them your rights because they have no right to do anything like this. But I do want to say that in their custody, I am a slave and live a horrendously painful life in a torture chamber. Are you kidding me. You went along with it for some money they pay you. You are stupid because surely you realize that this is surreal it is a wonderland of giveaways. They are paying you to detain me.. are you insane? This is America not a Nazi concentration camp. You are standing their admitting that your rights are just as waterlogged as mine. They can be taken away on a whim and so they will be. The Government is broke and they are in money making mode. I am a business deal and they are looking for other business deals just as lucrative. The contractors are surveilling you too. They or that is their pedophile bosses want to find out who can lead others and who is smart and who is figuring out how badly they got fucked by by a system that threw them over board 30 years ago. They arent going to go by your word. They are going to surveille you and record sound bites which convict you and use that against you. These contractors are morons and no matter how much they want to do the right thing they will fuck it up.

When you took the money every other sociopath sees that they want free money too and they will gladly ignore your rights when they find something about you that they need to keep you under surveillance for. The money is payoffs to keep you quiet you stupid idiot. Would you think it would be smart to throw money around like that. To give cars and boats away like someone passing out candy and balloons. They are trying to get you all to look the other way arent they? This is a psyops and you are supposed to just take your bribe and be quiet and then forget about me and anything to do with me. Well I wont let you. I am being tortured to death for having committed no crimes. No legitimate government would act like this and because you are going along with it you are committing the same crimes the government is guilty of and those are WAR Crimes. They government has merely asked for that to be done. You people who took the bribes have made it all possible so are you more guilty of crimes than anyone else. You all are traitors for giving away our rights. You are killing people and you go on as if it is nothing. You are successful organized criminals. You have all taken bribe money and you are a captive of the enslavement system. You compromised your own values and self respect to actually take bribe money in exchange for looking the other way as people get killed. This is how the slave system woks. You have seen it in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those countries have something the Government and corporations want and the contractors take the bribe money to enslave them with brute force. But now In America you have soiled your own nest. We now have actual and literal slavery here in America and you have made it all possible by selling your self respect for a bribe. Are you that cheap? Oh everybody is doing it so it is okay for you to bea a traitor tool.. Is that the country you are offering your children? You have mede an actual slave state possible and you are helping to herd the slaves yourself.

Because you took the bribes, the torturers have some leeway because they know that they can give you another bribe to look the other way if they need to beat me up electronically to keep me from getting out of hand. They use you to enslave me. Your children will have to live with what you have done to your country. But we can let it go that easy. We the people will rise up and take our country back. You will have to pay for your crimes. After all dont all wars end. So too will this one end but just remember that when this one ends, it is also your country and the crimes you have done are to and against your fellow Americans and you will have to make amends. The contractors should have to be put in jail for life but what about your crimes? You realize thatBecause you took the bribes, the torturers have some leeway because they know that they can give you another bribe to look the other way if they need to beat me up electronically to keep me from getting out of hand. They use you to enslave me. Your children will have to live with what you have done to your country. But we can let it go that easy. We the people will rise up and take our country back. You will have to pay for your crimes. After all dont all wars end. So too will this one end but just remember that when this one ends, it is also your country and the crimes you have done are to and against your fellow Americans and you will have to make amends. The contractors should have to be put in jail for life but what about your crimes? You realize that America is a Facade like a building with a false front. America is a captured system, taken over by psychopaths. Even though it looks like America and seems like America, it is really a system of organized crime run by the psychopaths who operate it for their own profit. You are merely there to observe only and if you get out of hand then the organs of violence can be used against you too. So dont be fooled by the Psyops contractors, because they are merely craftey thugs who are doing the dirt for the shadow government thugs. You are merely there to take a bribe and keep clear because they have it all under their control. The government is a money making system of organized crime and you are not in it. Even if you work in government you are not in it because it is a restricted club.

Aug 22, 2017
8:59pm Sitting here on my couch eating supper, the torturer is making me bite my lip with sound waves. This is a cowardly thing to do as many of the weaponized moron things these people do are. This is done by sending infrasound waves to hit my mouth in a way that would cause me to bite my cheek or lips.

aug. 23 wed. 2017
10:51am I am overcome with ELF energy. Apparently the handler thinks this is a good idea at this time. I wonderr what if anything is going on in his brain. What makes some people think it is okay to hurt people while others feel that it is wrong. Lets take it to court

ouch, I feel electricity going through my teeth. I have heard other people talking about this and that is not such a good idea. I wonder if they keep the problem going can they keep the money flowing? Are they smart?

11:56am I am 65 years old and as sit on my sofa in my own home, a contractor is irradiating me with ELF energy to my face. It feels to me like i have no control of my facial muscles. my lips are dry and mouth is dry. I am having trouble swallowing and feel like i am going to pass out. I wonder what these people are thinking.

12:02pm I dont think the contractors are stupid. They know they are doing the wrong thing, but they are greedy people and they want to make their bosses happy so they continue to hurt me. The neighbors like John and the fisherman are collecting money to look the other way while these contractors treat us like lab animals. one got a mortorcycle there were several camper motor homes handed out and a boat. This is like a carnival give away of baloons except they are big ticket items.

The contractors apparently told the neighbors they had to protect themselves from me. This is some kind of psyops on the neighbors to make them think they are patriotic for being brave enough to take big ticket items to look the other way while i am Torture/murdered.

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5 thoughts on “No Touch Torture Log For August, 2017”

  1. Is that per person? Wow! I can tell it must be expensive to keep up the operation here, as sometimes I have as many as three pair of handlers at once (6 people)! Do you have any info on gasses they use? At night I can hear psssssss almost like air leaking out of a tire. I think it must be some kind of gas to make me fall asleep. Thanks for sharing! Love to Donna, too. I appreciate you, Mr. Lico!

  2. James,
    How did you arrive at that $ amount? Please advise. Also how do you manage to sleep when you desire. .. not handlers?

  3. James,
    Thank you for reaching out and sharing. Please remain strong.
    Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Recipient
    Recipient of Police Organized Gang Stalking and community harassment campaign

    • Thank you … I wish you well and thank you for commenting. Do you realize that The Government is paying in excess of $2500 per day to exterminate people.

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