Kamakazi Handler Is Teaching Me A Lesson

9:03pm as deborah and i are looking into thegreystate movie by david crowley who was just found dead with his family, i am being beaten by a resonance beam weapon to my hand and brain to prevent me from reporting on it.

2:33am My handler is trying to show me that I should be afraid of him while he beats the crap out of my arms. he dose this thing with a beam resonance weapon on my arms to burn a circular bit of my arm with this beam that makes the tissue down about 1 inch burn like a gunshot would. he keeps the pain level high by continuing to burn the same spots over and over and over. I want it to stop but I don’t have anything he wants because he just wants to torture me. I can tell you this is not systematic and functional torture. This person actually likes hurting me and maybe he enjoys it a lot. These people took these jobs because not because of the money but because they may have even paid to do it. These people are sociopaths and psychopaths who are on the upper end of the vicious end of these personality disorders. They are even proud of their malignant labels. This handler tonight is another one of the “lemee teach em” group of handlers. its like you probably heard of sex, everybody is an expert. Well, it the psychopathic world everyone is an expert on being a better bully. I am not kidding because they have giant egos and are very competitive. They will actually torture harder to get me to comply with whatever they expect. I am thinking that for me, they want me to run and make a fool of myself so they can look good to their narcissist magnet friends. I am thinking that this one has a bunch of his willing victims watching and he wants, no he needs to impress them with his cruelty. I feel that I wouldn’t feel that I could face my kids or anyone else if I was anything but what I am and that is a patriotic American who has people depending on him to maintain his composure.

12:56pm the handler for a day is beaming me in the left side of my head. yep, the whole side of my head and face.

4:19 pm I am being beamed with ELF energy now for the past 3 hrs. It is a wide beam and this person likes to torture a heck of a lot. I believe it is a sexual perversion with this person. He uses a lot of detail in the torture which is why I think it is a paraphelia. Also Deborah is complaining of heart pain and she took a nitro tablet. I say bring it on because you cretin … I am ready to die and I want you to make me a martyr. I want to meet you though and I know you are in back of the gas station behind some trees. If I come down there will you come out and meet me..

11:11pm I am staying at the pacific reef motel condo 4a in gold beach oregon.
My handler is in condo 4b. see if can hire pvt det to find out names of two handlers man an woman. need to find relatives and friends also.

7:37am found htc cell phone discharged to 0%. I tell the PMC that I have a moron detector. It is my android cell phone that is used as a meter. I am escalating the showdown to the death and the handler doesnt back down. So what am I supposed to do with this mudlark. he needs to die.

1/29/2015 3:46 AM Mt handler has been hurting a boil on the side of my head. There is a pair of them in the apt above me. They are from Washington State. The man is early 30’s with light colored crew cut or shaved head and a girl probably a willing victim or narcissist magnet.
They were using a resonance beam weapon to heat up the boil on my head to cause me pain. Can you imagine anyone doing that to another human being. They can see the inflammation on their monitor. I got the boils from this and other handlers during stays in motels. I dont know if their chemical electrolyte is dirty and has bacteria or if they do it on purpose. I have had it done to me on purpose before. I had to go to the hospital because of what the doctor called cellulitis. I am now taking an antibiotic for this. This handler has kept me up all night until now. I will see if I can find his name and address so I should be able to write to his relatives.
My scrotum is getting torn up again and is very sore. I am putting body lotion on it to try to keep it from getting raw. I would be about as old as this mans father. I asked him if he would do this to his father and does his father trust him. Its for him to think about.
What typically happens is that the handler wants to torture me and I dont like it so I insult him. Then he gets angry and tries to teach me a lesson. I am exhausted
It is 4:16am and as soon as I lay down the handler cranks up the weapon again. he remembers that I dont like to be tortured and thinks he should finish the lesson he started. I am 63 years old and dont know how much more of this I can take. People are watching out for me but cant do anything to help right now. Things seem to be changing. Myron Mays last words came out on 1/25/15 and this is compelling. I think these thugs are supposed to try to kill me since this is terminal experimentation. I want to take one or two with me. I need to learn the lessons of myron may before long and just do it.
1/30/2015 4:00 PM
on my bed using the computer and handler is beaming a boil on my eyebrow with a resonance weapon. He is heating it up to make a painful time. These people are making a name for themselves that I dont think they will be able to live down. I cant get away because he is a god.

