No Touch Toorture (NTT) Log for March, 2018


  • its a fact that at least 500,000 people in this country are being abused by an extreme and overwhelmingly invasive surveillance of their privacy where their body and their brain is invaded by technology.  It may even be in the millions now and Yes, even in tiny Port Orford, OR.
  • Certainly, radiation for mind control purposes has been used on everyone in America and with the Lithium that has been rained down on Oregon and the rest of the country by now, no wonder people are so molified.
  • Targeted Individuals are the canaries in the coal mine.   Ignoring people who are being murdered by weaponized contractors is to ignore what will happen to you the rest of humanity.
  • Ignoring and discriminating against Targeted Individuals will not help you avoid being affected by the this invasive technology
  • TI’s are fighting back now.
  • TI’s are being brutalized by the military contractors who are specifically paid to Torture them so that they lose faith and commit suicide.  Suicide or heart attack and stroke seems to be the objective and there is no supervision on these morons, so anything goes
  • The reason I think I am on a terrorist watch list due to fact that under the Freedom of information act, I asked the major intelligence agencies if I there was an investigation on me.  I was told they could neither confirm nor deny anything about me and it is called a GLOMAR response or Glomar denial.  In my opinion, this response is misused to cover up these crimes.
  • We have to speak to people who are smarter than average so they have the capability to understand the importance of what we are trying to convey to them.
There are things done to Targeted Individuals (TI’s) like me and also things are done to Donna which sound crazy if mentioned as a comment or to answer a question.
Infrasound, for instance, is used on TI’s to harass them .. this is what caused deafness and brain damage in CUBA on the diplomats.  Until the Diplomats voiced their concerns after having been disabled by infrasound in CUBA, we could not talk about that particular technology.  But now we can talk about infrasound and I am being attacked with it right now.  This is done because the contractors receiving funds to murder the neighbors are using infrasound to cause pain and block me from eating.  People occasionally bite their lip or the inside of their mouth.  But that is something that happens so seldom that we can ignore it.  But it is happening to me multiple times daily.  It is something that would occur even though or maybe especially if a person may be paying attention to their chewing or eating.   These contractors are paid to psychologically harass TI’s.  Can you see that if a person is attacked in the way I described would be sensitized to eating food that must be chewed.  This sensitization might cause the person to be afraid to eat food that must be chewed.
 I think it is important to mention this since many people sound unreasonable and distraught when trying to explain being abused by this technology.  I think it even may help my thought process, if I wait to write, when I am being tortured.
The people doing the Electronic abuse are stupid and they need help.  So it is important that we remain calm even though we may be upset.  In that way, we will be able to get them the help they truly need.  Its funny that these mercenaries are so stupid that they continually return to the point that they think I will become afraid, even though they continually find I am not afraid.
We have learned to confront and expose the people involved in this targeting crime.  I just want to say at this point, that Steve Hatfield and John Klute are at the bottom of this abusive technology in the MILL POND Road area.
February, 2018 torture log
2:49pm I am sitting in my bunkerized bed, trying to write about the Repeal of the “Smith Mundt Act” which forbade the Government and the Press to use propaganda to inform the American Public.  As I do this, My brain is irradiated with ELF energies and it feels as if it is in a vice, such that my head feels like it will explode..
The Smith-Mundt act from 1948 forbid the use of propaganda (lies) to inform Americans on US soil.

[1]‘Anti-Propaganda’ Ban Repealed, Freeing State Dept. To Direct Its Broadcasting Arm At American Citizens

