No Touch Torture Abuse Log For Dec. 2018

The Stanley Milgram Experiment Obedience To Authority Study, Tested 100’s to see if they would Effectively Kill (actor) Test Subject (Just Watch!)


I wrote instructions for reading the meter on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  The software used is EMF Ghost detector free by hipexel
This lets me show others how I detect the source of a strong radiation aimed at me.  The meter should be able to be used in court.  This meter reads out in uT or micro Tesla’s or gause.  The meter is repeatable within the current session, i.e. going back to remeasure a source will give the same result.


Scripture does not allow us to do nothing to help ourselves and save our planet. Stewardship is either good or bad and if you do nothing that is bad.


This is here to demonstrate the harassment I receive from my neighbors.

Dec 4, there is an ELF beam on my brain that is above the comfort level.  This is the second day of it.  

Dec 5, at 11:00pm  Its break out time, which means that we are scheduled for hard torture until break out.  Yes, Donna just confirmed it by telling me her handler is starting to hurt her.  What I have realized is that the torturers get a bonus I have been told and that is why the hard torture of Targeted Individuals over the holidays be a standin, holiday handler. These people want us to commit suicide over the holidays and there is a precedent for this actually, as evidenced by the same happening in previous years.

11:19pm my right  fore arm is being hit with ultrasound beam I think.  It is a Blunt force trauma type injury.  

I must say that the people doing this torture are D U M B.  I cant imagine ever doing that. The people doing this have been told that we have done something bad for which we are sentenced to death without trial or due process.   It is very easy and the people doing it will probably mostly never work again.  They will die much sooner than normal.  Lazy and stupid is not a good combination.

Trey Gowdy Grills DHS Official on Due Process afforded citizens who are on the Terrorist watch list.


Dec. 6, 2018
9:47am  my lungs are rattling with phlegm.  My handler hit them with energy which I felt and it does feel now like a spot high in my right lung has been injured.  This has happened before and it does clear up after a number of hours.  But until it clears up, a lot of phlegm oozes out of the lung tissue and I must try to cough it up.  For some reason it is very hard to cough up..   I think what is happening is since it feels like a bit is paralyzed, then maybe a small part of my upper right lung is paralyzed.  My recorder is broken at this time but I will fix it soon.  I believe the handler is using ELF energy to do this, I know its either ELF or ultrasound.  This is a sneaky peat way of giving someone pneumonia.  

 10:57pm  There are two issues today first  the handler is hurting a tendon  in my right hand.   Because I have Biological Sciences training and also electronics engineering training, I can tell that my handler ish doing this remotely.  I think it is infrasound that is used.  The pain is excruciating and can be raised up at the handlers discretion.  I can tell that she is adjusting the pain level to be just under the level of my perception when I am not using my hand.  However, the pain increases sharply as I try to use my hand or lift weight with it.  This started when I opened a new router I bought and I have encountered this pain tuning before.  The objective seems to be to see how I react when I discover i am SURPRISE impaired so that I have intense pain when trying to use something for which I previously could do with ease.  This leads me to comment on this process.  I notice that the handler do this to me  because they think I am unaware of what they are doing.   I am making this observation because they are trying to be stealthy and dont know I am on to them.   I have to believe that this and many other afflictions are tried on people who are not targeted like I am.  The reason : I can only guess that there is a lethal reason for this type of thing and that is to take someone down (take-down).
The other problem is another affliction.  My handler has done something to disable a section at the top of my right lung.  It has ow come back to functioning.  However this morning my lung felt like I had to concentrate to breathe and i could not cough up all of the phlegm that was being produced.  

People must realize that the surveillance I am under is extremely intrusive surveillance with actual two way radar on my brain which is locked on and which I cannot get away from. In that way the subject is effectively in a virtual prison and even though he is apparently free, he is still under the control of a contractor via torture and electronic pressure. In addition, the subject is a walking surveillance robot, in that the handler can see through my eyes via the visual cortex and hear what I hear via the audio cortex. A subset of capabilities of this subjugation is called REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING RNM. This can be easily checked out because Medical personnel in the field of neurology mostly know of RNM where a human being can be monitored and tested remotely via their Neural Image within their brain. There are many advanced capabilities of the psychotronic instrumentation which contractors use and I wonder how much of the capabilities are within the realm of RNM.

