No Touch Torture Log For 12-28-14 & Biological Attack Warning Notice

images (3)Hello, My name is James Lico and I would like to make a statement about some terrible Human Experimentation and Trafficking of Targeted Individuals (TI’s) that is going on and has been going on since 9/11 at minimum. I have college degrees in each of Biology, Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology, with over 20 years of real work experience. I am fully qualified to report on and make observations about the horrendous experiences TI’s go through as Human Trafficking victims. The Department of Homeland Security/ICE has a Human Trafficking division which could help TI’s, yet here is yet another bureaucracy which is just there for show.

Here is a brief statement of what happened to me over Christmas holiday, covering one day. I need to tell you this in order to show how degrading is the treatment of an elderly man in his 60’s (and all TI’s really), yet these government contractors think nothing of that, strangely enough and carry on with the cruel and unusual punishment as if deserved and it was perfectly normal to torture people in their own homes.

12-28-14 @8:10am I have been attacked with some kind of biological localized infections on purpose. I believe I know how the infections were started. Approximately 1 week ago on 12/21/14 I think, I began being experiencing localized boils on the back of my head, scalp, buttocks, arms, legs and side of my face. They tried many places but they wouldn’t start and get going.  What I am telling you is really strange to me and it should sound strange and scary to you as well.  Just think of it, this what I am telling you and much much worse can happen to anyone at any time because it is an attack.  I am a healthy man really and this is being done to scare the bejesus out of me so that I become despondent and depressed, so that I give up on life.  This is their hope anyway and they are tailoring things on the fly.  I am telling you this so that you can prepare for battle because what they test on me is meant for many others.  I had experienced this type of biological attack before back in August of 2011.  I believe there is also a physical reason for them to do this and that is to cause a number of localized small infections so that the inflammation from all of them together might impact my body in a detrimental way. I didn’t check but I probably was developing a fever. I was able to begin a course of broad spectrum antibiotics which has successfully stopped the localized infections. I had to prescribe this for myself because going to a doctor is problematic and could result in hospitalization in a mental institution if I tell the truth about what happened. I would have to lie to any doctor I would see. This is yet another instance of attempted murder. Luckily My friend Deborah had a broad spectrum antibiotic which I began taking so that the localized infections have cleared up.  There is one more very important reason I think they are doing this attack on me and it is the reason I most need to convey to you.  The reason is that this biological attack was very easy for them to do and that this process that they are doing is a drug and biological delivery system.  This fact should be somewhat obvious and should scare people to death that these people could start a disease outbreak or drug people and no one would suspect it.   The process I am talking about is an off the shelf industrial process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and I wrote it up into an article to explain it.  There is a chemical that is dosed to TI’s and I discovered it early in my targeting.  I have done many experiments to test my theory empirically and I am afraid I am correct.  There is at least two chemicals and probably many more that are dosed to TI’s, “to light them up” or make them more electrically sensitive and also to drug them.  Please read my article to at least check it out.  If I am right then this is going to really fire some people up and hopefully warn everyone of potential problems to come.

I think my handlers took me seriously when I threatened to be at their show trials and wanted to see if I could be injured with inflamed infected legions.  Incidentally I take frequent showers so it is not a cleanliness issue. I wonder who’s idea the boils were, since they would be visible to a doctor. It could be the handlers idea or the researcher they work with, or is someone higher trying to kill me.

I am noticing that low level bass sounds are being made by the people in the next room. This is the culmination of an experiment in operant conditioning believe it or not. The noises sound like they are made by lightly and intermittently making a banging noise on the wall with a fist, next door. This is the job of the people who rented the room next to me (rm152). I am also detecting radiation coming from that room as well.

Later the same day…
11:19pm tonight I am being tortured by a group of friends who decided to get together for a little torture and a football game and maybe a little drinking and partying. They are in room 150 next door to me at the Red Lion motel in Coos Bay OR. I measured radiation coming from three separate directions. Handlers took jobs to torture me and rented 3 rooms at taxpayer expense. They were irradiating my tail bone (COCCYX) as I sat in my bed. They are using a resonance weapon to do this to me. This causes heating of the nerve tissue as it as the nerve tissue vibrates and heats causing a dull and unbearable pain. They are holding the beam on it and allowing the pain to develop much like I would expect they would do if they wanted some information. But they don’t want information because I am innocent of any crime. They really just want to cause pain and watch to see what happens. Usually they want a psychotic break out, which is what drove Aaron Alexis and Myron May over the edge. I don’t find much about an injured coccyx because it is not expected to happen. But it is happening and it is part of my spinal column. They are doing this through the wall of my hotel room. There is no privacy at all in fact they are watching every single thing I do, I guess because i am an extreme security threat. I cant stop them because calling the police only results in my arrest and hospitalization for mental illness. The handlers know this and they don’t care about any pain I am subjected to or if I am arrested. I don’t even know if these handlers know the others are there or if they care that they are mobbing me with torture weapons at the same time. I am still taking antibiotics to treat the many painful and disturbing boils that these people have been inducing on my scalp, the back of my neck, buttocks, crotch and arms. They can see inflammation on the thermal image of me and will continually work on making the infected boils worse and more numerous each day, whether I have a new handler or now. It is as though I am the most hated man in the world and am deserving of being tortured and tormented to death. They even let the air out of my tires almost daily if the torture was not enough punishment for me. If one of these people were to tell a normal person what they are doing, torturing people the person would say they are insane and in need of mental help. This is why I am sure they only talk about it among sociopathic people and it seems normal to them. I believe they think they are like secret agents because they get paid for this ludicrous job.

