No Touch Torture Log for 12-21-14

10675691_1029718867053714_1780929736704907446_nit is 10:38pm
Before I start, I just want to say that I am 63 years old and have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and associate degrees in each of Biology and Electronics Engineering Technology, with significant field work experience. This is a good mix of training that gives me the ability to deconstruct this torturous criminal behavior done to many thousands of targeted individuals (TI)

I am staying at an extended stay motel in Tumwater outside of Olympia WA. The psychopath torturing me is doing a little of everything. I think this is a good time to go over everything he is doing. Some of these people are more psychopathic than others. This one has no disgust for me and there is nothing he is incapable of doing.. They are always trying to cause a psychotic break and so that is behind everything he does.
since he is enthusiastically doing many torture techniques I will list them numerically. The more sadistic of these contractors will have a huge repertoire of torture techniques.   For them, torture is fun. They actually take pride in their torture and in recounting the anguished looks on the targets face and he succumbs. This man is an artist of pain and he puts his own touches and has worked the hold times down to a science.1. He hurting my hands, specifically the thumbs and also the tendons connecting my fingers. Incidentally I have had my thumb joints replaced due to arthritis yet no arthritis was found anywhere else. This happened before I knew I was targeted. Therefore, this was done covertly and clandestinely. These psychopaths are injuring people with these weapons while they are sitting in their homes or wherever they are. The reason I say this is because in the hindsight of being a targeted individual, I now realize that I was being injured by these psychopaths for 10 years and possibly more before I knew about the targeting.  I may have been first targeted when I worked for Lockheed Martin Marietta in the 1990’s.  Things happened that I recognize as suspect, now that I have experience as a TI.

  1. I also had heart arrhythmias as early as 2002 when I got a prescription for my narcolepsy. For some reason these corporate order followers cannot take a medical opinion but must armchair quarterback the medical issue amongst themselves.  This proves to me that there may be hundreds of thousands of people being affected with this abuse, who are unwitting.
  2. As I write this, the sadistic psychopathic private contractor is beaming my left hand with a resonance weapon. this is very painful and it is being done so that I cannot type. Now IT is trying a little bit of everything with weapon. WOW. The Congress and Senate really voted to allow these CRETINS to shoot people with electromagnetic weapons? Amazing.
  3. He is beaming my brain with a resonance weapon. He really does not like me writing in here.
  4. he is beaming and hurting my sides and back, I think he is inflaming the intracostal muscles between my ribs.
  5. He is beaming my arms as I type (in rapid succession now)
  6. he is beaming my neck and shoulders
  7. he is beaming one spot on my back which is an injury they have been actively working on. They cause an injury when you reach or stretch your body. After that they re-injure again and again and again. This is barbaric treatment.
  8. he is microwaving or scalar waving my left foot under the covers. It feels like it is on fire. This whole thing is typical of psychopathic behavior, where they do malignant injuries like this to keep a person from doing something they don’t like. I guess this moron could not have figured this would happen from earlier on and not tortured me like the sadist he is. You people really unleashed psychopaths on the citizens with weapons to shoot them and test the weapons. Are you people crazy? Then, even though the bioethics committee and the lawmakers know what is going on, they are covering it up.
  9. this cretin is pulsing and increasing the power of the energy going to my left foot. These people actually follow me and other ti’s around like bounty hunters. They get a room in the hotel adjacent to the TI’s room and torture from there. The money to pay these monsters and pay their room and other expenses are coming from Taxes! You are cutting food stamps and other things for the poor and middle class while you give tax breaks to the rich and yet you are using the citizens tax money to pay for their own torture and murder with your weapons. The power consumed by these weapons must be astronomical and who is paying for that?
  10. This moron is adamant about stopping me and so he is hurting my fingers of both hands. At least this makes sense in a weird way.
  11. Now my right shoulder and right side of my back near shoulder blade.
  12. wow this person is like an octopus of torture. So now that I have finished, what will happen to this animal now. Nothing I suppose, while we are further ignored and abused with torture.
  13. This ignorant man is continuing to taunt me and torture my knee joint and brain and shoulder. He is pushing me to have a psychotic BREAK !! Can you believe that. What are these stupid morons going to do when I or anyone else has a psychotic break. Will they be responsible for any innocent people who are hurt or KILLED. This cretin has no care of any of that. This is an order follower and he is right on script as usual. he is continuing to beam me with scalar waves i think because he is expecting to play ‘watch em run’ while he high fives someone he is showing off for.
  14. He is partially tuning the resonance weapon to my esophagus as I swallow. I suppose this is to cause panic.

