light headed when standing

I called 800-222-1222 poison control center in Miami, FL at 8:00pm Seattle time.  I gave the young man I spoke with, my name and Zip code.  I told him that I was a targeted individual.  He did not know what TI is so I told him to look it up on Google.
American Association of Poison Control Centers

I am consistently feeling like I am going to pass out when I stand from a sitting position.  My resting bp is 157/102 and my hr is 99bpm.  I also have a headache and my neck and collar area is red and sore as though I had something caustic on my skin.  However I feel stings like insect bites around my neck and collar area.  They feel like small pin point sized bits of caustic acid on my skin, if I had to describe the sensation.

  My eyes are red and feel like I need to keep washing a crusty substance from them.  
I am taking 100mg of metoprolol 2x daily.  The last time I felt faint on standing, my blood pressure was low.  I just took metoprolol 100 mg and Lisonopril 40 mg and hydrochlorothiazide 25mg, which I usually take in the evening..  I have  had hypertension for years.  from an internet web site.  Last week I passed out and woke up on the floor, but my bp was low.  At that time, I thought it, looksed like syncope or hypotension.  However, I am a targeted individual and I believe the elevated, “at rest” heart rate and high bp is due to the fact that I am being systematically poisoned as part of the program of electromagnetic surveillance, Chemical attacks and organized stalking which have been part of my life as a victim of domestic terrorism, since July 2010.

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