No Touch Torture Abuse Log For Dec. 20 18

I wrote instructions for reading the meter on my Samsung Galaxie Note 5.  The software used is EMF Ghost detector free by hipexel
This lets me show others how I detect the source of a strong radiation aimed at me.  The meter should be able to be used in court.  This meter reads out in uT or micro Tesla’s or gause.  The meter is repeatable within the current session, i.e. going back to remeasure a source will give the same result.

This is here to demonstrate the harassment I receive from my neighbors.

Dec 4, there is an ELF beam on my brain that is above the comfort level.  This is the second day of it.  

Dec 4, at 11:00pm  Its break out time.  Yes, Donna just confirmed it by telling me her handler is starting to hurt her.  

11:19pm my right  fore arm is being hit with ultrasound beam I think.  It is a Blunt force trauma type injury.  

I must say that the people doing this torture are D U M B.  I cant imagine ever doing that.   It is very easy and the people doing it will probably mostly never work again.  They will die much sooner than normal.  Lazy and stupid is not a good combination.

Dec. 6, 2018
9:47am  my lungs are rattling with flegm.  My handler hit them wih energy which I felt and it does feel now like a spot high in my right lung has been injured.  This has happened before and it does clear up after a number of hours.  But until it clears up, a lot of flegm oozes out of the lung tissue and I must try to cough it up.  For some reason it is very hard to cough up..   I think what is happening is since it feels like a bit is paralyzed, then maybe a small part of my upper right lung is paralyzed.  My recorder is broken at this time but I will fix it soon.  I bellieve the handler is using ELF energy to do this, I know its either ELF or ultrasound.  This is a sneaky peat way of giving someone pneumonia.  

 10:57pm  There are two issues today first  the handler is hurting a tendon  in my right hand.   Because I have Biological Sciences training and also electronics engineering training, I can tell that my handler ish doing this remotely.  I think it is infrasound that is used.  The pain is excruciating and can be raised up at the handlers discretion.  I can tell that she is adjusting the pain level to be just under the level of my perception when I am not using my hand.  However, the pain increases sharply as I try to use my hand or lift weight with it.  This started when I opened a new router I bought and I have encountered this pain tuning before.  The objective seems to be to see how I react when I discover i am SURPRISE impaired so that I have intense pain when trying to use something for which I previously could do with ease.  This leads me to comment on this process.  I notice that the handler do this to me  because they think I am unaware of what they are doing.   I am making this observation because they are trying to be stealthy and dont know I am on to them.   I have to believe that this and many other afflictions are tried on people who are not targeted like I am.  The reason : I can only guess that there is a lethal reason for this type of thing and that is to take someone down (take-down).
The other problem is another affliction.  My handler has done something to disable a section at the top of my right lung.  It has ow come back to functioning.  However this morning my lung felt like I had to concentrate to breathe and i could not cough up all of the phlegm that was being produced.  

No Touch Torture abuse log for December, 2018
I agree that 5G is a weapons system that can form a beam of high enough power to kill and torture. In fact, as a targeted individual TI. I can tell you the current 4G towers can form a beam and can kill and torture, but there is not enough transmitters to access all the people. Phone reception is not the problem with 4G, because it fulfills the requirements of communications. But 4G does not fulfill the requirements of a weapons system. 5G is over kill for communications but it is sufficient as a weapons system. It can access many individuals at once and control or kill them. You cannot escape 5G because there cells everwhere and they can kill anywhere you are and there is no escape. This is what is desired. to learn more, see my website THE DEEP STATE KNOWS ALL ABOUT THE DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS WITH 5G
You must know that a radar beam can be formed with the 4G cell phone tower transmitters too, which can lock onto your bran and follow you around everywhere.. I am a targeted individual and have a electronics engineering technology degree i am speaking of facts and its not up for debate. Do your due diligence research to prove it to yourselves. Targeted individuals are being hurt by electromagnetic energy.. In fact, the contractors who use the weaponry are also testing it on non targeted people in a more mild way so the people cant tell they are being electrified. Those contractors are successfully duplicating existing illnesses and conditions which are prevalent at doctors offices.

12/7/189:13pm  my handler shot me in the mouth with a sonic bullet so that my upper lip went into my chewing teeth..  This is painful and an affront to humanity
my brain remains entrained with elf.
I am made to fall asleep every minute or two and then i wake up after seconds.

12/8/2018  4:50pm   My handler selected “show windows side by side” for my desktop arangement.  Why does this person able to put a national security tap on my internet connection.   I am not asked about this and in fact would never know it if this handler were not MALISCIOUSLY torturing me.  I am an electronics engineer and I know this is a man in the middle situation to have full control over my internet.  This is my neighbor Steve Hatfield.

Donna and I were kept up most of the night last night.  My brain was extremely entrained and I could not sleep.  The radiation for both of us carried on into the day.  I can no longer stay awake and my memory is often lacking.  I try to think of something and I know it, but it is just out of reach.
I am getting irradiated with energy which vibrates my legs and lower body.  I yelled outside for it to stop, but these people ignore me.  I keep stepping it up and this is what happens.  This is why the danger of causing a confrontation.  I aim to keep the peace whoever and let Hatfield break the law.  But the handler is hurting me and I fear for my life.

Both Donna and I have a standin handler for he holidays. They are the same as animal handlers. They try to get me to commit suicide. They will only be here until New Year, so they are going for their big prize, because they get a big pay day if we kill our selves. This is the same as years past. I call these people the holiday handler. They are conscious less ass holes like the rest of these psychopaths. Meanwhile, just 200 miles south in Paradise California, a whole town of 51,000 inhabitants was burned out of their homes with lasers from the sky. 11,000 homes were destroyed and 27000 people are missing. My neighbors Steve Hatfield are using directed energy weapons to keep us subjugated so they can work with researchers at some remote laboratory, using us in brain research human experimentation. I live at 92800 Mill Pond Rd., .how often to the elderly call for help needlessly? People all over the country and all over the world are being abused with directed energy weapons.


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