In addition you must think that I am a 63 year old man.  I can continue with this until I have my first heart attack or stroke at which point i will either be dead or confined to bed where they can finish me off.  THIS IS TERMINAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.  DO YOU SEE THAT.  What the hell is Amy Guttman talking about ‘seeing that IT never happens again’, referring to unethical human experimentation.  She knows damn well what is going on and she is covering it up.  Hundreds of TI’s testified at her Bioethics Committee, yet she concludes that nothing unethical is going on!  Really, you think that you will not hear of this again after hundreds testify?! You can tell the public anything as long as you officially lie and expect everyone to go along with it.  This from Ms. Guttman, and they say the TI’s are crazy!

It is now 1:41am on 12-22-14

This handler is still torturing me now as I attempt to go to sleep again.  As is often the case, The torture will continue all night and I will be awake being tortured and can sleep when the handler feels I have had enough.

This handler is still torturing me now as I attempt to go to sleep again.  As is often the case, The torture will continue all night and I will be awake being tortured and can sleep when the handler feel.

It is now 4:25am

The Private Contractor Handlers will not let me sleep and are torturing me sadistically with resonance weapons.  As you know I have a directional meter and am measuring torture signals coming from at least 3 different directions.  There are at least three and possibly four of them now.  They are moving me with their weapons.  They leave me no choice but to pack up and leave the motel.  There is no sense staying here to be tortured with no chance of getting any rest.  Deborah and I have been at this hotel since 12/16 and it always takes the handlers a week or so to get organized and now they have.  Think of it, they are driving me to break.  I have not had any sleep and have been tortured with painful resonance weapons all night.  This is a Myron May situation.  They want me to have a psychotic break and for them it would be a success if that happened.  I am just leaving to prevent that from happening.   How could our Government have done this to America and they hang targeted citizens out to die at the hands of psychopaths.  Another TI has died, supposedly committing suicide.  This is NSA suicide because the only problem is malignant psychopathic narcissists hunting us like bounty hunters.  The Government does nothing and we have to fend for ourselves.


Conclusions and Observations

I have posted and now this handler is continuing to torture me by beaming the muscles in the lower portion of my neck on the right side and burning my index finger and thumb tips on my right hand and my brain. This beam he is using is I believe, an Ultrasonic Weapon and the beam is approximately the width of a pencil.  Can you imagine a retched creature of a man sitting in front of his computer monitor watching a thermal image of me and doing this to me in real time as he collects data and consults with his research partner at some distant location. This goes on every day 24/7/365 for hundreds of thousands of targeted individuals and yet, it is a mystery to lawmakers. As a matter of fact, President Obama’s own Bioethics Committee took testimonials from hundreds of TI’s and yet, had no comment on the matter when asked.

It only makes sense that this handler would be working with and at the direction of a researcher who may be anywhere on the internet, on his experiment with me. All of these procedures with Targeted Individuals may be considered human experimentation. The way the handler is torturing me is similar to numerous other torture sessions I have undergone where the handler is looking for not just a movement as many of them do when they play what some call “Watch Em Run”, but he is looking now for what psychiatrists call “Psychotic Break”. I have three college degrees and am not prone to exaggeration or stretching the truth in my reporting on this subject. In other words, I know what I am talking about. Remember the news for “Aaron Alexis” the Navy Yard Shooter who splashed into the news on 9/16/13, after he wrote “Better Off This Way” onto his shotgun, before killing ten people. Alexis had a psychotic break. I think most people will break down and not break out like Alexis but there are some who do break out. So it is a gamble these psychopaths running the experiment are willing to take when they perpetrate on the TI and the American public the gamble as to whether or not the TI breaks out and hurts or kills others. You see, the psychotic break is what I believe is attempted by these Private Government Contractors not by accident, but on purpose as a desired result of their torturing Targeted Individuals (TI’s).

Can someone with a biology degree please tell me why it would be desirable to keep the many thousands of human test Subjects (Targeted Individuals) in a heightened state of fear and agitation, fearing they will be killed so that I’m guessing cortisol levels are always elevated? This is not a trick question. There are many thousands of TI’s. Yes, this is unethical and illegal human experimentation where we are treated like lab animals. For those unfamiliar with this issue, science and technology advancements have taken experimentation out of the lab and placed it into the living room remotely. I am trying to understand more about the purpose for the research that is being performed on us.

