my NTT log for Tuesday, April 10, 2010

Since my last log entry, I have been tortured relentlessly.  It is my belief, as i believe I said before, that the government has brought in killers who are have gained skills in killing and torture above and beyond the average torture/kill weapon operator.  Today however was an exception, that is until 10 minutes ago, when I began to enter this log entry on my computer.  I have just started receiving poison fired at me.  My ears are ringing and I feel that my heart is racing as though I had taken some kind of strange amphetamine.  I say strange, because I dont believe it is a drug, but some sort of chemical, as are all the various chemical poisons I am given without my consent. 

I have done nothing to deserve to be tortured/killed.  If I have done something that the government thinks is wrong, I will gladly answer any question and would welcome being put on trial in a court of law.  In a normal functioning society, with laws and a functional judiciary, I would be afforded the rights of a citizen of the united states.  However, due to the eigenfunction nature of our current society, I have been condemned to death by a block captain, because of something I know about him and his friends.  oddly enough, people on my block were having sex with my then girlfriend.  Ellen had sex parties in my house when I was at work.   In their view, I had the Gaul to break up with her so that she moved back to Maine.  I guess in the view of a psychopath, I spoiled their fun and threatened their good name, so they thought I should die for that.  I can see how this would make perfect sense to a psychopath, who can’t empathize with another person.  To the pshchopath I am nothing but an object that is in the way and needs to be disposed of.  This torture/kill program is perfect for their needs.  Ellen Lopes (my ex girlfriend)  was first to put poison in my house.  When she moved out in August 8th, she brought her best friend Cathy Morris and her brother Paul Panarese to add to the poison in my house.  My neighbor 2 doors to the left of my house (the biker as Ellen calls him)  is one of the penetrators.  Ellen had sex parties on my lanai when I was not their and even drugged me so I would be asleep when she had parties, if I was there.  Across the street from me and the house next door to the left were other perpetrators who initiated my torture and chased me from my house.  I told police officers about this when I was poisoned and had the tables turned so I was put on the defensive.  I have names and addresses of the above mentioned people and more, which I  have posted  on the Internet and also given to other people.  I do this as a safety measure in case I am killed at least the names of some of the guilty will be available.

These perpetrators who work for the government are as much observed as I am due to their involvement in the bizarre task of torture/killing me and others.  Only psychopaths could do the torutre/kill job and they must have found every one in the country.  Many of these people actually enjoy their work although it seems like the killing would get old after a whole.  They do anything they are told, as do the gang stalkers.  These people get paid a significant sum of money for doing this which is one reason I believe our government is involved.

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