I am a 63 year old man who is being chased like a criminal around the country side as I drive in my car to escape and get some peace. Yet these handlers track me with Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating (CTTL) as it is known to Navy Seals (JSOC) and others who use it to track down and kill insurgents. But I am an American Citizen in the United States who is free yet kept in a virtual prison by these Private Contractor Handlers who track me with GPS like bounty hunters. There is no war presumably but not so it is apparent to me. I think that these people are supposed to pretend that I am a terrorist who is on the run and must be contained. There seems to be mixed signals going on here because surely they know I am innocent yet they play the game as if I was a terrorist. They are playing me as if my life is a video game for their entertainment. In addition to the directed energy weapons I am subjected to Organized Stalking. There is an army of citizen soldier like thugs who are directed by the handlers. They will follow me everywhere and try their best to interfere with anything and everything and even engineer destructive events. I have been run off the road, baited with conversation only to find that interactions Which I have during my day are often as not gas lighting encounters where the stalkers are given a script about a play in which I am the secret star. They then act it out, often badly towards the agenda chosen for me. The common theme in all of this is that I am supposed to be afraid and run like a scared rabbit, scurrying everywhere I go, falling over myself and the stalkers throughout my day. As it happens though I don’t run and I am not afraid of them, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

I had always thought that my government would not do this to me. But, as I have been shown over and over, YES they would and are doing this to American Citizens every day, 24/7. Telling a Congressman or Senator does no good as I and many thousands of other Targeted Individuals (TI’s) have found out.
We are told various versions of it sounds crazy, etc and we break off contact with them and must continue running and being chased by Private Military Psyops Contractor Handlers. One might think that this is a big mistake that will be cleared up soon when because it is sure to be discovered any time. Yet hundreds of TI’s have testified before several meetings of President Obama’s Bioethics Advisory Committee. Amy Guttman is Chairperson of a large group of people with advanced degrees and having various degrees of bioethics experience. You would think that here the problem would surely be detected by these seasoned professionals. But discouragingly, you realize that after 300 testimonials on one particular day, that nothing will happen as the day pass by with no progress or any indication of progress. TI’s were given a microphone in front of video cameras and a small cadre of the Bioethics Committee leaders, as they state how they are chased and shot with energy weapons. What we soon realize is that they have no plans to do anything and they are only there for looks and window dressing to smooth over any rough publicity but certainly they are not there to actually find any bioethics violation. Amy Guttman and her staff know and flaunt all the right words that make it seem like they are there for a purpose but they ignore absolutely every TI’s testimonial. President Obama either heard nothing from Amy Guttman or he ignored it if he did hear anything. As time passes you further realize that the whole government is corrupt. It only looks like the government you used to know, but it is all there for show and not for action. People vote and elect republicans or democrats and even though they have different beliefs, they are both running the same agenda which is to provide cover and advocate for the corporate state as if the corporations elected the politicians. In a way they did elect the politicians because the Supreme court said that any amount of money can be given to political candidates. This allows politicians to be bought. Politicians who want to work for the people are defeated and politicians who are for the status quo receive campaign adds that tell a fantastic story where lies are as good as the truth if they can be believed by the masses. We have a dysfunctional congress and Senate who are only worried about money and support for their next election. They should all be fired and new politicians elected, who have the peoples business as their priority. What we get out of all this is dysfunction and corruption with only the pretense of a functional democracy. Taxes go towards funding the military industrial complex because the wars are ending. The people are now the enemy and some of us are used for bait like me. Corporate profits are the only thing that matters and anything including human beings come a distant second.

How can our tax dollars go towards returning the banks to record profitability after they crashed the economy. The banks knew that making give away loans instead of verifying creditworthiness and then selling them off in toxic bundles where the banks knew they would inevitably be defaulted on when the interest rates went up to unsustainable levels that could be and were predictable. The tax payers have to pay for this bacchanalia and no one cares. No one says the banks are guilty and no one puts bankers in jail. Also we have the Federal Reserve system which is a private entity that produces money out of thin air for the government to borrow and the people to pay back. Do you realize that your taxes and borrowed money is going toward financing the military industrial complex security state which congress doubled its budget to 80 billion. This is bypassing the normal productivity process where we produce things for sale. Terrorism is an illusionary threat which is driving a boom in national security. This boom in national security has taken away our rights and has produced a totalitarian state. We are all slaves now and in the end it will all come crashing down when the results are seen to be less than worthless and the bill comes due. Don’t you think that calls for extreme austerity will be made because we cant afford and really don’t want the yoke of all the useless mega security we are so eagerly funding now.


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