Military Contractors Get People To Kill Their Neighbor For A BRAND NEW CAR!

  I am trying to find out why a certain group of people thinks it is okay to attack citizens of the US.   I have up to this this point been unable to find anyone who has heard an explanation from someone who does that.  There is only one whistleblower Bryan Kofron and he has not proved himself fully yet.  I think I have chanced on a different view point that we have not thought of yet.  This idea may be important later.

I watched a video by John Perkins called “John Perkins on Globalization

 Maybe its just me but I think I may have discovered a reason why the weaponized morons think its okay to stalk us and shoot us with DEW.  I will get right to the point.  I think they are as a group of people I will call jackals because John Perkins does and it seem appropriate.
so as a group, these people are:
  1. They are sociopaths,
  2. They are not too bright
  3. they are used to attacking and killing people in third world countries and indians et. al. in America
  4.  globally, spy agencies want jackals to kill enemies of the government
  5. they have zero empathy
  6. This is why i believe jackals look at American Citizens who are designated by the government as disposable.
  7. The government is seen as a benefactor or patron to the jackals
  8. only worried about baser instincts such as food and survival and sex
  9. the jackals pay fealty to a government who can nourish their baser instincts such as survival in a feudal system
  10. There are a lot of jackals because the empire has nourished them for decades and they are inter-generational
  11. They really view what they are doing to us as the business of their government
  12. it really is a job for them
  13. it is the way they live and survive and habits are hard to break
  14. They can look at TI’s as a pestilence rather than compatriots or fellow humans
That is what I have come up with.  I think the way to overcome it is to get the govt. to call off the dogs which is what they basically are.  Short of that I think we need to tell them via writings and videos that people will take what they are doing as lethal attacks.  Attacks by them will be met with lethal force basically.
Okay that is what i think at least part of the problem is.
I think this will work because it will snap them out of the misdirection caused by their  accepting the bribes.
  1. something needs to snap the jackals out of their trance
  2. I think they need the equivalent of a slap in the face to break the trance.
  3. it may even be that some of them will have to die as a result Their hurting citizens
  4. or can we find another way 
Here is the second part of the issue I believe is causing the problem with jackals.
Where I live i have confronted a neighbor who reacted as if I caught him and he gave me a clue to the second part of what I believe is the basis of the problem with jackals.  I have realized that he (the neighbor) accepted a travel trailer and a motorcycle as bribes to ignore what the jackals are doing.
The bribes had done their job and the persons sense of justice and fairness was countermanded by the bribe.  I think this is due to a kind of hypnosis which tricks the subjugant into going with the flow and forgetting what he was doing.
I think that the govt. was instrumental in fostering the belief that hypnosis could not be performed on anyone who did not want it or would reject the idea.  People want to believe they could not be hypnotized to do anything they didnt want to do, but it wasn’t true.  I believe some people are resistant to hypnosis but that most of the people are not resistant to it.  it is part of mkultra mind control and it is used to control people.  you can see it in the types of patsies who have had the misfortune to be inducted into false flag operations.  Sirhan Sirhan who was framed for Robert Kennedy’s murder is one example.  I can only prove what I  say by showing this video Featuring Darren Brown.  He was popular in UK where he had a TV show, but people in the US have not heard of him.   If you watch this video featuring Darren Brown, I think you will believe as I do that
  • Darren Brown can hypnotize people
  • and that he can get them to do things they normally would not do including murder
Here Darren Brown gets a person he chose from a group of volunteers to murder a famous person
“The Assassin” from Darren Browns Experiments TV show

I think most people will agree that their may be a hypnosis link we should look into.
I wonder if it would be possible for Ella to interview Darren Brown on her show.  I think we could learn a lot about what is happening to people from Darren Brown.

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  1. Yes, its dividing wheat from tares, the Satanists in government have latched on to a foolproof method of sifting the garbage out of society – and arming it. Then sending these predators to kill those who have strong integrity, creativity, and are independent thinkers. They feed the cancer and starve the healthy cells.

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