Now the Government is free to lie to the American Public about anything.   The Government uses military contractors who are “death squads” in America, to murder Americans in their homes.   The Government can give any story it wants including lies and disinformation.  This is not considered a lie by them.  So who is telling the truth?  Answer, I am telling the truth.   The Goveernent says that I am a TERRORIST and a conspiracy theroist and therefore I am crazy.  You must understand that your government and the Intelligence agencies are ROGUE.   I am an activist and I live at 92800 Mill Pond Road, in the City of Port Orford, Oregon 97465.  So do you think I am an elderly Terrorist, who needs to be murdered by weaponized morons?  Really, if I am dangerous, dont you think I would be arrested.  But arresting me for activism would be a red flag which would cause a lot of talk.  They want Donna and I to die at the hands of morons so that no one will notice.
  There are 500, 000 American Citizens who are are now Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  they are Targeted by the Government with Organized GangStalking and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s).  I have a question, are all 500,000 delusional?  Are they all experiencing the same delusion?
  We are Dissidents and therefore, enemies of the state.   The DOD says  dissidents are “TRUTH TOXIC” and they are put on a Terrorist Watch list which is really a kill list.   Make sure you know that if you think that you are doing a service for America by killing Targeted Individuals, I want to tell you
that by attacking American activists who are TRUTH TELLERS and patriots, you are taking away everyones rights including your own you dumb person.  This is anti American and as such it is treason, the penalty for which is death by hanging when I last checked.  The morons doing this to me are perplexed that the police did not arrest me.  My neighbor Steve Hatfield and John Clute have nonchalontly put up antagonistic and provocative signs, the purpose of which eludes me.  Maybe both John Clute and Stepnen Hatfield wants me to know that even though they are torturing Donna and I with Electromagnetic energy,  in addition, just in case we didnt get it, they both  have contempt for us.  I think he believs he is a Black Opps Contractor and now thinks he is part of the IN CROWD.
Since the Contractors who stalk TI’s are also killing them, this makes them DEATH SQUADS.  Those contractors spread lies and disinformation and propaganda to the neighbors abut TI’s.  People need to listen carefully to the wording of people who talk to the public telling them they are representatives of the Government.  If you hear a contractor or anyone telling you that your neighbor or anyone is a terrorist, is dangerous,  needs to be watched then you need to turn on your radar about that person.   Activists are Terrorists, must be considered members of the death squads.  You must understand that we are at war now.
 Yes, that is right, activists are being killed for telling the truth.  Also, Activists are made to look crazy so you will ignore them.  Killing citizens is HUGE, because your Government is lying to the public about so many things that this lying constitutes Treason since it is Anti American.   I am an old man, do you really think that I am a terrorist?  I can tell you honistly, if you do think I am a terrorist then you are a fool   Your country is at the very end of a “Last Days Of Rome” scenario.   Targeted Individuals are dying because these contractors are killing us.  The contractors working on Hatfields land are a new breed of TRAITORS who are also your neighbors.  They have taken over for military contractors, freeing them up for further treacherous acts elsewhere while these Alternate contractors do the shooting for them.  Here in this neighborhood, Steve Hatfield is the Liaison between the public, “YOU” (the neighbors) and the Department Of Homeland Security. I have had two extra strength electronic beatings over and above the regular torture, since moving here in July of 2017.  Now I will probably get another electronic beating for this writing.   I can only imagine why neighbors would commit Treason by turning on their own countrymen is because they are making 800 to 1000 per day and many think they are now Black Opps Contractors and they are now working with incrowd.  But no matter what they think personally, These people are considered as WEAPONIZED MORONS or USEFUL IDIOTS.   You will find this out if you can take the time to look up what I am telling you.  Please do not take my word for it, you have to look it up for yourselves so it will be real for you personally.  Yes it is inconvenient to be at war, but it is so.   Our Government is turning into a Totalitarian Police state and it is a process.  The leaders become afraid of the citizens and therefore fixated on repressing the citizens.  Surveillance becomes an end in itself and no amount is too much.  Once beginning it progresses on until the people revolt.  How much it progresses is up to you, the people.  I can guarantee that you will not like the next couple of iterations of the police state.  They are killing citizens extrajudicially and they will progress to killing citizens openly next.
There is a collect it all mentality when it comes to Surveillance, remember they already collect all email and all phone calls.  This is so the leaders and indirectly the ELITE can find out what you believe and how you will act.  They want to be sure you are not waking up,  If you are smart, a natural leader, think for yourself, then they want to kill you.  The PHOENIX PROGRAM is the template for this war.  The CIA Phoenix program was run the first time During Vietnam and many times after in countries we asset stripped.  Now it is being run in America.  The Objective is to create a list in each neighborhood with three colums with the headings ally, unknown and enemy as column headers.  This way everyone is accounted for.  Later the list will be modified, removing the unknown column.  Everyone will be classified friend or enemy.  The enemies are to be executed.  This is all on the internet.  I advise you to believe what you can prove and work on researching the rest as you can.  Do not put it off because when this thing turns bad, it will be very bad.   The Government wants to see what you say in the privacy of your own home.  Like emails and phone calls they want to collect it all.  This is how they will continue filling out the lists.  Remember the contractors do not do all the surveillance.  The contractors were supposed to bring the surveillance into the neighborhoods.  But anyone who has access to it can surveille every house in the neighborhood and whether they realized it or not, the contractors were responsible for bugging all the neighbors in the neighborhood,  I can only guess there are neighborhood evaluation people watching and listening to everyone in the neighborhood.  That task would not be left to the locals since they could also be on the enemy list.

