No Touch Torture Log For April, 2019

So that i only have to say it once in this post, I want to say that I have Associate degrees in Biological Science and also in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelor in Computer Science which gives me the training and ability to make accurate scientific observations about the targeting of innocents on the Terrorist Watch List by Useful Idiot Contractor Handlers.  The intelligence community is behind this and it is a false flag to bring Trojan horse surveillance into neighborhoods and towns so it wont be questioned.  If paid citizens bring it in, then it is less likely anyone will complain.  Surveillance of all citizens is the real objective and it could not be done without help from local neighbors..  This is why they are called useful idiots and its because they are helping to destabilize their own country, town and neighborhoods and in addition they are helping to surveille everyone near them, which is quite a feat for an invading army.  USEFUL IDIOTS…. do you see what i mean?  I think the key is to make them feel self important and then it is comical to see what they will do.  They are also paid well and once they take the money they are hooked and if they want to quit it is easy to blackmail them to continue.

  • who would say I am not being irradiated, for whatever reason?
  • is this merely my imagination?
  • If you think I am being Irradiated, then what do you think is the purpose of it is?
  • who would say that I am not literally a slave?
  • who would say I am not being tortured?
  • If I am being tortured, then for what purpose is it?

Wed. April 3, 2019
5:40am My contractor useful Idiot handler has awoken me from sleep by drying my mouth out fully with  an anti moisture radiation which is probably tuned to my DNA.

Wed. April 3, 2019
5:40am My contractor useful Idiot handler has awoken me from sleep by drying my mouth out fully with  an anti moisture radiation which is probably tuned to my DNA.  My lips, tongue, teeth, throat and everything is dried out if you can imagine and they are never supposed to e dried out.  My dentist says that this will cause gums to recede and teeth to fall out.  I have all my teeth at age 67 so I guess this prophecy will be tested.  I have thought ahead and will be back to the dentist in three months instead of six months.    I will be giving the morons some direct exposure by publicizing this useful idiots work.  This drying out is not a subtle thing, so when I say mouth will dry out you cannot mistake it for being subtle.
I was woken up twice this morning with dried lips and mouth and throat so that afterward my lips and mouth is swollen
woken up first at 7:05am
woken up again at 10:20am since I only went to sleep at 6:30am, I am sleep deprived and this torturer knows it.  This is crimes against humanity
1:49pm I can feel the torturer sucking moisture out of my phlegm as I am investigation fusion center crimes against humanity.  I can understand that the tendency is to dismiss this as crazy talk.  May I remind you that I have college degrees in biology and electronics engineering technology and I can report professional information of my captivity and that I am being held hostage as a Slave who is being trafficked by the DOJ for use as a biomedical slave.  I am reporting the use of highly sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment the likes of which you have never heard of.  I am also reporting human trafficking and murder for hire programs by DOJ personnel and contractors.  America is under attack and I am asking you not to abandon what I say since it is my only link with help from the outside.
3:26pm my internet connection is commandeered by my contractor handler.  There is a national security tap on my internet so that this useful idiot is able to have a man in the middle attack on me at all times so that it can do stupid tricks and traps on my communications.  For instance websites are not blocked for up to a minute and come back as unreachable after which as if by magic they are suddenly released from being captured.  Is this because the contractors must see where I am trying to contact first before allowing me to look at my own internet query?  The people have some clean up to do with these morons.  These people are playing stupid moron tricks on me for christs sake!
dont take my word for it, do your own research.
Friday, April 5, 2019
7:05am awakened with dried out mouth, tongue, teeth, gums. throat.  I believe this is from radiation which is tuned to the DNA of my mucous.  How else could they target just that and in addition, I often feel that mucous in my lungs  is being attacked with radiation which dries the water out of it in order to thicken it.  But this is just a theory.
8:00am I was woken up a second time with extreme dry mouth as above.
8:30am I was awakened a third time with dry mouth as above.
4:04am I am under tight and painful radar beam to the brain which is very uncomfortable.
