Letter to the president

I forwarded the letter to some members of FreedomFCHS.com… See letter to president below….
Hello again,
I received an email from the president and listened to him talk about making a difference.  Since he asked for my help, I wrote him a letter telling him how I thought he should best spend his time, since he asked.
here is a link to the email I received and the letter I wrote is below.

Since he is asking for your assistance, you can write to him also, because he is listening.  He gave his email address so someone will see your email.

writing can’t hurt and it may help.

James F. Lico

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: James Lico <jafelco@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 9:55 PM
Subject: spending your time
To: support@barackobama.com

Dear Mr. President,
How about spending some of your waking moments keeping the promises you made on the campaign trail..
>Rolling back the excesses of the Bush Admin.
>closing Guantanamo
>bringing all the troops home.
>fixing the NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS horrific problems.
for starters.
Also, you created a presidential commission for bioethics.  Testimony was given by Targeted Individuals, who are being attacked by directed energy weapons and PSYOPS, to break them and drive them to suicide or kill them via slow kill methods (slow or soft kill is DOD speak for murder slowly, so it is deemed natural cause).
At this very moment, I am being attacked by psychopaths in my community with a beam type weapon.  This goes on every day all day. 
People are being tortured, people are being hurt and people are being killed.  When is it going to stop Mr. President?  I worked on your campaign because I wanted and you promised change from the Bush policies.  If anything, you have codified the worst of the Bush era. 
By now, I believe you have received the report from your commission and are purposefully ignoring us (TI’s).  Tell me I am wrong… Tell me anything, something.
817 Fir Lane
PO Box 1641
Big Bear City, CA 92314-1641


James F. Lico