 NTT Torture Log continued

3/3/2018 Saturday  My joints are targeted all day and my brain too with ELF energy.
3/4/2018 Sunday
2;500PM  Now listening to Renata’ conference call and am getting hit in the face with ELF which has the effect of drying out my skin and giving me brain fog.  The moron contractors are depriving me from talking on the conference call, but I make the effort to speak anyway.
 3/5/2018 Monday,  I am an elderly terrorist since I am on a KILL LIST or terrorist watch list.  I am innocent of any crime yet I am on this list and i am being tortured by Dumb People. As Rauni Kilde said, it is the neighbors, always the neighbors.  They use drones which follow us between towns.  The Drones must have pace cars in my opinion, since battery technology is not far enough advanced to allow smaller drones to have a large enough power supply in my opinion.   The weaponized  morons who torture me from Steve Hatfields land, are extra brutal today.  The do not want me to write about what they are doing.
9:30am  Hatfield came by my house in the am.  I realize now that I should not talk to him, because it does not go well.  He is convinced of what he is doing.
3:30pm  I went on the roof to finish putting up the flood light.
8:20pm   It happens every day that Donna and I are kept awake practically all night.  Donna seems to be getting hurt more than ever.  Donna wants to go to church and cannot due to exhaustion.
3/6/2018  Tuesday My head is being targeted all day with ELF energy.  My brain is being targeted and the effect is to cause brain fog.  I am kept in this brain fog al day from morning until night without let up.  This brain fog has the effect of making life unbearable for me..  Keeping me in a state of brain fog is meant to make me want to kill myself in my opinion.  However, I will not kill myself.  I have heard the handlers get a bonus if the target commits suicide.
5:00pm  I was on the roof finishing up the flood light.  Hatfield came by again and Donna talked to him about removing the signs on his fence. He was yelling again.  Donna said he was drunk.  I heard him say that I was convinced he is trying to kill me.  Hatfield told Donna that if I put I do not think Hatfield is trying to kill me on any of the pages, then he would remove the nasty signes he put on his fence to face my house.    I did not come off of the roof but kept working on the roof.
2:30am Tuesday,  getting ready for bed at 3:00am.  Donna is receiving similar treatment.  I believe the handler who torturers Donna was torturing me yesterday.  If so then this person pokes her as if poking a caged animal with a stick, which in this case is an energy weapon.  There is a perceptible difference in the torture which allows me to discern the identity of the torturer.  We went to bed at 3:00 and even though we are tired, neither of us can sleep.  It fee;s like I was drugged with something which is preventing me from sleeping.  It feels like I am on some kind of stimulant.  I have been given this stimulant many times in the past, to either keep me awake, or to make me anxious.
Wednesday, 3/7/2018
4:30am They wont let me go to sleep, so I got up to wait until I was tired enough to go back to bed.  I am being tortured awake and that is called sleep deprivation.
9:30a, I waited to feel like I am sleepy and that didnt come until 9:30am.  I sat on the couch using the computer and was made to feel detached due to energy flowing into my face.  The energy was dropped abruptly since I was going to take a shower..  I said outloud at the opened door for the weaponized morons to leave me alone and stop hurting me.    I  went to bed again but sleep is not allowed to me yet.
10:00am I got up again since I couldn’t sleep.  I took another shower to wash off the chemicals on my body.
11:00am still up from last night due to the torturer hurting me all night.
11:35am  The Nazis are hurting my brain with ELF energy.  It suddenly got harder to breathe and feels as  if I have a rope around my neck.  This is something the handler should have, that is a rope around their necks.  Maybe a rope around their necks is something they will have..
 2:30pm I have been steadily tortured all day.  The contractors are resonating a weapon frequency with the arteries in my neck.  This is the way it is done.  Every bodily structure has a resonant frequency.  When a frequency that is resonant with the cartilage in my knees, for instance, is directed to me, that cartilage will first receive the signal and they get hot and finally burn up.  The resonant frequency is around 2.45 GHz for example.  It is the frequency that cooks meat or DNA.  It works the same in everyone.  Our Government has hired Mercenary contractors to do this to Activists, Whistleblowers,  Bringers of Law Suits.  No more can we disagree with a corporation or the Government.  This is the very reason why our society is done for unless we can get these contractors to stand down.
Let me ask you if you might ever disagree with a corporation?  Or are you one of those who believes the Corporation is always right?   People who believe this are FASCISTS and would necessarily have to kill whoever disagrees.  What I am doing is called a demonstration and whet the corporation is doing is MURDER.  I talk to people to ask them if they would rather give up the 2nd amendments,  give up on the right to trial by jury, give up on freedom of speech, give up on the right to a speedy trial and so forth.  In other words, if you would like to give up all of your freedoms then you better Torture me.   On the other hand, if you would like to keep your rights and use them to ask for a speedy trial if you dont get one, ask for a jury trial, ask to assemble and speak freely then you need to stop these people from TORTURING me, because if you do not use your rights then you will lose your rights as you have done now.  Your rights have already been taken from you.  You see, I have no more rights than you.  By allowing anyone to be murdered for using their rights, you have given up your rights already.


