No Touch Torture Log For Apr. 8-16, 2015

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My handler at the 94227 house next door is the one I am having a problem with.  At night where he keeps me up by torturing me all night so I cannot sleep. He is approximately 5’8″, age about 60ish, gray hair, long gray beard, walks with a distinctly pronounced limp which causes him to do a little hop at each step, name Larry (need lastname) (need picture). I was told he owns the house, where he fouls his own nest so to speak.  This man is a sociopath, approach with extreme caution. Do not take horrific abuse from these people. We must fight back!  No one should put up with this.  This town in which I live has a population of about 1500 and these handlers have come in from adjoining states to torture me. I have heard several people comment on how the population was dwindling and now people are coming back. But I think part or maybe most are here to target me. They are renting hotel rooms and apartments. This targeting is big money and these people have come here to feed from the government contractor money troughs. I am talking about dozens of people.  People at the motels where I stayed and my current landlord are impressed that rentals are up.  This is only because of the morons torturing me from out of state.  the motel offered to refund the rest of my monthly rent because they thought they could earn the higher daily rate.  When I left the motel they found out i’m sure, that the handlers only came there because I was there.  The same with my landlord.  The handlers rented an apartment next door to my house, for the sole purpose of torturing me and if I leave, they will leave too.   My landlord will be surprised when I leave here.

They are building up and honing their capabilities. There is now a DEW in a portable utility closet in a park below my house because a local city employee has the key. people are parking close to my house with portable DEW.  Enough is enough.   I have done this (moving) a dozen times in the last five years and have lost count.  It is always the same because it starts out better but ends up unbearable and I have to leave.  Also if forced, I will move if I have to because I have to preserve my life.  In case you haven’t noticed, these people are MORONS.  This is a fact because only order taking morons who cannot think for themselves would take a job torturing and killing people in their homes.  They keep taking and taking until there is no more to take as the now famous and insightful Bill Cooper used to say before he was assassinated right before 9/11.  Bill Cooper also said, ‘you need to draw a line in the sand and say if you cross that line…’.   The sociopaths need to be smacked down or it will never stop.  We need to get active and MAKE NOISE if we are going to turn this around.

Here is the plan many others are talking about which will work: We already know that informing Senators, Congressmen, etc. at the national level doesn’t work. Lets try something new. The City of Richmond CA, is now taking police reports for Targeted Individuals complaints and will investigate legitimate reports.  In Richmond CA there will be no hospital or jail as long as TI’s are amenable and calm. We can all do the same in our cities and towns. You will need to change things at the local level, which means we need to contact the following people:
City Council members
City Administrator
and even the liquor control board members
Any City or Town bureaucrat or legislator
State legislature (senators and congressmen)

show the article about Richmond CA and ask to speak personally. If you do not want to speak personally, you can write a carefully worded letter. On second thought you should write the letter anyway as an adjunct to go with whatever you do.

changed location of torture box to downstairs. They are trying to bully me into compliance. I refuse to coöperate with criminals. I make this known to the criminals. Thay are greedy and will do just about anything to keep collecting their blood money.

I was TORTURED all night lately by the night handler who is determined to keep me awake until dawn. This is outrageous and I wont take it and neither should anyone else. Do what ever is necessary to bring down this illegal CRIME. Make noise and complain. other wise they dont know anything is wrong! Activism works!

These people use invasion of personal space to press forward their claim to torture. They will continue taking and taking until there is no more to take if you let them. Do not let these people go. press them at every turn. Do not threaten or report them to police, but let the police know what is happening and give them a dvd. They will look at it and verify that it is benign. They will begin to open up a rapport with you and slowly learn what it is they are doing. Do not force it. Allow the authorities to investigate the sociopaths. If they are typical sociopaths they will have a record and will have been trouble makers so most of the time their background will corroborate your story. let the sociopaths show you how to beat them at their own game. These people are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work but they are not smart enough to think for themselves and they know their place. Remember that they are “ORDERTAKERS”. They Think torture is fun and enjoy inflicting pain in people. This is why they were chosen and not for any moral compunction to do good. They are moral reprobates.
5:37 The sociopaths at Larry’s house are hurting my brain and also making my heart skip beats. They are doing this to dissuade me from handing out information DVD’s I guess. I really dont know. They just turned off my cell phone on which I have a meter to measure the energy coming from Larry’s house. Deborah and I met them last Saturday. The two men are in their 20’s. They don’t look like they are dangerous but they are killing me now. They are also trying to keep me from using my meter by crashing it.