No Touch Torture abuse log for December, 2018
I agree that 5G is a weapons system that can form a beam of high enough power to kill and torture. In fact, as a targeted individual TI. I can tell you the current 4G towers can form a beam and can kill and torture, but there is not enough transmitters to access all the people. Phone reception is not the problem with 4G, because it fulfills the requirements of communications. But 4G does not fulfill the requirements of a weapons system. 5G is over kill for communications but it is sufficient as a weapons system. It can access many individuals at once and control or kill them. You cannot escape 5G because there cells everywhere and they can kill anywhere you are and there is no escape. This is what is desired. to learn more, see my website THE DEEP STATE KNOWS ALL ABOUT THE DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS WITH 5G
You must know that a radar beam can be formed with the 4G cell phone tower transmitters too, which can lock onto your bran and follow you around everywhere.. I am a targeted individual and have a electronics engineering technology degree i am speaking of facts and its not up for debate. Do your due diligence research to prove it to yourselves. Targeted individuals are being hurt by electromagnetic energy.. In fact, the contractors who use the weaponry are also testing it on non targeted people in a more mild way so the people cant tell they are being electrified. Those contractors are successfully duplicating existing illnesses and conditions which are prevalent at doctors offices.

12/7/189:13pm  my handler shot me in the mouth with a sonic bullet so that my upper lip went into my chewing teeth..  This is painful and an affront to humanity
my brain remains entrained with elf.
I am made to fall asleep every minute or two and then i wake up after seconds.

12/8/2018  4:50pm   My handler selected “show windows side by side” for my desktop arrangement.  Why does this person able to put a national security tap on my internet connection.   I am not asked about this and in fact would never know it if this handler were not MALISCIOUSLY torturing me.  I am an electronics engineer and I know this is a man in the middle situation to have full control over my internet. 

Donna and I were kept up most of the night last night.  My brain was extremely entrained and I could not sleep.  The radiation for both of us carried on into the day.  I can no longer stay awake and my memory is often lacking.  I try to think of something and I know it, but it is just out of reach.
I am getting irradiated with energy which vibrates my legs and lower body.  I yelled outside for it to stop, but these people ignore me.  I keep stepping it up and this is what happens.  This is why the danger of causing a confrontation.  I aim to keep the peace whoever and let my neighbor break the law.  But the handler is hurting me and I fear for my life.

Both Donna and I have a standin handler for he holidays. They are the same as animal handlers. They try to get me to commit suicide. They will only be here until New Year, so they are going for their big prize, because they get a big pay day if we kill our selves. This is the same as years past. I call these people the holiday handler. They are conscious less ass holes like the rest of these psychopaths. Meanwhile, just 200 miles south in Paradise California, a whole town of 51,000 inhabitants was burned out of their homes with lasers from the sky. 11,000 homes were destroyed and 27000 people are missing. My handlers are using directed energy weapons to keep us subjugated so they can work with researchers at some remote laboratory, using us in brain research human experimentation. I live at 92800 Mill Pond Rd., .how often to the elderly call for help needlessly? People all over the country and all over the world are being abused with directed energy weapons.