I am being hit with a chemical which the morons must have put into my house.  As an activist, who tells the truth and am considered truth toxic, I am attacked by weaponized morons.  Tell me that America doesnt need activists to tell of injustices.   As now, the Democracy is gone and corruption is so rampant that Govt. bureaucracies are working as organized crime.  It isnt just a little corruption, it is organized corruption.  Whats more, The military wants to crash the economy and kull 90% of the population of the world and they certainly dont have your back.  The pedophile elite done even know you exist.  You have participated in the takedown of your own country.  You destroyed it for yourself too, do you see that?  You are a traitor and a coward.

For this day, they have been using an ELF beam to entrain my brain which means my brain is at resonance with the weapon and is heating up and is being inflamed.   


12:48am  I was receiving the usual torture from this handler who is operating on Hatfields land and then at 11:30pm on 3/9/2018, This handler began hurting my right-hand Basal thumb joint with what seemed to me to act like Ultrasound resonating with my joint.  This was 9 out of 10 pain.  This is why it is called no-touch torture.  This went on for about one hour.  The level of torture on TI’s is way up as if they are grabbing at straws and in my opinion, they are afraid.  This whole thing is as a super secret torture program.  There is no more plausible deniability.   The intel agencies can no longer get out of it.

The pain was focused at my basal thumb joint at first but then I tried to block it with a neodymium magnet and the beam moved onto the back of my hand from the right thumb joint.  From 2008 and 2009 my thumb joints were diagnosed with acute arthritis and in 2009 and 2010 I had to have my basal thumb joints replaced,  This was extremely painful.  Now these handlers are doing the same thing to me.  Note that I was not targeted when my thumb joints were targeted.  I was just like you and I can tell you for sure that this happens to regular citizens.  I was targeted since I was a child I believe.  I in my opinion, I was targeted with a number of the afflictions and diseases that are now used on me and other TI’s.  The reason for this is because the contractors are helping to manufacture illnesses and afflictions which can be targeted to the general population.  They want to eliminate 90% of the population remember.  The Govt. is not your friend.  We are all targeted with full spectrum dominance.  

9:29am My handler is hurting my right-hand basal thumb joint with a beam weapon and it feels like a pulse or flash of 9 out 10 pain.  There is no time to move it out of the way because it is gone when I realize it.  However, Neodymium magnets do work if the abuse is ongoing.  This is done as part of an experiment, as punishment or just for fun, to see the look on my face.

I am an activist, so in killing me they are fine with killing the activists and whistleblowers.  Activists spread the truth and wake people up to the corruption and malcontent within society.