handler at 94227 house next door has repositioned his torture radiation source to the downstairs about the center of the house. the handler is entraining my brain causing dizziness, discomfort and a nauseous feeling. It is more difficult to breath and unless concentrating, breathing is more shallow. This is slowly killing me. should anyone want to meet this person or his associate please contact him directly at the house address given. Warning they are sociopaths and cannot be trusted.

3:11am I am being kept tortured to stay awake by the handler. As I was telling my handler when I was brushing my teeth in the mirror. I am just an old man desperately trying to stave off death. I am worthless and a burden on society. I am at the mercy of the corporations and the sociopath handler who watches me and is responsible for my daily agenda of experimentation. Look at how much power my handler has. He is almost like a god, in that he for instance just decided that I was not to use the computer mouse any more today and must use the touch-pad. He used the resonance beam to drain the batteries in the computer mouse. They can do that you know. I was also telling my handler that this take over by the CIA/NSA has been moving at a fast clip and the next phase would probably be the killing will be started. Americans are pretty much putting up with the torture of American Citizens in their homes and therefor would not care if the killing starts. This will be similar to how it was after Hitler took over. It was about 15 years after he took over that the killing started and for America it has been 14 years since 9/11/2001. Hitler first started killing the people who were disabled. It was the disabled that went first in Russia also during Stalins’ reign. So it will probably be the disabled here to go first. I was telling my handler that the corporations are in charge now and everyone is considered disposable. The flow of money to the corporations must never be interrupted and they must be given more tax breaks and more money for what ever they do. It will be an honor to give them our lives if necessary.

6:30am My handler is beaming me with pulsing energy going to my testicles since 1:00am. This is extreme torture. This is about the most vicious and cowardly attacks. My whole body is shaking and my stomach and lower intestines are burning and aching. This person would get torturer of the year. He seems to be angry that I called him a moron. This is exactly why These loosely called people should not be allowed to be near normal people. They are predators and cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Larry is the narcissist in this case. he is also the owner I believe but I will verify that.

Apr. 13, 2015
6:00am I was TORTURED all night by the night handler who was determined to keep me awake until dawn. This is outrageous and I wont take it and neither should anyone else. Do what ever is necessary to bring down this illegal CRIME. Make noise and complain. other wise they dont know anything is wrong! Activism works!

9:39pm  the night handler is on now and I am sitting on the couch using my computer and realize that I cant feel my back side from legs to my back.  All of it is completely numb.  The cretin has cut the blood supply off to that area. You see this thing learned just anatomy to know how to torture which causes strange and frightening things to happen.  What this monster wants is really to cause panic and scare someone out of their wits.  He spent probably a lot of time learning and perfecting this to perpetrate on unsuspecting victims.  I know who the perpetrator is.  He wants to do this to people who do not suspect what is happening.   Can we have monsters like this running around hurting people?  It is not just me, it is everyone who comes in contact with monsters like this.  He exhibits signs of psychopathy.  Many of these people are psychopaths who would be attracted to total control over human lives and torture.  The problem for the american public is when you have a psychopathic malignant narcissist who is intrigued and also challenged to cause extreme pain, discomfort and fear in unsuspecting victims of his predatory behavior.   His challenge is to cause these cause these problems for the purpose of being there to see with intent curiousity, the fear and agony he has caused.  He is like a child in the body of a man, emotionally  immature, trying to find relief from his boredom.  Let me assure you that this is not someone to have walking and free around innocent people.   Imagine a child ripping the legs off a spider with intent curiosity to see what happens and you can grasp the peril of having a creature with this type of curiosity plus military directed energy weapons experimenting on human beings.  We need to protect ourselves from psychopathic predators in order to survive as a species.

12:23am My handler this evening started torturing me heavily around 11:30pm this evening.  I went to bed and he started beaming my brain with an acoustic weapon around 12:00am. This was making me feel as if I was going to pass out.  My brain started to drift out of consciousness and out of focus to where I was no longer conscious for moments in time.  My handler is Larry, the older man with the gray beard who supposedly owns the house. I couldn’t take his torture and decided to leave.  Deborah will have to find another room mate and I will move out into the country.  this night time handler is just too much because he is sadistic.


