FEMA Drill Awards for Best and Brightesst Performance

FEMA Drill Awards for Best and Brightest Performances


It is interesting to note: The video featuring Leauren Moret as a scientist researching OMNICIDE, is about NUCLEAR radiation causing the Death Of All Life On Earth. OMNICIDE is the death of all life. The next video features a man who is preparing for an emergency situation where the energy grid may go down. He is talking about a death rate of 50% to 60%.. This is APOCALYPTIC in scope! Even the police will die. I have already talked about the NWO expecting human population reduction on the order of 95%. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!

Leuren Moret talks about Wireless Weapons


Only 10% of you will not go to FEMA Camp, The remaining 90% will go willingly and here is why!
YouTube activist PrepperNurse1 (Eddy) Knows what he is talking about. Just listen to the first part and you will not be able to stop watching.

Because  of the currency reset and credible threats by the NWO to take down the power grid.  Look what will happen and the mass deaths which will ensue.


The torturer women live in the house, right on the other side of this fence with these signs on it.











The news is that if I dont get to retire in peace, then neither do you. DHS is killing me for telling the truth. They say I am TRUTH TOXIC..

Now, wont every journalist, blogger, activist and whistle blower be on that list?  If the people dont fix it then who will.  Targeted Individuals are the Canaries in the coal mine.  Dont the Mercenary Contractors need to be NEUTRALIZED?  BECAUSE THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE THE SAME AS DEATH SQUADS.

The police are standing down.  isnt that strange?  They say that is their job to follow orders.  Dont we need to fire the police and then allow them to apply for their jobs back.  The problem is that the good ones were forced out by psychopathic killers.

Techno Crime Fighters Forum #64


Techno Crime Fighters Forrum episode #47

This is Techno Crime fighters forum #63


Leuren Moret Radiation Omnicide, an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre

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