No Touch Torture Log for 5-24 to 6-1, 2015


The Jews in prewar Germany were being bullied and beaten up in the streets before the killing got started in 1934.  The police state there was similar to the way things are now.  If I complain too loud I am put in a mental ward.  No one cares and no one wants to get involved, just like the German people in 1934.  If they only knew Hitler would start killing people in just 2 years would they have cared.  The momentum is there for this to go all the way to what Hitler did in Germany, yet you will just let it happen because you dont want to get involved.  These PMC handlers are the THUG class who intimidate, and bully for their corporate bosses.  They do everything they are told because the men in the white coats know everything.  Well its up to you and I am depending on you.  We all are didn’t you know.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  I know you just want to get back to your life.  It really is over but you wont believe it nor will you know it until it really is too late.

May 25, 2015

3:24pm my handler at 94227 next door is hitting me with what seems like ELF radiation to cause pain to my heart and in my arms and body.  Its very obvious to me that I am being radiated with energy and not just imagining this.

This person wants to take this torture for a spin and see what this baby can do to hurt this old man. I was getting chest pains and pains in my left arm and at the same time sweat poured off me. This torturer must have been having a wonderful time. You know they really want to see some running around and outbursts. My arms are hurting again so this person is not done with me. It funny how they think they need to teach this old man a lesson because I just dont like being tortured.  Maybe they think I will like it more after the lesson?  It hasn’t happened yet, but aren’t they supposed to be experts and they are told what to do by men in white coats so they must know what they are doing.

6:44pm  The PMC torturing me now is a stand in for the normal torturer.  its a good thing for them that America loves torturers..  This person is at 94235C first street.  There is also a signal coming from a house diagonally across the street.

This person wants to take this for a spin and see what this baby can do to hurt this man.  I was getting chest pains and pains in my left arm and at the same time sweat poured off me.  This torturer must have been having a wonderful time.  You know they really want to see some running around and outbursts.  My arms are hurting again so this person is not done with me.  It funny how they think they need to teach this old man a lesson because I just dont like being tortured.  These people are sleaze bags.   The person who is moving in has put their weapon in the UHAUL moving truck.  So there is no doubt about it now.  Little by little the facts come out.  I wonder if they think the $500 bucks they tried to swindle me out of will keep me living in this house.  I also wonder what they will do if I move out. Will they stay living where they are or move out.   There are all these questions and no one has the answers.

may 26, 2015

sometimes when there is a new torturer PMC handler and they get the idea that the TI has to be broken because they think they are a human being.  This is a problem for the torturer because in order to torture someone they have to depersonalize them and also get the human to believe they are not a person and therefore not deserving of respect or rights.  I am not familiar with the mental state or moron coping mechanisms.  I am a person and I am a man and not some moron stooges paycheck.  You have to keep ascerting yourself as a person and it definitely take a few iterations because you are dealing with a Corporate stooge who wants to obey his order no matter what.  But they will get the message.  They always get the message.  I will not be subjugated by a retarded corporate stooge.  I am a human being with rights that I was born with and no corporation is going to take those rights away. Lets teach the corporate stooges that we are human beings with rights in tact.  It is they who will learn to respect others because it is obvious they are in need of isolation from society because they are a danger to others.

May 27, 2015

4:03pm  I have a stomach pain now due to a resonant energy beam focused to my stomach.  Right now there is energy focused at me from next door 94227.  Deborah and I went outside to talk to Dave the landlord.  He said he wouldn’t charge me for what he called rags in the drain.  I am getting a crushing pain above my left wrist again in my forearm.  I wonder if the heart attack symptoms I felt the other day will be an ongoing theme.  This was done with directed energy.   This is new to me here, but has happened to me at other locations as can be seen.  Barbara Howerton is a new handler living in 94235C second floor apartment next to my driveway.  I guess the last occupant moved out.  Actually I think it was Ethan and another man.  They still may have it held over from before and they share the expenses as it is a platform for one of their energy weapons.


May 31, 2015 Sunday

PMC thugs put the painful radiation to my left knee.  You know there are over a million of these thugs who are willing to do the unsavory bidding of the corporations who hire them.  It is so unsavory to actually torture people and yet these corporate thugs torture with aplomb and a doff of their hat and often manage to actually enjoy their work.  For these are the bottom feeders who want what their victims have because they are as greedy as the corporations.  These PMC thugs can afford to be generous to the lower level bottom feeders (stalkers) who are greedily waiting for scraps from the PMC’s money troughs.  It must be remembered here that there is a hierarchical pyramid of what is referred to as the thug class, the top level of which is the PMC handler.  But there is a myriad of lower level street thugs willing to do the dirtiest work of all for only a pittance because that is what they are used to.  But these thugs have no knowledge of history.  For if they did, they would realize that after all the killing dirty work is done, the employers and the rich still know of the existence of the thug classes.  In times gone by, they have always realized that it is these people who can expose what they have done and these thugs are after all very greedy indeed.  This is why in times past, the thug class was actually killed off to clear their conscience or to avoid messy legal trouble made by cries of unfairness from the thug class members.  It is fine for the corporations to do whatever they have to do, and yet they don’t want a bunch of greedy bottom feeders waiting around to take the illegal gains after the dirty work is done.  I am just noticing what Hitler did, which was so aptly named “Night Of The Long Knives” where he murdered those thug leaders to who he had made promises.  He not only didn’t want to honor those promises but also he didn’t want them around to remind anyone else.  It doesn’t seem so odd that the thug class would be aware of history however which is why the ending seems so fitting.  The thug class will act very surprised and offended when end comes.  The top level of bottom feeders are cleaned out leaving the lower levels who will fear retaliation and don’t know enough to be dangerous anyway.

NTT Torture Log for June 1, 2015

11:57pm I am being irradiated by my private military contractor handler in 94227 house next door for hours all evening.  I was trying to help a friend who is driving from California and my head was being hit with radiation making it hard to think what I should do.  These people will not leave me alone even while I tke a shower or go to the bathroom.  I was trying to read in bed and this person was hitting both my arms with an ultrasonic  beam which causes trauma injuries.  In this case it was causing inflammation and pain like fibromyalgia, in my shoulders.  Fibromyalgia simulation is popular with these handlers. currently as I write this, this person is burning my feet with radiation.   They treat me like I am a lab animal and yet i am a 63 year old man fighting for my life in my own house.  This person was hurting my teeth as I ate my supper and hurting my hands as I washed myself in the bathroom.  I am being dosed with a chemical that increases conductivity of my body by facilitating the flow of current over my skin, down through the core of my body and extremities.  I have proven this chemical flies through aluminum foil on its way to being deposited on my body. I know this seems amazing but I am able to show that they are able to penetrate aluminum foil leaving microscopic holes in the foil, on their way to being deposited on me.  However I am not able to prove what makes up the chemicals.  I have degrees in electronics, biology and computer science.  These people are handy with connecting modems, routers and other computer gear.  I believe they are veterans with signals intelligence (sigint) and psychological operations (psyops) training.  This program must be secret and so they would have security clearance for it.  The Military called it.

12:23am I am still awake and my handler is now beaming my hip joint with a resonance weapon to cause pain so I will move. What do you think must be wrong with these people to attack and torture their fellow citizens.  I would say it proves evidence sociopathy or psychopathy because they sit and torture me for hours and hours.  Isn’t it these personality problems that are responsible for predatory pedophilia, rape, murder and other crimes where a victim is involved?

3:57am My handler next door is hurting my right hip again.  Funny how I can be laying in my bed and the neighbor can torture me at will.  Ha Ha ha… I wonder what the local police think when they read this.

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