If this is hard to believe, this seems to be by design, it was done with limited press coverage of what should have been the uncovering and perpetration of radiation testing and trauma based mind control by the CIA on American Citizens, from the 50’s onward. When President Clinton commissioned his fact finding exploratory and Advisory Bioethics Commission in 1995, he ordered them to ascertain the facts of what the CIA had done.
He apologized for unethical and illegal CIA/Government experimentation on human test subjects, the video of which is at the above link. This is the second time this was discovered and known by the Government. The first time was the Church Senate Committee hearings in the 1970’s where this CIA experimentation was first uncovered. The video of authenticated and sworn testimony by survivors is here for you to listen to it if you are skeptical. You would think that trauma based mind control human experimentation on young children would make the news and cause an uproar, but it did not make the news and there was no reaction to speak of.

The law makers at the time knew about the experimentation and Clinton knew about it in 1995 when he ordered the records which the CIA had not destroyed to be made public. In fact some of the same lawmakers are still in office today with apparent amnesia. The CIA had destroyed all the records they knew about and yet a small amount of records were uncovered. Now of course all records for human experimentation are kept on computer media, so keeping them hidden is much easier. The reason this human experimentation s surprising is that there was no news that I could find on this subject after Clinton apologized for it. Now, just 19 years later, if you ask, most have never heard of this CIA human experimentation and torture of innocent Americans. Yet, they apparently had never stopped with their experiments on American Citizens. Amy Guttman, Char of the Presidents Bioethics Committee knows because it is her job to know about historical, unethical human experimentation. Yet she is remaining silent in spite of TI testimony to the contrary. She doesn’t even have to research or look hard to find unethical human experimentation because it is being shoved in her face.

In addition to the above proof, I have found the Air Force Directed Energy Bio-effects Research (DEBR) contract for 50M for research studying the effects of directed energy weapons on people. The contract is in the following article. General Dynamics was won the contract and is the prime contractor.

Psychopathic Private Government Contractors Can Be Counted On By The Government To Act Like Psychopaths

This request for bid spells out the exact same type of experimentation specified in the government request of proposal documents, so please read it. For those who ask why they would do this to people, it states that very clearly. Hundreds of thousands of TI’s all have identical symptoms and complaints, which is a typical giveaway clue for discovering human experimentation. I think the reason this evidence has gone unnoticed so far is due to a cover-up from the highest levels, otherwise a functioning democratic bureaucracy would have uncovered it by now. It is now up to the people to force our lawmakers to listen, please!

This is a follow on of similar contracts with the Air Force. They specify that human test subjects will be used to test the effectiveness of electromagnetic weapons. It is quite clear on that. The handlers that I speak of are employed by a subcontractor of General Dynamics.

The handlers are entering data from all of TI’s into their data base, which is no doubt a deliverable on this very contract! I believe I have given sufficient evidence here to at least do a preliminary investigation into this human experimentation. All they would have to do is get an engineer to take readings at a TI’s home and they would get all the proof they need to start a full investigation. We are being tortured for Gods sake, wont you please help us.


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3 thoughts on “No Touch Torture Log for 12-21-14”

  1. In order for an engineer to test TI’s homes for aberrant signals, they would need the proper testing equipment, which is quite expensive, and not in wide distribution It would be a rare engineer that would have such equipment. Because the signals are typically ultrasonic, infrasonic, or RF/microwave, the frequencies at which they reside in the spectrum are quite different from regular auditory sound waves, hence the need for special equipment.

    There’s also the problem with the constant monitoring of TI’s. They read our emails and posts, watch us sleep, eat, taking a crap, and in fact, monitor virtually everything we do 24hrs a day, seven days a week, month in, month out. Trying to arrange for a engineer’s covert visit is chancy at best. Unless arranged covertly, they are going to know, and would then simply turn their equipment down or off during the engineer’s visit, leaving everyone empty-handed.

    The above is part of the sick, evil, genius of these weapons, and, why the perps have gotten away with torturing so many people in this country for so long. We need solutions, and I think they begin with Congress convening an investigation. Of course, one of us could get lucky, and nail these bastards with the goods, and have the needed evidence for a headline making criminal investigation. I can see the headlines now: “Thousands of men, women, and children, burned, tortured, shocked, irradiated, and abused with secret Electronic Weapons by U.S. weapons contractors”. the story: Hundreds of private military contractors arrested after torture probe. Their bosses charged with Section 18 of the Federal Code, which could net them the death penalty”.

    • I think we can hire an engineer who is a TI who will know about our issues. You are right about them trying to hide their frequencies. But they are not that smart and also they do not get paid for nothing. They try to obfuscate their torture when I can detect them with my free directional meter. They soon give up and dont bother to hide even though I can detect them. why dont you give me a call and we can discuss further 253-929-9289

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