I want to tell you how to how to tell if you are under stealth torture and how to stop it. I can tell because they want me to know. But if you are not targeted or dont know you are targeted you may be inclined to dismiss the subtle attacks as just aches and pains of life. I was targeted way before the torture began. Looking back now in the light of a TI, I can see that I was subtly targeted and I dismissed the attacks as aches and pains. My thumbs were attacked and I had to have surgery on them both. My knees, back, neck, shoulder (fibromyalgia), bladder (false incontenance) were all attacked subtly. The reason you may not notice is because they attempt to hurt you in a way that will seem like you were reaching, twisting, bending, carrying something, supporting and in general you are doing something to flex muscles that should work but there is a sudden sharp pain or slow building pain. What I am saying is to be observant and watch what is happening and just entertain the idea that it may not be a natural pain or ache, but someone beaming you with a resonance weapon. They have a contract to test the weapons and also want to find out what makes you tick, what pushing your pain buttons will do and how much you can take. In 1992 I started having heart palpitations. What I recognize and my handler mentally jerking off, by beaming my heart until it falters and then waits for 30 seconds to a minute to repeat over and over like that. My doctor gave me an EKG but told the nurse to run only one perfect sinusoidal wave (between skips). I thought that was odd because he was not interested in looking at the wave generated by the beat that faltered. That went on that way for about a year and then abruptly stopped for years until I was TI tortured and then it started again. It is just one of many torture techniques to cause you to be ill at ease and worried about dropping dead. Another torture is the heating of your bowels with a resonance weapon to raise the temperature a degree or so which causes extreme flatulence. You can hear the gurgling but it continues and continues… more mental jerking off. Fibromyalgia is a very painful torture where a spot on your lower neck is heated slowly over a period of time until the tissue becomes inflamed. Inflammation is a result of the resonance beams. Many times I have had to take ibuprofen to relieve pain and inflammation. One thing that helps with the pain is putting a neodymium magnet over the spot where the pain is. I hold it there or tape it in place. You will probably notice some relief from pain. I know this very well and the pain for me is not fibromylgia. Yet a doctor would diagnose the pain as fibromyalgia. There is nothing else to do except if you know the doctor and can speak freely about it. Also, if you feel a pain somewhere, you could try turning 90 or 180 degrees to break the beam connection resonance momentarily and see if the pain abruptly goes away so you can tell a difference. If it is a real pain, there should be no difference. In addition to the above, I got sprayed with chemicals. This is subtle also, but my glasses would get little tiny droplet marks on them when driving or using my computer for example. My eyes would sting slightly but not so I though it was anything. I just kept wiping the chemicals off the lenses and they would reappear over and over. It didn’t make sense that it should happen like that but what else would you do. The chemicals are put on the target to make a better electrical connection or to see through the Targets eyes better. Yes this is true that they can see through the targets eyes. I have offered the UC Berkley video of scientists watching a movie through a cats eyes but it was disturbing to watch, but you can do a search to find the video if you like. Now I can see if there is this chemical on a wall or other flat surface with a UV light so I can remove it. It gives of a bright yellow fluorescent glow. There is another chemical that glows fluorescent orange and acts differently. The orange one seems like you are on speed. It causes an anxious feeling and may include increased heart rate, nasal passage clearing and possibly pin point pupils. This chemical is used when you are angry and upset about something that is happening. The handler knows this and is trying to exacerbate the situation by makinging you speedy to the point of agitation. If this happens you need to remain calm and try to meditate. Take a shower if possible to wash off the chemical so you can return to normal.

I dont feel like I have to explain everything as tediously as I once did because people are starting to learn and build on their knowledge. Aaron Alexis and Myron May both said they were targeted and Myron made a video of his last words before the library shooting at FSU. He was not crazy but he was forced into a psychotic break. There is a difference because as we should all know by now that you can be made do anything under torture so the torture will stop. Many of these tortures may seem weird to you but not to them I guess. The ones I mentioned so far are used regularly.

There is a great difference about the subtle attacks made to look like something else and being a ti. The TI will be driven and tortured purposely sometimes intensely. It is all up to the handler and there is no supervision or accountability. You get what you would expect when you give psychopaths and sociopaths electromagnetic weapons to use clandestinely on the public in their own homes. one torture technique is the random poking and prodding with a resonance beam, ultrasonic i think. The pain is like someone poking an animal with an electronic pain stick, just to get it to move or try to protect itself. You know right away the person wants movement and nothing else will do and the pain will increase and this may go on for hours without let up. I am sure they are drinking on this job of theirs during some torture sessions to get the TI to run run run or speak out preferably to a cop or anyone to make a fool of him/her self. This is the type of torture that Myron May and Aaron Alexis was put through which drove them to a psychotic break out. The handers dont know if there will be a break out or a break down, violence or submission. The handlers are sociopaths and to them causing pain is fun. The cries and painful expressions are the cause for much hilarity. Maybe there is some sport betting and marchioness involved too. They often gang up on one TI (mobbing).

1/31/2015 1:24 AM
I am being beamed with a resonance beam weapon in my stomach, left buttock, right arm consecutively. I have a magnet and can protect one spot but this man keeps moving the weapon to get one of the other spots I mentioned.

1/31/2015 3:14 AM my handler is beating the crap out of me with a beam weapon. this is the problem with psychopaths who have no accountability. do you see that they cant live among normal people after they t
worked as a torturer. Even the tiny amount of self respect he may have is now gone. You see he has proven to all that he would undercut and do anything to anyone for money. people are afraid of pedophiles because they are predators. This handler is a pedophiles who will always revert back to Neanderthal instincts. This goes for most of the torturers. Can you believe that this man actually thinks his torture is a job!? He probably thinks he is a productive member of society because he has a job torturing Citizens in there homes. But in fact he cant be trusted to do the right thing at all.

1/31/2015 3:53 AM I am exhausted now, yet this handler is waiting until i try to lie down to sleep and then he restricts my blood flow or airway in my neck so sleeping is out of the question. this is the kind of person that is very competitive and stupid enough to try to do things that can only end badly.

1/31/2015 4:42am  I’m making another blog entry due to being up for sleep deprivation.  The handler is very angry at me and he is teaching me a lesson.  I suppose I am not that good at learning these psychopathic lessons.  There have been so many lessons.  It seems like every day there is a new lesson.  Some of these people try very hard and they are extremely competitive, like this handler.  You know, I think some of these people actually enjoy hurting people.

1/31/2015 5:10am Still being beaten awake.  I just couldn’t face my son if I were to be a coward.  He, my daughter and ex-wife  don’t believe about the torture program.  Probably sooner or later it will come out.

1/31/2015 6:05am  still awake from torture

1/31/2015 6:35am  fthe shif change handler is here now and he/she is joining in by mobbing me along with last nights handler.  He will get off now and get some sleep.  He has had a hard night of torturing and he needs to rest so he can be fresh and be his best for his job.  I dont blame my handler for not liking me because i am 63 and dont like the frequency of his burning my arms, face, hands, internal organs, feet and legs.  even a dog will fight a cruel master.

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