  • 12/15/2018 Today is another little house of horrors.  I feel like i have a spike in the middle of my back and that I am beyond tired. These contractor handlers are actually trying to get Donna and me to commit suicide through the use of TORTURE and abuse. Just ask me!
  • There was the Bundy’s Ranch in Nevada where the Bundy’s land was coveted by the Government and they had to be rescued by Trump or they would all now be languishing in jail or dead. Then the Hammonds in Burns Oregon were railroaded into prison because they had Uranium on their land and People in the Deep State had pre sold their land for the uranium.
  •   there are people (activists, journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers) in the US who are being killed by the government and their neighbors are helping to kill them as if they are patriots but in reality, they are taking big money and and big ticket items (e.g. cars, boats, etc.) for this, showing their real motivation is GREED!  You can thank the FBI and DHS for this fiasco. Lawmakers who would normally come to the rescue, have been bought off an or compromised with black mail.
  • I am one of the victims of military contractors which are really a secret police force (working for the DEEP STATE). This is really a military take over of neighborhoods via compromise of people within neighborhoods who may call themselves neighborhood watch groups, but which are effectively death squads. This is happening all over the world now and it is a global holocaust, since people are dying at the hands of these misguided, useful idiots as they were called in the Nazi era.
  • I really am a private person, but have realized that if I dont expose these criminals, then who will? So, I am a 67YO retired US citizen. I have realized that I have been targeted all of my life since childhood. When I graduated from high school, I remember having horrendous headaches every day and I developed the immune deficiency resulting in vitiligo and narcolepsy. I guess I was lucky. I was followed by the same kind of contractors who follow me now because I am such a bad person that i must be killed. But when I was a child, i would challenge these useful idiots to tell me what I had done to be used as a child test subject and now killed because I have outlived my usefulness. I understand this to be child abuse and as such I was made a test subject through out my childhood and adult life. I realized I had been put under extreme surveillance with radar on my brain as an employee when I went to work for Martin Marietta Energy Systems at the Portsmouth Gaseous diffusion plant in Piketon Ohio. I thought I was denied a pension from there and found they begrudgingly gave me a small pension 40 years later. Make no mistake, I am in this stupid and ridiculous torture kill program because SECURITY people at Lockheed Martin Marietta want to avoid the embarrassment of having to admit that they used MANY of their employees as Human Test subjects on and off company grounds. But it is too late because I have talked to many people who have been used for human experiments because life is cheap to them. So you see that these contractors are all too happy to ignore the facts and just kill. So I will stand firm against my attackers as they are GREEDY despicable creatures whos only patriotism is that they can turn their backs on killing their neighbor for cash and prizes.  I hereby make this dying declaration that if Donna Wilkinson and or James F Lico should die, I hereby accuse neighbors of conspiring to kill us. It will be because of their greed and fear of prosecution that we may not survive. Therefore, they will be responsible in case Donna and or I should die. They are responsible for the attacks on our bodies with directed energy weapons by allowing contractors with these weapons to predate us from platforms on my neighbors land in exchange for substantial remuneration. These people have a motive for killing Donna and I and they have tried to kill me in the past.
  • Let me ask if you security men can tell what I did to get under surveillance as a child? The answer is “I WAS AN INNOCENT CHILD YOU idiot” THERE ARE MANY MORE WHO WERE MONITORED AND USED AS CHILD HUMAN EXPERIMENTS IN CHILD TRAFFICKING.
  • ON FRIDAY, 12/15/2018 I TOLD a neighbor I WAS BEING TORTURED TO DEATH AND HE SAID TO ME “NO YOU ARE NOT”. WHY WOULD THIS PERSON LIE AND GASLIGHT ME?  He is talking spy talk. I mean isnt that how you can tell a real spy? he nonchalantly says there are no directed energy weapons like as thought he were really stupid. I mean I am being murdered with DEW’s and this moron says he knows nothing and he hears nothing.  What does a spy who has been burned do when the targets know and the police know and the towns people know my neighbor is an incompetent spy who is still pathetically trying to gaslight people who know he is a moron. Remember I sent those letters in to the mayor and all city council personnel? I think it turns into a circus clown act if the burned spies continue to do the same thing and continue trying to act like they are covert.

People must remember that this is Remote Neural Monitoring surveillance that I am under and it is effectively RADAR ON MY BRAIN WHICH i CANNOT GET AWAY FROM. This is known by the Neurology medical personnel as Remote Neural Monitoring RNM and is effectively able to monitor a patient remotely without wires. The RNM of the contractors may be more advanced. The monitored subject can be tracked anywhere and is effectively a surveillance robot because the handler can see through my eyes via the visual cortex and hear what I hear via the audio cortex. Remember this can be done and is done to many non TI’s. You can be monitored like this and probably are. Remember that this surveillance has existed in near its current capabilities, since the 1970’s. This is mature technology, even though it is very sophisticated to you. These contractors have the psychotronic instruments with which to monitor YOU! I am a false flag operation. The real reason the contractors are here is for them or others to monitor YOU. The real objective is to infiltrate local neighborhoods and install big and intrusive TROJAN HORSE SURVEILLANCE TO MONITOR YOU. Weaponized Drones fly above at all times and follow surveille Donna and I during shopping trips and when at home always. This means that there are drones monitoring all of you too NOW. Look up at night and you may see bright stars like the north star but brighter and they are DRONES! These drones have cameras which can zoom in on you maybe 1000X or 1000 times and maybe more. I hear that these sophisticated cameras they use cn read a letter in your hands or watch you making love from a mile in the sky. I have college degrees in Electronics Engineering technology and biological science. I say this because I can make accurate observations about this technology and its capabilities. Everything I have told and will tell you is the truth from a scientific point of view. If I dont know the answer I wont lie and say I do. The reason I say this is because I need to assure you that anyone can be put under RNM surveillance where their visual and audio cortex can be monitored and you would never know it. The government wants to know where your guns are and what ever you are up to and actually they want to know everything you do. So you see, the government has these false flag operations going to infiltrate and bring full spectrum dominance to your town and your neighborhood. There are contractors and neighborhood watch groups in most neighborhoods in America I bet. You will see them busily running their military like drills and do look for the drones. I hear the state police also use drones and arent state police running the threat fusion center? THINK, when have we needed a secret in state spy central to monitor TERRORIST THREATS? THE ANSWER IS NEVER!!


Also, they have tortured me mercilessly on several occasions to get me to fall in line.
First of all, This is originally a CIA Phoenix operation done in a host of third world countries. There are always dozens of reasons for doing any one aspect; So for one thing, Please convince me that they are not killing retired people to adjust the budget since the social security trust fund is broke. I am a targeted Individual and I and my fiancee are being attacked with directed energy weapons, wielded by the neighbors. This type of thing has previously been done in third world countries, IS NOW HAPPENING IN AMERICA, since America is now the equivalent of a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. We are under attack as evidenced by the FIRE attacks in Paradise California. Who is the US waring with? isnt it poor unfortunate people who live in places where the US wants something.

