Letter and wake up call for the Sheriff to hopefully, other administrators and towns people

-Sheriff John Ward
the people who are hurting Donna and Me and the people you are protecting CLUTE, Hatfield and BARNES
are working for people who are planning to kill 80-90% of the people in America and the world
DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? LOOK IT UP MAN because you are asleep and you are living in the past. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!
your deputy DINNARD made many errors when collecting evidence which cost me much
My neighbors are taking money (especially BARNES) for hurting Donna and Me. The purpose of this is
  1. He took evidence against us to prosecute me. I AM NOT THE ENEMY, HATFIELD, BARNES AND CLUTE ARE THE ENEMY
  2. CLUTE HATFIELD AND BARNES think they are helping the country but they are helping the people trying to take over the country.
  3. The people are starting to wake up but they are still a lot of them asleep.
  4. he bullied Donna nd me so we could not turn in our testimony about CLUTE AND HATFIELD standing outside my house yelling at me for an hour.
  5. CLUTE allowed the owners of my home to use his driveway and then retracted the use of his driveway because he is getting paid to harass us. SHERIFF<. The previous owner of my house was allowed to build a GARAGE over his access to the property and then continue to use CLUTES driveway. THIS HAS REMOVED MY INGRESS/EGRESS ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY
  1. for human experimentation NIH brain research and Air Force weapons testing
  2. To keep me from telling the truth so we can wake people up….
  3. scare people via Chaos and TRAUMA
  4. These useful idiots have come into most neighborhoods to DIVIDE AND CONQUOR for the military, This makes the neighbors incapable of doing for themselves and others by wasting their time and turning them against one another. Just look into the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS around here. The people are doing the same thing as my neighborhood except they are surveilling all of the smarter people who have managed to wake up and figure it out. It is they who will be called TERRORISTS and they will be surveilled. That is why we need to stop these Useful Idiots from alienating everyone. Also they will surveille the so called Terrorists with RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACKING. This is the purpose of TRAINING ON DONNA AND JAMES… IT WAS TO TRAIN THE USEFUL IDIOTS
  5. I think the military will keep paying these useful idiots until the last moment. So if you let them keep doing their cluster fuck, then we are done for.

The FUSION CENTER is the orchestrator of targeting of DISSIDENTS aka enemies of the state.  They are chasing good people around who are trying to help, like activists, journalists and whistleblowers.  I dont think they do anything good.

SHERIFF, You are helping them keep me from telling the TRUTH. These people who live by me think they are SPIES and they are taking money and expensive gifts tax free to KEEP ME FROM TELLING THE TRUTH!
WTF. SHERIFF, dont you have any sense. You need to get someone smart to coach you. I am not a terrorist, i am a good man who is trying to help America.


  1.   Our country has been TAKEN OVER By the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY and the Military for the globalists.
  2. This is What the VIRUS + Lockdowns + social distancing has been about
  3. The CHAOS is all part of the same thing! It is a global take over of the world
  4. The GREAT RESET is really the HUMAN CULLING to depopulate the earth by 90%
  5.  Now Texas is getting CYBER ATTACKS and OREGON will get the same.
  6. Remember the FIRES, we will get more FIRES
  7. because they want us out of our home and they will burn us out just like in CALIF.
SHERIFF, all the people are supposed to abandon their homes and move to a mega city
Also the Meat packing plants have been attacked and the Farmers have been attacked for the purpose of engineering a FOOD SHORTAGE.
Sheriff, do not wait until OREGON is hit and crippled because we will be helpless. You were hired to protect the people and not the DOJ or other government entity. America is in a lot of trouble. So much trouble that we may not be able to get out of it.
  1. We will probably have more fires set by DRONES weaponized with Lasers to burn houses
  2. We will be attacked with CYBER attacks to knock out our power
  3. There will be a food shortage which may turn into a FAMINE
  4. The Dollar and the economy will crash sooner than later and the world will be in chaos.
The Barnes are dumb asses who think they will take money for murder for hire until the last moment.
Think of it Sheriff! They are taking money to torture Donna and me, because WE ARE HELPLING AMERICA.

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