Sat. April 6. 2019
12:25am  This contractor handler is lobotomizing me so that every second is miserable.  This is horrendous, egregious torture of a human being to produce pain and discomfort.  My brain is irradiated to the point where I am drifting into and out of unconsciousness.  Let that sink in.  I need help here.  We need people who will help us get out of a tight spot.  This is murder and actually Torture/Murder where the murder is done with torture so that it is torture until death.  I need help from people with empathy and who want to save America.  There is no way to save America if we have morons like my handler making surveillance robots out of innocent citizens.  We are at an insurmountable disadvantage.  Contact me for further information.  This handler is truly a useful idiot and the name fits.  I didnt make up the name, it was I think invented by General Goering who was a nazi general.  Useful idiots are people operating contrary to their own interests and against their own people because they are so stupid that they are talked into it and typically do not realize they have been duped.
1:06am  I am being kept up all night again and will be somewhat allowed to sleep all day.  I see that this torturer handler has targeted my colon again, which causes me to look like I am 10 to 20 pounds heavier than I am.  In addition, my colon is extended out of my anus because it is so swollen.   So I wonder what the purpose of inflaming and swelling the colon?  Whatever it is, I believe it was the fusion center which funded that and now the drying out of my mouth and before paraplegia and sciatica and many more afflictions.  These are not done just for me, but to use on countless citizens.
Wed. April 3, 2019
11:51am  I was woken up twice this morning by the torturer.
once at 7am and another time at 10:20am.
Shift change is usually at 7:am, so in this case was it at 7am  ??
report public employees to port orford public employee personnel office
find out if they work there and file a complaint and report them
Monday April 8, 2019
10:35am I was awakened at 5:30am again this morning with a dry mouth, gums, airway and I remembered there was something I had not yet tried to keep my mouth shut.  I tried using a foam pillow with some stiffness to hug in front of me and put my face into enough to keep my mouth closed and it worked.  When I drifted off to sleep, my jaw juts slightly forward and my mouth opens and it still does, but my lips remain closed and the mouth drying does not affect me.  I have to also use the nasal airway stays which are sold to help sleep apnea sufferers to maintain an open airway.  There was also some tape to put over the mouth to keep the mouth closed and I ordered some of that too.
The contractor overseers get lucrative contracts for experiments done on TI’s and others.  The experiments done on TI’s are testing to perfect procedures for use on others.  So why would there be testing to see what happens when someones mouth is dried out?  BTW, this drying out of my mouth is done with resonance imparted to my saliva so that it is almost instantaneous so in other words, it is drying out the mouth on steroids and not like a hair drier.  I think that maybe people would be concerned but slavery of Americans is a radical idea.  But it is happening now.
10:13am  By now it is obvious that we have useful idiot contractors predating me and other innocent people.  This person is torturing me as if I am a toy or a video game,  it is running through standard things like
  • making me urinate (a hell of a lot so it is before I begin anything)
  • making me fart (a hell of a lot so there is no question)
  • it is giving me fibromyalgia which I can stop with magnetic strips
  • coughing up phlegm which I can stop with magnetic strips
people like the DA and Sheriff are involved since because they know what is happening and they will do nothing to stop it then they have by definition fractured their oath of office to defend the constitution.  They are therefore traitors and must be arrested for treason.  I believe it will go easier on them if they stop right now and come clean about it.  Our government is history and there are psychopaths in charge.  After 911 the intelligence agencies had their budgets doubled and then their personnel tripled.  when manpower goes up like that there is immediate mass hiring where it goes toward hiring incompetents due to lack of qualified people.  Plus they were only looking at sociopathic people with low morality and scruples. In other words they were looking at retarded people, so how could it have turned out differently.  Now we are here trying to make sense out of it and appears to be and is nonsense.  We have retards doing jobs which are by honest inspection and examination of the facts is TORTURE!  In a small town like Port Orford and Gold Beach anyone coming to look at what is going on is confronted with the fact that killing people only creates more killing and things that will get you killed until it is clear that they will be put on the kill list themselves.  This is indefensible and stupid unless the goal is to create a totalitarian police state.  Is that what you want? DO YOU WANT A POLICE STATE?  The Globalists want a police state and the globalists are guiding the intelligence community.  All of the drone security to follow people around and the weaponized cell towers with further weaponization with 5G coming in.  There are millions who are being tortured to death with directed energy weapons and you think this is OKAY?  If you say yes then you are by definition, incompetent and cant be trusted?  If Sheriff Ward and DA Everett Dial think they can run for office and win with the unconstitutional millstone around their necks, I have news for them, because that dog wont hunt.  I myself will campaign for their constitutional successors replacements and the simple fact is all I have to do is tell the truth, from which they cannot hide.  We are going to take our country  back and we cant do it with traitors.  Come out and tell the truth and how people can recover from this.  There are places which have tried to do the right thing like Richmond California which passed an ordinance against electromagnetic weapons and are training the police to do the right thing.  We cant in good conscience continue taking money for the same old things that are killing people like the COPS program which is called community oriented policing.  This sounds nice but anyone familiar with it knows it is learning how to be a NAZI.  The creators of this put nice and innocent people in the program man.  This is genocide and murder so how come you have gone along with it to this point puts a big question mark on your head.