What about Iraq, Afghanistan and now IRAN? There is big money in human experimentation of which I can attest to. This is Obamas brain initiative research. Listen to this video by Catherine Austin Fitz…Mr Global Ditches US for Asia, You Funded Secret Space Program For Mr Global w/C.A. Fitts (1of2)   check out my website I do not support the military as the bullies of the world. The military is killing me now and I believe it is because I am an activist. all activists are being killed. private military contractors are killing people in America. There is big money in it and the contractors money troughs are full. I am not supposed to tell people the truth like you are. If we dont stop this then we are done.

3:14am my handler has been keeping me awake this morning by irradiating my brain until I pass out. This is especially horrifying. They put the radar beam on my brain and then turn up the power. It is the holiday standin handlers who I believe get a bonus for getting an NSA suicide and that is what they are trying to do is get Donna and me to commit suicide. This happens every year like clock work over the Christmas holidays. The new handlers come to stand in for the regular handlers and they right away start ramping up the torture to get the TI’s everywhere to commit suicide. I think the suicides during the holidays will blend in and they can explain that where as during the rest of the year the suicides may stand out like a sore thumb.

It was around midnight on the 21st and the handler was hurting Donna nd me all day. I mean it was bad because we have not been hurt like that usually and we were doing Christmas shopping and it was like we were drunk all day with RADAR on our brains turned up high. I could hardly walk the groceries into my house because my blood pressure was elevated and the torturers were keeping it that way so I lost it and yelled at the morons to stop and they would not.  My neighbor came outside and tried to provoke me by shining a very bright light in my eyes. I told him he disgusts me and he is a disgrace to the human race. I was calling all of them NAZIS which is what they are. I make no apology because they are guilty of GENOCIDE.

6:23pm In my opinion my neighbor knows about the frequency abuse to Donna sand me because I have told him and he sees Donna and me crying out in pain when we are hit with electromagnetic energy. I would say for sure that the people who know of and assist in the torture/murder of humans then that person is guilty of GENOCIDE murder. Therefore this neighbor is guilty of Genocide and he will have to stand trial for genocide and war crimes. The thing I want to say about this is that if the Totalitarian police state continues on this track, towards a total police state like NAZI Germany, then I dont want to live.   My people will not let my murder go unpunished. In other words, when they find that I was not crazy and was TORTURED TO DEATH.

my neighbor shined his flashlight in my eyes on Saturday 12/22/2018 night WTF? Is he trying to make me afraid of him. If so then he better be afraid of me since he is a buffoon. This is what happens when incompetent morons try to be spies. They are going to make a go of it no matter what. They are getting money for it and it goes to their head. I need to ask the sheriff deputy what I can do if someone shines a light in my eyes on the one hand it can be taken as a deadly attack. The odd thing is that the police did not come to my house, which means they were not called or would not come for these neighbors.  I guess it was too late. The incident happened I believe at around 12:30am on early Friday morning.

Thu. 12/27/2918
My brain is entrained always, this means that the brain is swollen and inflamed with ELF frequencies. I hear the snap crackle pop of bubbles popping as I turn my head. This is what happens when the brain is swolen and bubbles that have expanded and a few of them are over extended and they pop.

Fri. 12/28/2918 As I sit on my couch, my brain is being hurt with ELF or extremely low freq.. This is genocide and murder and a hanging offense
today I received a letter from the district attorneys office telling me I will be tried for CRYING OUT UNDER PAIN OF TORTURE, which is the real issue here. The DEEP STATE collaborators are hurting me with torture so that I must cry out in pain. Ist it dumb of them to think they will get away with murder?


December 31, 2018
my deep state handler contractor is hitting me behind the left ear with ELF Ifrasound. I think this is to hear what I am indirectly thinking .. There is talk of being tech to monitor someones voice box for clues to what the person is thinking. This is murder for hire Genocide. These morons will be held to account for GENOCIDE.!!! As for my neighbors, They are still getting their toys and cash for MURDER/SLAVERY FOR THE GREATER GOOD. It must be okay because the FBI said so. This proves these people have no internal compass since they think murder and slavery is okay. This was the test for humanity and we flunked the test. WE ARE DOOMED.
Railroad magnet Jay Gould once said “I CAN HIRE HALF THE WORKING CLASS TO KILL THE OTHER HALF” It was true then as now. America is turning into a totalitarian police state. I may be the lucky one since I dont want to live in Thunderdome.

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