log **Microwaved all night on HIGH

I can hear and feel the microwave energy coursing through my body.  It seems steady and not pulsed, but pulsing can be too fast to notice.  Hearing the microwaves may be because I am targeted, but now one else can hear it or feel it, but there is a sound like the hum of a transformer, except that the energy is in my body.  It comes from a satellite or microwave tower.
I read about being microwaved and sounds as bad than you would think.  The sound has gone higher now which tells me the frequency has gone up.  I believe the energy is coming from two sources.  One is like I stated from a microwave tower and the other is from a local perpetrator on the ground.  In this wan the microwave beams can be crossed and I am at the intersection.  This beam convergence makes the effect much more powerful than a single beam.  There is a destructive effect due to this beam convergence and I am not yet aware of all the implications.  To sum up, one energy beam is from a tower or satellite and the other energy beam is local, that is someone in my apartment complex has at the handler’s request, turned on a home made microwave assassination machine for use by the handler..

The handler tries to get their electrolytic metal on your body before begining the microwave session.  This metal is fired from a cache of poison metal on the wall somewhere, using a microwave beam.  This seems like an essoteric concept, but it is not new.  Microprocessor for computers are made using microwave plazma targeting.  In this way they are able to etch millions of transistors in a new microprocessor.  You use the microprocessors in your computer, so the process works fine.   The electrolite particles will act to lower the resistance in an area to draw the energy to the spot the handler wants the energy to converge.  For instance if the handler wants to target the heart, he will shoot poison at a spot on the chest or back or both.  That way the handler knows the energy will be funnel shapped,  concentrating the power into a smaller area, thus increasing the power aka wattage (voltage * current)  in the targeted  area.  Needless to say the effect can be show stopping.  The colon can like wise be targeted (to give an internal example) by getting the unsuspecting TI’ to eat some  of the electrolytic metal by shooting it into the TI’s food.  The handler then waits for the electrolyte to reach the place in the TI’s digestive tract where he wants to target and energize it.  This causes damage (ie ulceration or legions)  when the particles move around in the energized state.

As I write, I can hear the sound go up and down in frequency, at the command of the operator, who adjusts it to what he believes will have the effect he wants.  We are obviously up for quick termination so that is his aim now.  I don’t know if there is any effect that can be seen in a post mortem, but I hope there is.  They must have called in a terminator for this job.  Most of the handlers are too nice to trust with a termination.  However all weapon operators (handlers) are psychopaths, due to the nasty crimes that these despicable creatures perpetrate every day.  Who am I to argue with the Department of Homeland Security, who has labeled me a terrorist behind closed door without benefit of trial.  I will die a slow painful death at the hands of these miscreants, without due process of law.

Sandra and I are microwaved all night except for 2:00am to 3:00am.  This handler is into cooked people.  He wants us well done (dead) as soon as possible.  My muscles are getting stiff and I am very shaky.  I am not sure how much longer I am going to last at this rate.  However, I am resolved not to get histericle.  I already know the result of calling the police, which is the only option unless we want to bypass the police and go directly to the emergency room.  They do their dirty work at night when the options are limited.