The fact is we have retarded people in security jobs and they are making retarded decisions.  What is more, if we continue to let them make retarded decisions then we have proven our incompetence
Sat. April 12, 2019
11:49pm  The last 3 days my handler has been draining my note5 do shut off..  I am looking for a new phone.  I am an electronics engineer so i dont think draining my phone t o zero with ELF energy will do anything since I know how it is being done.  I can only guess the objective is to make me see that my phone is BROKEN and must be replaced.  IS THAT IT?  One particular thing about  engineers is they always know how something is happening.. Like ELF draindown.  I do not think my phone is broken, only that a moron wants me to think it is.  If something like this happens to you,  just bring the phone into a verizon store and have them test it.  Make sure you tell them what is happening with ELF energy.  once outed, morons are very susceptible to being replaced.  You see, they are supposed to be covert and not clumsy buffoons.  About the phone, if they break it I will get a new one but it really has to be broken and these morons wont break it.  If they want to play games then I will go to Verizon and make them look like fools.  I am taking screen shots of the battery indicator showing how fast the battery drained.
This AM my mouth was MAXIMUM DRIED OUT 3 times and that means I was awoken 3 times.
My brain was mega entrained all day which means I could not think due to brain fog.
Last night my handler initiated a PING NOISE which was very LOUD and ANNOYING.  It wanted me to think it was on TWEETDECK.TWITTWER.COM which is a twitter app.  This moron would PING PING PING when I had the app up on my computer and would stop when I closed it.  This is a Skinner box negative reinforcement illegal experimentation because it is TORTURE.
TORTURE is a hanging offense.
isnt that comical??
These moron contractors are watching everything I do, at every second of every day and yet they keep doing things as if I am a beginner.
I tried to put a new operating system on my HP elitebook and the dvd drive broke and yet has had not problems to this point.  I have a back up computer and so I ordered the dvd drive.
Donna was crying last night about the torture.  Her contractor handler useful idiot is causing her to lose her hair and poking her everywhere as if with something sharp.  Are these morons trying to get to me?  Why else would they hurt a 74 year old woman?  This is a crime against humanity and traditionally a hanging offense.
one of the moronic things they do is try to screw with my typing.  I notice a lot of
These people are practicing fucking with people.  They will click somewhere else in the text and what I type will appear there instead of where I have set it.  Pretty funny Huh?
Another thing they are trying to do is highlight the text I typed so that when I type again, the highlighted text will be deleted, leaving the user aghast and flummoxed as to what happened!  it is a knee slapper.
Did I say they are supposed to be covert?
today and for the last few days, my brain was abused more than ever with what feels like a spike going into my brain due to a beam aggressively inserted into the top of my head.  The morons are checking to see if it will do something for which their incompetence has been challenged.
Tue. April 16, 2019
3:40am Donna is getting hammered with directed energy to her head.  She called 911 and is sounding crazy but she is telling the truth.
Wed. April 17, 2019
7:47am  My head and face are throbbing due to directed energy weapons.