11:49pm   I am just an old man trying to live in my home and am being overcome with energy directed at me.  My handler is targeting my back through the back of the sofa with an acoustic resonance weapon.  he has injured my back so that i have intense pain when standing and when walking.  Its like having an instant back ache when shifting my weight above my weight.  They try to emulate other natural type of injuries, so in this case he burns the cross muscles that allow bending.  There is usually some kind of injury going on.  I wonder why.  I I dont accept it the handler will do something else as punishment.  Just guessing, these injuries must be planned in advance and are deliverable’s for the Air Force DEBR Directed Energy Bioeffects Research contract. I notice in that statement of work for the DEBR contract that human research would be conducted according to the laws and regulations in force.  They are very stringent.  The injuries they give me would leave people in pain and they would have doctor bills and a litigation night mare with the test subjects suing the Air Force and getting life time medical care.  Doing this experimentation  by the book would be cost prohibitive from a risk management point of view..  This is why they are radiating non consensual and also unwitting non-consensual human subjects .  We buy our own food, medical care and housing.  All the handler has to do is torture us in the comfort of our own homes.  I now feel pain rays coming dow into myright shoulder for a little touch of fibromyalgia.  this is one of the most painful.  I have a theory about fibromyalgia.  This was done to me before my torture began and i didn’t realize it was anything but normal aches and pains.  It turns out I had been accessed like that for at least 10 years before,ever since 911.  This indicates that many hundreds of thousands of people could be getting the same types of aches and pains.  This would be fore either brain research or The Air Force weapons effectiveness testing.  There will be many complications like this where the person who is unwittingly experimented on will  not realize it was done.  The CIA did an extremely poor job of looking up and helping MKULTRA experiment victims.  Just so that you know, pains in your neck and upper shoulder which a doctor would diagnose as fibromyalgia may not be that at all.  you should get some vinyl magnet material that is used for magnetic auto signs and put that over the spot when there is new pain.  The pain  should cut way down to zero maybe almost immediately.  Getting you to urinate is a process that goes on every day for me.  But before I knew about the torture, I just thought it was creeping old age.  They would do this in inconvenient places like driving on a toll bridge and it would come on suddenly and I would wet my pants and then have to deal with it.  I surmised that was a high five moment for them.  More often than not they will allay boredom by engaging in exotic torture just to see what happens if they irradiate your face or an infected boil on my face to cause extra inflammation  pain.  My hands at the joints are beamed a lot especially the thumb joints.  Another weird one is beaming my heart muscle with ELF energy causing the heart to skip beats every 30 seconds to a minute to mimic atrial fibromyalgia. This was done to me about 9 years before I realized what was going on due to their desire to want me to know they were doing it in a malignant and torturous way.  Sometimes they beam the heart muscle to restrict arterial blood flow causing causing artificially and dangerously high blood pressure readings or cardiac pains exactly like a heart attack with sick feeling, cold sweats and sharp chest pains. This account would not be complete without mentioning one more torturous thing they do which is to beam the intestines with acoustic energy to heat the contents of the intestines which causes the temperature to be perfect for the production of gas or flatulence.  You can hear the gurgling go on for hours some time and the target will have extreme flatulence which is meant to embarrass and to cause fear in the target.

Some of these things may be done as punishment for some perceived slight but may not be depending on the malignant desires of the sociopath, in other words it could be for fun to watch the target face contort with pain and worry.  They like to watch the targets run around and waist their time trying to extricate them selves only to succumb to the torturers skill.  it is skill too, they must spend many hours honing their subtle techniques.  Like a cat and mouse session.  In the end they may gleefully recount to their associate what happened as the victim thought she was getting away again and again only to finally succumbed to his expert torture techniques.  The torture puts his own signature moves and timing of which he is very proud of himself.  listen to Sam Vaknin’s video on the reason and meaning of torture for the sociopath/psychopath.


 Am Fishead Are Corporate Leaders Egotistical Psychopaths  This is a great documentary that will leave you feeling like we can come back from the brink again.



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