  • in killing me this handler wants more corruption and not less
  • wants a society of lies
  • wants a sosiey doomed from the start since total corruption cannot be sustained.
  • The military Industrial complex is desperate to ensure its 1 trillion dollar budget allocation is sustained.
  • The mil industrial complex will grow until it devours all free peoples assets before it realized it is eating its own
    Mon. March,  12, 2018
    5:45am  In case you didnt know, Targeted Individuals (TI’s) have every mobile and non Mobile computer and device and phone hacked by security professionals (HA!)  They have the tools but not the intellect to hack into your devices.   In case or when they have trouble, they can call their backups at the moron central to get an expert to help them hack your stuff. and they dont need your password since there are backdoors which they have access to.   Remember also, that to get on a list like I am, all you have to be is SMART ENOUGH to wake up to the Government lies or be able to LEAD PEOPLE so they would follow you or have LEARNED about government corruption or be doing something illegal which would be embarrassing to the government if it got out, or have something the government wants.  For instance, if you help the government commit a crime like killing a neighbor.  The Government would be embarrassed if that got out to the public.  If you were doing the killing or suppressing the crime, then you could embarrass the government.  They will silence you even if you helped them… or maybe just because you helped them….   If you scare psychopaths, they may whack you, since greedy people are a dime a dozen and they dont look at things like friends and accomplices in the way that most people do.  You are a potential problem until you are dead.  They pre-know that you are stupid and will turn on them when you are threatened.  They dont respect you and would turn on you when they are worried or for any other reason.  Would you want someone out there knowing information which can be used to prosecute you.  Answer is no you wouldn’t.
    6:06pm my face feels numb and my eyes hurt and my neck and scalp itches as though I have an allergic reaction.   This is done remotely believe it or not.   These contractors can remotely access someone within minutes.  They can see through your eyes and hear what you hear.  if you dont believe it, then look up on youtube or elsewhere about remote experiments on animals visual cortex experiments.  There is some at USC Berkley with the vision of primates and animals.  Basically, what they can do with animals they can do with you.   I am telling you things which can be proven, so dont just disbelieve because I am telling you.   My writing will live on whether I die or not.  There will be a time for you to pay back for your crimes.
  • them the right to use and test the technology on the neighbors.  Actually, it doesn’t because No One has the right to offer My or Donnas Body or house to be used to test their technology on.  But, the FUNNY THING IS, The corporation that pays them doesnt care that they do not have the authority to offer the neighbors as human test subjects and the Hatfields do not care either.  As far as the Hatfields are concerned the Corporation is a GODDDDDD!!!  Yes the corporations are king and they can basically do anything they want and you cant resist.
    • neutralize is another word for kill
    • people with a shred of moral fiber are to be killed because they don’t want people who would not take the money
    • 90% of the population must be dead within 12 years
    • the army of contractors must be fooled into killing their neighbors
    • This is a political program to take over the world
    • Facts you should knowThen the faithful worshipers will feed it their own families in a deadly suicide pact.
Wed. March 14, 2018
1:47am  Donna asked me to fix an electrical problem in the bathroom where the electricity went out.  She didnt associate a loud noise with the electricity going out.  There was a loud boom, like an electromagnetic pulse or a sonic wave hitting the house..  She said when that happened twice, on the second time there was a flash in the electric plug where she was using to dry her hair.  It was as though the circuit blew out from that pulse….HMMMMM?!  I dunno…. I am a mere mortal and not on a par with the gods on the Hatfields land.  They have magic spark pulses and can put us in the dark….
See…., I am making light of it indicating we have a sense of humor that we are being used by corporate thugs.  using magic technology.
There is a precedence for this, because it happened before… They may be flexing their moron muscle again.  They must test new moron technology magik on the neighbors to see if it works and how well it works and if they can figure it.  I have seen this as an overpowering of the circuit by scalar energy.  From what I can tell, we cant do anything to prevent this from happening.  The neighbors are doing it, and feel superior to Donna and I because they are told by a corporation that they can use Donna and I to experiment on us and our house.  The Hatfield women want to test their Electrical System Over Powering Pulse out on my house and we are powerless to prevent it.  It sounds like I am making things up, but in fact these women do have the power of all the intelligence agencies and I guess are using that power on the neighbors.  SEEM FAIR??!?!?!?!  not really, but OH WELL, its a mystery and we cant prevent it from happening because a corporation has paid them money to use Donna and I as experimental test subjects.   Does the money they pay Hatfield gave them the right to use and test the technology on the neighbors.  Actually, it doesn’t because No One has the right to offer My or Donnas Body or house to be used to test their technology on.  But, the FUNNY THING IS, The corporation that pays them doesnt care that they do not have the authority to offer the neighbors as human test subjects and the Hatfields do not care either.  As far as the Hatfields are concerned the Corporation is a GODDDDDD!!!  Yes the corporations are king and they can basically do anything they want and you cant resist.