My face is itching due, I found out, to directed energy weapons. are
I found out these military contractors are militant and aggressive with the targets, treating them much like cattle until they have to face a target man to man and then they back off like a scared school boy.  These contractors are the worst kind of cowards and traitors.  They only got into torturing and killing for the money and do not care one twit about the country.  They are actually the veritable scum of the earth and they are so stupid that they believe that Torture/Killing people is a job.  When we can take our country back we will be educating these morons on just why torture killing people is a bad idea.  The Sheriff John Ward and the District Attorney will have to learn about the constitution.  I know that John Ward says he is constitutional and yet, he is just paying lip service.
Donna seems to be having a nervous breakdown and was crying for hours yesterday.  I dont know what I can do to console her because she is being tortured by her handler contractor mercilessly for hours and hours.  she says they are burning her head and causing her hair to fall out.  Donna is 74 years old and this is very traumatic for her.  Both Donna and I know that when either of us goes into the hospital, that is the beginning of the end, becauat is that is where the torture really takes TI’s down hill fast.
Americans must wake up and see that these contractors are the lowest of the low and they are morons… yes real morons and they are members of a cult because they only talk amongst themselves.  You can know this is true because their work is secret and it is torture, so naturally they dont tell anyone else.  Also, their work (TORTURE) is unsupervised.  What I am talking about is a cloistered cult in which the members become cold and cruel towards the humans whom they treat like cattle.   This is the savagry we are dealing with Sheriff Ward and DA Everett Dial.  This is what you are hiding from the public.   The secrecy is not to protect national security, it is to make sure the savagry goes on as long as possible so that society is completely destabilized before the inevitable financial collapse.  So you see Sheriff Ward and DA Dial, America is going to crash and burn just like the globalists want, because they have people like you tearing down America until the last minute instead of following the constitution to restore America.  I am an activist and now you know what that is.  The government put me into a meat grinder to kill me because I am an activist.  A constitutional sheriff and DA would not worry about what I say but you people are worried.  Maybe you will wake up before the election gets too near, because I am watching you.
Friday, April 19, 2019
The contractors are playing me like a video game, trying different things to make me tired, frustrated, tire my back, arms, neck with fibromyalgia. I think I heard it called Gameification, where something is made to be a video game. Think of it …: Elderly people under the control of people with the emotional maturity of a fifth grader. They are really supposed to cause us to be tired of life and want to end it, so that would be a success. I believe they get a bonus if we commit suicide and I hear there are suicide parties when a TI commits suicide.
Sat. April 20, 2019
1:54am  I am sitting on my couch and my right shoulder hurts.  I recognize the pain as blunt force trauma of a directed energy weapon.  Since my electronics and biology training tells me it is probably Extremely Low Frequency sound waves which can cause blunt force trauma, just as experienced with the diplomats in Cuba, you may remember news coverage of that story.
Sun. April 21, 2019
6:14pm  My handler contractor is flashing my teeth with a beam that is uncomfortable and I wonder why.  This is psychopathic and means that the person is a psycho.  This person thinks I need to be hurt and controlled.  This means the person is so stupid that it thinks that a company can it a right to use me as a research subject and exhonerate it from any responsibility.   To me that threatens my life and the  person is involved in organized crime.
Deborah Tavares tells about the Green New Deal of Agenda 21, which will begin charging for groundwater on your land as well as other things.  The cost for ground water will be added to your property tax.

Monday, April 22, 2019…
1:06am I am getting hit in the right shoulder with a sonic blunt force trauma weapon. due to my contractor handler trying to tell me something I cant hear.  But this moron continues to hurt my shoulder for something.. surely there must be a reason.
Tue. April 23, 2019
8:34am EVERY MORNING NOW I HAVE DRY MOUTH AND PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN BECAUSE THIS AFFECTS NON TI’S AS WELL BECAUSE THE AFFLICTIONS DONE TO ME ARE ONLY TESTING THEM.   IF THEY WORK AS EXPECTED, THEY ARE DOING THOSE PROCEDURES TO MANY PEOPLE.  So like I said, I wake up with dry mouth and my saliva producing ducts are being affected by the radiation they are directing at me while I sleep.  So upon awakening this morning I have a dry mouth and in addition, I have discomfort at the base and sides of my tongue, which I believe is where my saliva producing ducts are.  From what is happening to me I can tell that the objective is to dry out the mouth for a negative health affect, so they do this while I am asleep so I cannot drink water to mitigate the procedure.  When I fall asleep my mouth opens and juts forward and this is when the most severe drying occurs.  The radar beam dries the mouth out quickly.  I have bought a nose piece to prevent the nazal passage from collapsing which the contractors are able to cause the nasal passages to close up due to what seems like alergic symptoms closing off my breathing and forcing me to breathe through my mouth.  The nose piece helps the nasal passages retain their shape and this allows me to continue to breathe.  In addition I have been able to keep my mouth shut by putting a foam pillow against my jaw inorder to keep the mouth shut while still allowing breathing through my nose.  I am also experimenting with a head harness to keep the mouth closed while sleeping.  I am having some luck with this to screw up the experiment on me.  I will keep this torture log posted about developments.  As I said, these experiments are done for a reason and that reason is to continue them as a nefarious procedures on many unwitting people.  An example of this is fibromyalgia, which is a procedure done to most TI’s and it is also done to many non targets too.  I wonder how many of them know that their fibromyalgia may not be coming naturally to them, but produced by directed energy.  Probably some of the afflictions can be done without a contractor handler so they are more automatically done like the mind control done to everyone.
NOTE: I had a lot of external interference with the last paragraph, so my observation is that my handler doesnt want this to get out to the general population.
I am noticing different types of interference with my writing.  I believe spies call this interferance TRADECRAFT and the idea of which is to interfere with a persons writing, to stop them or to change their writing.
Thursday, April 25 2019
Donna and I had went to Brookings for Donnas dental appointment.  On the way we stopped at the Sheriff office to pay my overseer fee and I decided to pay off the whole thing, meaning PO Vickie Scott said in a letter that I could pay $700 at once instead of $1400 in payments, so I decided to do that.  I went to the bank and withdrew 700.00 and then went to the Sheriff office and I was asked to go in to talk to PO Scott, who told me that she turned me in because she found some posts where I mentioned the neighbors.  She said they were on the front page of my website.  This was surprising since they would have been obvious to me too.  PO Scott  told me that if the DA decided not to prosecute me then I could pay the probation fee, but until then I did not have to pay it.  My back hurts a great deal as I write this btw.  I realized that all of the files from which I deleted references to neighbors are back, including original references to neighbors, as though they were restored from backup.
Sun. April 28, 2019
9:42am I am using tape over my mouth to hold it shut and it seems to work.  my brain is entrained/crackling and my right thumb is being hurt with a beam when I use it.  but it stops if I cover a spot on my wrist with a magnet.  The pain goes to my right index finger and seems like it is initiated by causing the pain in my right wrist, because I can stop it with a magnet there.  I believe I the point is to make me think I cannot block it.  This person is playing with me like a toy.   I suppose it is practicing the ever so stealthy changes from one pain to the next so no one will ever know they are being accessed.  Stealth is the focus of all of this because the morons want TI’s to know they are being hurt, but I can tell they are practicing stealth to fool  others.  That should be apparent because stealth is very important these handlers.  I believe they do this to many people who are not targeted and they need to be stealthy.  I was targeted like this long before I was made a TI.  My thumb joints needed to be replaced due to what the doctor called arthritis.  But I really dont have arthritis in the clinical sense since other than my thumb joints, my bones are healthy.  So what is going on then, is that they give afflictions to people which must look like a particular affliction such as arthritis for example and it must be done stealthily lest the subject find out.  Directed energy can induce many afflictions which look for all purposes like the disease or afliction they are trying to mimic, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation of anything, etc.  The fibromyalgia affliction is very popular to use on TI’s and it can be stopped with magnets.
Mon. April 29, 2019
The weaponized morons can do something simple that will devastate me for possibly hours and that is to lock and close off my esophagus.  This eventually causes a gag reflex potentially leading to a projectile vomit.  But at least stomach acid will come up to our throat and burn the throat so that we cough and cough and I suppose it is ever so funny.  This is the gamification I spoke of which is entertainment for morons.
10:56am my contractor handler is making me dead tired with a beam which causes me to gasp for breath and to be so tired that I cant hold my head up to stay awake.  This is happening in time intervals of about 5 minutes give or take.  This is cruel and unusual torture.

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