  • neutralize is another word for kill
  • people with a shred of moral fiber are to be killed, because they dont want people who would not take the money and do anything they are told.
  • 90% of population must be dead within 12 years
  • the army of contractors must be fooled into killing their neighbors
  • This is a political program to take over the world
  • In the end which we are in a last days of Rome scenario, the faithful will start feeding the beast their own family members when the real people are all dead.
  • The military and intel agencies must have their full bloated budgets.  They are gods and they must continue at any cost.
Sun. 3/18/2018
`10:56pm  my lower back is being burned with and energy weapon.  I see that the iliac crest is the area which is hurting and down into the sacrum.  I see that it is usually the connective tissue that is inflamed and the pain goes down to the sacrum.  I looked and could not zero in on the problem better than I did so I will need to ask a doctor about it.  This inflammation is done while I am asleep or sitting down because it doesnt hurt until I try to get up. When  I do get up with difficulty then my lower back hurts so that I must bend over to walk.  It seems like a spinal injury but it is not.
1:30pm I was asleep and began to wake up hearing a man yelling something angry outside my house.  I thought this may be important so I got up and saw Steve Hatfield standing with John Klute outside on the driveway adjacent to my window of living room.  I saw when they were walking away which is interesting.  However Donna was in the garage and she heard and saw everything.  She said Steve Hatfield was yelling profanities and for me to come outside to face them.  I called the sheriffs office.
Mon. Mar.  3/19/2018
3:24pm I went to sleep with back pain and woke up at 1:30pm with intense back pain.  This is increased torture day after day.  I hold #SteveHatfield responsible and will continue to hold him responsible.  i know he wants me to know he is not doing this but I recognize the signs and see that he is taking money to hurt people.   Many neighbors take the large amounts of money to kill the neighbors.   I can see that someone can be fooled but when they keep at it they are speaking with their actions and overriding their words.
It is what it is and that is slow motion murder and this man has drunk the koolaid.  They think they are black ops contractors and they are part of the in crowd.  I am an activist who tells the truth and that is it.  Surely this must say something and it can be seen on my website.  Who would not belive I am an activist.?  We know that the Govt. is afraid of activists, so much so that they are put into this torture program.  But yet it is ignored to make money off of my and Donnas death.  It doesnt get anymore greedy and twisted than that.  All you have to do is ignore what you can see and hear and continue on blindly disregarding facts.  What could go wrong?
5:18pm  my handler must have deleted my suncoast banking information.  This happens whenever I am trying to negotiate a time critical transaction.  Can you iimagine it?  This is the type of thing they do to harass the TI.  They will do whatever they can to cause the  ti to break out.  Its surprising to look at it from a third party perspective and see how utterly stupid these people are.  The object of a handler is to in this case drive me over the edge so I will commit suicide and yet this person is 200 feet from me.  WOW, how incredibly stupid.   Is this brave or stupid or just plain dumb?  This is the job they have, to make the TIs life so incredibly difficult that they get depressed and commit suicide.  Thats it, and they dont expect any problems resulting from this… WOW! incredible!  So that is the mindset we have to deal with.
3/20/18 Tues. Mar.
10:00 pm   my leg is vibrating and I can feel frequencies moving up and back down in frequency rythmically at about 5Hertz or less.
I feel the crackling of ELF energy into my brain and causing great discomfort.
11:00pm My handler is hitting my head with ELF energy which i can feel on the left side of my head and it feels to me lsimilar to a wind gently blowing but there is no wind.  This results in my skin drying out to the point where there is no moisture and it is aging me.  This is coming now from the direction of the Mother in law house of Hatfields land.
11:54pm as Donna watched a movie on hulu, she is getting hurt by a resonant beam ELF?  from directly over head.  I followed the drone where it came from down to around Giffords land with my directional meter.   Donna has been bothered and hurt all day and evening.
Wed. Mar. 21, 2018
12:01am My back is reinjured all day by a resonance beam irradiating the cartridge on my pelvis? in my lower back
[1]    ‘Anti-Propaganda’ Ban Repealed, Freeing State Dept. To Direct Its Broadcasting Arm At American Citizens
Free movie – INJECTING ALUMINUM . . . WATCH NOW – limited Free Viewing . . .

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